Monday, July 28, 2014
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Nov 14, 2009 suelill
Awwwwww Lexa you are gorgeous. Sorry to hear about Axel but I'm sure Lexa will keep you happy. Lots of cuddles.
Nov 14, 2009 KUI'S MOM
Nov 14, 2009 Applegirl
Lexa is just gorgeous :) Many hugs, kisses and cookies to this beautiful girl :)
Nov 14, 2009 lilolme
You are just beautiful. Tons of puppy hugs and kisses for you.
Nov 14, 2009 kiz&wooksmum_mum
I love my life.....:)
Nov 14, 2009 pupfanatic
Once again-impossible to choose just one pick...they are all so cute. But, ya can't go wrong w/ a sleeping pup w/ an ear flip! Lexa, I love your little bio, you sound like your family really loves you. And how could they not! You are sooooo precious, lil girl. A billion hugs and treats, Lexa!
Nov 14, 2009 sunshineangel
How Darling She Is! I Love Border Collies! What a Precious Pup! And love that smile!
Nov 14, 2009 henri23jessalee
aww my doggie does that, adorable little sweetie
Nov 14, 2009 RayC
Happiness is a warm contented puppy. What a lovely pup you are Lexa. Long life and much happiness to you all.
Nov 14, 2009 sandrahender
What a precious darling! I love the way you honored your baby who went to Rainbow Bridge...reversing the letters in his name was a great idea in addition to giving your new baby a very special name.
Nov 14, 2009 Jose
What a cutie.
Nov 14, 2009 goldenlover
"Ha ha, that's a good one!" Terrif ic pup !
Nov 14, 2009 fluffy ears
Aw look at that little face! I have a border collie mix! I love the way they look.
Nov 14, 2009 longislander
Oh my goodness, this face just needs a big kiss. How adorable! I'm so sorry you lost Axel, but Lexa will help you move forward I'm sure. She's really beautiful and sounds like a lot of fun. Smart girl too
Nov 14, 2009 LILLY 66
HI , OMG! she is so cute , she looks like my dog MISTY! who is now 11 weeks old, she is a mixed ,what a cute pup, pretty little girl, have fun with her! wags and kisses from MISTY!
Nov 14, 2009 w102663
Looks like someone is getting mugged in this shot!:-) LOL
Nov 14, 2009 w102663
Lexa, you are a beauty. It sounds like you have a wonderful family to love...happy times always! ooo xxx
Nov 14, 2009 Shelly
Oh Lexa aren't you sweet!!! Sorry about your brother too. I hope your life at least will be long and happy sweetie!!! So extra big hugs, kisses and treats from down under!!! =)
Nov 14, 2009 dogluvr857
Lexa is just beautiful-and obviuosly the queen!
Nov 14, 2009 HillCountryGal
Looks like Lexa is having a wonderful laugh. She's a cutie.
Nov 14, 2009 Estralita
Lexa, you are such a cutie!!
Nov 14, 2009 Saptember
how cute :)
Nov 14, 2009 amyliz
Happy little love bug! What cutie you are, Lexa
Nov 14, 2009 puppyloveforme
Lexa you are not only lovely but clever. Of course Mommy should sleep, but then giving Daddy a break on the weekend is extremely fair! You sound lovely and you are extremely beautiful. I can tell you will grow into quite an attractive lady! Enjoy your new family, I think you are absolute remarkable! Loads of biscuits and toys and all the love in the world for Lexa!!!
Nov 14, 2009 lkaspin
What a pretty doggie!
Nov 14, 2009 ckendall
Sweet dreams you adorable little minx!!!!!
Nov 14, 2009 keiko
Don't worry I have you...I promise I won't let go
Nov 14, 2009 pamfontainepeters
Lexa, I am totally smitten! What a pretty girl you are and so full of fun! Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in TOronto.
Nov 14, 2009 bkregh
Lexa, you are apretty little thing. What a sweet baby. You are going to be a beautiful grownup puppy. Hugs and kisses to you.
Nov 14, 2009 keiko
She is too cute...Take a look a Piper my border collie. They are wonderful dogs and extremly smart.
