Sunday, April 20, 2014
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Nov 28, 2010 wolfgirl66
I hope that sweet Milly enjoys a very long & happy life! She's beautiful!!!!!
Nov 28, 2010 jmaxcole
She is absolutely gorgeous with her glossy coat and beautiful face...long and happy life to you and your humans, Milly! And take it easy on Boo, he'll come to love you, too -
Nov 28, 2010 schnauzerpuppylover
So cute!
Nov 28, 2010 Barbywhodares
Mully - no wonder your parents love you. What a cute girl. So beautiful - big cuddles and happy days xxx
Nov 28, 2010 Corky'smum
How satiny-shiny-black you are! What a beautiful girl.... Enjoy her!
Nov 28, 2010 AnnM
Milly, you are simply gorgeous and beautiful and so sweet....enjoy your days ahead and the family that loves you..
Nov 28, 2010 Mollywoggs
Oh such an adorable little girl!!!Those eyes are just gorgeous and sooooo soulful. You can see that she is a sweet girl through and through. Many years of happiness and health to you and Boo too!
Nov 28, 2010 teddy-dimsie
She is beautiful! Love this picture :D
Nov 28, 2010 daphne's mom
How sweet! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! Much love, many biscuits, and tons of cuddles for Milly!
Nov 28, 2010 longislander
What a beautiful puppy. Silly Milly sounds like fun. Boo will just have to adjust LOL
Nov 28, 2010 inmemoryofnijah
Too cute!
Nov 28, 2010 labsrule!
Oh, Milly - what a sweet girl you are!!!Many happy years to you and your family!!
Nov 28, 2010 princelover
The ears tell the tale and Milly is so cute and full of life in all of her pictures. I love her beautiful black shiny coat. Many hugs and cuddles for this sweet girl.
Nov 28, 2010 merrylady11
Oh what an absolutely beautiful face!! I just want to kiss that precious face!! This is a wonderful breed, enjoy her!! xxoo
Nov 28, 2010 huprichcook
Milly, you are gorgeous! What lucky puppy parents you have indeed! It's wonderful to see flat coated retrievers featured. Such an incredible dog!
Nov 28, 2010 jasper1
Oh, adorable puppy!!!!! Milly, you are as cute and as sweet as it is possile to be!! She is darling! Made my morning!!!
Nov 28, 2010 BeLoud
She's really cute!
Nov 28, 2010 minkiesmum
What a beautiful puppy you have there. I know little about this breed but she's they moult a lot ?
Nov 28, 2010 WATERDOG
Curious girl. I bet she makes short work of it. Many bright years of health and happiness Milly!
Nov 28, 2010 toy1doc
She sounds like a silly MILLY. She is absolutely beautiful. Enjoy her..........
Nov 28, 2010 curlyreddogs
Love the action shot! She is a Beautiful her always!
Nov 28, 2010
To minkesmum: Do you mean shedding? Honestly, she hasn't started to shed, but we find hairs every once in awhile.
Nov 28, 2010 drakes' granny
Milly is adorable. Beautiful healthy coat and warm loving eyes. She indeed looks like a real sweetheart. Keep her happy and safe forever.
Nov 28, 2010 Frankt
Now this is more like it........I'm outside and I'm running in the leaves and around the yard. Boo is still on the inside probably on a window sill doing nothing.....but plotting something. I'm having fun with my new family. They always tell me that they Love me. Then my tail starts moving very fast!!! are such a sweet baby.....have all the fun you can.
Nov 28, 2010 Nias Mom
She is absolutely beautiful... My Sam resembled her as a pup... she is a doll...I Hope you have many many happy years together, enjoy!!!
Nov 28, 2010 caraschotch
What a beautiful girl! Kisses, cuddles, and cookies from Cara...
Nov 28, 2010 Goldenmom58
Milly, you are simply beautiful. With the grace that you possess, Boo will soon be one of your best friends. (But have you noticed, there's no "Daily Kitty" website? :-)!!!!!! There's a reason for that. LOL
Nov 28, 2010 duettists
Milly is beautiful with such a wistful expression in this picture. I wish you many happy years with this lovely girl.
Nov 28, 2010 BlackDogMom
Love this action shot! Milly, what an adorable pup you are! Lots of hugs and sloppy kisses!
Nov 28, 2010 sreynaud
She is adorable!
Nov 28, 2010 2laces
someone to love forever and ever!!!!!
Nov 28, 2010 bullys2mom
What a gorgeous girl!
Nov 28, 2010 missO
Love the picture of you romping with your ears in the air. Milly, you do look like a sweet pup, perhaps over time Boo will come to like you too, but you never know with cats. Many happy years to you and your family.
Nov 28, 2010 molly's mom
What a pretty girl Milly is!!!!!!
Nov 28, 2010 furriesrfantastic
Oh Milly I can see how you've easily stolen the hearts of your mummy and daddy and all who meet you - what an incredibly sweet face. Wishing you years and years of fun & frolic and belly rubs, and don't worry, I know Boo will come around and be part of your fan club!
Nov 28, 2010 mychiensr1
Milly is soo sweet and cute. I love this pic of him. Lots of kisses and hugs from Mocha, Oreo,Chewy and Cookie.
