Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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Aug 8, 2008 lvlybbyJR
i'd say ridgeback mix??? and maybe lab
Aug 8, 2008 zebby19
soooooo cute, i love it!!!! want 1! ;)
Aug 8, 2008 Pixie
My guess would be ridgeback for sure. :)
Aug 8, 2008 starheart5
AWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! omg adorabley cute!! love ya! always starheart5
Aug 8, 2008 starheart5
Look at me!!!! IM ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg soooooo cute
Aug 8, 2008 av617
Life's looking pretty good for Nena and just as well too - she's a cutie. I hope you enjoy her for many years to come.
Aug 8, 2008 suelill
Oh Nena what a smasher u look. Honey I want a big cuddle with u. I'm so glad u were adopted from the rescue home sweetheart. Enjoy your life & here's lots of biscuits & hugs for u baby.
Aug 8, 2008 ladyhovercraft
Nena is so beautiful.
Aug 8, 2008 puppy world
he is sooooooooooooooooo adorable a car and always plays with his toys he is curous and he loves getting rubbed in his tummy ans lying down and is curious about the camera and ansers questions to its owner in his mind looks like hes talking that y
Aug 8, 2008 tazzysmom
Hi pretty Nena. Yes, you look very inquisitive and intelligent. In fact, you seem to be saying "Hi, who are you?". Well I'm a admirer who thinks you are the most charismatic pup I've ever seen and I am posting my very first comment on the Daily Puppy to tell you so. Thank your mom for sharing you with us and be on the lookout for a truckload of biscuits from California.
Aug 8, 2008 zara's mum
I'll never understand how someone could not want a precious little girl like Nena. Lots of biscuits for you young lady.
Aug 8, 2008 keeneland
I woould say definitely a ridgeback and what a combination that is. Many years of happiness to your family and Nena--you are both so fortunate!
Aug 8, 2008 CandyBoo
Cute Smiley Face!
Aug 8, 2008 patw1
oh my goodness she is beautiful has she got boxer in her? I would say ridgeback too but possibly great dane she looks very much like my great/dane Irish wolf hound mix when he was a puppy everyone thought he hd ridgeback in him, he was sold as a labrador/dobermann mix then we took him for his first check up a couple of days after we got him the vet asked if we wanted a big dog I said his mix won't be that big, he asked what we thought he was crossed with so I showed him the paperwork and he said "Oh dear, well he is a greatdane/Irishwolfhound mix and seeing where you got him from I can only say do not get too fond of him, this woman should be shut down!! He was with us for 12 and a half yrs and an absolute poppet it was love at first sight for both of us and he was desperate to get away, his brother on the other hand didn't want to know us and just wanted to sit back in the pen, I often wonder what happened to him :( but my boy was like a soul mate to me! I wish you many, many yrs of happiness ith this baby, she is something special. Lots of hugs and doggy biscuits for her
Aug 8, 2008 zoerosesmom
What a sweetie! How can people just abandon animals? Nena is just beautiful! Many happy years sweetie! xoxoox
Aug 8, 2008 mary v
I think Nena picked YOU and not the other way around! She was waiting, saw you, and it is amazing how she became your dog and your friend! -Bucky and Bailey's Mom
Aug 8, 2008 dogmomtimestwo
How could anyone not want this precious baby? It was meant to be that you are supposed to be together. Many happy years...
Aug 8, 2008 Tonkasmum
This beautiful girl is definitely part Rhodesian Ridgeback! The shape of her head, colour, and expression say it all. You really lucked out at the shelter. I hope you have many happy days with your new pup!
Aug 8, 2008 collielove
If you really want to know, go to the vets, but you don't need to know to appreciate her beauty! I would say Boxer/border collie though, as she looks just like another Bollie puppy I know i.e gorgeous! Wish you many happy years together.
Aug 8, 2008 djmc
Nena you are a sweetie. Many happy years with your new baby. Many biscuits and long trips to the park to make new freinds
Aug 8, 2008 terry c
I think Nena is part German Shepherd judging by the shape of her head. Or maybe even Collie. Pretty lady.
