Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Nov 15, 2008 niccas
total cuteness!!
Nov 15, 2008 harlequinguy
Fast asleep - but he's dreaming of what trouble to cause next :) Spoil this cute little guy, and hug him from all of us.
Nov 15, 2008 Night_howling
Aww he's so cute, I hope he lives a wonderful life, plenty of hugs, biscuits, and belly rubs from Jenna and me!
Nov 15, 2008 wolfgirl66
I hope that adorable Maddox has sweet dreams!
Nov 15, 2008 !!DOG LOVER!!
i love him, hes sooo cute. Hope he has a long and happy life!! :) Waddle On . . . . . .
Nov 15, 2008 caratime
In the 3rd and 4th pix he looks so much like our Termi(nator) and Rocky looked when they were younger. And the picture of him sleeping on his back is Termi to a 'T'. Too cute! Our two standard-sized balck & tan doxies send much love to Maddox and Scrappy from Germany.
Nov 15, 2008 kishanabear
Nov 15, 2008 ejay
Maddox, you are one elegant, handsome, cute little Dachsund. Heaps of biscuits and belly rubs for you. Don't get up to too much mischief with your big brother. My Bonnie, the Black & Tan Mini wishes she could play, too. but Australia is too far away.XXXXXXXXXXX
Nov 15, 2008 woofers
So cute! i am in love with your dog! xx
Nov 15, 2008 marshaw51
What a sweet pair !! A wonderful big brother is a blessing. I am a doxie owner (red) and Tootsie Roll is the love of my life. This little guy is very lucky. Many belly rubs and kisses to both Maddox and Scrappy. Love from Tootsie's mama !!
Nov 15, 2008 NewPup
These two are just too cute!!!!!!!
Nov 15, 2008 NewPup
Too absolutely cuuute!xp
Nov 15, 2008 jolieavon
Ohhhh - TOOOOO Cute! Give him Lots and LOTS of Love... for a LONG time!!
My little doxie, Lucy, is in love with with this cute little baby. (Me too!)
Nov 15, 2008 NellyWelly
Nov 15, 2008 lalindamore
So cozy and warm mmm... NICE! You're a cutie.
Nov 15, 2008 puppyloveforme
Look at these guys? Are they adorable or what?! sending hugs, cuddles, kisses and loads of love to Maddox and his pal! love you guys!
Nov 15, 2008 LBT
I cannot even stand the cuteness of this picture! Maddox looks like he is having the best nap ever! Kisses and belly rubs to him and his adorable big brother.
Nov 15, 2008 carol-spain
This is THE HAPINESSSSS!!!!!!!!!! A lot of kisses, Maddox
Nov 15, 2008 philip
Snoopy would be proud!
Nov 15, 2008 HillCountryGal
Love those cute little legs! Seems to me Maddox has found himself the most wonderful home and family. Yeaaaaa for puppy lovers.
Nov 15, 2008 pennypinscher
I vote this as the next U.S Postal Stamp picture! Any of the pics are fabulous~Maddox is one handsome hound!! uh...little Scrappy is absolutely adorable,as well. Enjoy your little fam.
Nov 15, 2008 sandrahender
Oh my oh my oh my!!!!! How I LOVE this little gem! He is as precious as any puppy I've ever seen! Give him tons of belly kisses for me! SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOCH!!!
Nov 15, 2008 iwantapuppy93
He is beautiful! Lots of love to him!
Nov 15, 2008 corgigirl37
Double the fun!!
Nov 15, 2008 longislander
Awwwwww this is just adorable. Mr. Pkckles has beautiful coloring and I bet a personality to match.
Nov 15, 2008 GwdGma
He is so adorable in all of the pictures it is hard to choose. This one makes me go awwwwwwww though, so I chose it. This shows 2 happy, content, trusting & loving their home dogs. Just adorable!
Nov 15, 2008 GwdGma
Sorry but I can't resist commenting on this one too. I just want to bury my face right there in the blanket with his. He is just adorable!!
Nov 15, 2008 wheatie mom
Double cute!!!
Nov 15, 2008 mamadog
I love this picture. Doggie friends are so cute together! These two will love each other for life!
Nov 15, 2008 laureen_49
How lucky you are to have such a wonderful new baby!! My doxie, brings about 90% of the joy and happiness in my life, and you have two! nice job, he's wonderful :)
Nov 15, 2008 djmc
How sweet, my granddaughter has a mini doxie Molly. They are just the best babies. Enjoy Enjoy. Lots of hugs and kisses
Nov 15, 2008 lilibean
Look at that beautiful little mug!
