Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Sep 12, 2007 GoldenLove12
I absolutely LOVE Corgi Puppies, I think they are so cute and this one is no exception!! Have SOO much fun with your little one!

1st =]

and 11 biscuits
Sep 12, 2007 harlequinguy
You could hug this adorable bundle for an hour and it would feel like five minutes. Corgis have a personality that's as sweet as their faces and this little princess is clearly no exception. You're lucky to have her, never forget that. 11 biscuits, and worth every one.
Sep 12, 2007 cathig
You are the cutest!!! Next time someone laughs at your big ears or short legs, tell them it's good enough for Queen Elizabeth!
Sep 12, 2007 untbunny
Beautiful Corgi! Have many good years will your lady-in-waiting.
Sep 12, 2007 PixieGal262
I have an adorable Corgi mix and he's got the Corgi personality down. They will sit in your lap forever and ever and then look at you like you're crazy if you need to get up :). You will have years and years of giggles with your little clown. Those ears just kill me and the stubby legs...too cute for words. They smile sooo big.
Sep 12, 2007 VikkiFox
what a little cutie darling!! love this pic!
Sep 12, 2007 glenjg
A good friend of mine has a sweet girl Corgi - I call her a "short-legged fur person of great heart" because she is so loving and protective of her family! Your little Misa is a treasure! Enjoy!
Sep 12, 2007 ckporter73
What an adorably happy little girl!
Sep 12, 2007 FireHorse
What a beautiful, bright-eyed little character! I recognise this mad face from my own dog.
Sep 12, 2007 sue
what a adorable little girl
Sep 12, 2007 doggieaunt
What a cutie!!! All the photos are terrific (Misa's so photogenic, how could they not be?), but I, too, especially love the "crazy with belly rubs" shot. She's a Pembroke, right? (I just love the way Pembrokes have to wag their entire rear end b/c they don't have tails! It makes them look extra excited and happy.)

Please convey some of those ecstasy-inducing tummy rubs to Misa for me.
Sep 12, 2007 Woofins
Too beautiful for words.
Sep 12, 2007 maddie's mom
Misa is so photogenic!!!
She looks very sweet and full of fun.
Sep 12, 2007 CatahoulaDad
Hey Mom! Look!

I can get 9 FM stations with my ears! Yay!
Sep 12, 2007 pomtzu
Oh those ears!!! - "all the better to hear you with my dear"!
She looks like a real sweetie. Enjoy many, many years together. Lots and lots of biscuits to you Miss Misa.
Sep 12, 2007 webbcues
Bunches of love and cookies... :):):)
Sep 12, 2007 pupsiluv
A perfect cute beauty!! Here's to a long, happy, healthy life for you sweetie!! Just perfect!!
The daily puppy makes me look forward to getting up! Thank you so much to all of you wonderful puppies!!
Sep 12, 2007 Caseysky
What an absolutely sweet, adorable baby. She's a winner in my book!
Sep 12, 2007 Phoebesmom
What a sweet girl. I love the pink collar, it is perfect for your princess.
Sep 12, 2007 vedder242003
Those big ears are to die for!! Tons of belly rubs and kisses on the nose from me!
Sep 12, 2007 wrightlaw1
Oh my gosh, gotta love that face. And those ears!!!!
Sep 12, 2007 Mummm
What a sweet looking little dog! I bet Misa is lots of fun.
Sep 12, 2007 Mary V
As an owner of two bassetts, I know all about short legs and big ears? I always thought I would love a corgi as my second choice of dogs. Lover her lovable smile!
Bailey and Bucky's Mom-
Sep 12, 2007 rexandbaby
She is so very cute!! Just love her look of intelligence!
Sep 12, 2007 Giada777
Oh, adorable. I want one!!! Mucho biscuits.
Sep 12, 2007 doriesmom
Misa's just adorable!!! Bet she is a sweet puppy and a great addition to your family. Best of luck with her! Lots of belly rubs, kisses, and snuggles from our short legged doggie, Dorie our doxie, and from our Brittiany, Molly, and our mixed up dog, Henri, who has long legs and gives Dorie a run for her money ;-)!! It's surprising how fast those little short legs can run. God bless you all!!
Sep 12, 2007
Misa says: Of course I have big ears! I can hear my mom and dad so much better when they call me to love on!!! (or for food :P)