Aug 8, 2008 fritzy
What a sweet story. I am so glad you followed your gut....insisting that you go back no matter how insane your family thought you were!!! It was worth it!!!!!This picture shows all of Nena's innocence!!! Such love in that face!!! :)
Aug 8, 2008 kerryllr
She is a very pretty girl, whatever her "mix". I'm so happy you found her and knew she was the one for you!
Aug 8, 2008 Bigdaddymike
How could anyone say,"we don't want her anymore". People like this should never be allowed to own a pet of any type. She is a beautiful girl, I think she could be mixed with a Shebia Inu, terrier, or shepherd mix. She is a beautiful dog!
Aug 8, 2008 sasa
DEFINITELY a ridgeback mix - she looks just like my ridgie. She' s gorgeous!!!!!
Aug 8, 2008 puppyfixation
You are very blessed to have her! How can people just abandon dogs? They bring so much joy and unconditional love to us! Always there to be your friend! Shame on the previous owners but Nena has a MUCH better new owner!!
Aug 8, 2008 pamfontainepeters
OMIGOSH... Nena is just beautiful. So happy you found her and she found you! Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
Aug 8, 2008 daphne's mom
What a pretty girl Nena is! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! I am so glad you adopted her! As a member of the ASPCA I believe adoption is your first option. Lots of love, biscuits, & belly rubs to you Nena!
Aug 8, 2008 Crysania
Don't you just love when you meet a dog and just KNOW she's supposed to come home with you? That happened to me too! Nena is a gorgeous girl. Congrats on your new family member!
Aug 8, 2008 ecpjll
Awww what a cutie...i luv boxers!
Aug 8, 2008 Lisaez1
What a lucky pup to find you!!! I love the white paws. many years of happiness!!!
Aug 8, 2008 ckendall
How could anyone not want to come home to this adorable face!! I'm so very glad those idiots no longer have her and you do!! You can see in those eyes all the love she has for you!!Thank you,thank you,thank you!!
Aug 8, 2008 breila
she looks like my boy, so i'm guessing she's a ridgeback mix. she's absolutely adorable and i'm so glad you found each other.
Aug 8, 2008 HillCountryGal
What a heartwarming story. Good for you, trusting your gut instinct. And good for you and Nena that you found her at a shelter. You can sure see the loyalty in that precious face.
Aug 8, 2008 Yeatts
I love when dogs tilt their heads! She's a wonderful gal! Thanks for sharing her beautiful pictures and wonderful story! :)
Aug 8, 2008 rexandbaby
What an adorable picture! "Who me? Couldn't be! Then who?"
Aug 8, 2008 Puppy Power
What a lovely lady!
Aug 8, 2008 shellyrini
Nena your story made me cry. Especially when your real mom knew she had to have you. I love this picture because you look so happy and free. You really have a beautiful face, such kind eyes too. I am soooo glad your mom would not give up on getting you. You are a lady indeed. Just beautiful. God Bless you love!!!!!!
Aug 8, 2008 arfing1
Looking into your beautiful dog's eyes, and also that profile, I see my beloved Ridgeback. I see that others see Ridgeback in her as well. I have never had a more handsome, loyal and brave dog. 20 yrs ago. my vet had thought he was dane/boxer, but it turned out he was a pure Ridgeback - he had white on his paws, too. He lived for 15 years! He was great with kittens and children, too and I'll bet Nena will, as well. Watch out for that long tongue!! May you have many long years together - she will make you very happy!
Aug 8, 2008 dogylvr
Like everyone else, I love your dog. I am so glad that you are as special as she is and were able to hear her calling out to you. Blessings to you both!
Aug 8, 2008 wheatie mom
Nena is a doll! We vote for the ridgeback mix; she looks just like my friend's purebred. Thank you for rescuing - she is so lucky and so are you!
Aug 8, 2008 Moosey
You can see the gentleness and love in her face--lucky you that she picked you. Our Springer pup was the same way--she picked us--what fun! Enjoy your pretty girl and being the "chosen one." ;-) 11 biscuits for sure!!!