Nov 15, 2008 ckendall
Two adorable bellies to rub!!!!!!!!!!! Can't get much cuter!
Nov 15, 2008 fritzy
Well if it is any consolation, my heart is melting too at the sight of this photo!!!! So cute!!!!! :)
Nov 15, 2008 wanda devers
What a sweetie!!
Nov 15, 2008 trixandsam
This is pure puppy heaven. Thank you for sharing your two gorgeous pups with us. (Just look at that round little tummy! It's just begging for a raspberry.)
Nov 15, 2008 bullys2mom
Oooooo, puppy dreams. Cuddly, sweet warm puppy. Come to Florida, sweet baby - I have a lap waiting for you.
Nov 15, 2008 2added2ours
wow- I'm there.
Nov 15, 2008 gromitwensleydale
Adorable, both of them. What a sweet little pair! You're very lucky.
Nov 15, 2008 gryt
What a cute little fella! Love him.
Nov 15, 2008 terry c
This is so sweet.
Nov 15, 2008 lucybee
Now these are some contented pups!Too cute!!
Nov 15, 2008 mummm
Oh how I love dachshunds! Maddox is SO CUTE!
Nov 15, 2008 DailyPuppy Admin
Such a cutie pie!
Nov 15, 2008 doggone1973
This is so doggone cute! All the pics are cute actually it was hard to pic one.Mr.Pickles is a darling, i love dachshunds. His big brother is very handsome too.
Nov 15, 2008 jenpic precious! Life is good for these two pups!
Nov 15, 2008 pretzalpup
I'! That&# 39;s Adorable! He and his brother are sooooooo cute! :)
Nov 15, 2008 pretzalpup
ok i dont no y my comment put ' cause i didnt rite that
Nov 15, 2008 allmyshelties
OK, I've spent way too much time choosing a picture, so this abundance of puppy belly got me. The last one of Maddox sleeping is way past adorable. He's got napping down to an art form! Have fun with your little sweeties.
Nov 15, 2008 pamfontainepeters
Wow.. what a cutie! I love the puppy bellies! Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
Nov 15, 2008 usfour
Cutest little munchkins on the planet!!!
Nov 15, 2008 Giggles
Thats the picture that says it all. :)
Nov 15, 2008 papajoe
Nov 15, 2008 animalsarewonderful
my puppy loves a good nap too :D sweet dreams!
Nov 15, 2008 anitac
OMG! cute overload. Thanks
Nov 15, 2008 natureswonders
natureswonders Too adorable for words!
Nov 15, 2008 kelleyjayhawk
I have a red and a black/tan. Nothing better than doxies!
Nov 15, 2008 malawi
And so to sleep perchance to adorable....I loved all the pics but think his expression here says it all.
Nov 15, 2008 teddiepants
Oh my goodness, Doxie Schnozz, how adorable. Belly smooches and hundreds of biscuits for both of them.
Nov 15, 2008 malachy
oh he is a doll baby! as a doxie mom myself, I can vouch and say they are the BEST most loving pooches on the planet! I picked this pic cuz I love that velvety soft fur on his neck! (I always have to kiss my lil guy on the neck LOL)and those legs too big for his body and that long body-all that "puppyhood disproportion" LOL geez, I so need to get another doxie puppy! hugs and kisses from Malachy doxie and his mommy
Nov 15, 2008 kyladee
I've had Dachshunds all my life. They are so beautiful. I always felt that my little Inga was my best friend in the whole world. These little angels are so adorable together. What a sweet pic of them.
Nov 15, 2008 loopy
Nov 15, 2008 jenmatt4
I love this picture! Our Chihuahua loves to sleep on her back too:)
Nov 15, 2008 amyliz
Your baby is so cute...absolutely irresistible!
Nov 15, 2008 cutepuppies
cutie puttuie!!!
Nov 15, 2008 crittermom
LOL!!!! Are you sure this one isn't really a cartoon? I've always wanted a Dachshund. Now I REALLY want one -- THIS one! And yes, two doggies are definitly double-trouble, and double-delight. Enjoy!!!
Nov 15, 2008 oskur-jazz
Very cute, look just like my Oskur, 6 yr. old male. I also have a 6 mo. old blk & tan puppy, Jazzmine. Search this site for "sweet jazz o'mine"!
Nov 15, 2008 loreneevans
Doxies Rule don't go dachshund!! You are headed for greatness!!
Nov 15, 2008 rocketdog
Oh boy! That is cute. Play hard, Sleep hard.
Nov 15, 2008 ruthie
Verrrrry cute; many happy years for all of you!
