Parker the Golden Retriever

Puppy Breed: Golden Retriever

Parker's sister says: Parker is a very mellow golden retriever puppy. He loves playing with tennis balls and will do just about anything for a treat! So far (at 15 weeks) he is enrolled in Puppy Preschool and has his first class last week. He LOVES it! He's made so many new friends of all shapes and sizes. He will sit and stay (with temptation) and he is great at spinning! Pretty good for a baby! Parker has a website devoted to documenting his growth and development at and it features many videos of him. He is extremely gentle but loves to play with his 3 year old golden sister, Daisy. He's also decided that he likes to chase kitties around the house and play with them whenever they allow it! After only 3 weeks with him, his family is in complete love!