Aug 8, 2008 stormsamson
Nena, you are simply adorable! I don't blame your Mom for 'holding out' for you. You are the apple of your family's eyes and I can tell that you are loved and well taken care of! Many years of blessed health and lovins' for you and yours.
Aug 8, 2008 dogylvr
Your Nena looks to me like my Ridgeback and Labrador crossbreeds even though she doesn't have the distinctive reverse ridge along her spine. She otherwise fits the bill to a "T" and only her socks look boxer. Whatever, she is gorgeous!
Aug 8, 2008 leslielarson412
Who just leaves their dog like that?! Terrible friends, terrible dog parents, terrible people! What a cute girl!
Aug 8, 2008 BagOfKisses
I agree with lvlybbyJR. I immediately thought of Rhodesian Ridgeback when I saw Nena. She's a beauty!
Aug 8, 2008 nutmeg3
What a cutie! How could anyone abandon such a sweet girl? I'm glad you and she found each other, because clearly she couldn't have a better home.
Aug 8, 2008 feltlabbit
Nena has the luuuurvliest eyes and look at that sweet face!!! She looks just like my baby Brownie, who's also a beautiful mixed-breed with a possible hint of a ridgeback. thank s for bringing Nena into your family and i wish you many gazillion good years with her!!!
Aug 8, 2008 feltlabbit
OooooOOOoohh n i absoluciously love her paw markings!!!
Aug 8, 2008 zoesam
Nena is a real sweetheart. You both found each other! Many years of happiness and plenty of biscuits for dear Nena. Much love to you!
Aug 8, 2008 labmommy
Beautiful story. Beautiful puppy. Enjoy every minute.
Aug 8, 2008 murphysmom
Sometimes, dogs pick us. :)
Aug 8, 2008 doggymommy
These are the eyes of a happy dog. Nena is so lucky to have found you and you are lucky to have found her. Many happy years together!
Aug 8, 2008 dan da man
Just a wonderful animal. Just a proud and handsome creature.Wishing both of you health and happiness.
Aug 8, 2008 lizanne
Nena is a beautiful girl mo matter what. Those eyes are so precious and thoughtful. Have fun and love each other for years to come. Hugs from Elizabeth & Miss Katie =O)
Aug 8, 2008 ceallaig
I'm not sure it gets any more beautiful than this! Sometimes it's just meant to be -- I got my Sam that way, when I went to look at his sister! (who went to a good home, btw, so I didn't feel badly). The idiots who let her go obviously didn't know what a treasure they had, but you do. Take good care of her and many long and wonderful years! As for her heritage .... no clue, but whatever the mix is, it should be patented!
Aug 8, 2008 jmaxcole
She is just too adorable for words - how could anyone abandon that little face? God bless you for rescuing her! Many years of happiness to you!!! Millions of biscuits and belly rubs from Texas...
Aug 8, 2008 Zoie's Daddy
What a very sweet, lucky little puppy you are, I would have chose you right away, I would have never waited at all. I wish I could give you more than 11 cookies because you deserve lots more. Many belly rubs and lots of puppy kiss's for you sweetie. I trust that your new mommy and daddy are treating you like the little princess that you are. XXXXXXXXXXX X oooooooooooo
Aug 8, 2008 pampurredpet
Nena is very beautiful indeed! She looks a lot like our Rascal- whom is a boxer/ german shep. mix. He is one of the best dogs I've ever known... intelligent, inquisitive, and full of love. Nena is gorgeous; what a lady! Your story, dear Nena, is truly inspirational... while it's sad (not to mention incomprehensible) that your previous 'parents' didn't follow through for you, it seems that was how it was meant to be- now you are at home with your true family! Many years of happiness to each of you, and BLESS you for hearing her pleas and knowing she was the one (and vice- versa). Shelter adoption is always a good choice for all involved! Great job, Mom!! :0}
Aug 8, 2008 Only Boxers
Nena you are adorable and look just like our boxer mix! We adopted our boy Hoss from a boxer rescue. The vet told us he was mixed with either Lab or Dane. Definitely lab - he is now 9 yrs. old and 75lbs. with a boxer body and lab face. We also have a full blood boxer, Clyde, who is 4 and 75lbs. They are the absolute best dog ever! I am sure that Nena and your family will enjoy each other for many years. Hugs, kisses and never ending biscuits for you Ms. Nena!
