Marley the Brittany Spaniel

Puppy Breed: Brittany

Marley is our Brittany spaniel and is a rescue dog, as is his big brother, Mike the boxer. Marley's favorite things are belly rubs, kibbles, toys and sticks. We have quite a collection of sticks by the front door where Marley drops them before coming inside after each walk. These boys have turned my world upside down, but what a great ride it is! The boys go for walks four to five times daily and have play dates most evenings with other neighborhood rescue dogs. They are the darlings of the neighborhood. Our dog walker, Uncle Kurt, as he is known by all, brings them treats and toys daily and gets them out for mid-day romps and excursions. The boys love to ride, and we load up the Forrester on a regular basis and hit the road. It's quite a sight, but what a wonderful life!