Tuesday, July 29, 2014
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Dec 4, 2010 zankj
your sooooooo cute!!!!
Dec 4, 2010 wolfgirl66
Sweet Maddie is very pretty!!!!!
Dec 4, 2010 pupfanatic
Okay, first Sawyer, then Mylah, then Chloe, now Maddie...what a daily pup week of heart-wrenchingly ADORABLE pups. Lovin' the golden and lab puppy week. Maddie, looking at you reminds me that there must be a God; how else can something like you exist. Maddie, you warm my heart. Can you come to LA and let me kiss every inch of you? Please?? AND, I love EVERY picture!!!!
Dec 4, 2010 stefanoula
Oh my god she is adorable.
Dec 4, 2010 pupfanatic
P.S.- who is your adorable grown-up friend??? Beyond precious...I swear, I cannot take it...calling 911.
Dec 4, 2010 swanruadha
Love this angle--looks like a kid in a furry snowsuit! You can tell all my kids have had 4 feet!
Dec 4, 2010 jeksfcusa
What is not to love?
Dec 4, 2010 nelsonandsharpemom
What beautiful baby! I have two boys goldens are the best!
Dec 4, 2010 huprichcook
"Look! I have beautiful back paws too!"
Dec 4, 2010 merrylady11
Don't you just want to kiss those little feet!! I just love these pics!! xxoo
Dec 4, 2010 mattysmom
Maddie YOU are CUTE from every angle! Enjoy your special day and I wish you many years of health and happiness :)
Dec 4, 2010 goldenlover
All Goldens are great !!
Dec 4, 2010 stevied
You are a lovely girl Maddie have a long and happy life Steve (UK)
Dec 4, 2010 daphne's mom
What a darling! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! Much love, many biscuits, and tons of cuddles for Maddie!
Dec 4, 2010 princelover
Is there anything cuter than puppy butt? I think not! Yes, darling, your butt is still back there. This picture is priceless. Maddie is adorable.
Dec 4, 2010 duettists
Maddie is a dear little puppy. A long and happy life to her.
Dec 4, 2010 w102663
Goodness gracious Ms. Maddie - do you have any inkling how adorable you are! This picture is a heart-stopper; gorgeous puppy, just gorgeous. Love you; favorites for sure. ox ox ox ox ox
Dec 4, 2010 Babsintoyland
It was almost impossible to pick a favorite picture. Maddie is adorable. Many years of happiness fo you and you cutie pie!
Dec 4, 2010 jasper1
I don't really know how to truly express what I want to say about this puppy!!! I'm really overwhelmed by her beauty and preciousness! She is amazing!! You are so fortunate to have her! Long, healthy, happy life to you gorgeous Maddie!!
Dec 4, 2010 DebforNow
Sp cute and cuddly!
Dec 4, 2010 longislander
What a chubby, fluffy beautiful little sweetheart. You're so lucky!!
Dec 4, 2010 patlynn
Maddie is so cute! All the photos are adorable. Have lots of fun with her.
Dec 4, 2010 elephant
Dec 4, 2010 Greylyn
OMG! What a cutie! May you and your adorable Maddie have many, many years together! Pictures like this make me miss my Sheridan all the more.
Dec 4, 2010 MrMaddie
wow you have the same name as me and are so adorable
Dec 4, 2010 2added2ours
OMG! Far beyond irresistable! Favorite picture was way hard to determine! Many blessings-
Dec 4, 2010 lkg0711
Dear Maddie's parents: It's just impossible to pick from one of these pics because they are all so AWESOME! I'm a pushover for Golden puppies. Maddie, you light up my life :-)
Dec 4, 2010 Goldenmom58
Will someone out there please HELP me. My heart is about to bang itself right out of my chest. THIS HAS TO BE THE ULTIMATE PICTURE OF LOVE!!!!! Maddie, I don't know if you are with your mom or your dad but you are one super cute baby. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Goldens. May you have the best life possible.
Dec 4, 2010 layfenci
What a cutie! She has the sweetest little face. Have fun with Maddie!
Dec 4, 2010 furriesrfantastic
Just love those "pin ups" pics ... wook at dat cutie woodie bumi poo ... can't help it, this level of cuteness makes me silly!! Enjoy your beautiful baby and I'm sure you'll take time every day to spoil her rotten!!
Dec 4, 2010 drakes' granny
Maddie is adorable. She has such a sweet face I'm sure she will win the heart of everyone she meets. Extra cuddles today and tons of biscuits too.
Dec 4, 2010 amyliz
Oh Maddie, what can I say that hasn't already been said? You are adorable, sweet, cute...I think by now you are beginning to get the idea!
Dec 4, 2010 SegwayKate
Isn't it wonderful to wake up to an adorable little pup like this first thing in the morning.. Just precious!!
Dec 4, 2010 WATERDOG
Once again the Daily Puppy has made my day!Such a beautiful girl, many year's of happy health to you Maddie!