Aug 8, 2008 wolfensteinsmom
It is hard to pick a favorite picture from these. She is just adorable. It just looks like she has a wonderfully sweet disposition. I am sure she is happy to have a new family to love her. Congratulations on this beautiful find, and many happy years together. Belly rubs galore, and a million biscuits.
Aug 8, 2008 tracy kemmer
Maybe a cross with Great Dane? Very sweet looking gentle giant. Just Enjoy her.
Aug 8, 2008 phaedrapetnanny
Nena is absolutely adorable!! She looks like there might be some shepherd in te mix. Give that precious girl a big squeeze from me and my pack! phaedra
Aug 8, 2008 furbabies
Who wouldn't love this beauty? She is absolutely adorable. Lucky you!
Aug 8, 2008 mummm
What a cutie-pie! The behavior of some people towards animals is just... unbelievable. It's so lucky that you found Nena!
Aug 8, 2008 kathyd125
She's a beauty! And kudos to you - shelter dogs rule! Belly rubs from me and my two shelter dogs to Nena!
Aug 8, 2008 jbroy
I am happy to hear that she has found a wonderful home. I cant believe her old owners would just abandon her like that. She is so cute!!!!! Thank God there are people out there like you that prefer to adopt a pet in need!
Aug 8, 2008 msh85
Aug 8, 2008 hpk
Nena is an adorable little thing!!!!!!!Boxer mixs are so cute!
Aug 8, 2008 olivia alexandra
Definitely rhodesian ridgeback like others have said. I see a bit of boxer in her expression, and she has those unmistakeable boxer paws (yes, they are distinct!). She does look like she has a 3rd mix - perhaps collie or another long-snouted breed? Either way, I just rescued my second boxer boy a few weeks ago and he has been a blessing - like you, we went to see another dog, but Buster found us & he is a joy! Wishing you and Nena many happy years together!
Aug 8, 2008 amyliz
HOw could anyone have turned their backs on this sweet, beautiful pup?! I am so glad she is now with a family that loves and appreciates her!
Aug 8, 2008 englishsetter
I agree there is some ridgeback in her, and a boxer like expression and face. She is very cute. Give her a big hug for me please!
Aug 8, 2008 wolfgirl66
Hello again. Nena continues to be sweet, lovely and wonderful !!!!!!!!!!! All of her pics are extremely adorable. I am sure that she is having a lot of love and fun filled adventures in your wonderful home!!!!!!!!!!Take care and I wish ya'll a very long and happy life together!
Aug 8, 2008 wolfgirl66
Nena is extra cute in this one. My Huskies tilt their heads the same if to say "not me" Bye again
Aug 8, 2008 DailyPuppy Admin
What a sweet-heart!! She truly is beautiful!
Aug 8, 2008 mkybyte
I'd say Boxer and German Sheppard mix.
Aug 8, 2008 whippoorwill
Dead OR alive, Nena is most definitely "very cute." May you have many happy years to love each other.
Aug 8, 2008 caraschotch
Nena looks like a superstar in this glamorous pose! Thank you for rescuing her, and I hope you have many wonderful years together. Kisses and cookies from Cara
Aug 8, 2008 Tuna's_Mom
Hmm, yes, not seeing much Boxer, but I'm pretty sure that your gorgeous girl has ridgeback in her. She is very cute, and looks like she'll grow into a simply stunning adult!
Aug 8, 2008 CollieMom
Not only was it heartless of her former "family" to just abandon her that way, but that was a pretty nasty trick to play on their friends. Honestly, what is up with some people? Oh well, karma WILL catch up with them. And it certainly turned out for the best for Nena (and you).
Aug 8, 2008 piobaire
Whomever owned her before are incredibly STUPID people. They don't deserve to own any animals, let alone someone so sweet a Nena, pretty balerina. Look at this face? How could you ever let a face like this get away? I'm glad you're other choice got adopted too, and I'm glad you rescued Nena. She's a darling for sure. A whole box of cookies for her and many long years of love for you all.
