Saturday, July 26, 2014
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Jun 13, 2008 lvlybbyJR
haha lol he looks like goofy or some kind of character, cute
Jun 13, 2008 dogmom
This is one xtra precious pup!!! He is absolutely perfect.
Jun 13, 2008 s & w's mom
Oh my, Mr. Bear is unbeaarably cute. Honestly, he is an adorable puppy.
Jun 13, 2008 lucyluv
Ahh!! I love the green eyes! Gorgeous pup! Millions and billions of hugs and biscuits!! Adorable puppy, Mr. Bear!! :)
Jun 13, 2008 lucyluv
he's a happy puppy!!
Jun 13, 2008 byzminded
I could stare into those eyes forever!
Jun 13, 2008 Ange2809
You are adorable Mr. Bear!!! A kazillion hugs, kisses and doggy bikkies for you sweety!!! xoxoxo
Jun 13, 2008 suelill
Oh hun you are so handsome & such a wonderful colour. Absolutely adorable. Zillions of huggles & biscuits for you sweetheart. Have a long and happy life.
Jun 13, 2008 gallagheranda
Love the name - we have an Akita called Bear but your lovely lab suits the added Mr. x
Jun 13, 2008 howiesmom
What a sweetie!!
Jun 13, 2008 doggieaunt
"I'm not in trouble, right? I mean, look how cute I am!" Love Mr. Bear's slightly chagrined expression (not to mention the fact that it looks a bit like he's hiding something in his mouth). Just wonderful!!
Jun 13, 2008 bloodylev
these eyes, these ears. little chocolate bear. oh, I'm in love.
Jun 13, 2008 pamfontainepeters
OMIGOSH... what a cutie! Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
Jun 13, 2008 carol0356
What a happy puppy! Mr. Bear is perfect.
Jun 13, 2008 savon19
I Love his expression on this pic!! What Personality!!!!
Jun 13, 2008 roo91
What a sweetheart! What a beautiful boy! I call my black lab Mr. Bear, too. Many happy years and lots of fun with your adorable chocolate Bear.
Jun 13, 2008 fluffy ears
i love his smile!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 13, 2008 rena1955
Mr Bear Just love ya! Such beautiful coloring and eyes.
Jun 13, 2008 dakotasmommy
what a cute picture.. hes like "im sorry mom" beautiful doggy..!
Jun 13, 2008 bullys2mom
Awwww, he is just too unBearably cute!!! I'd love to snuggle with this sweet baby. Billions of biscuits for Mr. Bear!
Jun 13, 2008 lkg0711
Oh that face! Those eyes! I remember when my choc lab was that age - so much fun!! I hope you have many happy years together :-)
Jun 13, 2008 barbaranne423
I own 2 labs (1 chocolate and 1 black) and they both have this expression when they look at me. It is pure love and devotion. God Bless you and your furry child. Labs are awesome!
Jun 13, 2008 tsuki's mom
What a great guy! I love his face in this picture. He looks like he a lot on his mind.
Jun 13, 2008 divokc
What a sweet, pretty boy!
Jun 13, 2008 beckypa73
He is so cute! Reminds me of mine when he was a pup!
Jun 13, 2008 rarpypupkins
someone reminds me of my very own little girl....
Jun 13, 2008 ejay
Well!!! That tasted good, any more? Mr Bear certainly looks to have a big personality and he's handsome with it.Belly rubs and cuddles,please.
Jun 13, 2008 dogmomtimestwo
What a handsome guy! My chocolate lab is over 11 and still need to be the center of attention. They have endless energy and devotion. Enjoy your Mr. Bear!
Jun 13, 2008 giada777
He is gorgeous! Beautiful eyes.
Jun 13, 2008 sam'smom
ya gotta love a Lab !!! our chocolate Sam is almost 12 now and she has been a wonderful dog - I know you will have lots of fun with your precious Bear - lotsa biscuits and good wishes from Texas !!!!
