Friday, April 25, 2014
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Oct 16, 2008 harlequinguy
A beautiful girl who deserves a wonderful home, and an owner as capable of unswerving love as she clearly is. I hope and pray you find such a being.
Oct 16, 2008 lvlybbyJR
AWWWW WHAT A SWEETIE!!!! she looks corgi cross 2 me :)
Oct 16, 2008 hunterfan101
I would adopt her if my mom would let me! My aussie would love Morgana!
Oct 16, 2008 suelill
Awwwwwwwww Morgana u are so beautiful & cute. There will be a mad rush to adopt u sweetheart. Have a lovely life with your new family baby. A zillion biscuits & hugs.
Oct 16, 2008 maddiesmom
who would give morgana less than 11 biscuits???? whats wrong with people???? she is so pretty her coloring is so unique. i am in europe but if i could i would adopt her in a second. she is amazing!!!!
Oct 16, 2008 bengy
Agreed. There are some very mean-minded people about today.
Oct 16, 2008 beccashouse
aaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww..... .wot a sad story! I do not understand how people can be so cruel. Aussies LOVE to play...and serve their owners. Someone please adopt this lovely little creature and be as kind to her as she will be to you! XXX
Oct 16, 2008 beccashouse
Oct 16, 2008 kady
I hope a wonderful person adopts this beautiful girl.She is gorgeous.
Oct 16, 2008 MarieR
I can't believe someone could leave a dog out to die. Horrible. But she looks like a total sweetheart. Hugs from Singapore!
Oct 16, 2008 megandmina
I tried to give top marks, but the biscuit system isn't working right. Can you fix it, please? I don't believe anyone would give less than ful score to this beautiful pup. She's gorgeous. If I wasn't in Europe I'd take her in a minute. Good luck, lass!
Oct 16, 2008 boxerlover58
Morgana you are beautiful and you deserve all the biscuits in the world! you will find a home soon! lots of love!
Oct 16, 2008 doggieaunt
Morgana is well-named; with all that dog-anality, she's truly an enchantress! I, too, noted that the biscuit system is weird today, as only the lower middle range biscuits seem truly availalbe. I'd love to be able to vote again to make sure she gets her well-deserved 11 biscuits. Best of luck to little Morgana on meeting her "true" people. (My cat would never forgive me or I'd try for her myself.
Oct 16, 2008 bookstax
Morgana, here's wishing you a really big yard and the new family you deserve!
Oct 16, 2008 jazzobee
Morgana you are so beautiful sweetheart and I hope you soon find a happy forever home, you deserve it. I tried to give you 11 biscuits but the system is broken :-( but never mind we all love you! Hugs and kisses darling xxxxxxx
Oct 16, 2008 Bessy-Senior
Why is her biscuit count so low??!! 11 biscuits and a zillion kisses to you Morgana. Wish I could adopt you but I'm all the way in Asia! I'm sure a great family is just waiting to adopt a darling like you :)
Oct 16, 2008 corgigirl37
I pray that you will have a happy and loving home to have fun in.
Oct 16, 2008 ECHOBLIZZ
Well....I've adopted a 'look alike'....from a rescue and I must say....VERY intelligent, funny, happy & healthy! You couldn't go wrong, I'm sure! What a sweetie~This little girl looks part Pointer as well...! Yummy treats & smooches please! Hugs too!
Oct 16, 2008 seteva
Thank goodness someone found you little sweetheart. Good luck and God bless, I know you will be happy xxxxx
Oct 16, 2008 soullessbunny
Oct 16, 2008 superhedgie
She so cute. Sorry you have to give her away.
Oct 16, 2008 2000cockermom
Wow, Morgana is a beauty. What a lovely coat.
Oct 16, 2008 puppyloveforme
God bless all those involved in Morgana's new future! She's a beautiful young puppy and will make some lucky person a wonderful companion. Much love to all! Morgana: you're a goregous young lady!
Oct 16, 2008 longislander
What a gorgeous girl she is, so unique. She looks so alert and ready for action. I'm so glad she was found, she's destined to go to a wonderful loving home. Thanks for the link to adoptable dogs. So many people could benefit from a beautiful puppy like Morgana
Oct 16, 2008 puppyloveforme
Oct 16, 2008 bdadog
What a beautiful girl. I cant believe that everyone who visited today didn't give her 11 biscuits!!!! with love from Bermuda.