Dec 4, 2010 Amanda1000
I love her little feet!
Dec 4, 2010 PuppiesMeltMyHeart
How supuer uber ultra cute and adorable is this?! Maddie taking a nap with her Mommy!
Dec 4, 2010 molly's mom
Just lounging with the big guy....soooo cute!!!
Dec 4, 2010 gem1945
Maddie, you are adorable, and you will be a Champion just like your Daddy!! What can you say but good things about a Golden!! I liked the photo of you taking a name with your mom, too. We wish you all the best in your future with your happy family. xxxxoooo from our critter gang and us!!
Dec 4, 2010 chelsearosebud
Maddie ..... CAN WE TALK?! You are a roly-poly bundle of love. I want to smother you with kisses! May your life be happy, sweet, and filled with abundant love. XOXOXOXOXOXXOXOXO
Dec 4, 2010 lindagriff
what a cutie!
Dec 4, 2010 pfordeb
How cute! From head to toe.
Dec 4, 2010 Rio
What an adorable little puppy. There is nothing more cute than a Golden Puppy.
Dec 4, 2010 tink'smom
'Tock shot! Too too precious. Maddie is a champion for sure. XXXX
Dec 4, 2010 meganbooth
Maddie are you a puppy or a feather duster? You are the FLOOFIEST little adorable thing!!! I also love the photo of you sleeping next to your big friend and also the 'tock shot! Maddie you rock little girl.
Dec 4, 2010 mkesj
Maddie, you are killer cute. Good photos, photogenic subject.
Dec 4, 2010 murphmuffin
Too precious.
Dec 4, 2010 Marblemydog4ever
Maddie, you are adorable! I love golden retrievers! I want to give you a biiiiiiiig hug! Have lots of fun with this beautiful girl!
Dec 4, 2010 blizzard2
Dec 4, 2010 tisa01
Oh my goodness....the sweetest picture in the whole wide world!!!
Maddie(: you are the cutest thing, your family is pretty Lucky!
Little Girl... you are ADORABLE(:
Dec 4, 2010 ssmmtm
Melting over here. dozens of crates of biscuits to both of them.
Dec 4, 2010 maddies mom
My Maddie(dog) is sixteen this week,and you are every bit as lovely as she is. Hope your family has as many special years with your Maddie as we have with ours.
Dec 4, 2010 jojosmom417
PUPPY BUTT!!! Puppy butts, puppy toes, puppy tummies--I love them all! Maddie, you are the sweetest little girl. I wish you a long, happy, healthy life, little one.
Dec 4, 2010 fluffy ears
AW!!! she is just so fluffy.
Dec 4, 2010 bluegigi
The picture of complete sweetness. Hearts are melting all over the place. Maddie you are a beauty and have a wonderful life... you've got a forever family that adores you....
Dec 4, 2010 victoria_guo9
Cutest baby I have ever seen in my life.
Dec 4, 2010 maltese2luv
Maddie is so darling! Wishes for many hugs and biscuits!
Dec 4, 2010 Puppygirl93
Mattie, you are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! You are soooo adorable! Goldens truly are the best dogs ever! Warm kisses and hugs to you! treats and belly and ear rubs for you too. I wish you millions of great and fantastic years together!!
Dec 4, 2010 mastiffs3
So cute!
Dec 4, 2010 ruthie
You are a beautiful girl, Maddie; You are a champion through and through!!! Wishing you a long, happy, healthy life.
Dec 4, 2010 kenna
Aw you are soooo cute!:)
Dec 4, 2010 katmonmom
Aaaaaahhhhhhh, you are just too cute!!!!
Dec 4, 2010 Oliver & Henry's Mum
Maddie is simply gorgeous! I love the picture of her from behind as well, but I chose that one on her profile page. Goldens have their own special kind of loving, and I'm sure Maddie is no exception. Big huge hugs from Oliver & Henry, and their Mum, in London, Ontario
Dec 4, 2010 bafern
Maddie is so pretty. She looks like a beautiful stuffed toy. She looks like she is as sweet as a lamb. Have a wonderful life together.
Dec 4, 2010 The Raven
Maddie, what a pose!!! You look like a sweet fluffy little girl. You sound just adorable, what a sweet loving personality. You look just like the big doggie, sharing a photo with you. I love your black foot pads. You are just a darling.
Dec 4, 2010 georgia04
Wow, what an adorable baby. Is there anything sweeter than a puppy bottom? Smooches and cuddles for baby Maddie, and truckloads of biscuits. ;>
Dec 4, 2010 lotsapets
What a super-dooper photo of these two together !! They are just so beautiful !! From Robbie, Spencer, and their Mom
Dec 4, 2010 lotsapets
Couldn't just click on this one, too !!! *_* *_*
Dec 4, 2010 Madi P
look at ur cute little puppy hiney! precious!! lots of puppy love to you Maddie!
