Koda the Great Pyrenees

Puppy Breed: Great Pyrenees

Koda's mom says: When my boyfriend found Koda it was love at first sight! My boyfriend is 6'8" tall, so we figured that a big dog for a tall guy seemed to fit. We recently moved to downtown Denver and Koda's adjusted so well to life in the big city -- the honking horns, sirens, and sidewalks full of people. He looks around curiously, but I'm often surprised at his composure around all these new sights and noises. He rarely barks unless someone knocks on our door, and then he barks loud but greets with a big smile and a wagging tail! Koda loves taking walks with me and is terribly friendly, wanting to meet every human and dog we pass. We taught him to "beg" by giving him a treat. Now we catch ourselves giving him treats in response to tricks. Apparently, he has us trained. Smart dog! Since Koda will do nearly ANYTHING for a treat, we got curious. Please tell us that we're not the only humans who have willingly taken a bite of doggie treats just to see what they taste like.