Oct 16, 2008 HillCountryGal
No doubt this precious pup will find a forever home and soon. Daily Puppy folks, please let us know when Morgana finds her forever home. I'm sure she will find just the right family.
Oct 16, 2008 tazzysmom
There is something wrong with the biscuit counter, I couldn't click on it. So, I will give this pretty girl a truckload of biscuits! I know she will find a loving home--just look at that cute face!
Oct 16, 2008 paraphan
Hey Morgana, from one Aussie to another, if I could swim across the ocean and bring you home I would. I know you are a strong girl who has been very brave. Someone out there is looking for a beauty just like you and I hope you meet them really soon. A whole swag of the best bikkies, cuddles and love my sweet girl. GET EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO VOTE! THIS SYSTEM IS RIDICULOUS. MORGANA DESERVES BETTER.
Oct 16, 2008 puppylove89
I could kiss and hug the puppy.I pray that she will get a very speical home
Oct 16, 2008 kerryllr
A beautiful girl - it appears I am not the only one who noticed the problem with the system today - everyone is giving you '11' sweetie - technology is failing you. You will be in a loving forever home soon - kisses from Canada.
Oct 16, 2008 mamadog
Silly biscuit counter! You are definitely worth a kajillion biscuits! Somebody is going to be very, very lucky to have you, sweet darling. Here's to a long, healthy, and happy life after a rough start! Love and tummy rubs from Missouri!
Oct 16, 2008 ckendall
You are such a beautiful girl!!! I know you will find a wonderful family to love soon!
Oct 16, 2008 GwdGma
People will be lined up to adopt this beautiful little girl. She is gorgeous, look at that face!!
Oct 16, 2008 Muttley
Such a pretty face. Baby you should have no problem finding a home, but the nice people who have you may have a hard time deciding who your new family is going to be. Lots of cookies, belly rubs, hugs, kisses, and most of all love.
Oct 16, 2008 bkregh
LOve and kisses and a good home. YOu deserve it little girl.
Oct 16, 2008 jolieavon
What a Sweet Pea!! I'm sure, too, she will be snatched up quick. I Wish I could have a dog... but not possible right now. (That's why I have to come to this site Every day... to at least SEE the adorable pups!)
Oct 16, 2008 Beagle109
She is so sweet, so I hope you find a good home for her. I'm so glad she was found!
Oct 16, 2008 nutmeg3
"Hey, sailor!" LOL! What a gorgeous (and flirty) little girl. Her forever home is out there, because how could such a sweetie not get adopted? Thank you again, Daily Puppy, for helping the babies without homes to find love.
Oct 16, 2008 pamfontainepeters
Completely irresistible! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Morgana finds her forever home! She's so beautiful and looks like a real character. Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
Oct 16, 2008 Foxy's Mom
YOu are such a beautiful and lucky girl! I wish you the most wonderful family...I know they will come super soon! :-)
Oct 16, 2008 churchdiva
What a beautiful girl! I pray she finds a home soon with a family to love her.
Oct 16, 2008 AbbysMommy
What a precious angel! I'm so sorry your start was so rough. I hope you find a wonderful forever home soon! I can't believe how terrible some people are... they should be tossed away. You deserve a lot more biscuits than is showing up on the rating. If I didn't have 2 rescue pups of my own I'd adopt you in a heartbeat! The rescue agency Morgana is with specializes in long distance adoptions so she could end up going almost anywhere. Have a long and happy life little Morgana!!
Oct 16, 2008 HeatherB
I hope she finds a family soon. Both of my dogs were adopted from our local shelter and are the best!
Oct 16, 2008 fritzy
How sweet is she here??? Morgana I hope you find your home!!! God bless you!!! You are very beautiful and cute!!! :)
Oct 16, 2008 giada777
She looks so beautiful and happy in spite of such a sad story. Hope you get the best humans ever, Little Morgana!
Oct 16, 2008 KentuckyJim
I agree with maddiesmom. EVERY dog is worth 11 biscuits...every one of them and Morgana as much as any. I'm sorry...maybe it's because I've suffered the loss of a pet less than a week ago but this hurts me. Look at this little girl's face...You have 11 from me, little one and I'd adopt you in a heart beat if I could.
