Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Dec 27, 2008 suelill
Awwwwww Lyra I'm glad you were rescued. Very cute.
Dec 27, 2008 mampel
so happy lyra found a good home. enjoy that cutie forever!
Dec 27, 2008 harlequinguy
The love and compassion in those eyes is bottomless; She's going to enhance your whole life. Enjoy her, and spoil her to bits.
Dec 27, 2008 ruthie
Lucky Lyra, lucky you; She is beautiful. I hope her mom finds a forever home very soon. Many happy years are ahead.
Dec 27, 2008 biff
Cute puppy! Many happy times for you and your playmates. I'm so glad that you and your siblings and mother were rescued.
Dec 27, 2008 kady
Is she beautiful or is she beautiful?
Dec 27, 2008 shugsmom
Lyra has the sweetest face, she looks so content!! I am so glad you have given her such a good home and I pray her mom finds a wonderful home as well. Lots of kisses and biscuits to you Lyra!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 27, 2008 Zumamama
give the baby some love love love, what all puppies deserve. XOXOX zumamama
Dec 27, 2008 pixiegal262
Exquisite face on this little one, such a thoughtful expression. Of course she is also soooooo cute. I want to hold her and squeeze that fluffy little body. Your animals' names are fantastic, by the way. I see you are a fan of literature :) Oh and....FLOPPY EARS!!! I almost died.
Dec 27, 2008 beccashouse
Oh Lyra, You are the luckiest little girl in the world. Your new family love you SO much!! I know Santa Paws was very good to you as well! You have the sweetest little face I have seen in a while! Many years of happiness and lots of belly rubs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Dec 27, 2008 snoopygirl
Aww, Lyra's so cute and beautiful in one! I love her little ears. x
Dec 27, 2008 puppyloveforme
Hi Lyra! You're beautiful. So thrilled you were rescued and have found a wonderful new home!
Dec 27, 2008 howiesmom
What a sweetie!! Beautiful dog!!!!
Dec 27, 2008 LSM
Lyra, you are one cute little girl. So happy you got rescued and have a good home now. I could just kiss that little face forever!!! Hugs too.
Dec 27, 2008 ECHOBLIZZ
They just KNOW......And now you'll have a special BOND & FRIEND....for-EVER! TONS OF HUGS, SMOOCHES, AND ear rubbies~ And TREATS too1 A special pooch! Thank you for people like you....rescuing sweeties like this! What depth in those eyes...
Dec 27, 2008 stillwater20
what a doll!! bless your heart for saving her! kisses to Lyra from Memphis.
Dec 27, 2008 pitmom
Beautiful puppy! Hope you have many happy years togther
Dec 27, 2008 curlyreddogs
Such a sweet lucky lil girl. Intellegent eyes. She looks like she has some Chow in her.
Dec 27, 2008 ckendall
Beautiful Lyra will now get all the love and belly rubs she deserves!! I hope and pray her mom will too!!
Dec 27, 2008 fritzy
SWEET!!! Thank you for adopting her!!!!! Too cute!!! :)
Dec 27, 2008 pamfontainepeters
What a beautiful girl! I can't believe Moriarty and Friday will continue to ignore you, they'll come around - how could they resist? Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
Dec 27, 2008 djmc
Dec 27, 2008 drakes' granny
It is always good to hear of rescued pups. Glad you found a forever home as well as you siblings. Hope your Mom can find a good home too. Have fun in your new family, even the ones that wish to ignore you.
Dec 27, 2008 HillCountryGal
What a precious face. Sure glad you rescued this wonderful pup. Enjoy!
Dec 27, 2008 longislander
What beautiful soulful eyes. She is so happy to be with you. I hope her mom finds a good home too. Have a wonderful time with Lyra. A big bunch of biscuits for her and your other dogs - and some Pounce for the cats. They'll come around.
Dec 27, 2008 mamadog
Don't worry, Lyra, those cats will come around. You are a real beauty, and your new family is very lucky to have you.
Dec 27, 2008 mummm
What a sweet face! This is a very nice story.
Dec 27, 2008 AbbysMommy
Lyra's a cutie, FOR SURE! Good luck with her. So glad she has a wonderful forever home!
Dec 27, 2008 Sunflower
What a Love Bug you are Lyra!! Hope you enjoy your "forever home"...
Dec 27, 2008 malawi
Beautiful face...very glad they were found and now have a future!
Dec 27, 2008 In Memory of Annie
Lyra,you have the most beautiful, intelligent face. Hugs and kisses to you. So glad you found a wonderful family.
Dec 27, 2008 maltipinfan
Love Lyra's name. Her face is so gentle and kind. Have many happy years together!
Dec 27, 2008 CollieMom
What a beauty! In each picture, I immediately got the impression that there is a lot going on in that pretty little head of hers.
Dec 27, 2008 kimnjaeger
Such a wise and sincere look on such a beautiful sweet puppy!