Aug 8, 2008 pawprint1513
too cute! enjoy for many long years
Aug 8, 2008 Kale1231
Such a sweetheart! Looks like a ridgeback mix to me!
Aug 8, 2008 quiltcat
Nena is a beautiful and sweet dog! Her face doesn't look very boxer-like, but her beautiful white paws with their distinctive shape sure do. Shame on her previous owners...what a dirty trick to abandon her! And how wonderful that it all worked out that she could be with you. Many years of health and happiness together!
Aug 8, 2008 Mrs. Gentry
Oh Nena, I know how much your new family adores you. We got our beloved Jack Russell the same way, someone left him at the vet for puppy shots and never came back to get him! He is our baby love, as I am sure you are to your mom & dad too. Lots of kisses to you lucky girl.
Aug 8, 2008 crunchy_doglover
Nena you are soooo cute and beautiful!!! I bet you love your new home and I wish you a long and happy life!! :)
Aug 8, 2008 mango
Nena is definitely part Rhodesian Ridgeback. You can see the ridge on her back, and her face looks very much like our pure Ridgeback, Zama.
Aug 8, 2008 zeus orion
Soooo cute........ She is beautiful, maybe mixed with lab? Boxers are great dogs and very smart.
Aug 8, 2008 bubbie
Nena is a very lucky dog!! It was meant to be. She is absolutely adorable.
Aug 8, 2008 ladydi48
Nena you precious girl, how could anyone not want you. Thank God that your new family saw and fell in love with you and I know that you will give them more love and devotion then they ever imagined. A million hugs and biscuits for you.
Aug 8, 2008 Ace's mom
OMG what a face!! How could anyone abandon such a sweet little thing?!
Aug 8, 2008 dogmatic
She is so beautiful! lots of kisses to her.. Nena landed on her paws to get such a great home forever. Well done you! I defo think she is a bit of a ridgie and all of an angel.
Aug 8, 2008 corriedaboxers
Who cares what she is mixed with, she is beautiful in her own right, many happy years together. 11 biscuits.
Aug 8, 2008 iamme
She is so pretty! I love those ears and soulful brown eyes. :) I don't know why anyone would leave her. Have a great life Nena! :D
Aug 8, 2008 yorkigurl
What a darling face, know wonder you chose her...many years of fun & love...
Aug 8, 2008 locococo918
bless you for adopting such a sweet angel face!
Aug 8, 2008 lucybee
Whatever the cross is it made a beautiful girl! I can understand why you fell in love with this face.Many happy years with this sweetheart.
Aug 8, 2008 drakes' granny
How wonderful you found her and I'm sure make her happy. After the 1st time she had people that didn't care, it is heartwarming to hear she found a forever home. Give lots of love and biscuits.
Aug 8, 2008 inmemoryofnijah
What a beauty - We have a boxer and they are very energetic - She looks like boxer/ridgeback mix - enjoy her!
Aug 8, 2008 goldenluvr
She was very fortunate to have had fate intervene on her behalf and put the two of you in the right place at the right time. You obviously love her very much and I'm sure she reciprocates tenfold! God Bless!
Aug 8, 2008 denawolves
Well at least they didn't just lock her in the garage w/ no food or water...{that happened recently somewhere}. I've never trusted and cannot relate to people who don't like dogs. They're deficient, lacking something, and definitely missin' out! Congrats to you for getting your special doggy!
Aug 8, 2008 nicoleann75
You never find the right pup - they find YOU! Congrats on the new bundle of joy! It was meant to be!
Aug 8, 2008 doggieaunt
"How could anybody leave me behind?" Nena, I have no idea -- you're adorable! Fortunately, it sounds like you're with the RIGHT family now.
Aug 8, 2008 LiL BiT
She is very pretty girl, but i see no boxer in her at all. I agree with others though on a ridgeback mix though. Either way she seems oh so very sweet and very happy to have a wonderful home!!!
Aug 8, 2008 lovemypom
What a wonderful story about Nena! She is beautiful and looks like such a sweetie. Many happy years to you!
