Ori the Kooiker Hound

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Ori's parents say: Ori means "my light", and he is the light of our lives! He is a Kooikerhondje, a dutch duck spaniel, which is a breed that is very rare in the United States but much more popular in Europe. We fell in love with the breed from our research and happened to be lucky enough to find a breeder very close to our home! Ori is a "fetchaholic", who is very smart and often goes on "hyperkiss". He is pretty spoiled, often goes "undercover", and becomes the "underdog" in our bed! He loves to tease his older brother, Indy, a German shepherd, and his big sister, Maui, our rescued kitty. Ori is a hero! He saved Indy, who is blind, by barking furiously and running back and forth at the backyard fence that Indy had found a hole in!