Nov 15, 2008 In Memory of Annie
How Wonderful to see them this way! Maddox is adorable and I love his healthy, shiny coat. Hugs and kisses from us.
Nov 15, 2008 lalamcgoo
So velvety looking and absolutely precious!! Yes you are right, they are like Lays potato chips, you cant have just one!!!
Nov 15, 2008 penny mc
awww, what a sweetie!! I know you just love him.
Nov 15, 2008 jesslovesmollie
ohhhh isnt he just a delight!!!! you are VERY lucky to have such a Wonderful puppie!!! may he bring you all the happiness you deserve!!! spoil him rotten on our behalf!!! hugs and slobbery wet kisses from us!! xx
Nov 15, 2008 georgia04
Maddox and Scrappy are beautiful, darling boys. I just want to cuddle both of them and smooth those long snouts. Give them cuddles for me.:)
Nov 15, 2008 locococo918
look at those sleeping angels!!! they know they are safe and snug in their home!!
Nov 15, 2008 Oliver's Mummy
Mr. Pickles (Maddox) is just beautiful but this pic, with Scrappy is pure HEAVEN!!! The joy, the bliss, the contentment are all too much. It makes me smile and feel sleepy all at the same time. Hugs from London, Ontario
Nov 15, 2008 puppy world
oh hes sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable look hes cuddling his mom or some other dog hes like your so warm mama he loves resting taking naps all the time he gets trired easily hes hungry too he loves chewing something new like that leaf thats he chewing he likes playing standing tall and resting he cute bored most of the time
Nov 15, 2008 puppy world
oh hes sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable look hes cuddling his mom or some other dog hes like your so warm mama he loves resting taking naps all the time he gets trired easily hes hungry too he loves chewing something new like that leaf thats he chewing he likes playing standing tall and resting he cute bored most of the time
Nov 15, 2008 pupaylovr
I haver never seen a puppy of this kind SO SO cute!!!!!!!!! Give him all the toys, bacon bits, treats, hugs and kisses in the world (save some for my dogs thoug LOL).
Nov 15, 2008 LauraW_KS
He is so cute!!!!!!!!!! I just love little Maddox-Mr. Pickles!!! 11 bones to a cute pup!!
Nov 15, 2008 ladytee3
You are soooo cute!!! I want one!!!
Nov 15, 2008 Brownie&Lucy
oh he is just so cute! i luv that little doxxie's !!!!!
Nov 15, 2008 2pups1kit
Such adorable, sweet, precious, cuteness!! I may have run out of words to describe this darling dachsie, & I am not at all sure I can limit myself to one pic! Dachsies are soooo wonderful, I know, I grew up with one. Enjoy Maddox for many, many years in good health!
Nov 15, 2008 web
Doxies are so cute and loveable. We have a red miniature and wouldn't be with him.addox is so cute. They pictures are adorable
Nov 15, 2008 2pups1kit
OOPs! Well, now I have gone & done it...this is the 1st time I have actually caved in & picked 2 photos! The puppy belly, the sweetness of these 2 angels sleeping together, it was too much!!! Needless to say, maximum biscuits have been awarded to Maddox & his brother Scrappy!! Love from Northern Calif.
Nov 15, 2008 shimmertwist
What a face!
Nov 15, 2008 2000cockermom
He is adorable everywhere, but I couldn't resist two puppy bellies!
Nov 15, 2008 tworsham65
Hello - My name is Terry I also have a puppy just like yours. She is old now but still quite the handfull. She has always been my best friend in the world. thanks i enjoyed your pictures. So cute.
Nov 15, 2008 Ace's mom
OMG!!!! This is the cutest picture I have EVER seen!!!
Nov 15, 2008 sadiebarber
aw aw aw aw
Nov 15, 2008 lynetz2
belly rubs for maddox and scrappy for sure! what an adorable picture - you can tell how they love each other - maddox must have had a hard play time cause he looks exhausted!! have wonderful fun hours with your beautiful babies! they are a treasure! and to maddox and scrappy - many hugs and kisses - a ton of miniature biscuits and belly rubs galore!! xxxxooooooo
Nov 15, 2008 biff
Most animals, including dogs, have very difficult lives, much more so than we humans. But for dogs that are well-loved, they have much better lives than we humans. This picture is proof. Here they are in the crash phase of the eat-play-bellyrub-sleep cycle of a charmed life. They appear to be in the RPM (rapid paw movement) stage of sleep at this point. Lucky dogs. Many biscuits, belly rubs, and happy years to them and their people.
Nov 15, 2008 BusterCorkyJocko
That is to cute and sweet!Adorable!
Nov 16, 2008 doxigrafix
He's an absolute darling.