Aug 8, 2008 alexa
Thanks everyone! And thanks for suggesting Ridgeback -- her tail definitely looks like a Ridgeback tail. Whether that means we were wrong thinking she's a Boxer or not I don't know. (She looks a lot like some Boxer/Lab mixes I have seen, too.) Either way though I just think she's beautiful and very sweet. :)
Aug 8, 2008 susan barker
Nena is a very cute puppy!! And very lucky that you went back for her. Lots of belly rubs, hugs and kisses for Nena and your Family for taking her home. I'm sure she is much better off without that other family!!
Aug 8, 2008 vorner
What a beautiful puppy! I love her! Bless you for taking her into your home and hearts! A long, happy, healthy life filled with love, joy and fun! A million biscuits and tummy rubs for this precious angel! XOXOXO
Aug 8, 2008 lucyluv
What a adorable puppy! He looks perfect in every way!
Aug 8, 2008 lalamcgoo
Thank heavens you are in a wonderful home now!!! You are a beautiful baby!!!
Aug 8, 2008 2dogmom
Well of course you had to adopt Nena. Who could walk away from that face. She's a sweetie!
Aug 8, 2008 krist
I love her "Areooo???" face with her head tilted
Aug 8, 2008 taniamorse85
She must have some ridgeback in her. I don't really see the boxer, but she is definitely a ridgeback or ridgeback mix. Whatever she is, she is gorgeous!! I especially love her 'socks'!
Aug 8, 2008 denawolves
Alexa, the white socks and chest do remind me of boxer,as well as her coloring.
Aug 8, 2008 amper
She is a mix of elegance, grace, and love! What a blessing! Many biscuits and hugs.
Aug 8, 2008 In Memory of Annie
Who cares what mix she is??? She's your best friend and a beautiful girl. How blessed you both are. Enjoy eachother and give her lots of hugsand kisses from me.
Aug 8, 2008 catmother
She's brilliant -- just look at that smile!!! She was clearly waiting for you, and vice versa -- don't you just love it when the universe sings?!?!?!!!!
Aug 8, 2008 wellie'smum
Oh, what a sweet face! I'm in puppy love! Congratula tions on finding your little angel!
Aug 8, 2008 lotsapets
Thank you so much for giving this sweet, fortunate dog a loving home.......I am VERY glad she did not go back to that family who did not love her as you do.
Aug 8, 2008 indigo72
if this is ever possible to have so many breeds in one dog i think Nena is a ridgeback lab boxer german shepherd mix.
Aug 8, 2008 petmommy
Congratulations and Thank You for adopting Nena!!!! She is one beautiful girl and wish you lots and lots of years together! Her previous owners left behind a wonderful pet and you have been rewarded with a precious gift, take care and love her!
Aug 8, 2008 honeypie
Awwwww,what a face!
Aug 8, 2008 DaisyMay
What a beautiful story!!! I wish they all ended this GOOD. U and your family will be blessed a THOUSAND X's over...Thanks 4 taking the X 2 Adopted. She is very Beautiful, I love her FACE...THOSE EYES....SAY SO MUCH..:) NOW U R THERE 4 HER.....
Aug 8, 2008 infantrywife
Hi:) What an adorable puppy you have! I just wanted to say that I think she may be mixed with a German Shepard. My neighbor has a Boxer/ German Shepard mix and they look almost identical, the only difference is that Scooby's (the shepard/boxer mix) ears stick straight up:P I think I have a picture of him under Kylie's album if you want to take a look :)
Aug 8, 2008 littlepup
toooooooooo cute
Aug 9, 2008 dogluvver
She definitely has shepherd in that face and head. Boxer socks too : ) I love both breeds and can certainly see why you desperately wanted this pup! Have tons of fun with this beauty.
Aug 9, 2008 goldenrod1967
She looks a lot like my Rocket, who is Ridgeback, Lab and Staffie. Beautiful girl- shelter dogs are the best!!
Aug 9, 2008 goldenrod1967
Not sure why my first try didn't post--Nena looks a lot like my Rocket, who is Ridgeback, Lab and Staffie. This pose looks very familiar!! Beautiful girl-shelter dogs are the best!!