Oct 16, 2008 Puppy Power
Such a beautiful girl. I love her markings! Perfect! Many cuddles!
Oct 16, 2008 tamwise21
She will find a home no problem thank you for saving her. Million treats on the way for you sweety.
Oct 16, 2008 lilibean
What a beautiful girl! Maybe we will get updates on the adoptable puppies?
Oct 16, 2008 mikdebluvpups
She is such a cutie! Shouldn't Have a problem finding her a home!
Oct 16, 2008 kay3452
What an adorable little sweetie!! She is a beautiful girl. How incredible that she overcame so much, and still wants to play and have fun. Blessings to her adoptive parents, whoever they may be. I have a rescue and couldn't ask for a more loving puppy. Eleven gazillion bizcuts to you Morgana and have a wonderful and long life!
Oct 16, 2008 daveydog
Dear Darling, Beautiful Morgana, Never mind you are simply beautiful to look at, I trust your soul is even more beautiful. You are now in the hands of humans who will see you are treated with the love and respect you deserve as a pure creation. It's the humans' who need the work, you see. As far as the biscuit thing goes, I've never used it. Every warm, loving doggie on this site is worth more consideration than that. Besides, who are we to judge?? You'll be home soon, Darling. Bless 'em all. Ontario, Canada
Oct 16, 2008 loveheals
Morgana is way too cute, such unusual coloring, and she looks very bright! She will find a home quickly.
Oct 16, 2008 CollieMom
Morgana is just beautiful and will make someone very happy indeed. I think the biscuits are just messed up today. They don't even look right. So I don't think the low score is any reflection on Morgana or the people who voted. P.S. Kentucky Jim, so very sorry to hear about your loss....
Oct 16, 2008 lucymom
God bless you for rescuing this little angel. I'm sure some lucky person will bring her into their family soon.
Oct 16, 2008 soccerlover111
awww! she is so cute! I feel sorry for Morgana that she had to go through all that!
Oct 16, 2008 baltimoregal
She is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Wish I could have her for my own but you will have no trouble placing her.
Oct 16, 2008 cookiebaby
Morgana is a beautiful puppy! I hope the biscuits are messed up today because I hate to think anyone would rate her or any of the dogs on the site with less than 11 biscuits. Either that or there should be no rating. This little girl had a rough start in life and deserves to find a home where she will be treated like a queen.
Oct 16, 2008 Lola&Oliver
Morgana deserves 100 gazillion biscuits!!!
Oct 16, 2008 Zoie's Daddy
Yawl must forgive me, I just HATE people who treat little ones like this. I can not really say how I truly feel as I really don't want to offend anyone, and trust me, I really would. This poor little girl doesn't look like she would hurt a fly, nor does she deserve to be treated like this. If it was me, I would hunt them down, and put the low down on him/her, if they couldn't care for her, then they should have given her to someone who could. I truly would go to jail for this little pup, Would I feel remorse? NO !!!! Would the person/persons feel pain? YES. Again, Folks, I am so sorry if I have offended anyone, this whole thing just makes my blood boil. I am stopping now before I say anything more. Baby girl, I wish you the very best in finding a new mommy or daddy, or both. I too gave you 11 cookies. I wish I could give you more.
Oct 16, 2008 Nanuq & Mom
Oh Morgana, you're so beautiful! I just want to take you home with me. I wish you the best life and all the biscuits!
Oct 16, 2008 annikasmom
Some of the "biscuits" on my computer are grayed out -- must be why this adorable puppy is registering so few! She deserves so many more than that!!
Oct 16, 2008 pattianne
Picture perfect! What a beautiful little girl...many great years of fun, good health for you little girl! Trillions of biscuits and belly rubs for you. May YOU find the right family to love!!!
Oct 16, 2008 labmommy
She is so stinkin' cute!! Why, Morgana, would anyone give you less than 11 biscuits??? I would have given you a zillion if it was an option. I hope you find a wonderful forever home soon and the next time you find yourself in the woods, it is because you are on a hike with loving new parents :) Your story made me cry!
