Onesies November 2007

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Charley the Lhasa Apso Charley's mom says: As a proud new mom, I love to brag about our little Charley. Charley loves running in our house, playing with our shoes, and, of course, sleeping everywhere all the time. I have even been able to take him to the mall and other businesses because he just sleeps in my arms like a newborn baby. He even has this little snore that sounds adorable. Charley has been an absolutely wonderful addition to our family. He was crate trained within the first two days of bringing him home, and he enjoys sleeping through the night. Abigail the English Bulldog Abigail says: "My name is Princess Abigail, but my friends call me Abby. I live with my mommy and daddy in California. My animal siblings include a pot-bellied pig sister (Princess Samantha) and a Himalayan feline brother (Feister Van de Berg). I love to go for car rides. My parents don't understand why I think they are so fun, but they are! I especially love to go to Starbucks because sometimes I get some scone, or, better yet, get to lick the drips on Mommy's coffee cup! My favorite toys are a Kong stuffed with peanut butter or anything stuffed that I can rip to shreds. I love to go on walks with Mommy and Daddy. But I can't go very far. Luckily they are nice enough to bring a stroller for me so I can make it back home. In the past, my mommy has had to carry me home. She says I need to go on a diet! Also, I am a highly intelligent and skilled bulldog, but a crowd favorite is when I balance a treat on my nose until my parents tell me I can eat it. Then I flip it in the air and catch it!" Bailey the English Springer Spaniel Bailey's mom says: Bailey is the happiest, most loving, and most playful dog. My husband, who recently deployed to Iraq, gave her to me as a Christmas gift so I would have a friend to keep me company while he was gone. I don't know what I would do without her here. She loves to play with her fur-relatives: her much older brother, Breckenridge, also an English springer spaniel; her cousin, Jack, a German shepherd; and her cousin Molly, a golden retriever. She knows many commands (sit, stay, lay down, off, wait, go get toys, sneak, and heel) but she is still very rebellious at times. She loves belly rubs, tennis balls, and keeping watch over the neighborhood from our bay window. One of my favorite things about her is how her whole backside wiggles when she wags her tail. She follows me everywhere I go and I love having her to keep me company. Sam the German Shepherd Sam's dad says: Sam was literally a found treasure that we immediately took to our hearts. He was apparently dumped in our neighborhood at around four weeks old, as he simply wandered into our yard one morning. We checked throughout the neighborhood and no one knew anything about him so he became our big baby. He loves to chew on anything and everything. He is very smart and learns fast. He's so smart, in fact, that he knew how to have us wrapped around his paw in no time so that we would do anything for our big baby whom we love very much. Ziggy the Wirehair Terrier Ziggy's aunt says: Ziggy is a very happy guy who loves to lick faces! He loves jumping around when he's outside and laying low when he's inside. He has a habit of making people pet him by just looking at them. He loves the attention! Ziggy was adopted when he was just a little puppy, and he's already gone through some rough patches. He was hospitalized with an infection when he was just a few months old and had to have an IV. He's really good at tearing apart toys, especially the fleece ones. He also likes to chew on rocks and dig holes. Ziggy is a good boy though; he can sit, lay down, beg, stand, and, of course, look cute! Linus the Boston Terrier Linus's mom says: Linus lives in Austin, Texas. He has a brother, another Boston terrier named Moo. Linus loves to give kisses and to run and play and sometimes get into a little bit of trouble. He likes to pick on dogs that are bigger than he is; we think he has a Napoleon complex! He likes to stand up for his brother and sometimes they get into trouble together. Violet the Shiba Inu Mix Violet's mom says: My husband and I adopted Violet a year and a half ago in Denver, Colorado. We were in the process of purchasing our first house and I was told I could get my first dog. An e-mail went around my husband's office regarding a litter of mixed breed pups ready for adoption. He forwarded me the photos and we went to meet the puppies the next day. I had my eye on Violet from the photos and when we met her in person, we knew she was the girl for us. She was silly, playful and all over us. We had the dog before we closed on the house! Finnegan the Australian Shepherd Finnegan's mom says: Finnegan is a crazy little fluff ball. He loves to dig holes right