Nena the Boxer Mix

Puppy Breed: Boxer

We adopted Nena about a month ago. She's a boxer mix, but we've still got no idea what she's mixed with. Her previous owners left her with friends while going on vacation and then told the friends they didn't want her. I can't imagine anyone abandoning her. Even in the shelter, when all the other dogs were frightened or worked up, she was calm and inquisitive and eager to make friends. I had thought I wanted a different dog at the shelter, but on the way out, I saw her. I immediately thought "Oh no, I've signed up to adopt the wrong dog! That girl is my dog! Now what do I do?" Fortunately, the other dog went home with another family higher on his list. I insisted that we go back and adopt Nena. My family thought I was acting a bit crazy, but we soon came to realize this dog was supposed to be part of our family. She has already brought us great joy. She is curious, playful, and sweet. Nothing frightens her. Every time we take her for a walk she makes new friends! She also loves going to the dog park and swimming in the water. She has lots of energy and would happily play all day with people and dogs and then sleep like the (very cute) dead.