Oct 16, 2008 Bowie's Mom
She is a cutie! I wish I could adopt her, I have to limit myself to 2 doggies or I'm afraid I will end up having 100 of them-cuz I love them all!!!! Good luck baby :)
Oct 16, 2008 eb8185
There must be something wrong with the biscuit meter because Morgana is too beautiful to receive anything less than 11 biscuits!!! What a sweetheart!! That adorable face made my morning! I hope you find a very loving home, cutie!
Oct 16, 2008 whippoorwill
Whatever Morgana's mix is, she looks to be 100% content. I hope you find a forever home soon, sweet girl, so that you can have many years of happiness!
Oct 16, 2008 bordercolliesrule
What a stunner! I love her!!! Stupid biscuit counter must be messed up as who could argue with Morgana's gorgeousness?!! She's a hundred percent beautiful. I hope her new owners deserve her.
Oct 16, 2008 tsuki's mom
This beautiful little girl deserves the best! And the people that treated her so poorly, well I guess we all KNOW what they deserve! Kisses, hugs & biscuits Morgana!
Oct 16, 2008 ceallaig
When (and notice I say WHEN not IF) this gorgeous girl gets her forever home, I hope the new parents will post here and let us know how she's doing. Bless the rescue for taking her and giving her a chance, and future blessings on the lucky people who make her a part of their family.
Oct 16, 2008 hannahsc5
beautiful girl
Oct 16, 2008 hannahsc5
Ok I am ready.... and let's go
Oct 16, 2008 catlover
Such a pretty baby. I'm glad she was found in time!
Oct 16, 2008 gryt
Awww, she's so cute with her little 'tocks and her stick. Sweetie pie. :)
Oct 16, 2008 Mrs. Gentry
What a pretty girl. Someone will adopt her quickly for sure, she looks like she has alot of personbality. Best of luck!
Oct 16, 2008 allmyshelties
Morgana, I'm so happy that you were found and now, thanks to some wonderful people, you will be able to find your forever home and all the love you deserve. One family will be incredibly lucky to share their life with you. And, I love your flirty, over-the-shoulder look. Hope you have a wonderful life, pretty girl. P.S. The biscuit counter is working right. I always give maximum biscuits, so a gazillion to this precious baby.
Oct 16, 2008 ajax
I am alert and ready to go!!!! How absolutely precious!
Oct 16, 2008 halloweenie
What a sweet, happy girl. Morgana, I know you will find a wonderful forever home soon. Who could not fall in love with you?
Oct 16, 2008 usfour
Morgana is a stunningly beautiful dog - and with a beautiful name. I have 2 dogs, one of whom does not get along with other dogs. Otherwise, I would adopt her in a millisecond. She is gorgeous and thank you to her rescuers for taking her out of the woods!!
Oct 16, 2008 roscoeroxypepper
you are an absolute doll, my biscits were messed up on my computer today, but she deserves 20 biscits!!!!!!
Oct 16, 2008 eslapin
What a beautiful little girl! Morgana, you deserve 11 biscuits and then some! I hope you find your forever home soon, I can't imagine anyone saying no to that pretty little face.
Oct 16, 2008 foxy1
Bad biscuit counter!!! I know everyone gave her @ least 11!!What a honey! Wish I had room but I'm afraid I'm out of room. I'm sure she will have a great home. Please keep us informed.
Oct 16, 2008 DailyPuppy Admin
Yes, we are having problems with the biscuits, but we are currently working on fixing it.
Oct 16, 2008 Rickysmom
Morgana, you are precious, and I know you will find your perfect, loving forever home.
Oct 16, 2008 Rickysmom
Whew! That's a relief. My apologies for my rant. I am very passionate about these babies.
Oct 16, 2008 lisamarie
awwwwwwwwwww and double awwwwwwwwwww...pleez someone give her some luvins and a good home..i see a slight spaniel in her as well..what a unique girl with a fairy tail (tale) ending....god bless you
Oct 16, 2008 maggie mae
How anyone could give this sweetheart less than 10 biscuits is beyond me!!! Thank you for recuing her-I hope she finds a perfect home! She deserves it!
Oct 16, 2008 amyliz
Why is the biscuit count so low??? I would give sweet Morgana much more than 11 biscuits if I could! Morgana, you are lovely and lovable and, with that combination, you are sure to find a loving home!
