Mokey the Cavalier King Charles

Puppy Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Mokey's dad says: Mokey T. Fraggle is a rambunctious ball of fur and energy. She was born in December 2006, in Washington state, to a beautiful black-and-tan mother named Sadie. Mokey spends her time going full out, nonstop, attacking her toys, attacking her reflection in the mirror, and generally attacking life with an "I will lick you" motif. Her favorite toys are rawhide flossies and her little squeaky dinosaur. In these pictures she's just over ten weeks old, and already she can sit on command, fetch (sometimes), and knows where to store her toys (in her room). She's a lovable, cuddly, perfect little puppy, and wherever we go people always want to pet her and kiss her and make her feel like she's the best puppy in the world. Mokey prances like a princess and brawls like a little mud wrestler. She can lick your face one second and nibble your ear the next, all the while letting you know that you're very loved. And then, in true puppy fashion, she'll konk right out and sleep for a few hours to rebuild all that energy.