Miley the Labrador Retriever

Puppy Breed: Labrador Retriever

Hi, my name is Miley. I love lying around on the boat and playing in the water with my sister. I am very curious and I have to check out everything around me. If I'm not chewing on something, you can find me taking pouncing lessons outside. When the day is done, I love curling up and taking a good snooze.

Comments (126)
NellyWelly Nov 9, 2010
What a sweet little face he has!!

ebead Nov 9, 2010
There are few things in the world as cute as a Labrador puppy! Enjoy!

Babsintoyland Nov 9, 2010
Awwwwwwe - such a cutie. Lots of belly rubs and bicuits for Miley!

eande Nov 9, 2010
You are so cute Miley

veronica Nov 9, 2010
You are beautiful.xx

starr1908 Nov 9, 2010
Ha - what a great shot! Guess what Miley? The world just keeps...

mattysmom Nov 9, 2010
How cute you are Miley! And what a lucky lab you are to have a boat...

merrylady11 Nov 9, 2010
You're just too cute for words! Gotta love that adorable face! xxoo

jasper1 Nov 9, 2010
As adorable as they come!! She's precious!

fluffy ears Nov 9, 2010
AW! What a cutie.

longislander Nov 9, 2010
These pics are all adorable. What a beautiful face. I see he's...

Marisa Nov 9, 2010
Look at those eyes - an absolute killer. Sweet baby - give Miley...

toniight Nov 9, 2010
I love her wrinkly head! What a sweetheart.

marybarfield Nov 9, 2010
It's like seeing the day in the life of a puppy, love it. And...

2added2ours Nov 9, 2010
What gentile eyes!!! Wow this one is a LOVE!!

amyliz Nov 9, 2010
Miley is incredibly cute and has one of the sweetest puppy faces on...

meganbooth Nov 9, 2010
Who could resist those gorgeous puppy dog eyes?

w102663 Nov 9, 2010
Miley, you're life's little treasure!:o) ox ox ox

Goldenmom58 Nov 9, 2010
Whatever is down there has to "meet the paw". Just too cute....

kathy76999 Nov 9, 2010
What a super cutie and a smart, mischevious one! I wish you many...

goldnlovr Nov 9, 2010
Miley - you are so cute! love you..

gem1945 Nov 9, 2010
Miley, you are a very handsome young pup!! Glad you are like me and...

pelligrino Nov 9, 2010
You even take time to smell the flowers! Miley you have a very hrd...

molly's mom Nov 9, 2010
Awwwwwwww! Beautiful...........

drakes' granny Nov 9, 2010
Can I have something in this dish please? Miley is one very handsome...

nikkirisner Nov 9, 2010
so freaking cute :) good pics

MsJaxFla Nov 9, 2010
Miley you are a very beautiful baby girl. My darling, little boy The...

Frankt Nov 9, 2010
WOW!!! A boat, some water to play in, flowers to sniff, and a sister...

andreea1369 Nov 9, 2010
Oh my, I cannot believe the cuteness! I don't even know which...

barbwiest Nov 9, 2010
Labs are the BEST! I love this picture of Miley standing...

dnorris Nov 9, 2010
This little fella is adorable! Labs are the best friends anyone could...

virgilsmama Nov 9, 2010
100% kissable, huggable, sit on my lap for hours, petting those soft...

ronflank Nov 9, 2010
snoooooooooooozing! love you Miley!

TeckelLover Nov 9, 2010
"Hey! Just saw something moving down there. What is it?"...

BeautyLover Nov 9, 2010
SUCH A FACE!!!! Love you!