Oct 16, 2008 doggieaunt
See, Morgana, we all told you that the "biscuit ballot box" is broken! You're just as special as everyone says, and I bet you'll have a forever family by the end of the week at the latest!
Oct 16, 2008 Meow420
Awwwww Morgana! What's up with the very inaccurate biscuit count?!?! I'm sure this lovely pup has gotten far more than 7 biscuits from all the doggie lovers out there. She deserves a million. She had a hard-knock upbringing but I know her life will get better soon when she finds a happy, forever home. Whoever takes little Morgana - give her extra love and kisses for me! Lots of love to such a sweet little pup. :)
Oct 16, 2008 babydollp80
I know that her biscuit score should be a lot higher because I sent max biscuits & it did not even count it. What a beautiful lady!!!! Glad someone found her. Truly do not know why people get puppy & then do not take care of them. Here's hoping you get a great home where you are spoiled everyday. Owner of three (3) rescue poodles.
Oct 16, 2008 XiaoWen
What a cute little poor thing! Morgana, I hope you'll find a sweet home ASAP, and have a happy life!
Oct 16, 2008 wolfgirl66
I am sure this lovely puppy will soon be in a wonderful FOREVER HOME! She deserves the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 16, 2008 lalindamore
How can anyone give you less than 11 biscuits?? You're a very cute puppy, and if I could, I would adopt you in a flash. Hope you find a nice loving home... Actually I'm pretty sure you will. Lots of love for you.
Oct 16, 2008 iluvk9s
What a darling baby!!! Something must be wrong with the biscuit clicker today!! She deserves a million biscuits. Tons of hugs and kisses!!! Thank you so much for rescuing her from the woods.
Oct 16, 2008 lalindamore
I wanted to vote again, but couldn't... So I'm sending you a very big hug and loads of biscuits all the way from Europe. Hope to hear from you and your new family soon. ;^)
Oct 16, 2008 lisalisa
I want her. I wish I could take her!!! She's so sweet - who would leave her for dead in the woods? Poor girl...she must've been SO frightened. She looks very happy and healthy now though and I hope she finds a loving forever home to call her own SOON.
Oct 16, 2008 danacakes
I don't understand how any dog could get less than the 11 biscuit vote! Someone explain that to me!! I give every dog 11 biscuits, always. It just breaks my heart when I see a dog such as Morgana with only a 7 biscuits and in need of a home. I wish I could have her. She is beautiful. I've got 2 Australian Cattle dogs, and they keep me more than busy.
Oct 16, 2008 lucyny2000
Lovable! Someone out there is going to be very lucky to be owned by Morgana! As about the biscuits mutter, I think the time has come to stop this rediculous biscuit business for good. Because the truth is, every puppy deserves all the biscuits they can have! But there are always some nasty humans to give less than 11, and we all get upset and frustrated about it! So, let just stop the judging and continue loving our puppies! Isn't this what the Daily Puppy all about?
Oct 16, 2008 Lucy's Dad
Morgana, you are a beautiful puppy and deserve the very best family to adopt you after surviving you ordeal. Hugs treats and lots of tummy rubs!
Oct 16, 2008 cheyenne's mom
Pack your bags - someone is going to adopt this adorable little girl soon.
Oct 16, 2008 emmas_mom
This is a beautiful dog! I am a mutt and so is my best friend.
Oct 16, 2008 rosie1960
Thank-God! for the person who found Morgana.To leave her all alone is unforgivable.I hope God can for give you!I know that their is someone out their,that is going to give you so much love you will never feel lost again.All the kisses and hugs in the world!
Oct 16, 2008 kavonn
"adopt me pretty pleeease!" Oh you poor baby, I'm so happy you got rescued. No way such an adorable girl won't be adopted soon. I wish I could.
Oct 16, 2008 piobaire
She's beautiful and sweet and I wish I could take another home because she'd be living with me I CAN TELL YOU. Oh, ok, I see where the biscuit counter was haywire. It's a good thing because Morgana has the face of an angel! 11 MILLION biscuits from Idaho for you sweet girl.
Oct 16, 2008 mimizap
With such a rough start this girl deserves all the love in the world! You have won over my heart and I'm sure you will have that loving home very soon!
