Onesies July 2007

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Sam the Red Heeler Sam's sister says: I'm 11 years old and this is my dog, Sam. He is a red heeler, also known as an Australian cattle dog. Sam is one of four dogs that I own. I love Sam. He is always up for a romp in the backyard. He loves removing the fuzz from tennis balls and playing fetch with them. Right now I am working on getting him to walk properly on the leash. For when we put a leash on him he grabs a hold of the leash and walks himself. It is quite funny actually. Sam is just a joy to have around and I love him. Michael says: We hope everyone enjoys this month's Onesies feature! Dudley the Beagle / Hound Mix Dudley's mom says: We rescued Dudley from a shelter after he had been thrown out of a car window. He suffered a severely broken back leg and actually almost had it amputated. We nursed him back to health and his leg healed perfectly! Dudley loves to cuddle on the couch and fetch sticks bigger than he is. He is as cute as he is naughty... and you can see just how cute he is. Dudley is a perfect puppy and we love him more and more every day. Baby Jake the English Bulldog Jake's mom says: Baby Jake was the best bulldog puppy ever. His great-grandfather was the "Jake" on the series Jake and the Fat Man in the '70s. He was spunky, lovable, bullheaded, sweet, stinky, and an angel of a dog. We lost him when he was two years old due to a breathing problem. Jess the Schnauzer Jess says: "I am a standard schnauzer with a wagging tail, floppy ear, and purple collar. I am working up the ladder of my pack. I am definitely ahead of my older brother Max. He is at least four-legged with a tail but he only meows and cannot do my deep-chested bark. I think I am also ahead of one of the 12-year-old two-legged pack members. He used to play rough with me like tug of war. But I found that it is more fun to pull his pants down or jump on him. I am unsure about the eight-year-old two-legged one. Every time I want to jump on him, he say "sit" and gives me some goody to eat before I have a chance to jump on him. I am definitely ahead of him. Then there is the female two-legged one. She is the only other female in the pack. She is bigger, but when I jump on her, sometimes I can push her around. My favorite pastime is to steal the purple slipper off her foot and get her to chase me. Finally it's down to the big alpha that picks me up from the sofa and puts me back into the crate at night and takes me for a walk before dawn. I am working on him but not sure whether it is worth it to lose those before-dawn walks in the leash-free reserve." Molly the Labrador Molly's parents say: Molly is our newest family member. She is an adorable eight-week-old yellow Labrador. Her big sister Morgan isn't too sure what to think of her yet, but they are starting to bond more every day. She is a very mischievous and curious little girl. There is never a dull moment in the household. She is a bundle of entertainment. Evie the Chihuahua Mix Evie's mom says: Evie was born May 2, 2006, and sold as a purebred Chihuahua. When I went to pick her up I knew she wasn't a Chihuahua but fell in love and had to have her. Evie loves to fetch, chase squirrels, and play with her big sisters Oprah and Mackenzie, my black Labradors. LuLu the Samoyed / Golden Retriever Mix Lulu's mom says: Lulu is the cutest pup I have ever seen. I think she thinks that too, with all the attention she gets when we go walking. We never thought of buying a puppy from a pet shop, but when we saw her in the shop window she was ours no matter what! She was from NSW, Australia, and her breeder brought her and her siblings down to Victoria. She loves her toys to death and even sleeps with them next to her. Her favourite pastime is picking all the flowers off plants in the garden. Marley the Shepherd / Labrador Mix Marley's mom says: Marley came into my life when he was seven weeks old. I visited Animal Control in Athens, curious about adopting a dog. Never in my life did I expect to find a puppy there was needed rescuing as much as little Marley did. He was scheduled to be put to sleep the day after I visited the shelter. When I held him in my arms, I knew he was my puppy. I took him home, and my love for him grows more and more each day. I did not even know that these maternal instincts existed inside of me. He loves people and all other animals. Nothing makes Marley happier more than greeting people on the streets and when they come through the door. He can play fetch for hours, and he is such a sport about going to the bathroom outside. He already knows how to sit, shake, give high five, lay down, and stay. Marley is my soul mate and best friend. Man, he is the puppy of my life! Paris the Chocolate Labrador Paris's aunt says: Paris is one huge drama queen from Saskatchewan, Canada. She loves to be the centre of attention and whines anytime she doesn't get her way. Her favourite hobbies are chasing a tennis ball and lounging on the couch with her dad. She has many favourite tv shows but seems to have affinity for reality tv. Izabella Grace the Chihuahua Izabella says: "Despite a rocky start, I have managed to overcome many obstacles since