Beautiful girl. I've always loved Corgis!
Sep 12, 2007 moviefreak
I would love to meet a Corgi in real life! They are the cutest things ever! My friend has two bassets and I love their big ears and short little stubby legs. You enjoy your time with Misa. I love that name by the way.
Sep 12, 2007 dawshaNC
What a cute little girl! Never fear, she will grow into her ears. I have been a happy corgi owner for over 13 years; usually more than 1 at a time- corgis are like potato chips- you can't have just one! I could not imagine life without at least one corgi.....Enjoy your little bundle of fun.
Sep 12, 2007 dogdays
She's lovely! Have a wonderful life together. Corgis are so much fun!
Sep 12, 2007 tipsygypsy
Best. Expression. Ever!
Sep 12, 2007 bopeep
Who could not love that sweet face, those gorgeous ears, those little legs, the whole package. Misa is one happy cutiepie. Hugs, kisses and 11 biscuits.
Sep 12, 2007 2doggies
This is one happy puppy! :-) She made my morning!
Sep 12, 2007 Kiragirl
It's a Corgi in a basket (hammock) ! yea! Cutie.
Sep 12, 2007 rubyhatchet
Sep 12, 2007 stahlesl
Too cute! It's like she's always smiling!
Sep 12, 2007 yoliesf
She's soooooooo pretty and sounds like tons of fun too. Enjoy. Love her "pink" tounge.
Sep 12, 2007 puppypac
If cute puppies were taking over the world (now there's a thought), Misa could help lead the way. ;-) :-) We love her at our house.
Sep 12, 2007 thetopazsmurf
She is a perfect little corgi.. Her legs and ears are just how they should be..OOO so cute, many many years of fun with her.
Sep 12, 2007 thetopazsmurf
She is a perfect little corgi.. Her legs and ears are just how they should be..OOO so cute, many many years of fun with her.
Sep 12, 2007 Terry C
What a happy girl.
Sep 12, 2007 zoozieQ
I LOVE corgis!!
Sep 12, 2007 portylover
Oh my! I do love those sticky-uppy ears. Adorable.
Sep 12, 2007 weaselsmom
Corgis and weiners- the perfect small dogs. Gotta love 'em. Misa is precious.
Sep 12, 2007 Mamasobuco
Those Ears!!! OMG...Those Ears!!! I just want to kiss them!!!
Sep 12, 2007 Britgal
Sweet little look like a cute, furry little fruit bat!
Sep 12, 2007 txmadre
Misa is adorable! Big ears, short legs and a precious pink tounge to give lots and lots of puppy kisses! PERFECT!
Sep 12, 2007 mmmkkk0406
Corgi's always look so happy. Misa has such a sweet face, but I don't know that I've seen one that doesn't have a sweet face. Big kiss for Misa!
Sep 12, 2007 cindi_g
Misa is adorable!!!! We have 3 Pemmies and a Cardi and they so rock! They're a lot like Lay's Potato can't have just one!
Sep 12, 2007 elliemaesfam
rub my belly! love me! adore me!