Nov 14, 2009 djmc
Soooooooooo cute , love ya hugs and kisses
Nov 14, 2009 clarebear66
oh she is such a sweet pup
Nov 14, 2009 fritzy
CUTE!!! :)
Nov 14, 2009 kian
She is adorable!
Nov 14, 2009 Abi
I got it........TOO cute
Nov 14, 2009 tuxmypuppy
Too cute! She is too adorable! I LOVE the colors! Go border collies!
Nov 14, 2009 bestfriends
Very difficult to choose just 1 picture. What a precious, lively bundle of love! Lexa is beautiful, I would love to snuggle her (I don't think my 3 doxies would like it though).
Nov 14, 2009 molly's mom
Sleeping dogs are so cute.....zzzzzzzzzz
Nov 14, 2009 scdoxielove
Lexa.. you are a beauty! Really cool that you were named after Axel. I know that you'll have a good life with your pack & your people. 11 Biscuits for you sweetie!
Nov 14, 2009 empas m ontong
haa... haaaa.. brilian
Nov 14, 2009 gryt
What a cutie pie!
Nov 14, 2009 elliel
She appreciates the good life. So nice she has a good home. Hope you get lots of exercise with her because she will need it. It takes a lot to run that energy off!
Nov 14, 2009 Malimom
very,very cute, love the markings...hope you have a job for her...she looks willing and ready. xoxoxox from malimom
Nov 14, 2009 leia kelly
Beautiful markings! Enjoy!
Nov 14, 2009 The Raven
Not only are you beautiful but very intelligent. Knowing the days of the week, in order, to pick out which lucky parent will get the opportunity to take you out. I hope you get a great job to keep that mind active. BRAVO little girl!
Nov 14, 2009 theheaddog
Good thing you didn't post where you lived, cuz I would have swooped up Lexa to make her my very own. So beautiful, I can just feel myself snuggling her fluffy fur. Have a fun life with her!
Nov 14, 2009 DailyPuppy Admin
What a lovely little lady!
Nov 14, 2009 mollyface
Laughing Lexa. What a pretty girl.
Nov 14, 2009 sac4563
Lexa is such a sweetheart and what a beautiful girl! I love her markings and she is such a cutie pie!
Nov 14, 2009 songbird
All Comfy! What a cutie!
Nov 14, 2009 zara's mum
You are so sweet. Love your sleeping posture little girl
Nov 14, 2009 CollieMom
So cute!
Nov 14, 2009 drakes' granny
Love the sleepytime pictures of Lexa but could not resist this one where she is laughing. Something must have been very funny. Maybe one of her brothers or her cousin did something to make her laugh like that. How adorable!!! xoxo
Nov 14, 2009 tmacedcc
Lexa is beautiful enjoy
Nov 14, 2009 wolfgirl66
BoW WoW! WoW! 100% ADORABLY CUTE+! I hope that sweet Lexa enjoys a long and super happy life!!!!!!! GO PUPPY GO! PUPPY POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! & #10; & #13; & #10;
Nov 14, 2009 jacquelinepr
What a cutie!! There are few things cuter than a sleeping puppy!!
Nov 14, 2009 snowy and me
aww... cho cho cute... luv u lexa..mmuuaahh
Nov 14, 2009 ssmmtm
How cute you are! Boxes of biscuits and lots of kisses and hugs. Your family is lucky to have you, little one.
Nov 14, 2009 ssmmtm
How cute you are! Boxes of biscuits and lots of kisses and hugs. Your family is lucky to have you, little one.
Nov 14, 2009 collielover
What a sweet thing you are. Lots of hugs and earscratches for you.
Nov 14, 2009 mymovieman
Lexa - Is there anything cuter than a sleeping puppy? You are a furry little sweetheart. Trillions of biscuits for you!
Nov 14, 2009 siweisgal
She looks so happy! Lots of hugs and kisses! I love you Lexa!
Nov 14, 2009 TummyTickler
Hi Lexa, I love the last pic of you laughing but couldn't resist this one!!! You're just in the right position for a good ole tummy tickle. I loved reading all about you today on DP and just want to say what a pawsitively adorable little girl you are. Love & kisses from Zoey and I.
