Oliver the Pomeranian Mix

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Olivers's mom says: When I began my search for the "just right" puppy, I had no specific breed, gender, or size in mind. I just knew that I wanted a lovable, playful, and good-natured companion. That's exactly what I got when I found Oliver! While browsing the selection of adorable puppies at a breeder's house, I immediately noticed Oliver in the last pen. I was instantly head-over-heels for the little black and white fuzzball with the sweet expression. Oliver has brought lots of love, joy, and energy to my life and home since the day he arrived. His favorite activities include: zooming around the house, napping in the sun spot, and chewing on a deliciously stuffed Kong Ball. Oliver is learning lots of new commands through clicker training. As of now, he enthusiastically responds to "sit," "down," "stand," "come," "go to bed," and "outside." Of course, he never misses an opportunity to earn a yummy treat for his "hard work." Coming home from work and playing with Oliver is now my favorite part of the day!