The Raven Nov 9, 2010
Water water water water I'm a lab and I just love...

lalamcgoo Nov 9, 2010
ohhhhh you are so cute little Miley! I hope your family is ready for...

goldenlover Nov 9, 2010
Beautiful pup !! Is tyhere anything more fun that watching a puppy...

daphne's mom Nov 9, 2010
Miley you are so cute! I hope you have a long happy and healthy...

gryt Nov 9, 2010
You need a bigger pool, Miley! :)

shortyww22 Nov 9, 2010
Miley is a Beautiful girly.she has an adorable face.hope you have...

ssmmtm Nov 9, 2010
Totally cute.

janaS Nov 9, 2010
Miley's a gorgeous puppy. So curious about the world surrounding...

kodiparker Nov 9, 2010
Is there anything as cute as sleeping lab puppy??

pumkin Nov 9, 2010
Oh my, what a sweetie this one is, look at the expression on that...

sparklingbright Nov 9, 2010
Oh Miley, you are adorable. And a well travelled pup too! Happy...

duettists Nov 9, 2010
Miley is a darling. I wish her a long and happy life.

schnauzerpuppylover Nov 9, 2010
Look at those puppy eyes! How adorable!

paulinespuppy Nov 9, 2010
Awww Miley. ur absolutely beautiful..sending you lots of loves and...

Rio Nov 9, 2010
Awwwwwwwwww, So sweet.

lalalalauren Nov 9, 2010
SUCH a cutie patutie :)

DailyPuppy Admin Nov 9, 2010
How could anyone resist that face! What a cutie!

Coco Waffles Nov 9, 2010
Miley is so precious! Great shot!

Frankcav Nov 9, 2010
Such a smart puppy. He drinks and washes his paws at the same time.

leia kelly Nov 9, 2010
So precious!

Mr. B Nov 9, 2010
Beautiful pup, but a very dangerous "choke" collar. A good...

AnnM Nov 9, 2010
what an absolutely gorgeous pup!! Miley is simply...

Truffle Nov 9, 2010
All the pics are just too cute. I love the one where Miley has her...

Pugsly'smomma Nov 9, 2010
Miley, you look like you are a very special boy. Make sure you stop...

PB5933 Nov 9, 2010
I"m lost for words(Miley)

siun Nov 9, 2010
"Did I step on something?" Awww, your soo cute! Love ya,...

guerrero's grandma Nov 9, 2010
Just look at the love eminating from those sweet sweet eyes! Miley,...

pupfanatic Nov 9, 2010
Miley, I totally love you. Sigh.

cfraire Nov 9, 2010
Sleep tight little one, you have many years of enjoyment to bring to...

gouldkb Nov 9, 2010
all of this running around, and my feet are ready for a soak! ...

Scamp's Grammy Nov 9, 2010
Miley, you are just a darling puppy. Bet this facial...

beach1961 Nov 9, 2010
He got himself caught with his paws in his cookie dish!!! What a...

patlynn Nov 9, 2010
How adorable. Miley, you are so cute and have a very expressive face.

Papa Bear Nov 9, 2010
It's been a busy,busy day. So much to do. It just wore me out. ...

bluegigi Nov 9, 2010
Miley, you're gorgeous, love the paws in the bowl. Too precious....

puppylover8922 Nov 9, 2010
awwwwwww no question that labs are the sweetest pups ever! soooooo...

piobaire Nov 9, 2010
Miley, yep that's grass all right. You are as cute as a bug! ...

luvlabsluvlife Nov 9, 2010
Miley i have just 2 words for you ... ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS!

lucyny2000 Nov 9, 2010
"I'll get you, little pretty...something!" She is...

bafern Nov 9, 2010
I just want to kiss that gorgeous face. What a beauty. I'm sure...

Marblemydog4ever Nov 9, 2010
Miley you are so cute! And the rose in this picture is so pretty!...

kgpayne13 Nov 9, 2010
Miley, I just want to kiss your precious face! Many biscuits and...

Shiv167 Nov 9, 2010
what a cutie patootie!

Shiv167 Nov 9, 2010
What you thinking, little poggie?

poochies=love Nov 9, 2010
Adorable pictures! I can tell this pup is well loved!

harlequinguy Nov 9, 2010
How is it possible to fit -that- much 'cute' in one body??...

lablady511 Nov 9, 2010
labs....the very best in dogs!