Nov 14, 2009 allmyshelties
Corner puppy! Lexa, you are a beautiful little fuzz-muffin. Just love your markings. Bet your at the head of your class in "school". I'm glad you have playmates to keep you busy and you're such a good girl to take turns waking Mommy & Daddy. See what a clever little girl you are!! Happy life sweetie.
Nov 14, 2009 allmyshelties
Corner puppy! Lexa, you are a beautiful little fuzz-muffin. Just love your markings. Bet your at the head of your class in "school". I'm glad you have playmates to keep you busy and you're such a good girl to take turns waking Mommy & Daddy. See what a clever little girl you are!! Happy life sweetie.
Nov 14, 2009 Puppylover1454
Nov 14, 2009 gypsysoul68
Nov 14, 2009 gypsysoul68
Nov 14, 2009 gypsysoul68
(So cute I had to comment twice ~ whoops!)
Nov 14, 2009 LSM
You remind me of storme ,he lays like you do in this pic-- be good sweet girl.
Nov 14, 2009 iluvk9s
Lexa is an adorable fluffy snuggly wuggly puppy!!! She is sooo sweet and cuddly! Zillions of cookies, kisses and hugs!!!
Nov 14, 2009 tink'smom
Sleepy little Lexa is tired of herding her little Yorkie friend. You are so beautiful and intelligent looking. That comes naturally for you, so be joyful and healthy, sweetie. Eleven thousand biscuits for you. XXXX
Nov 14, 2009 smhg96
lexa is amazing! you are so cute! poor axel!
Nov 14, 2009 Coinshop
Ahhhhh, how adorable!
Nov 14, 2009 lolobeth10
Hi, can you please tell me where you got Lexa? This is the exact border collie i would like to welcome into my family! Thank you for your time.
Nov 14, 2009 "Harley'sMa
Lexa you're a cutie. So sorry about Axel, youbeloved brother. We have aborder collie too. Y'all love your belly rubbing & you deserve 'em! Kisses and cookies.
Nov 14, 2009 "Harley'sMa
Lexa you're a cutie. So sorry about Axel, your beloved brother. We have a border collie too. Y'all love your belly rubbing & you deserve 'em! Kisses and cookies.
Nov 14, 2009 taniamorse85
It looks like somebody told her a hilarious joke! Lexa is absolutely beautiful, and she seems like a really sweet dog!
Nov 14, 2009 meganbooth
Lexa you have such pretty markings! Who is your cute little friend here?
Nov 14, 2009 Oliver & Henry's Mum
Lexa is beautiful! She looks so peaceful in this picture. My puppy Henry enjoys having his ears flipped backwards, so we joke that all the kids are doing it these's the latest thing. When I saw this picture of Lexa like that, it really made me smile. Enjoy your sweet girl. Hugs from Oliver & Henry and their Mum, in London, Ontario
Nov 14, 2009 Emmy462
What a BEAUTIFUL dog. Her markings are so pretty. Wow, whoever her owner is, is VERY lucky. She's gorgeous!! Wish you a long a happy life Lexa!
Nov 14, 2009 lilyb
Lexa you are beautiful, smart girl. Keep having fun!
Nov 14, 2009 iluvmydachsies
oh my goodness Lexa you are so adoreable! Lots of hugs and kisses! muah!!!
Nov 14, 2009 puppy_lover98
I usually don't like this breed, but look at her!
Nov 14, 2009 Critter Crazy
Precious. Sweet. Cute pupkin.
Nov 14, 2009 robyn
that's one smiling pup! snoot rubs (my dogs love those) and of course a ton of tummy rubs!
Nov 14, 2009 doggone1973
someone told Lexa a really good joke! so cute!
Nov 14, 2009 Tia Maria
Awww, Lexa, you are one adorable little girl! I adore Border Collies, they are an amazing breed, and make great companions for someone who knows how to channel their intelligence and herding instinct into good use of their energy. I love that boundless energy that they have. Enjoy your precious girl, and have a long, healthy, wonderful and fun filled life together with your family.