Jun 13, 2008 lisamarie
whaddya mean we are out of cool whip??? what do i put on my pumpkin pie now ???????? what a cute ham !!! i love your choc lab..many happy years with your bear !!!!!!!!!! sooo adorable !!
Jun 13, 2008 arnie
what,s for afters.If his personality is anything like his photos he is gorgeous.ENJOY
Jun 13, 2008 honeypie
He's one handsome boy! Tons of biscuits and best of luck!
Jun 13, 2008 shellyrini
Bear you are gorgeous. So full of life and LOVE! My lab is 2 years old now and still thrives on being the center of everything. God Bless you handsome boy!
Jun 13, 2008 coqui301
Mr. Bear is a cuttie pie!!!!
Jun 13, 2008 labmommy
Oh Mr. Bear - who can resist a lab puppy?? My two are under two years and definitely keep me on my toes! Many years of wonderful lab love to you and your parents.
Jun 13, 2008 tamwise21
He is so cute......
Jun 13, 2008 djmc
What a wonderful face. Love him.What a handsome boy you are Bear. Lots and lots of biscuits
Jun 13, 2008 shana11
Amazing eyes and just a beautiful puppy all together.
Jun 13, 2008 katzy1
it's so hard to pic a favorite picture! i love his floppy ears and beautiful eyes! :) lots of belly rubs for this handsome man!
Jun 13, 2008 tontosmommy
AWWW Looks like the puppy we were gunna get but its mommy sat on it :_(
Jun 13, 2008 tontosmommy
Mr.Bear you are handsome
Jun 13, 2008 paradiseporter
OMG such a cutie! This made me laugh out loud this morning at my desk. What a character! Mr. Bear looks like a bundle of fun. a million biscuits!
Jun 13, 2008 doglover231
Puppies you got to love them.
Jun 13, 2008 soccerdog#1
Ahhh He should be on a comercial. I thought it was funny when my dog's nails were painted!!!
Jun 13, 2008 suds97
I think Mr.bear likes coolwip he is so cute
Jun 13, 2008 doghaterno79
oh just to cute
Jun 13, 2008 roo
Mr. Bear is soooo cute!!! Lots of kisses
Jun 13, 2008 dailypuppyfan
I love this photo! He is so expressive and looks to be quite a character.
Jun 13, 2008 fritzy
This face is so cute!!! He can be the center of my attention! :)
HE looks so cute in this picture
Jun 13, 2008 usfour
Mommy can you guess what I just ate??!!
Jun 13, 2008 Zeros Mommie
Mr. Bear is adorable and is very photogenic! Lots of treats for the energetic Mr. Bear :)
Jun 13, 2008 magic1
Chocolate + Cool Whip is a great combo!
Jun 13, 2008 irnmtn25
I'm crazy for Cool Whip! LOL How adorable....
Jun 13, 2008 mamadog
I love the Cool Whip picture, but this one captures a Lab's loyalty the best. When my sweet yellow Lab, Lucy, comes in from her morning potty, she doesn't head straight for her food dish like the Greyhound and Poodle do--she stops and gives me a love! Now that's loyalty!
Jun 13, 2008 whippoorwill
With a face like this, I can see exactly why Mr. Bear is always the center of attention. What a love bug! May you have many years of happiness together!
Jun 13, 2008 shell242
Don't you let that tub of CoolWhip boss you around. You're a big puppy now! I love when puppies get that crazy-eyed look when they are playing. Very cute!
Jun 13, 2008 tontosmommy
cute cute cute cute cute cute!
Jun 13, 2008 aleishaa
You sure are some cute! All the biscuits to you and keep that coat looking nice and healthy! Your beautiful!
Jun 13, 2008 lizanne
BearBear, I cannot Bear to see any more of your "unbearable" cute photos. I also love the coolwhip one above. What a sweet puppy he is. Hugs and Leans from Elizabeth & Miss Katie=O)
Jun 13, 2008 mummm
What a sweet and beautiful pup! And what a cute photo!