Dec 4, 2010 doggypro
u r gorgeous maddie lots of hugs and kisses from me xxxxxxoooooo :D
Dec 4, 2010 Kelsey's mom
Maddie is an adorable, fluffy, lovable girl! She looks very similar to our boy who was bred in Surrey, Canada by Louise Battley, DVM. Any connection? In any event, enjoy every minute with your precious girl!
Dec 4, 2010 tina1281
absolutely beautiful and gorgeous.
Dec 4, 2010 monkeynbubba
Dec 4, 2010 pamfontainepeters
Maddie is so cute. What a pretty girl! Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
Dec 4, 2010 Ezio
seriously in the last pic u can barely tell between the pup and the stuffed pillow looking thing in her paws :D
Dec 4, 2010 LHERMAN
Life is just perfect, or it looks that way in this picture. Many happy healthy years together. She is just so sweet.
Dec 4, 2010 Rio
Nighty night little Angel, Sweet Dreams.
Dec 4, 2010 iluvk9s
Awww look at those little feets!! What a sweet fluffy baby! Zillions of cookies, hugs and kisses for Maddie!!!
Dec 4, 2010 coriebe
Absolutely love goldens, And Maddie you're no're so cute! :)
Dec 4, 2010 lucybee
What a perfect little girl she is!!
Dec 5, 2010 Morgan's Fan
She's beautiful! And she'll be your friend for life!
Dec 5, 2010 Susie-Q
Maddie--I bet you spend a lot of time sliding on the hardwood floor, eh? You look so sweet sleeping back to head with your mom. (At least I think it's your mom. Perhaps it's your dad! You're a real cutie-pie!
Dec 5, 2010 mags1
What a snuggle bear. I love this precious face!
Dec 5, 2010 paulinespuppy
Aww thats so cute,sleeping Angels...Ur gonna grow up to be such a beautiful girl, ur already overloaded with cute!!! xoxoxoxoxox from me and Daisy.
Dec 5, 2010 Susie-Q
I've always had Labbys, and I love it when the Labs and Goldens lie on their tummies with their legs straight out behind them! They just look so cute. And in the picture where "Miss Maddie" is lying next to her mum or dad, both of them have such great poses--I love it when the dogs (and pups) just lie down on their sides---looks like they were playing, and then just collapsed,totally exhausted and tired! Ahhhhh.
Dec 5, 2010 MsJaxFla
Beautiful girl. I don't care who your daddy is..... you are a solid gold heart to me. I love you! I so hope it was love at first sight for your people, instead of your nobility. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Beautiful little love.
Dec 5, 2010 luvlabsluvlife
There is simply nothing cuter than a Golden puppy and maddie fits the bill to a tee!
Dec 5, 2010 gbreh
here's what this adorable pup is saying . . " Someday, I'm gonna be a lot bigger, and this leash won't hold me ! "
Dec 5, 2010 Scamp's Grammy
Maddie, you are an adorable little fluff ball! I would enjoy giving you lots of snuggles and cuddles. Wishes for a long, happy and healthy life from Scamp's Grammy.
Dec 5, 2010 Samba1260
U B a real beauty!
Dec 5, 2010 honeypie
Too cute for words!
Dec 5, 2010 shelbysmom18
look at the fluffy little pup butt, could anything be cuter?
Dec 5, 2010 Jose
that is sooooooooooooo cute the both of you sleeping. I just want to give you hugs and kisses!
Dec 6, 2010 veronica
You are adorable. xx
Dec 6, 2010 guerrero's grandma
What a gorgeous girl you are Maddie! You look like a total sweetie! Long & Happy & Healthy Life to you pretty girl
Dec 6, 2010 gouldkb
This is most definatly my best side!
Dec 6, 2010 phill2ds
I too have a golden and I miss their puppy fur..he looks so soft and fluffy :)
Dec 6, 2010 LostOsbourne
Dec 6, 2010 Ngolds
Awwww Maddie... Such a cutie pie!!! Enjoy
Dec 6, 2010 mychiensr1
AKC Champion or not, you guys sure looked so sweet together. Maddie is such a cute name and you are sooo kissable :-)
Dec 7, 2010 dhb200u
So adorable...loads & loads of hugs & kisses!!
Dec 7, 2010 piobaire
Nothing cuter than a puppy tush!
Dec 7, 2010 3saavik
Looks like you're either about to put your little head on it for a nap or about to bite a hole in it for a taste. I've seen mine do both, Maddie!
Dec 7, 2010 Abbi the dog
hehehehe!!! This picture is absolutely toooo cute!!! I love the little black paw pads!! Maddie, you totally made my day!
Dec 16, 2010 Ruby002
awwwwwww~looks on lovelyyyyyyyy
Dec 23, 2010 puppyluv251
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwww wwwwwwwwww Just too cute
Dec 29, 2010 CoopersAunt
Too adorable *-*
Jan 5, 2011 siun
awww so cute!! (what a position!! ;)
Dec 29, 2013 schotime
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