what a cute little pup! she certainly deserves loads of biscuits and belly rubs :)
Sep 12, 2007 Delilah_Carroll
Ahhhhhhhh... Corgis ARE really cute! Have fun!:)
Sep 12, 2007 Connestee
Absolutely adorable! My husband and I plan to get a Pembroke Welsh Corgi when we retire. Would you share the location of the breeder you found? We will be in the mountains of NC when we retire.
Sep 12, 2007 djgrrlnashville
Wow - my new puppy niece is sooo adorable! Valleri and I can't wait to meet Misa next year! Love and biscuits to you all.
Sep 12, 2007 sjh
What a beautiful little girl. I have always loved corgis, the big ears and short legs are so cute. I must have a thing for short legs, I have a doxie and would love to have a corgi. Have fun with your little lady she looks like a ton of fun!
Sep 12, 2007 jowaldo
FM stations??? Heck, she can get ALL the satellite channels I would think!! :) She's absolutely precious! Such expressive eyes. Truly a sweetheart....enjoy her!!!
Sep 12, 2007 guido's mama
Misa Misa Misa. She is such a lucky pup pup to have such a wonderful and loving family. 1000000 bisquits. I could look at that face all day long. Thank you for sharing her with us! xoxo
Sep 12, 2007 pugswill
What a munchkin! This puppy is too cute for her own good! I Love the comments about her ears picking up channels. I wish you many happy years together.
Sep 12, 2007 olgadabest
What a beauty! I love the ears! Enjoy this little darling for a long, long time!
Sep 12, 2007 lalamcgoo
What a doll baby, I've always thought Corgi's are so adorable and Misa is that! I bet she is lot's of fun, 11 biscuits to you sweet girl-love your smile!
Sep 12, 2007 dogsrule
What a face! :)

Who could ever be sad with a face like this looking at you?
Sep 12, 2007 Yourmomsage
Love those ears!!!! Kisses to you, cutie!
Sep 12, 2007 kilroy
What a great little puppy! Such personality. I bet she is just a GAS to have around. Your face is going to get sore from smiling all the time because how can you not smile when you look at that face???
Sep 12, 2007 Lizanne
Lookout everone, I'm commin' through! Sounds like this little Misa knows how to have fun and pick on her Mom. Hugs to you all. She gets tons of biscuits so she can keep on running. Love those little legs. :)

