Oliver the Beagle / Labrador Mix

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Oliver's mom says: Oliver (also known as Ollie) is a very happy boy! He is a beagle/Lab mix who was adopted from the SPCA in Charleston, SC (USA). Oliver is always busy; when he isn't running around with his friends at the dog park, he is hard at work. Ollie has become the mascot and official "launch dog" for the College of Charleston crew team. He just loves riding in the boats and barking words of encouragement to the team while they row. He also goes to work with one of his owners at the dog bakery, where his puppy charm and personality keep the customers coming back for more. Whenever Oliver has some downtime, he loves to lounge around with his big brother, Boone, or to cuddle up with his lady friend -- his stuffed pink flamingo.