Nov 14, 2009 suzfergsn
God bless Lexa (and Axel); health and happiness to you all. She is stunning!
Nov 14, 2009 tyla
she is so cute i love her
Nov 14, 2009 enbenke123
awww she is so cute my grama has a border collie(ramsie) he is soo fun!!!! lots of treats
Nov 14, 2009 imlovinggymnastics
Your so cute, sorry about Axel, but im sure your still very playful.
Nov 14, 2009 jenbeagle
What a cutie pie!!!!
Nov 14, 2009 ruthie
Lexa, you are a very beautiful little girl! How luck you are to have each other. Wishing you many, many happy, love-filled years ahead.
Nov 14, 2009 lacey lue
awww what a cutie! i love her coloring!
Nov 14, 2009 terry c
Nov 14, 2009 malawi
What an adorable smile you have Lexa!
Nov 14, 2009 georgia04
Awww, it's a curly puppy crescent! Lexa is such a little beauty. As hard as it must have been losing Alex, Lexa's presence must have eased the pain. She is divine!
Nov 14, 2009 georgia04
Sorry, I meant Axel. :)
Nov 14, 2009 meow139
HAHAHA! This pic is hilarious! It looks like she is biting the other dogs head!!!
Nov 14, 2009 puppy world#1
Nov 14, 2009 puppy world#1
Nov 15, 2009 swarna
sleeping beauty i love you long life to you...
Nov 15, 2009 sudi54
so pretty
Nov 15, 2009 teeru
hey hey hey hey, that's very funny.
Nov 15, 2009 Nini is Cool5
you have a yorkshire too they are soo cute
Nov 15, 2009 dubbers
very cute puppy, I also named my australian shepard the backwards name of our old aussie , his name was bud, so our new aussie is named Dub, Bud backwards... I like border collies they are smart and loyal so are australian shepards , long live our pets they bring us much joy , and always unconditional love. Selene Whie Mt. Clare WV.
Nov 15, 2009 shortyww22
awww!!!! she is an adorable little her sweet looking face and oh those eyes are darling too..kisses,hugs and happy long life Lexa....come see my dogs n comment please....
Nov 15, 2009 daphne's mom
OHHHH! Lexa you are so cute! I hope you have a long happy and healthy life! Much love, many biscuits, and tons of cuddles sweetheart!
Nov 15, 2009 xoRUFFYxo
Nov 15, 2009 lucybee
What a sweet expression you have in this picture!
Nov 15, 2009 iluvmypupsash
Nov 16, 2009 kiljey
My goodness how can anything be this darn cute! Lexa you are beautiful.
Nov 16, 2009 wall_e
Lexa you are beautiful :-)
Nov 16, 2009 pderoo1
Nov 16, 2009 Teeny83
What a beautiful sleeping Angel!!
Nov 16, 2009 Limmyluver
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW WWWWWW! What a beautlful lil girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Nov 17, 2009 tape33
awwww! lexa, you look like a LOT of fun! any many many many MANY hugs and cuddles!
Nov 17, 2009 Codydog
Oh, how darling. Lots of puppy kisses to you, sweet one. xxx
Nov 17, 2009 preciouspuppylove
awwwwwwwwwwww lexa! very cute..
Nov 18, 2009 xxcolieluverxx=)
awww look at that face i bet you get away with a lot of things
Nov 19, 2009 Sladesmaid
What a sweeeeetie pup! I just want to reach in and give her a million hugs :}
Nov 23, 2009 lisalisa
oh, too cute!!!! She looks like she's laughing in this picture. What an adorable pup.
Nov 23, 2009 wolfensteinsmom
Look at that little white crown! What a cutie pie. Lots of love and kisses. Have a long, loving, healthy, happy life, little angel. A boatload of biscuits for you to share.
Nov 24, 2009 2pupsmomma
Such a Beauty.
Dec 12, 2009 tildalovespuppyz
awww shes so purdy! the axel thing is sad but adorable
Dec 24, 2009 O'side_Honeys
How darn cute!
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