Elizabeth & Miss Katie =O)
Sep 12, 2007 roscoeroxypepper
i just love, love, love her. what a beautiful little girl. good luck
Sep 12, 2007 likoandeleu
I have one fawn and one tri colored pembroke welsh corgi - and your little girl looks just like our fawn boy - those gorgeous brown eyes... BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are puppies for so long, and sweet babies for a lifetime! Congrats on your new addition!
Sep 12, 2007 plantsforjenny
11 biscuits for this sweetie-pie! Love those little legs.
Sep 12, 2007 doggielover80
she's adorable!! I love her ears! My dog does this face when she hears something, too. : ) She looks like a lot of fun. It was really hard to pick a fav. picture. Enjoy your baby!
Sep 12, 2007 sams*mom
Misa is quite possibly the second cutest Corgi I've seen! ; D
Sep 12, 2007 magnoliasmom
Misa is a gem. We have a corgi mix my mother-in-law adopted from a shelter 15 years ago. Her name is "Baby Girl" and she was such a cute bundle of fur when she was a puppy. Now, in her old age, she's still cute but has really slowed down in the activity level. We just adore her. Many years of joy with your miss Misa. 11 bones and more to this beautiful creature. Hugs and Kisses to you Misa.
Sep 12, 2007 Meow420
Look at those satelite-dish ears! What a special little pup. I'd snuggle her.
Sep 12, 2007 chipsmom
What a happy puppy - always smiling! Love those ears! Hugs and kisses to Misa!
Sep 12, 2007 cyndersmama
what a darling wee puppy. A kiss, a cuddle, a tummy rub and thousands of biscuits from me!!! :)
Sep 12, 2007 sylvanbliss
If Misa's Mom would please whisper in her perfect ear that she is the most special puppy in the world and we all adore is your special day Misa!
Sep 12, 2007 kukie
Hi Misa you wee cutie...I love corgies too...lots of bellie rubs for Misa
Sep 12, 2007 casey's mom
This little sweetheart could get a side job, bringing in the planes at JFK, with those ears!!! Kidding aside, she is one adorable puppy, lovely as can be!
Sep 12, 2007 Jess
What a happy looking little dog. Not too many biscuits for someone with such stumpy lil' legs - we don't want you getting porky - just 11; and lots of kisses.
Sep 12, 2007 kalvarad
What a cutie! All the biscuits in the world to you!
Sep 12, 2007 Misa's Mom
Thank you everyone some much for the wonderful comments and biscuits!!!! We will give her extra hugs and kisses tonight for all of you! This is just the best website ever. So nice to know there are so many other dog lovers out there!
Sep 12, 2007 jetstarone64
Misa, you are beautiful!! Thank you for helping to dry my 12 1/2 yr. old corgi, Cinnamon went to the bridge yesterday. Corgis are the most remarkable puppers in the world. The traditional 'corgi smile" makes the whole world smile back!
love & corgi kisses Emily
Sep 12, 2007 thepupsmom
Short legs are the best...that much closer to the ground to do some major sniffing! Misa, you are beautiful. I hope you grow up to be the best little corgi ever. No doubt you will!
Sep 12, 2007 Misa's Mom
Emily, I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how hard it is to lose a dog that you love so much. Our thoughts are with you. Thank you for providing Cinnamon with such a loving home while here.
Sep 12, 2007 Skatewiz
SUCH a sweetheart!! I LOVE Corgi's. They are too precious! Many happy years with Misa!! She almost looks like she's smiling in some of these. TOO CUTE!
Sep 12, 2007 nicoleann75
I'm in love!
Sep 12, 2007 LisaLisa
I love it when dogs do this! What a cutie pie - he looks SOOO happy.
Sep 12, 2007 yujismom
ok she has ears and little legs-but look at her warm and expressive...15 biscuits for the eyes alone!
Sep 12, 2007 SparkysMummy
Sep 12, 2007 pauleenm
What a cutie!
Sep 12, 2007 MarkS
We have two corgi's, this is a normal pose for them.. what fun!!
Sep 12, 2007 corgiqueen
"Oh, I'm a little Corgi, short and sweet

Don't you want to give some belly tubs to

I'll never grow into these ears
not Me sir!
Not Misa!

All the world's a great big stage
for Misa!
for Misa!

Misa do day dee dah!!!
Sep 12, 2007 Corgibaby
OMG I love corgi's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!
So cute How Old???
Sep 12, 2007 taglove18
What a cutie!
Sep 12, 2007 tazziesmom
Too CUTE.. What a happy looking little pup.. Have fun with her!
Sep 12, 2007 piobaire
C O R G I S ! ! ! ! I adore them...they are my favorite breed!! Oh she is just going to fill your life with fun and love! They are just the best breed ever. I'm going to have another one in my life, oh yes I am!!
Sep 12, 2007 hermia
Sep 12, 2007 stormdog
Cuteness personified!!!
Sep 12, 2007 Misa's Mom
She will be four months old tomorrow. Thanks for the comment!
Sep 12, 2007 DogyLvr
Aw, what a pretty little girl she is! Just wish that I could hold her and hug her. She is so bright eyed. Have loads of fun and a long life together!
Sep 12, 2007 Jennb3
you cute smiley baby you!
Sep 12, 2007 mash18020
OMG..............what a precious little one!!!!!! And this pic.....just cracks me up!!!!
Sep 12, 2007 snoopysnake
What a cheerful girl! It must be hard to feel low with her around. Don't let Queen Elizabeth see her - she'll sweep her up and take her to be Queen Corgi at the Palace!
Sep 12, 2007 Zoie's Daddy
very cute :)
Sep 12, 2007 mling
What a cutie!! Yours is especially sweet! Wish you many more happy years with your Misa!
Sep 12, 2007 allpupsRperfect
2 words: Happy puppy!
Sep 12, 2007 bbba80
She looks like she's always alert and ready to play. She's a cute little thing.
Sep 12, 2007 vllybllstar
i love these kind of faces--my dog does them all the time :D
i love those growly noises that puppies make when they are playing--it is so cute! :lol:
yes corgis are so adorable, although i do not have one myself
emjoy your baby!
Sep 12, 2007 Tracy Kemmer
MY what a bright pink tongue you have. I love Corgi's you ar a little sweetie pie.
Sep 12, 2007 Coleypants
EEEEEEeeeeeeeee she always looks like she's smiliing!!
Sep 12, 2007 maedchenausmars
What a sweetheart!!
Sep 12, 2007 Bleu
Does she take tea at 4 o'clock with the Queen Mum??? =)