Jun 13, 2008 rottygirl96
Jun 13, 2008 malawi
What an adorable little goofy guy! For sure he will be handsome when he grows up, but in the meantime, I just love his funny expression.
Jun 13, 2008 kaylacrystal
Are we having fun yet?....Soooooo cute
Jun 13, 2008 mikdebluvpups
fantastic! he is soooo handsome!
Jun 13, 2008 puppylover54
AAWWW!!! Your soo Mr. Bear!!!
Jun 13, 2008 Tuna's_Mom
"I think I swallowed a bug" Haha! Such an adorable little boy! I love labs, especially chocolates (hehe, don't tell Tuna!)
Jun 13, 2008 stormsamson
Really hard to pick a favorite photo this time! He is so adorable, and why not let him be the center of attention! I guarantee you will get all of that back and some from the years of great unconditional love and companionship. Please take good care of him and many years of blessed health and lovins to you and yours.
Jun 13, 2008 wolfensteinsmom
AAhhwwww! He looks like he is apologizing for something! He is adorable. The ones who want to be center of attention, are the ones with the most personality. Hugs and kisses and LOTS of Biscuits from Florida.
Jun 13, 2008 shibainualex
lol look at his left eye ^_^
Jun 13, 2008 lushpuppy
What an adorable look! He is going to get whatever he wants whenever he wants it...Love him, 1,000 biscuits!
Jun 13, 2008 maddie the dog
I didn't eat it look ahhh- no coolwhip on my tongue
Jun 13, 2008 caityluvsjackpuppy
Mr. Bear is such a great name for him! He looks so snuggable! An infinite amount of smooches and treats for the lil' boy.
Jun 13, 2008 annie's mom
Mr. Bear you are too cute!! This is one happy puppy, and I love him. I have a 4 mo old springer, Hershey, and a 3 year old yellow lab, Annie, maybe i should add a chocolate:)! Lots of belly rubs and biscuits for Mr. Bear.
Jun 13, 2008 piobaire
Look teeth!~~ Well, ok, they're there, but little. All that chocolaty goodness, makes me want to gobble him right up. What a cutie!
Jun 13, 2008 libbysmom
What a beautiful boy. I have a lab terrior mix that I adopted and they are so loyal. Enjoy many years with Mr. Bear and hugs and biscuits to him.
Jun 13, 2008 clemency
"More Cool Whip!! Now!" Mr. Bear is so cute, I imagine he is the center of attention without even trying! He has such a sweet face, and amazing green eyes and chocolate fur! His coloring is just gorgeous. And he looks like he's a lot of fun!
Jun 13, 2008 mgsande7
mmmm....chocolate and cool whip!
Jun 13, 2008 KaGe
So very adorable!
Jun 13, 2008 jillian7646
mr bear, your soooo cute!!!
Jun 13, 2008 wolfgirl66
WOW he's beautiful!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 13, 2008 vorner
I LOVE him!!! What an angel! God bless you, Mr. Bear, with a long, happy, healthy life. A million biscuits, hugs, kisses and years of joy and love! XOXOXO
Jun 13, 2008 bucklesnbows
What a handsome guy! You're going to have so much fun with him. I can see all that playfulness and sweetness rolled into one. Lots of belly rubs for this one!!!!!
Jun 13, 2008 doglover07
"No mommy i didn't do anything." SOOOOOOOOOO CUTE I JUST L-O-V-E THIS PIC!!! --*doglover07*--
Jun 13, 2008 lucyny2000
Where for Goodness sake did you get a Dog like this?! He could advertise dairy products! Look at that extasy and eyes rolling into his nose! It must be that happy yogurt he ate! So your Chocolate Bear always has to be the center of the universe... It is just because he is! You think it's easy? Every picture is his wonderful personality capture! Congratulations on finding the love of your life! God Bless you for many happy and healthy years of togetherness!