Dec 27, 2008 loveheals
Lyra is so beautiful! Wishing you all many happy years together.
Dec 27, 2008 terry c
What a pretty dog. Thank you for giving her the life she deserves. I hope her mom finds a good home as well.
Dec 27, 2008 GwdGma
It was hard to choose a picture! She is so cute and I hope you have many many happy years with her!
Dec 27, 2008 runner7
Dec 27, 2008 phaedrapetnanny
I am THRILLED you rescued this precious baby!! ALL of my pets are rescued and when they are, the definitely know it and will thank you DAILY!! Give this sweet angel a BIG SQUEEZE from me and my pack! phaedra
Dec 27, 2008 scooter00
She is the most beautiful puppy.
Dec 27, 2008 lucyny2000
Chao, I think! Lyra, Congratulations on finding your forever home, and don't worry, the other two cats will learn to love you too! Happy New Year and many many more to come, filled with biscuits and blessings!
Dec 27, 2008 SpaceHeater
How adorable! I love the fur. We wish you lots of kisses Lyra!
Dec 27, 2008 lh9313
Lyra is adorable !!!
Dec 27, 2008 germ-X
Lyra is so cutie I could die.You all are lucky to have her.
Dec 27, 2008 amyliz
Now that is a face to love! So cute! Lyra, I'm so happy you are now in a good home!
Dec 27, 2008 Siri
Lyra, you are the poster puppy for noble, engaging mixed breed puppies everwhere! Your collar should be golden and your kibbles laced with caviar. May your precious pads never touch a dark or thorny path!
Dec 27, 2008 Rider4ever
She is so adorable! awwwwwwwwwwwwww you are so lucky 2 have her!
Dec 27, 2008 mydexy
so cute! i love mixed breeds and i'm glad you rescued her!
Dec 27, 2008 tink'smom
Lyra has the regal look of a chow. I'd be willing to bet there's a chow-chow in her ancestry. What a beautiful girl with the most expressive eyes. I wish you and Lyra a wonderful life together. XXX
Dec 27, 2008 sac4563
What a sweet face and such a cutie pie!!1 Best of luck with her.
Dec 27, 2008 lizanne
Good Day, Lyra.. You are a beautiful girl and I am so happy that you now have a good home with lots of family. Happy New Year and a much happier 2009. Hugs and lots of smiles and tummy rubs from Elizabeth and Miss Katie =O) in NY~
Dec 27, 2008 lizanne
Oh my gosh, I love this photo also. You are such a pretty girl. Have a happy Holiday Season. Elizabeth XOXO
Dec 27, 2008 cutestpupintown
3 words, 3 syllables, 1 meaning: YOU'RE TOO CUTE! :D
Dec 27, 2008 wheatie mom
Sounds like Lyra has found a loving home with lots of other animals; good for you, Lyra, you know how to pick 'em! You're beautiful!
Dec 27, 2008 mkesj
Beautiful beautiful girl. You could market a "breed" this distinctive. We can tell you love her face because all the pictures except this one just show it off. I'm guessing all of the rest of her is pretty spectacular too! Love Lyra.
Dec 27, 2008 lucybee
Lyra-you have such a beautiful sweet face! I know you are going to enjoy your new home and those cats will come around,just give them some time.My cats hated their new doggie siblings for a while but now they all curl up and sleep together.
Dec 27, 2008 linda1z
Love who all the family members are named after. All great characters... especially Lyra.
Dec 27, 2008 Oliver's Mummy
What a beautiful girl Lyra is indeed. Bless you for saving her. I know she will be grateful every day. Lyra has a sweet face and very loving eyes. Hugs from London, Ontario
Dec 27, 2008 puppy_love
Poor Lyra. You're so cute I'm glad your family was rescued too.
Dec 27, 2008 Gwendlina
Awww. Lyra i'm happy you got rescued. I'm so sorry that the two cats don't care about you.
Dec 27, 2008 brunomom
Lyra, you are going to be a magnificently beautiful girl when you grow up!
Dec 27, 2008 beatlesgeek
What pretty coloring! I hope you have a wonderful life with Lyra.
Dec 27, 2008 gary
Just thankyou for shairing the pics of this wonderful young Pup.
Dec 27, 2008 my Izzy
awww she is so lucky! you are so lucky!
Dec 27, 2008 evortega11
I say this is the cutest Mixed Breed I have ever seen. I mean I have never seen one in real life. But I would have to still it's the cutest. -evorteg a11
Dec 27, 2008 ruaga
looks so healthy...what do you feed? Ruaga
Dec 27, 2008 morganluv
What a lovely rescue! I foresee wonderful, fun days ahead. Our morganmix sends her luv.
Dec 27, 2008 puppy world
Dec 27, 2008 fluffy ears
lyra is the cuteist
Dec 27, 2008 caraschotch
Every once in a while, I come across a dog with such an intelligent, sensitive, and beautiful face that I am moved to look at her again and again. Such a dog is Lyra--- I have been coming back to her photos all day today to gaze at her lovely, kind eyes. I wish I knew you, Lyra! Kisses, cuddles, and cookies from Cara...