Oct 16, 2008 DailyPuppy Admin
There was a problem with the biscuits earlier today, but it has been fixed, and the biscuits have been restored!
Oct 16, 2008 lilomonster
Much better! A billion biscuts for you. I hope you find a very deserving family.
Oct 16, 2008 doggiewoggiewoo
What a gorgeous little girl. I'm sure she will find a loving home.
Oct 16, 2008 goatsandchicks
We have two aussie mixes at our house, and they are sooooo loved! They are two of the sweetest and smartest dogs ever! They both look like this little baby. (One of ours was also found in the woods, near our farm, deserted by a wild glad we caught him!) We wish for Morgana a wonderful and happy home!! She's a beauty and will surely be a real jewel!!
Oct 16, 2008 nathan
Morgana, you are so beautiful I am sure you will have a new family real soon. I wish I could adopt you but wish you the very best happy, healthy long life. God bless you and the people who rescued you. Let us know when she gets adopted.
Oct 16, 2008 Aussie mom
You are so adorable! You're also an envoy for HUA. Because of you, I visited their website, in fact, marked it as one of my favs and want to support this wonderful organization. You're going to make some lucky person/family complete. Kisses to you Sweetie. ALL dogs rule! Enjoy!
Oct 16, 2008 djmc
Adorable baby, God bless you , too many people just leave these babies all alone. We found two puppies in the woods near our daughters house and took them in. They would have died out there all on their own. We still have them Max and Joey. They are 2 years old now. We love them. And we made them apart of our family.Which now we have 7 dogs. 4 of them we have rescued. We are just one big happy family. Bless you Morgana amny hugs and kisses
Oct 16, 2008 oscarsmama
What a beautiful little girl you are. How could someone do such a thing???? People like that should be taken somewhere and left with no food water or shelter and see what its like to be hungrey scared and alone maybe then they would think twice about doing it.If you dont want or cant take care of an animal give it to someone who can dont just throw them away like thier yesterdays trash.Well i could go on and on about this but i think i made my point.xxxxxxxxxx oooooooooooo to you Morgana i know you will find a wonderful family that will love and take good care of you.If i could give you a billion bones i would!!!
Oct 16, 2008 Sandy, Cheyenne's mom2
Well, Morgana, you've certainly mastered one thing - that shy, over-the-shoulder movie star/model trick. You have overcome such adversity, and still turned out to be a warm, loving animal. I'd apply to adopt if I could, but right now your forever family is looking for you. Lots of puppy cookies and belly rubs headed your way from Cheyenne & me.
Oct 16, 2008 melodious
How could anyone abandon a puppy? Thank goodness someone found her and that she is healthy and happy. Morgana you are so beautiful. You deserve all the love, hugs, kisses, belly rubs, scritches, and biscuits that you desire. xoxoxoxo
Oct 16, 2008 pawprint1513
how could this cutie not have a home!!!
Oct 16, 2008 Lab_mum
Such a beautiful little lady you are Morgana! I would adopt you in a heartbeat if I could no doubt about that! Wishing you many many healthy and happy years as well as all the hugs, kisses, tummy rubs and doggie bikkies in the world sweety! Lotsa love from Ange, Max and Chloe. xoxoxo
Oct 16, 2008 Lilipup
Morgana, you are gorgeous and your new people will love you much more than the mean ones. People are cruel, dogs rule!
Oct 16, 2008 anitac
She should find a home in no time:) I'd take her in a heart beat if I could, she's a keeper.
Oct 16, 2008 randomearrings
Beautiful Morgana, your story made me cry. It is totally incomprehensible how anyone could ever do anything but LOVE you. I hope so much that you soon find a wonderful home darling. All the biscuits and kisses in the world xxxxx
Oct 16, 2008 puppydo
Morgana, your story makes me too sad to post today. I'm sitting in front of the computer looking at a picture of your sweet little face and I can't seem to write a word I just want to find the heartless scum who did this to you and kick their teeth in!!! So my gentle sweet little girl words just won't come out so I can't tell you how great I think you are and how proud I am of your survival and new life and how you are going to love your new family I just can't do it I am too sad. I am glad that the biscuit counter is fixed you should have your 11 biscuits soon!
