Maggie the White German Shepherd

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Maggie's mom says: We rescued Miss Magdalene, whom we call Maggie, when she was just eight weeks old. We saw a private ad in the paper selling white German shepherd puppies, and when we called they had one left. Upon driving up, we were met with several malnourished dogs who were not in the best living conditions. Maggie was covered in fleas, but was such a sweetie we couldn't resist. Regardless of whether we felt she was the right dog for us, we would have gotten her out of that situation. She had a rough first week, battling the fleas, tapeworms, a bladder infection, and puppy acne. But she is doing much better and is enjoying her new home. Maggie enjoys her squeaky toys (especially early in the morning), peanut butter, playing fetch with her ball, getting sticks out in the yard, chewing on anything, posing for pictures, antagonizing the cat and ferret, but most of all, chasing ice cubes around the kitchen tile floor. She has quite a sassy attitude, but enjoys belly rubs and any kind of attention. People often think she's a Labrador, but once her ears go up, there will be no question. Maggie is growing by leaps and bounds and astounds us daily with her intelligence. She has brought so much love and excitement into our home and family, we cannot imagine our lives without her.