Dec 27, 2008 beeeegleluvr
Lyra is a very beautiful puppy!!! I wonder what kind of dog she is... very sweet and I'm glad you found her and gave her such a good home!!!
Dec 27, 2008 sweet_munchy
what a sweet puppy!! such kind, gentle eyes.. awww
Dec 27, 2008 allmyshelties
Those eyes can reach right into your soul. She is amazing!! And I agree, she KNOWS. So glad she'll be in a loving home she deserves. And don't worry about the soon as they figure out how to make this their idea, they'll be her buddies. Bless you all.
Dec 27, 2008 wolfgirl66
Beautiful girl!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 27, 2008 thinkersteacher
This precious pup is the very reason my heart goes out to mixed breed puppies - what an expressive, scruffy face. I praise you for adopting Lyra and giving her a chance at a happy, healthy life.
Dec 27, 2008 DozenDoggies
There is a "magic" to lop-sided flop-eared fuzzy puppies and Lyra has it all!
Dec 27, 2008 wolfhowl15
sooo cute and beautiful looks like a wonderful pooch
Dec 28, 2008 tessiesmum
Lyra you are lovely, those cats are probably only pretending to ignore you ... enjoy your new life with your wonderful family!
Dec 28, 2008 gary
Just wanted to come back for another look. lovely.
Dec 28, 2008 bubbaismybaby27
she's such a cool mix!! i like the name too, she's so cute! :D
Dec 28, 2008 ej9909
Aww! what a sweetie! i think this pic says it all!
Dec 28, 2008 LolaCay
Dec 28, 2008 iluvk9s
What a soft sweet puppy with an adorable expression on her face. Love, hugs and kisses from Rusty and Duckie in Madison, Alabama.
Dec 28, 2008 huskyluvr
How could those cats ignore the existence of such a cute little puppy? She is an absolute doll!
Dec 28, 2008 rainey
You are just BEAUTIFUL Lyra...
Dec 28, 2008 allie4473
Dec 28, 2008 harleeNme
she is sooo cute! i love her lol
Dec 29, 2008 Pixi's mom
She is so sweet! I am so glad you rescued her. She will be forever happy now.
Dec 29, 2008 DailyPuppy Admin
Oh Lyra you look so happy..many belly rubs to you!!
Dec 29, 2008 anitac
I'm so happy she was rescued! This a face that could melt any heart:)
Dec 29, 2008 mikdebluvpups
She is so pretty!
Dec 29, 2008 piobaire
Lyra, you sweet thing, you people are very good angels for adopting you. And don't worry about the kitties. They like to ignore people and dogs. It's what they do.
Dec 29, 2008 Beth1226
what a sweet adorable face Lyra has! I am so glad that she and her family were rescued and their futures are bright!
Dec 29, 2008 KelBel
Lyra, what an unusual name. Definately works for you. So happy you and your family have found homes. Remember Lyra, Cats drool and dogs Rule!!
Dec 29, 2008 puppydog
Lyra you are so cute! you kinda look like a bunch of different dogs rolled in one! too cute!
Dec 30, 2008 animallover7112
what ADORABLEE puppy! this is one of the cutest puppies ive seen! much luck and love!
Dec 31, 2008 afarquhar
isn't this the most cutest dog ever! whoever at all owns you has every right to spoil you rotten. I wish i had a dog just like you in fact i dont know anyone who would not want you.
Lyra, your killing me. To cute! You look like one of my dogs when they were pups.
Dec 31, 2008 tambore
Lyra has one of the most interesting faces I've ever seen. All- knowing, proud, curious and selective. So glad you were all rescued. Happy 2009!
Jan 1, 2009 testamine
Jan 1, 2009 packermom
THANK YOU for rescuing this beautiful child!!
Jan 2, 2009 cutiepie09
Jan 3, 2009 LinnyLuvsPups
soooo cute! my uncle has an akita/chow chow and he is soooo cute!
Jan 7, 2009 lisalisa
Lyra is sooo pretty. I am so happy that she was rescued - what a lucky little girl. I wish her lots of love and happiness.
Jan 9, 2009 Softpaws
Lyra!!! You're adorable!!! Owners - kiss that face for me!
Jan 12, 2009 kingpig
Thank you, everyone, for the wonderful comments! Lyra definitely appreciates all of your lovely words, and especially the biscuits (though she doesn't understand why 105 digital biscuits doesn't translate into a pile of 105 *real* biscuits)!
Feb 15, 2009 twlilight26
May 3, 2009 RoxyandEbbie
Aww! I'm so glad she's been rescued!!!!
Aug 14, 2009 georgia04
Poor little Lyra had a rough start to life, poor dear. I hope she, her mama, and brothers get the loving forever homes they deserve. Lyra is lovely.
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