Nov 28, 2010 mkesj
I love the coats on these retrievers. Molly is beautiful and this picture illustrates this splendid breed.
Nov 28, 2010 Rio
Milly you are such a pretty little puppy, have a wonderful fun filled life.
Nov 28, 2010 The Raven
Well Milly, you have also won my heart. You are the cutest long-legged puppy girl. You are just a darling with such an alert look. You look like a lot of fun and you are ready for anything. A long and happy life with your most loving family. They are so lucky to have you. Cheers
Nov 28, 2010 Flatcoatlover
Hi Milly! Flatcoated Retrievers are the best! My Flatcoats Maddie, Murray and Misty send their regards! Have fun in the water and expending all that FlatCoat energy! I hope your parents know that you will still be acting like a puppy when you are ten!!
Nov 28, 2010 w102663
You are beautiful, Milly. Your coat is gorgeous and so are your eyes they remind me of "black olives". The green ribbon looks so nice against your dark color. huggies, kissies, and cookies for you
Nov 28, 2010 snoopnoop
Did someone call my name?How cute!
Nov 28, 2010 snoopnoop
Hown cute is she?She is so adorable.
Nov 28, 2010 bluegigi
Milly you're gorgeous! Try to make friends with Boo, kitties are different, but don't give up. You've made your family complete and it shows in this picture. Hugs, kisses, billions of belly rubs and biscuits.
Nov 28, 2010 snoopnoop
I'm coming to get you.
Nov 28, 2010 Teddy Dog
Milly is a very beautiful girl...she looks like she's full of lots of fun...just love that look on her face....wishing u many, many years with her...sending lots of love & belly rubs...
Nov 28, 2010 mablizz
What a beautiful and happy girl!
Nov 28, 2010 amyliz
Milly may be silly, but that's part of her puppy charm and a quality I hope she keeps! She is also a beauty!
Nov 28, 2010 poochies=love
Milly is such a happy baby! She has a zest for life, no doubt! Enjoy her!
Nov 28, 2010 goldenlover
Happy and beautiful gal !!
Nov 28, 2010 tink'smom
What a gorgeous puppy! Millie is a delight to behold and is certainly a blessing in your life. Here's to many years of health and happiness to Millie and her family. XXXX
Nov 28, 2010 Jakes mommy
OMG what a beautiful little face!!! Don't worry sweetie, you will win the cat over eventually....
Nov 28, 2010 paulinespuppy
Milly your just gorgeous!!! sending u lots of love and cuddles. xoxoxox
Nov 28, 2010 sputnik
Ohhh Milly! You are outstanding, beautiful, lovely! Every picture was great, but I love this shot of Milly in Action! Lots and lots of hugs to this sweet puppy! Sounds like you've got a great family (the cat will soon love you too! haha)
Nov 28, 2010 puppydreamer
Super cute Milly!! :) Lots of hugs,kisses,belly rubs,bones,and treats.
Nov 28, 2010 nancy24tarn
Well, I have not heard of a flat coated retriever; but, Milly is gorgeous!!! What a beautiful pup.. You don't say how old she is or where you found her;but, she has a beautiful face and playful demeanor. Tons of belly rubs and treats for Milly from New Jersey.
Nov 28, 2010 l944a
What a beauty Molly is! The pictures bring back memories of my own Flatcoat. All the things I'd heard about them where true. He was flat out amazingly intelligent. I seldom tell the stories because people find them hard to believe. He had his own sense of humor ,too and loved to put one of his gentle spoofs over on me. More than 2 decades later I still grin remembering him. Many wonderfull years and stories to you and Milly!
Nov 28, 2010 gryt
Aww cutie... She has such sweet, kind eyes. The cat'll come around!
Nov 28, 2010 thrillerdanceoff
aww milly ur soo cute!
Nov 28, 2010 Kam&Wes
So adorable! She looks a lot like a Gordon Setter or Irish Setter!
Nov 28, 2010 malawi
You're a wonderful girl Milly. I'm sure oo will come around
Nov 28, 2010 pfordeb
What a pretty puppy. Love the action shot with the ears flying. Have fun with her.
Nov 28, 2010 Scamp's Grammy
Millie, what a lovely, shiny, black coat you're sporting! I'll bet those great, long legs allows you to win most races. Wishes for a long, happy and healthy life from Scamp's Grammy.
Nov 28, 2010 tzumom
Milly, I see you are ready for what you were bred for...agility and hunting trials. I know you love agility...have fun on your runs, you are beautiful. Lots of hugs and tummy rubs.
Nov 28, 2010 muttlover
Milly is a beautiful girl. Seems to have the hunting instinct already. You should have a lot of precious moments with her.
Nov 28, 2010 Madi P
Look at those long legs baby girl! You are quite precious, and so pretty! Congratulations Milly ~ lots of puppy love to you!
Nov 28, 2010 woof-dodger
Milly, you are simply adorable! I'm not surprised you won pup of the day! Lots of belly rubs!
Nov 28, 2010 Ferlin'smom
Milly! This is the cutest picture! Pouncing puppy!!! FCRs are beautiful and you look like the perfect pup!