Aug 9, 2008 cutiepie108
Aug 9, 2008 mukluk2
How can you not love a face like this?? :) she has some Lab, just by the color alone, and Rhodesian also. Either way she is a beauty, goes to show a big pup is just as sweet as a small pup. Many treats and kisses for you Nena.
Aug 10, 2008 lynetz2
this is one beautiful puppy - i cannot imagine people who abandon their pets (let's hope they don't get any more pets) - nena is happy, loving and trusting you with her days - lucky you! thank you for adopting her! many happy and loving hours with your gorgeous nena! biscuits and hugs to nena!
Aug 10, 2008 hpk
I love the picture!
Aug 11, 2008 luv4nikki
your right, I cannot imagine anybody not wanting such a sweet baby. It kind of hurts the heart a little doesn't it???
Aug 11, 2008 tamwise21
She for sure has a very specail something...She is precious
Aug 11, 2008 PuppyLove22
I'd say lab... she doesn't look anything like a boxer but she's still cute anyways!
Aug 11, 2008 lisalisa
You and Nena were destined to be together - it was fate!!! I'm with you - how could anyone just not want her anymore? But, luckily, things happen for a reason and she was able to be saved by you. Just look at that smile on her face. There's no doubt you've made her the happiest doggy ever!
Aug 11, 2008 plumies
Aw, what a sweet face. I'm so glad you found each other!
Aug 12, 2008 anitac
She is gorgous! I love her..
Aug 13, 2008 nancy24tarn
Nena is a beautiful dog...:):) You are so lucky to have found her and she lucky to have found you. A great personality too. Hugs and kisses to Nena.
Aug 13, 2008 fluffydoglover123
Aug 14, 2008 Kee
She is a beauty indeed.. and reminds me of Twinci my Doberman/greyhound mix she left us last month and nina is just like a carbon copy of her...I missed her so much & today seeing neena I feel my twinci is living somehwhere with good ppl..who will give her all the love & care she deserves.... Hugs/runs & kisses to nina with bags full of buiscuits..
Aug 14, 2008 under-dog
aw!my friend has a boarder terrier called nena 2!!! she is lucky 2 hav u !!!
Aug 15, 2008 tambore
Hi Nena..... so you chose your new family? That doesn't surprise me at all. Tell Mom there is a new DNA test your vet can take (just a simple swab) which will determine your ancestry. However, you are so perfect, why bother? Ah, love...... it conquers all.
Aug 17, 2008 snoopygirl
She is so beautiful! She looks quite big and I adore big dogs! I am sure there is some German Shepherd in that face, and Rhodesian Ridgeback seems quite obvious. I can see why you picked her, she's lovely! xx loads of biscuits for you, Nena!
Aug 17, 2008 xdogsandpuppiesx
awwww! my friend has a boxer called oscar but I think nena the boxer mix is cuter!
Aug 17, 2008 puppydog
Nina is such a beautiful girl!
Aug 21, 2008 honeycaves
what a cute boxer mix shes adorable i'm glad u adopted her ur a lucky person!!!!!!!xox
Aug 25, 2008 kaybugg12
this seems to be very funny and energetic
Sep 17, 2008 Littlepuppenny12
Wowzerz! Nena is awesome looking! I love her! Wat a beauty! So sweet and energetic looking in a very very VERY cute way!
Sep 24, 2009 MARLEY/TASHA
OMG shes is the twin of my doberman mix we was told he was mixed with a bull mastiff but our vet is sure hes crossed with a boxer and now looking at this pic i can see why so i would say just going by the look of my dog that yours has doberman in her what ever she has shes beautiful
Jul 21, 2010 Blove
I have one that is 4 months old and she is a Ridgeback/boxer mix. They are so loving and excited about so much.
Aug 18, 2010 Dayla
Nena is sooo cute!!! She looks a lot like my puppy, Crowley. He is actually registered as a Lab mix. I am wondering if they are both Lab/Boxer mix. I was thinking for a while that Crowley had Ridgeback in him. I don't know. Good luck with Nena. Lover her lots!!!
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