(I love how her pink collar and lead match her tongue and ears perfectly!)

A bucket of biscuits for Misa!
Sep 12, 2007 lotsapets
Misa, Misa !!! What a fortunate, beautiful dog you are..........I can tell you are going to give your wonderful family years and years of happiness and laughter.................!!!
Sep 13, 2007 taramh
You are sooo cute Misa! Those short little legs are absolutely adorable. It looks like you're wearing short sleeves with the markings on your legs.
Sep 13, 2007 abusymom
What a sweetheart! I love the pink tongue, pink ears, and pink color and her markings are so adorable. Much happiness and fun playful times are ahead for your family. I want one! Give her a kiss for me!
Sep 13, 2007 Mado6288
[color=hotpink] The Big ears are just the cutest things ever!! Gorgeous Puppy!!!! [/color]
Sep 13, 2007 kderevan
Oh! I want to puppynap her!! I can't even choose a favorite photo as they are all 100% adorable! TWELVE biscuits! (if I could)
Sep 13, 2007 quaryn
Such a total cutie. I love Corgis.
Sep 13, 2007 cheleon
The perfect picture of the perfect little corgi; those ears, the little puppy-pink tongue, the shapely little legs - oh my goodness! Misa - you are a wee angel! Am I allowed to award 11.11 to infinity biscuits???
Sep 13, 2007 gordygus
I love her expression in this photo. No wonder the Queen loves Corgis.
Sep 13, 2007 RiverineRodent139
The eyes tell the whole story..
Sep 13, 2007 PD
Awww, she is a doll ;) 11 plus biscuits and many more.. :)
Sep 13, 2007 Boomer's Mom
We just love Corgis! Our Boomer looks just like your princess! We enjoyed Boomer so much that we got a tri-color Corgi (his name is Wally) to be a companion.
Corgis are great fun and they are so good with our 4 grandsons!
Sep 13, 2007 tambore
Is it any wonder Queen Elizabeth is crazy about her Corgis? I rescued a chihuahua/corgi mix, Gus, and he was the love of my life as I know Misa is of yours. And don't let those stubby legs fool you...... boy can they move. Go get 'em Misa.
Sep 14, 2007 piperpuppy
[color=green] Hugs and kisses! And 11 biscuits! [color/]
Sep 14, 2007 GypsySoul68
OH MY GAWD!!! She is an absolute doll!
Sep 14, 2007 DogBoy454
That is one cute corg pup. I bet those ears get better reception than my satalite dish. Lots and lots of biscuits to you.
Sep 15, 2007 tazjt
Love that "gimme belly rubs" smile!
Sep 16, 2007 futuremonkey
That pooch has some serious sonar.
Sep 19, 2007 Yorkie Girl
Cute puppy.:
Oct 3, 2007 fro01
way too cute for words to express, i just love her big ears
Jun 22, 2008 baby gus
Aug 16, 2009 Rottweilers r Awesome
can i get a belly rub mommy or a belly scratch please mommy i will lick your face if you don't
Nov 7, 2009 georgia04
I LOVE Misa! What a delightful baby girl!
Nov 10, 2010 pelligrino
Misa you are so adorable and lovable, I want to rub that fluffy belly!
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