Misiu the Yorkshire Terrier

Puppy Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Misiu's mom says: Misiu (pronounced MEE-shoo, which is the Polish word for teddy bear) came in to our lives as an early Christmas present between us. She is a social butterfly, greeting everybody in her path with a happy face and a tiny wagging tail. She especially loves kids and will proceed to sprint full speed towards any child within barking distance. She is not very vocal at all, which is a great trait for a Yorkie, and is very energetic and positive. We bring Misiu everywhere she's allowed, which is surprisingly most stores and restaurants that have seating outside. We involve her in almost all recreational activities on our time off, such as the beach, the park, the pool, etc. She will run outside, always ahead of us on a leash for over 3 miles, only looking back to see if we are ready to pass out. Her favorite game is the canine version of hide-and-seek, in which a ball is thrown for her to fetch. When she comes to bring the ball back, she must find the thrower who will surprise her! In the daytime, she has befriended our other pet, a quaker parakeet named Porky, and they will normally hang out outside on the porch. During the evening, she spends time with our friend's miniature schnauzer, Kaiser and the two are virtually inseparable for the whole visit.