where I need to walk, eat grass, and sit and watch neighbors when I am trying to get him to walk on his leash. I love that Finnegan cuddles with us on the couch, gives kisses to me and other dogs when I say, "Give kisses," and most of all I love his spirit and energy. Finnegan likes to walk around town by the shops and restaurants, where he walks up to people and then just sits there until they tell him how cute he is and pet him. Everyone asks the same two questions, "What kind of dog is he?" and "Where is his tail?" Finnegan is so handsome that people call him a pretty girl. But he doesn't seem to mind as long as they pet him and let him nip at their ankles. He also considers ice cubes treats and he loves his mommy! Bailey the Jack Russell Terrier Bailey's grandma says: Bailey is a very energetic puppy. He does not know a stranger and loves to play with children. We got him for my daughter and her husband, and they are having a good time training and loving Bailey. He loves to play ball and chase after things. He has learned most of his commands and has been a great sport at house training as well. Bailey loves an outdoor hose as he loves to chase the water. He loves to go for rides in the car and to hang his head out the window. When it comes to nap time, he loves to cuddle and be close to us. He give us lots of puppy kisses and will curl up to be comfy for his nap. Bailey loves his new mommy and daddy and wants to be with them as much as he can. Bailey is a very special little boy to us all. Angus the English Staffordshire Bull Terrier Angus' sister says: Angus can sit, drop, shake hands, and give high fives. His best friend is a thirteen-year-old cat. His favorite game is Australian rules football. He loves staying inside our warm house; he hates the cold. He has a friendly personality and loves the company of his three other owners. He also loves hanging out with his cousin, Squidgy, a three-year-old Maltese terrier. He can be naughty at times and loves destroying my mum's favorite flowers. He has recently become too big to be washed in our laundry sink so has started showering with my dad. It is quite amusing to see Angus' shampoo in the shower next to my conditioner. Dorian the Great Dane Dorian's parents say: Dorian is the sweetest little pink-nosed dog ever. He now weighs 130 pounds, but he still thinks he's a lapdog! Zeus the Labrador Mix Zeus's brother says: Zeus was found in the countryside near my town with his mom and eleven brothers and sisters. When I saw him for the first time, it was love at first glance. He was the first puppy to come towards me. He's always with my family and me, and he hates to stay alone. His favorite hobbies are chewing everything, eating grass and flowers, sleeping on the sofa, playing with every kind of toy, and going outside with me to play with any other dog we meet on the road. He's very active, curious, loving, and loyal. I can't imagine a day without him jumping around me in search of a hug. Cayden the Pomeranian / Chihuahua Cayden's mom says: Cayden is the most loving and caring dog around. He was born in Burlington, North Carolina and struggled with some health issues in the beginning. He worked through them like a champ and has grown to be strong and incredibly playful. Cayden likes to do everything that I do (he's always right behind me). He enjoys playing with his toys until he has totally destroyed them and then moves on to demolish the next one. He loves to cuddle and sleep way down far under the blankets, spreading out as much as he can. He truly runs the household. Cayden is one of the best decisions I have ever made and I am so thankful that I found him. I look forward to the many years we'll have together. Bella the Yorkshire Terrier Bella's parents say: Bella Enchanted, a Yorkie, is the newest addition to our family. We got her when she was eight weeks old and she has been a joy to have ever since. Her brother, Bentley, a Maltese / poodle was featured on Daily Puppy last year. Like her brother, she is spoiled and sleeps in our bed every night. She is the princess of the house, and at times she tries to have the bed all to herself and not even let Bentley on! She will walk around on the bed to keep Bentley from getting on. She is so spoiled rotten that she flies with us and her brother wherever we go. Jack the Golden Retriever Jack's dad says: We took this picture when Jack was brand new to our home and just a little fuzz ball. He has grown up to be the most loving dog in the world. Evie the Miniature Poodle Evie's mom says: Evie is a healthy, loving, and happy baby girl. She loves to cuddle and play with her mommy and daddy and is always right by our sides. She will gather all her toys all over the house and pile them together in whatever room we're hanging out in so she doesn't have to be too far from us. We bonded with her immediately!