Oct 16, 2008 Courage's mommy
soooo cute!
Oct 16, 2008 doggies4ever
Oh my, Morgana is gorgeous. Looks like loads of fun as well. She should have a forever home in no time!
Oct 16, 2008 CHILLIAA
Morgana is ssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 16, 2008 greyhoundmommy
She is adorable, thank you for rescuing her. She looks like a great dog.
Oct 16, 2008 RayC
I sometimes wonder if us humans are fit to be custodians of this planet. We seem to have a limitless ability for cruelty to our fellow humans and creatures. Thank you to the selfless folk who care.
Oct 16, 2008 gary
My Favorite Pictue. So Proud. Good luck in finding your forever home. Wonderful Pup.
Oct 16, 2008 luvmygoldie
Morgana-You little survivor! God bless your little heart and may you find a home that deserves you! You will make someone an awesome pet! Tons of biscuits to you!!
Oct 16, 2008 piper's_mom
morgana, you are so beautiful and so brave! i hope you find a home that is deserving of you!
Oct 16, 2008 Ace's mom
Thank goodness someone found this little beauty!! I'd take her in a second if I could. Good luck sweet girl!!
Oct 16, 2008 lynetz2
morgana - you are such a brave beautiful little pup - i so want a bigger house so i can adopt you and others.....i hope someone will adopt you soon and give you the love and friendship that you deserve! i will watch your progress with much interest - thank heavens someone found you, for you are a special little girl - morgana, i send lots of love and belly rubs to you! xxxxxooooooo
Oct 16, 2008 In Memory of Annie
Morgana, You are such a beauty. I can't say what should happen to the person who dumped you in the woods or I would be kicked off this site. But, I bet everyone is thinking the same thing!I send you love and hugs and kisses little girl. You're in my heart.
Oct 16, 2008 Shazzbutt
Morgana the cutie - her body looks like an Australian Cattle Dog, both the blue heeler & the red heeler markings on the legs...... I'm sure someone will snap her up real quick - send her to Australia and i'll have her....
Oct 16, 2008 tessiesmum
Morgana you are definitely someones forever puppy, sorry we live in NZ and couldn't take you in, but wish you a long and happy life with that special someone!
Oct 16, 2008 Chester-n-Caylee
Definitely Beagle in this baby!! This beauty got me to register tonight after years of reading the DP each day. If I were nearby and didn't already have 2 best friends, I'd swoop Morgana up! Thank goodness for the good samaritans who came to the rescue, and for HUA for getting her healthy and happy again. I hope you'll let us know when she finds a happy home. 1,000 biscuits!! I just want to hug and kiss that little girl.
Oct 16, 2008 2pups1kit
Morgana is just waaaayyy to cute for words...but I will try! ;o) I love her ears, her coloring, her adorable, obviously intelligent expression! I would take her in a NY minute if we didn't have a full compliment of 2 canine & 1 feline darlings @ our house. Whoever gets to give her a forever home has my admiration (& some jealousy)--they will be soooooooo lucky to have such an awesome pup to share their lives with! Thank G-d for her rescuers & the shelter!
Oct 16, 2008 2pups1kit
Oh yes...11 kazillion biscuits, at least!
Oct 16, 2008 lovemypuppy151
I want her!!!! my dog is a mutt and in this dog i can see parts of my doggy! The face and everything! hope you find a good home sweetheart!
Oct 16, 2008 debdestiny
What a very sad beginning to this beautiful little girl's life. I know she'll find a safe and happy home with people who love her. She looks like she has a great sense of humour too.
Oct 16, 2008 Carol K.
Morgana!!! You are an absolutely adorable puppy. My Ruffles would just love you! (She's a blue merle Aussie/Sheltie mix! Adopted from Southland Sheltie here in SoCal, a wonderful organization.) Wish my pending job relocation to Austin, TX were complete already. . .'cause we would love to adopt you and be your forever family! But we won't be there until late February 2009. Whoever adopts you will be very lucky indeed! We send best tail wags and puppy licks to you from Ruffles and her family here in Southern California!
Oct 16, 2008 Tweetie
Morgana is one beautiful puppy, how could anyone harm such a little sweetheart. I hope someone opens their heart and gives her the good home she deserves. A ton of biscuits, hugs and ear rubs!!!!!