Jun 13, 2008 Puppy Power
Pure sweetness!
Jun 13, 2008 kerryllr
Soooo silly - I love him!
Jun 13, 2008 petmommy
Mr. Bear, you are so adorable!!!!!!!!!! Hugs & Kisses, plus a gazillion bones to you!!!!!!!
Jun 13, 2008 Hana's Mom
I love Mr. Bear!! What a beauty! I have a chocolate lab too . . . her name is Hana and she is a bundle of energy and personality (as I'm sure Mr. Bear is). AND today is her 3rd birthday . . . so I was so happy to see a choclate lab on today's Daily Puppy. Enjoy him . . . he looks like a great dog!
Jun 13, 2008 Zelda
Oh, having such fun, Mr. Bear!! Yay!
Jun 13, 2008 bwcagrl
What a handsome boy! Tons of hugs and'll have a wonderful life together! My choc. lab Ginger is five and your pictures remind me of her...thanks for sharing!
Jun 13, 2008 mlp
sooooo cute 11 bones 4 u
Jun 13, 2008 packermom
OMG...I am in love all over again!!! We had a chocolate...Ben was a fabulous family member. You just gotta love a Lab!! Mr. Bear is wonderful lots of love and kisses.
Jun 13, 2008 prettylove82
OMG!!!!!! I wouls be a sucker for that handsome little fella. Enjoy your baby. Millions of biscuits for him. Ya'll are very blessed.
Jun 13, 2008 prettylove82
I love this pic!!
Jun 13, 2008 tontosmommy
Jun 13, 2008 bigotto51
He is so cute,great smile!
Jun 13, 2008 drakes' granny
Mr. Bear you will grow up just like yesterday's big guy, Wylie ~ just a different color. I love all Labs! After all, Drake is a lab... I hope you have very happy life and are entitled to many biscuits. You are so handsome, or just a cutie little guy now. Lots of love
Jun 13, 2008 twintwisters
I love chocolate kisses and chocolate lab kisses are the best! Enjoy each other and give him a million biscuts!
Jun 13, 2008 keren
Awww how cute. He looks guilty--he knows he did something bad. 11 biscuits, cute baby!
Jun 13, 2008 lovemypuppy151
All I can say is AWWWWWWW! Many doggie kisses and bones to you!
Jun 13, 2008 Ribbit
Love this dog like I love mine! I have a lab and it is the sweetest thing ever!
Jun 13, 2008 tontosmommy
luv him!
Jun 13, 2008 lucybee
Puppy Perfection!
Jun 13, 2008 iluvpuppies95
its the attack of the crazy dog!! ahhhhhhhh!! omg soo cute!!!
Jun 13, 2008 molly273
He's adorable. What gorgeous eyes!
Jun 13, 2008 Coc&Sandy'sMom
I have a 12 yr old choc.lab-this one definitely steals my heart! Best Wishes.
Jun 13, 2008 lh9313
How adorable!!!
Jun 13, 2008 judithvick
What a doll! He is as precious as they come.
Jun 13, 2008 adrianhcole
What a complete goofball ... just like a lab should be!
Jun 13, 2008 Carol3
What a joy he must be!! ENJOY
Jun 13, 2008 brynnemeister
he must be very fun. i love him.
Jun 13, 2008 lovemypom
Oh my....just too cute for words!
Jun 13, 2008 Aaron111
Jun 13, 2008 luvmypups09
you have such a cute dog i have a golden labrador and he is so cute like this dog -luvmypups09
Jun 13, 2008 luvmypups09
ooh la la look at that cute mama lab soooooooo cute -luvmypups09 enjoy for as long as you can
Jun 13, 2008 NewPup
One beautiful, beautiful dog you are, Mr. Bear~ That last photo shows so keenly how he can surely be one "wiiiLd and carraaazy guyy"!!! What a marrooon! HAHAAA Love this dog! Have the BEST time with him ALWAYS!:)
Jun 13, 2008 loopy
OH what a pretty face. = : )
Jun 13, 2008 Mrs. Gentry
Mr. Bear is a cutie pie! What a sweet & funny face in this pic. A million biscuits.
