Onesies June 2007

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Gunnar the Miniature Dachshund Gunnar's mom says: Our Gunnar joined us around the time the weather was warming up. Immediately, his favorite place was the front porch in the sunlight. He's a chewer and we're still working on house-training, but we love him still. Our daughter, Sarah (nine years old), snapped this photo that we think is just adorable! It shows Gunny's good nature. Michael says: It's time for Onesies again... enjoy!&t Maggie the Labrador Maggie's mom says: This is Magnolia Dogwood -- Magpie for short. She is positively the laziest puppy in the world! She has small bursts of energy that quickly fizzle into unadulterated sweetness. Magpie loves to chew on door trim, plastic soda bottles, expensive shoes... actually, just about anything she can get her mouth around. Most of all, she likes to lounge about with us. Samson the Pomeranian/Chihuahua Mix Samson's mom says: Samson is supposedly a Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix. He loves to play hide-and-seek with his chew bones. He also loves to play catch with his toys. He is a energetic, chubby boy who loves everyone. He also loves to cuddle and EAT! Maddie the Corgi Maddie's mom says: We adopted Maddie from Cole's Pound Pal Rescue, via Petfinder, the day after Christmas. Maddie and her two sisters and brother were rescued from a puppy mill. Maddie's favorite thing to do is chew on things -- especially feet and shoes! We bought her a foot chew toy but she still prefers the real thing. In addition to bringing much energy to our home, Maddie has also helped us with our grieveing over our first dog, Max, who died from cancer at nine years old a few weeks before Christmas. Maddie has certainly gotten us to smile again. Bernoulli the Jack Russell Terrier Bernoulli's mom says: Bernoulli is your typical, hyper Jack Russell terrier. He loves to chew on everything and tear up his soft, plush toys to shreds. He has an endless amount of energy that wears us out, but we love him for it. He is so smart and picks up tricks very easily. When Bernoulli was a a puppy, his favorite thing to do was to gather sticks and rocks so that he could chew on them. He loves to come and cuddle with us and will insist on being in the middle to the point that he will simply sit on top of you if you don't make any room. He is a very quiet dog and doesn't bark very much except at night when he gets a little suspicious by some rustlings and wants to protect us. Bernoulli is the greatest dog anyone could ask for. Roscoe* the Golden Retriever * Roscoe's Grown-up Puppy Pictures Santino the Bulldog Santino's dad says: Santino has been a great addition to our family. He is a very loving and loyal bulldog who enjoys playing with stuffed animals. He is very smart and energetic and loves children. Pacey the Mixed Breed Pacey's mom says: Pacey came into our family's life about four weeks ago by accident. Someone had decided that he was not welcome in their home so they left him out on his own till he and I ran across each other. He is a wonderful dog, so smart and easy to train. He is a very lively and happy pup that loves to chew on fingers and hair. He will grab onto your pant leg which makes it hard to walk (with a puppy dragging behind you). Pacey has been a wonderful addition to our home and I wish whoever dumped him off could see what a fantastic puppy he is. They don't know what they are missing. We are not sure what breeds he is mixed with and we will never know. All we know for sure is that he has worked his way into our hearts and we are the luckier for it. Alfie the Shih Tzu Alfie's dad says: Alfie is a happy little guy that loves people and other dogs. He his very smart for ten weeks and is already house-trained. Alfie likes to watch Wheel of Fortune on television. Maggie the Cavalier King Charles Maggie's parents say: Our pup was born on January 1, 2007. Since birth, her breeders called her "Three Spot" for the cute three spots on top of her head. We first visited her when she was five weeks old and we were smitten at first sight! Maggie has been with us for two months now and she has adjusted quite well to city life. She enjoys long walks and meeting other dogs and friendly New Yorkers. She also loves cuddling, jumping in the bathtub (when she thinks no one's looking), playing with her many toys, and giving lots of puppy kisses. Riley the Maltese Riley's mom says: Riley's favourite things to do are play with his sister, Mitsy, chew on my socks, play at the dog park, and eat carrots. He is extremely energetic and hyper and always runs circles around the house for no apparent reason. He also enjoys basking in the sun and barking at other dogs from our balcony. Spike the Chihuahua Spike's mom says: Spike only weighs two pounds but really lives up to his name. He has boundless energy and loves to play outside. He will run up to the biggest dogs and the tallest people just to say hi. In fact, he thinks that anyone who passes by has come just to visit him! He is also very smart -- he learned to sit and put out his paw in one day. His new tricks include escaping from his carrier when it is closed and bounding up a flight of stairs at break-neck speed. Spike is tons of fun and makes us very happy! Shelby the Shih Tzu x Bichon Frise Shelby's mom says: Shelby is a very loving and playful shih tzu and bichon frise puppy. She is a happy, playful, and well-behaved girl who is always up for more than a little fun. Her favorite activities are playing with her toys, going for long walks, and play-wrestling with me and her dad. Don't let her small size fool you. She's a fierce 13-pound toughie who can hold her own! When Shelby is not napping, running in the backyard, or in the house, she can be found snacking on some macaroni. Ozzy the Golden Retriever Ozzy's parents say: Ozzy is full of fun and enjoys learning new things. He is constantly surprising me with how smart he is. He's already been adopted by my other dogs. His favorite thing is barking at tails to make them wag then pouncing on them. According to Ozzy, morning and evening walks rock! Mister Ziggy the Miniature Dachshund Ziggy's mom says: I adopted Mister Ziggy while on vacation in Seattle and brought him home with me to Nashville. Formerly a boxer owner, I didn’t expect to fall in love with something so small, but life had a surprise in store for me. Mister Ziggy weighed all of three pounds so I put him in a Baby Bjorn chest pack to board the plane home. He so charmed the airline attendants that they moved us to first class. His best friend next door is a Boston terrier named B.B. (aka Black Bean). Zig is part clown, part guard dog, all flirt. He’s also got a very big bark, so if people hear him first before they see him, they start to laugh as soon as they figure out the source of all that ferocious dog noise. Zig sticks very close to me, particularly at the dog park where he fends off Great Danes and other big dogs lest they come too close to us. Because I always talk to boxers there, he loves them too and has learned to box and kiss with the best of them. Ziggy's tongue should be registered as a stealth weapon; he’s a very determined little kisser with lots of friends around town who offer up their faces for a bath. And of course he has all kinds of nicknames: Zig, Z-Man, Mouseman, the Zed, Zig-Zag, Lizard Boy, and Big Stuff. Tiger the Mixed Breed Tiger's parents say: Tiger is a mixture of many varieties but we suspect his mother was some sort of a terrier and the dad was a traveling man. His mother was gray, white, and black with long hair. She was abandoned and was wild. She had her litter of six puppies during a snowstorm under the porch of our friend's house. She would never make up with the family although they fed her for eight weeks, and she left as soon as the last puppy was adopted. It is our thought he is a cow dog of some sort, as this is a prominent breed in the panhandle of Texas. Tiger is very intelligent and learns tricks easily. He walks a mile a day and he is very eager to please. He now has learned to open the screen door, so all doors are latched.