Oct 16, 2008 lucybee
Morgana you once were lost but now you're found,so some angel has been looking over you.I have no doubt someone will see you and be unable to resist.So glad to see you back Kentucky Jim,and I am so sorry or the loss of your furbaby.I see a happy life for you sweet girl!
Oct 17, 2008 sweet as a cherry
Oct 17, 2008 sputnik
Morgana... may you live a long and fun filled life! Such a cutie!!
Oct 17, 2008 Lue119314
i would take her in a minute if my mom would alow me. She is such a little cutie. Give her a hug for me and tell her she's a cutie :)
Oct 17, 2008 ZoeeandMashu
Oct 17, 2008 bow-wow
Monrgana you look so playful and fun to be around. Lots of belly rubs and cuddles.
Oct 17, 2008 puppy world
Oct 17, 2008 Nani_Mani
What a cutie! How could anybody abandon her (or any animal)? I hope she finds a wonderful home. :) 11 biscuits! I'd give more if I could.
Oct 18, 2008 doggymommy
So cute, I wish I could adopt her. I am sure she will get a great new family!
Oct 18, 2008 jack-a-tack
OMG! She is so cute! I would adopt her but... My dog Lola is having her surgery so I really don't have enough money! But we could sure have another model in the pup family! They get pure lovely treatment, and I get money to waste on myself and my dogs! I just don't dress my dogs! that is so wrong! I hope very much she gets to a happy home!
Oct 19, 2008 mummm
What a beauty! I'm wishing hard for a good home for Morgana!
Oct 22, 2008 under-dog
i am glad she was rescued!!!
Oct 22, 2008 puppydog
OMG its such a good thing Morgana was rescued! shes such a cutie!
Oct 24, 2008 DailyPuppy Admin
We will be posting updates on the Adoptable Puppy's and Grown up Puppy's in the forum topic 'Dogs Looking for Forever Homes'!
Oct 24, 2008 2Sweet2Be4Gotten
How Much Is She?? I Would Like Her!! Kayla 2Cute_2Be_4Gotten 3; E-Mail-
Oct 24, 2008 wolfensteinsmom
I know that it is important to show these sweet babies to get them adopted, but I cry every time I see one and hear their story. I wish I could take and keep them all from any pain or heartbreak EVER again in their sweet lives. She is beautiful and I truly believe someone wonderful will take her to a new home very soon. Kisses and hugs from me and Wolfenstein. More biscuits than you could ever eat in 3 lifetimes!
Oct 26, 2008 collie_lover101
AMAZINGLY ADORBALE! lol very precious!
Oct 28, 2008 Yeatts
She is absolutely beautiful! I love all of her markings!!
Oct 31, 2008 jerseyparrothead
Morgana (now Tres) found her forever home in New Jersey 10/30/08. Jenny at Hearts United for Animals ( was kind and patient with us the whole process! What an outstanding organization!! She shares her forever home with her Golden Retriever sister Mango and brother Ripple. Thank you to everyone who voted and sent prayers and wishes.
Dec 3, 2008 puppy patrol luva
why don't you keep her! i hate it when people have dogs that are adoptable. But anyway, she looks so cute!
Dec 10, 2008 dog_mama
Such a beautiful girl. Best of luck to Morgana!
May 16, 2009 Tia Maria
Morgana, what a sweet little cutie you are. I am happy that you have found your forever home in New Jersey. Have lots of fun with your siblings Mango and Ripple.
Jun 6, 2009 TummyTickler
Just look at her, so eager to please!!! Thank you soooooooooooo much for rescuing her and taking her to a no kill shelter. These stories just break my heart when I think of all the dogs that need loving homes. Praying for a good home for her.
Jun 6, 2009 TummyTickler
Just read that you found your furever home sweetheart and am sooooooooooooo happy for you!!!! Have a lifetime of fun with Mango & Ripple!!! Cuddles & tummy tickles for all of you. Love Zoey and me.
Jan 26, 2010 border collie mom
I feel confident in saying, based upon the blue ticking and the tan ticking on her the hound dog ears that what we have here is a bluetick coonhound mix. I have one, and they are really sweet sweet dogs. She's a beauty.
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