I was orphaned unexpectedly at one week old. I owe any success I have now and in the future to my foster mom, Amy. She is the nicest lady I could have hoped for, considering my frail beginnings. Before my eyes were even open, she was feeding me through a tube every few hours. When my eyes became infected, she put medicine on them. Now I have gorgeous, bright eyes, and a big fat tummy. Furthermore, I have a new home with three big brothers. It appears that I will receive the same amount of affection, attention, and food that I was receiving from Miss Amy. I also have my own bedroom here with a large pen that my new mom calls "Queen Izzy's palace." This new palace of sorts has afforded me my own bathroom facilities consisting of newspaper on one end. After only one night, I figured out this setup all on my own. Mom was so surprised and happy. One of my brothers, Sparky, has appointed himself my guardian. He protects me and my food in an almost obsessive way. I'm getting suspicious of the food guarding though. What is his ulterior motive? I know I'm still very young, but I don't think the Science Diet bag needs protection. Hmmm..." Ollie and Gypsy the Mutts Ollie and Gypsy's brother says: Gypsy loves to dig holes in the garden and play-fight with her brother, Ollie. Emily the Mixed Breed Emily's parents say: Some teenage boys bought Emily because she was cute but neglected her and did not know anything about taking care of dogs. Our family friends took her away and tried to give her a good home. In the end we took her, even though it took begging. We already had one dog. Luckily they love to play together. She is now two years old and a playful, energetic, silly dog. We just guess, but possible breeds she may be are golden retriever, Labrador, Chesapeake Bay retriever, or maybe a mix of these. Oliver the Mini Dachshund Oliver's mom says: Oliver loves to hang out at work (usually playing under the desk) and chew on anything he can get his mouth around. Mr. Frog and our bathroom rugs are his favorites. He often forgets how tiny he is, especially when playing with larger puppies. He also thinks that the entire bed belongs to him, so we have to work around him. Sometimes this involves waking up at 3 am with a puppy scarf on. Oliver is a great puppy. Jack the Golden Retriever Jack's mom says: Jack lives with us in Texas. He is a very cute and lovable guy and makes us laugh all the time. Jack loves to be outdoors, and the picture on the rocks was Jack's first outing. I call the picture "King of the World." Major the Jack Russell Terrier Major's mom says: Major McDougal is the love of my life. We live in Christiana, Tennessee, where we enjoy beautiful weather and car rides to the park, Major’s favorite place. As most other Jack Russells, Major is very energetic. His energy has inspired both mom and dad to become more active and we have him to thank for our better healthy active lifestyle. Major will greet guests with a special little wagging of the tail that we call the buttie shake since it looks like his is shaking his whole butt instead of just his tail -- way too cute! Major is a very curious puppy who loves to be the center of attention. I had Major crate trained to sleep in his cage at night, however his daddy felt sorry for Major one night and brought him to bed with us and now Major sleeps under the covers with us every night just like a human would -- totally spoiled. Even though Major has not yet graduated from puppy school training he is very good with the commands "sit" and "down." He loves to play with squeaky toys and bones, and he thoroughly enjoys giving everyone the opportunity to love on him. I would be lost without Major and I am very thankful I did not listen to those who warned me about the Jack Russells. I think they are the best breed of dog you could possibly have. Junior the American Bulldog Junior's parents say: Junior has one sister named Frankie. He’s an amazing puppy with lots of character. Sammy the Boston Terrier Sammy's mom says: Sammy just has the best personality, loves meeting new people, and is our favorite thing to cuddle with. He’s got so much energy that he often runs circles around our house until he poops out. He loves being around people and will follow you for hours. Honestly, I think he thinks he is a human. Pugsley the Australian Shepherd Pugsley's roommate says: Don't be fooled... there is an attitute behind that cute puppy face! When we first saw Pugsley in the pet store, I fell in love with his bright green eyes immediately. For some reason though, he did not want to leave. He was so scared to be outside until we took him to my friend's house and let him play in the grass. That was when we found out how destructive and clumsy Pugsley really is. He tried to eat every plant in the yard and kept falling over his paws. It is so hard to be mad at him though because he is just so cute. He will go sit in the corner like he is in time out if he knows he senses you are mad at him. Pugsley is the most loving and loyal dog. He will never run away from you and hates to be left alone. He loves to play fetch. Hopefully by the end of the summer we will have him flying through the air catching his favorite Frisbee.