DoxMD Nov 9, 2010
Miley ... Look at you chasing ants! So precious!!!! You are one...

Rio Nov 9, 2010
Had to come back and read the comments on this little sweetheart. I...

Candy&Chloe's mom Nov 9, 2010
It was next to impossible to select just one picture of Miley, after...

Candy&Chloe's mom Nov 9, 2010
I had to add this picture..who could resist that face?

lotsapets Nov 9, 2010
What a loveable, handsome boy you are !! The color of his...

lotsapets Nov 9, 2010
OOPS !! So sorry, Miley, I checked your prifile and found...

lotsapets Nov 9, 2010 sorry, l-i-t-t-l-e is spelled this way, also,...

henri23jessalee Nov 9, 2010
you are ADORABLE miley!!

veronica Nov 10, 2010
You are soooooo cute. xx

Menor Nov 10, 2010

akeefer Nov 10, 2010
Just letting everyone know that the dog bowl is hers. She really is...

Ilovebordercollies Nov 10, 2010
awwww! she is soooooo cute!

grace108 Nov 10, 2010

molly's mom Nov 10, 2010

jaydeep_usa Nov 10, 2010 cute....the cutest.!!!! Lots of hugs and kisses...

ilovegunnie Nov 10, 2010
mama im tacking my cute!

Kutter Nov 10, 2010
absolutely precious, only a puppy can make you smile!! I am so...

mastiffs3 Nov 10, 2010
Sweet puppy!

muttlover Nov 10, 2010
Oh Miley, you and I would have so much fun together. You are just...

puppydreamer Nov 10, 2010
Super Cute, Miley! :) xoxoxoxo

curlytop Nov 10, 2010
awesome miley:) you rock

Jose Nov 10, 2010
Your sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute I can't even pick a picture...

jessymessywaffles24 Nov 10, 2010
omg adorable!! you are a cutie pie!! love the pouncing lessons.

missO Nov 10, 2010
Love the feet in the water bowl, a true water dog. Too cute!

ruthie Nov 10, 2010
Miley you are as cute as they come..such an adorable face. Have lots...

BananaFish Nov 10, 2010
Oh, my goodness! What a gorgeous sweetheart! Anyone will have a...

dianel99 Nov 10, 2010
Miley has a curiosity of, no doubt everything around. What soft...

coriebe Nov 11, 2010
Total Sweetness! :)

elephant Nov 11, 2010
THAT IS ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!! i want HER!!!

dogcopper Nov 11, 2010
What a cutie! Enjoy!

rebamarsh Nov 11, 2010
you are so cute!!! love you

iluvmypuppycody Nov 11, 2010
Aww!! what a cutie! =)

wolfgirl66 Nov 11, 2010
Hello Beautiful Miley! You look very tired after a long day of...

pfordeb Nov 13, 2010
So cute. Can't beat a lab puppy's face. Have fun.

lynetz2 Nov 13, 2010
oh miley - every picture is so adorable! what a special little girl...

pirosred Nov 14, 2010
Labs are just great! I have a Yellow lab. All great pictures, this...

rajeshabhi Nov 15, 2010
i love u darling ummmma !!!!

Ngolds Nov 17, 2010
Mileyyy look at that face!! Adorable

gimpeylover101 Nov 23, 2010
too cute please be my friend

twinkie Nov 23, 2010
i think you are so cute

shootzyshotzytoyoumydearfoes Dec 3, 2010
She looks so innocent! I love dogs! I would adopt all of them, but...

shootzyshotzytoyoumydearfoes Dec 3, 2010
She looks like she's about to get in trouble or something.

CoopersAunt Dec 29, 2010
"Stupid Bug!!" So cute ^^ *-*

schotime Dec 29, 2013
OMG. The cutest is too much.