Nov 16, 2008 petrapenny
Nov 16, 2008 lh9313
Nov 16, 2008 Courage's mommy
ohhh, this picture is sooo cute! little snuggle pals!!
Nov 16, 2008 amyroxy10
oh my god adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Nov 16, 2008 iluvk9s
Awwww adorable doxies. I have a red doxie girl named Duckie. They are the best dogs!! Tons of hugs and kisses!!
Nov 16, 2008 Beagle109
Maddox, you're the handsomest!
Nov 16, 2008 skeemmn
Maddox, you're ADORABLE. I'd love to give you hugs and kisses!
Nov 16, 2008 skeemmn
I love this picture! Scrappy and Maddox look just like our Sadie and Stewie. Dachshunds RULE!!
Nov 17, 2008 tamwise21
Oh my so so cute with so many great photos to choose from hard to pick great photos..million treats on the way to you
Nov 17, 2008 dharmag
Precious, both of them. Thanks for making my day!
Nov 17, 2008 Rickysmom
OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I'm in love. These babies are precious, and deserve 12 biscuits. Maddox looks just like my Ricky. Doxies are the best!!!
Nov 17, 2008 Rickysmom
Nov 17, 2008 hilary
So adorable! My doxie wraps himself up like a burrito in his blanket and sleeps like this with his feet sticking out the end. It's hilarious. Love baby bellies :)
Nov 17, 2008 Bowie's Mom
Awesome picture! Not a care in the world! As it should be! They're lucky to have each other to love!!
Nov 17, 2008 Bowie's Mom
I had to comment on this pic too cuz he is smiling and all is right with the world!!!!! Ahhhhh.
Nov 17, 2008 amandabonham
Ohhhh I love it! How adorable and loving these pooches look!!
Nov 17, 2008 hbkgordongirl
he's such and adorable and cunning puppy [:
Nov 17, 2008 lisalisa
Ooooooooooh, precious snuggle buddies! This melts my heart. Lots of love and TONS of belly rubs to these sweeties.
Nov 17, 2008 turtlelover2
aww such a cute baby. reminds me of my dog kayla when she was a puppy
Nov 17, 2008 puppydog
Maddox is so cute! He is one of the most adorable little pups i've ever seen! He looks like such a cuddley little doggie!
Nov 17, 2008 smooches
what a handsome boy! just wish Icould give him a big kiss and cuddle
Nov 17, 2008 OrangeJuice
What an adorable little dachshund! This is exactly what my doxie looks like when he's asleep! So CUTE!!!
Nov 18, 2008 Lisaez1
Maddox- you had me at hello!!!! He is without a doubt the cutest puppy!!!! He has so much expression on his face!!! Even when hes sleeping!!! I am in love. What a great snuggle buddy and you as his owners are lucky to have him. Enjoy every minute!!!
Nov 18, 2008 stormsamson
We are just too tired for any more of that playing stuff! What a sweet pair! Here's wishing you many, many years of blessed health and lovins for you and yours!
Nov 19, 2008 buffygirl
Nov 21, 2008 Softpaws
Belly rubs!!!! Me hands are itching!
Nov 21, 2008 Softpaws
And this picture is hysterical! Har har har ha rharhar...!
Nov 21, 2008 wolfensteinsmom
I have to agree, you can never have enough Dachshunds! They are truly amazing little imps! They never listen, learn everything, and love you with everything in them! Congratulations on finding this little sweetie! He is truly adorable! Lots of nose and tummy kisses for both your babies! Giving them a lifetime of bikkies!
Nov 24, 2008 copycat624
How cute is this dog!! Well i think infinity x2!!! Look how cute!!!
Nov 24, 2008 ilovedogs
AWWWWWW!!!!!! Maddox is sooooooooo gorgeous!!!! IT is soooooooooo hard to choose just one picture but i love the one of him closing his eyes!!! I just love sleeping dog photos!!!!! Dachshund dogs are sooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!! lots of puppy kisses, and hugs to cuddle with!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxox :)
Nov 25, 2008 dashiemom
What a sweetie!!
Nov 27, 2008 Kamisha
this picture is wonderful. hahahaha i love it.
Dec 2, 2008 drakes' granny
How adorable...!!!
Dec 3, 2008 gary
Aw Wow. what a wonderful Sleepy head picture
Dec 19, 2008 djmc
how sweet , love you both . hugs and kisses
Dec 29, 2008 kooldog7
wow I love the last three pictures.This one is my favourite.O M G soooooooo cute.
Aug 2, 2010 pelligrino
Cuteness over load, the last photo is a killer! have a long, healthy and long life little Maddox!
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