Nov 28, 2010 Oliver & Henry's Mum
Milly is such a beautiful girl. I'm sure the nick name of "Silly Milly" is as appropriate as it is sweet. What a gorgeous Retriever she is. Big hugs from Oliver & Henry, and their Mum, in London, Ontario
Nov 28, 2010 Beth1226
I am completely in love with Milly! She's beautiful and looks like she's full of spunk!
Nov 28, 2010 leia kelly
A lovely little girl! Boo will probably come around, eventually!
Nov 28, 2010 Poltalloch Fiend
Milly is absolutely beautiful! Her kind eyes and sense of adventure shine through in these photos. Many happy years to Milly and her loving family!
Nov 28, 2010 Shreya
What a cutie! Don't worry, Boo will come around.
Nov 28, 2010 Puppygirl93
Milly, You win the highest level of cuteness above many! You truly are gorgeous I'd love a puppy like you too! You are so adorable!!! definite kisses, hugs, treats for you deary! I wish you millions beyong millions of happy healthy years ahead of you! Please feel free to come and check out my doggies. :) I really love flat coated retrievers they indeed are so admirable and so sweet! Congreats on being the daily puppy! :D
Nov 28, 2010 pandrews-4
She is beautiful! Love that glossy coat of hers! Hugs & kisses for this little sweetie!!!!
Nov 28, 2010 Puppygirl93
Milly you just have so many aodrable photod that it's hard to just choose one! You are so sweet and seem so winderful! I'm so glad you got a family who loves you! More kisses for you and hugs too! :D
Nov 28, 2010 virgilsmama
Milly is so incredibily beautiful!! She looks like a little sweetheart and a champion. Best of life to all of you!
Nov 28, 2010 lotsapets
Milly, you are a gorgeous, beautiful little girl !!! Actually, I don't know what "flat-coated " means, but.......who cares, you are truly one pretty Retriever !!! From Robbie and Spencer's Mom *_*
Nov 28, 2010 ruthie
Oh you beautiful girl...everything about you is gorgeous!!! Wishing you and your family a long, happy, healthy, love-filled life together.
Nov 28, 2010 elliel
Love that face. She is gorgeous. Happy days to all of you.
Nov 29, 2010 Jose
You look like your having fun. Your sooooooooooooooo cute I just want to give you hugs and kisses!
Nov 29, 2010 veronica
You are beautiful. xx
Nov 29, 2010 guerrero's grandma
Milly, you are a gorgeous girl & I just love you to pieces! This is a cute pic with your lovely ears flopping in the wind, you look like you're having a great time! Long & Happy & Healthy Life to you pretty girl
Nov 29, 2010 MsJaxFla
Milly, you are the most gorgeous girl. I love you already, just like everyone else does. Such a sweetie pie. Oh Boo will come around soon and you will grow up and not be so rambunctious with him too..... all will work out for you.
Nov 29, 2010 gouldkb
I have never heard of these breed, but what a beautiful dog!
Nov 29, 2010 shortyww22
Milly is a Beautiful her shiny black coat.hope you have many happy years together.kisses n hugs sweetie
Nov 29, 2010 Dogaholic Gal
Simply GORGEOUS!!!
Nov 29, 2010 frankies_mom
Oh Milly--you remind me of my Roody, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge a few years ago. Such a wonderful and extremely loving breed. Milly, thanks for reminding me of what a special boy I had in my life. I know your family will love and adore you just as much. Lots of kisses and biscuits.
Nov 29, 2010 kmbieker
Aww, what a cutie! Had my guy been a girl, he would've been Milly too! As it is, he's a Simon :)
Nov 29, 2010 swabs
You are so sweet. I never saw a flat coated retriever puppy. Too cute
Nov 29, 2010 alfiethedog41
RUN MILLIE RUN! What a cute puppy :)
Nov 29, 2010 boomerandmarleyrock
she looks wet! does she like swimming? sooooooooo cute!
Nov 29, 2010 piobaire
Oh what an adorable pose.
Nov 29, 2010 honeypie
Milly you are simply gorgeous. I want a pup just like you!! Blessings and lots of puppy biscuits to you!!!
Nov 29, 2010 coriebe
Millie you're beautiful!
Nov 29, 2010 swarna
you are so sweet and cute very beautiful girl i like and love you long life to you........
Nov 30, 2010 lucybee
That's one happy pup.Healthy long life and much playing,sweet Milly!
Nov 30, 2010 IluvMixBreedS
Aw, she is SO cute. She looks looks so playful.
Nov 30, 2010 lynetz2
milly! run for it (whatever "it" is) - you look like a winner, little one and with a personality to match! happy days ahead for you and your family! hugs and biscuits!
Dec 3, 2010 Buggie
Awww! What an adorable dog!
Dec 3, 2010 daiseymay
just georgous
Dec 9, 2010 LittleLady
Just an adorable dog! :) So sweet looking!
Apr 27, 2011 BostonMalteseLover
Milly, you are such a pretty girl with the prettiest glossy black coat! And so fashionable with that yellow-green ribbon. This sweet creature will never have a bad hair day ever.
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