Jun 13, 2008 Smoochie
He is so adorable. You are so lucky to have him. How old is he?
Jun 13, 2008 maddiesmom
mr bear your eyes make my heart melt
Jun 14, 2008 mealea
I love that face. Mr. Bear you are too cute!!!
Jun 14, 2008 sadielove4
my food! you know something though, i cannot seem to get it open, help me someone.... PLEASE????? You are really cute ya know. I want a chocolate lab when i grow up!
Jun 14, 2008 maplestreetclocks
That's just too funny.
Jun 14, 2008 terry c
So handsome - such lovely eyes!
Jun 14, 2008 amyliz
I didn't get a chance to comment yesterday but can't let this opportunity go by without saying saying that Mr. Bear is a stunner! Love the green eyes with the brown fur!
Jun 14, 2008 marilynrme
You are such a sweetie, Mr. Bear! Lotsa huggies and biscuits to you, sweet boy!
Jun 14, 2008 luvrescuelabs
Mr. Bear stole my heart. I have two labs - yellow and black. Never had a Chocolate. This picture looks like he is eating something he shouldn't have taken. Could still love him to pieces. Enjoy him and give him lots of hugs and kisses for me.
Jun 14, 2008 lotsapets
What expressive eyes, and a beautiful brown coat!!
Jun 14, 2008 juliak
I am in love with Mr. Bear! All MY Best to you with this little LOVE!
Jun 14, 2008 muttlover
Jun 15, 2008 MiyaMorrow
OMGOSH! what a sweet face!!! I adore this puppy, it looked like my ol' Brownie.
Jun 15, 2008 puppydog
Mr. Bear does look a little like a bear! wat a beautiful puppy, and such a nice colour he has.
Jun 16, 2008 Yeatts
OH MY GOSH!!! This is too funny!! It looks like ya'll really have your hands full. This has just made my day. I have really enjoyed looking at these pictures!! He looks like SOOOOOO much fun!!
Jun 16, 2008 PuppyLove22
Mr. Bear I love your chocolate fur ~ I just wanna eat you up! :)
Jun 16, 2008 iluvmypets5368
oh, look at those beautiful eyes! he is such a cutie!
Jun 16, 2008 Kayra33
What a sweet baby you are Mr. Bear, I love Labs and I especially love the green eyed chocolates! Maybe someday when we get a bigger house I'll add another one to my 2 black labs!! Enjoy your many years with him as Labs are my absolute favorite breed and are really something to truly treasure. Mr. Bear you get an infinity amount of puppy biscuits just for being so darn cute! Tell mommy & daddy to ration them out for you wisely;)
Jun 16, 2008 lisalisa
What a precious face!!!!!! And those eyes -just stunning. I want to hug and kiss him!!!!
Jun 16, 2008 iluvlildogs.
??wat was h doing there?
Jun 16, 2008 iluvlildogs.
his u kno wut iss out .. between his legs :] LOL
Jun 17, 2008 trixandsam
"I am SO schooling this Cool Whip bowl, Mom!" Thank goodness you have Mr Bear to protect you from all whipped topping containers out there. ;-)
Jun 24, 2008 Softpaws
Hahahahah! I adore labs and I totally love all his pics!
Jun 24, 2008 *kk*
My favorite kind of lab is a chocolate lab, so i think he's just darn right beautiful!!! hugs and kisses!
Jun 26, 2008 pupgurl2000
hey i want that awwwwww so cute
Jul 6, 2008 puppy world
Feb 8, 2009 lilywily88
looking out 4 stars with cuteness
Aug 18, 2009 luvmygirls
OMG! He looks just like my Chocolate. What a cutie!!!
Feb 16, 2012 renabena
Mr. Bear is adorable. One million biscuits to you.
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