Patches the Maltipoo

Puppy Breed: Unknown

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Melissa M Nov 27, 2006
Oh my goodness gracious!!!!!!!!!!! Love at first site. You should...

Smoochies Nov 27, 2006
Oh my, what happened to Patches' little leg? I hope your sweet baby...

Marie Nov 27, 2006
What a sweet little Patches. So little and cute. Enjoyed all the...

Puppy Lover Nov 27, 2006
Wow! Patches is SO cute! I love this little baby.

PippiMom Nov 27, 2006
I think this may be the cutest puppy I've ever seen.

samir Nov 27, 2006
oh yeah.. this one's up there.. 12 biscuits at least...:)

bud Nov 27, 2006
a right charmin' little feller for sure. what happened to his leg?

triccer Nov 27, 2006

Rich Nov 27, 2006
Arrr what a cute puppy!!!!And he has a poorly leg...arrrrrr!

Karen Nov 27, 2006
he's just so adorable

Archer-s Mommy Nov 27, 2006
How adorable. I love tiny puppy faces. They are too sweet. I wanna...

Chip Nov 27, 2006
Looks like a little trouper!

Happy-s sister Nov 27, 2006
Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!! That puppy is just so adorable!!!!!!!!!!! And...

yujismom Nov 27, 2006
love the ones with his duckie-he's a keeper!

cockapooluvr1010 Nov 27, 2006
awwweee!how sweet!

cockapooluvr1010 Nov 27, 2006
triccer u stink!dont wind him hes just being a brat!hes always rude 2...

sugarbaby110 Nov 27, 2006
how adorable!!!!!! very cute

wrangler Nov 27, 2006
Aww, they just put a fake cast on his leg to get the sympathy...

DogMom Nov 27, 2006
What a yummy puppy! HE is so cute with his duckie and his little...

Zo Zo Nov 27, 2006
Awwww, he actually is the sweetest thing I have ever seen!

elsaf Nov 27, 2006
Awww... I'm melting. So cute... And his poor widdle leg...

Michele Nov 27, 2006
About as cute as they come. I'd take him home if I could!

Taiyin Nov 27, 2006
So adorable! Reminds me of my baby when she was a puppy! ...

scobig Nov 27, 2006
No story? :( Well his pictures say a thousand words! He is a cute,...

scobig Nov 27, 2006
Patches' family: Dont mind 'triccer' that jerk says that about all...

LabMom Nov 27, 2006
This little puppy is TOO cute!!! 11 biscuits, definitely!

smiss Nov 27, 2006
what a sweetiepie! those eyes look so soulful. :)

Caleb Nov 27, 2006
soooooooooooooooooo cute!

Susan Nov 27, 2006
Absolutely as cute as a button. I adore the patches! He's an 11...

Always 11 Biscuits! Nov 27, 2006
Patches deserves 11 biscuits!

Mar Mar Nov 27, 2006
sooooooo cute it just makes me want to cry!!

IwantapuppyforChristmas Nov 27, 2006
What a darlin'! I wish I could take a nap with him on my belly.

Julia Nov 27, 2006
*takes deep breath*


Linda Nov 27, 2006
Such an adorable pup!!!!!!!

Michael Nov 27, 2006
According to my understanding, Patches got bit on the leg by another...

Rebecca Nov 27, 2006
Oh My!!!! What an adorable puppy! This one is going to get away with...

Bob Nov 27, 2006
What a sweet little pup. I have 2 maltese girls. We looked for a...

little dog lover Nov 27, 2006
that last picture is a real heart melter. I have a yorkiepoo and she...

ilovedogs Nov 27, 2006
patches is sooooooo cute!!!!!!!! I love the photos of her with the...

Alice Nov 27, 2006
Julia, I really don't think I can put it any better. Except you...

Anne Nov 27, 2006
Much too cute!!!

Anouk Nov 27, 2006
oh my god, sooo CUTE little puppy!!

PUPPYLOVER Nov 27, 2006
this is the cutetest puppy i have ever seen. :-D but what happened...

chinese_israelite Nov 27, 2006
cuteness overload!!! whatta beauty!!!

GoPups Nov 27, 2006
LLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OH MY GOD!!!I...

GoPups Nov 27, 2006
Oh,and triccer,I DON'T BELIEVE YOU!!!You stink!!!

Mall Nov 27, 2006
I think i just fel in love. Patches is soo adorible..

RENEE Nov 27, 2006
ALL i CAN SAY IS WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joy Nov 27, 2006
so TINY!! can he be real...

kiki Nov 27, 2006
so cute :)~KIKI

#1DogLover Nov 27, 2006
He is sooooo cute!!!! The 1st pic looks like he has a mowhake!!!! He...

Kendra Nov 27, 2006
I love the little hairs that stick up Patches' little head. That's...

JMB329 Nov 27, 2006
What a sweet baby! Makes you want to just run out and buy a dozen of...

someone Nov 27, 2006
... I know the other 54 people have...

GreenPug Nov 27, 2006
that dog is so cute. i wish i could hold him!

Terry C, Boston Terrier Lover Nov 27, 2006
Would you just LOOK at those EYES!

Too adorable for...

colleen :) Nov 27, 2006
aww!! i want a dog like that now!! lol but seriosly he is destined 4...

chris wan Nov 27, 2006
that dog is ugly

MaoMao Nov 27, 2006
He looks like he has a yeast infection...

Purple Nov 27, 2006

Animefreak Nov 27, 2006
SQUEEEEEEEE! *faints* *revives* My heart keeps doing a backflip when...

hkitty383 Nov 27, 2006
This dog, is the CUTEST dog i ever seen. Everytime I look at it it is...

snoopy Nov 27, 2006
such a cutie! mwah mwah! want to hug hug and kiss kiss this cute...

WESLEY Nov 27, 2006
such a cute maltipoo & so tiny

~*Kelsey*~ Nov 27, 2006

hb2082 Nov 27, 2006
That is such a cute puppy. I have never heard of a maltipoo, but it...

Samantha Gee I-m a puppy Lova! Nov 27, 2006
hes so...

Lilypea Nov 27, 2006
This is the sweetest little dude I have ever seen. I ususaly don't...

Sara Nov 27, 2006
wow what a softy! He is such a little cutie! I love small things!

Whitley-s Mommy Nov 27, 2006
Patches is such a cutie pie! I ADORE the sleepytime pictures with Mr....

gabriela Nov 27, 2006
om my gosh!! he is ahhdorable... what a cute little things...cutest...

Puppy♥Lover Nov 27, 2006
What a cute little baby! One of my dogs is a maltichon(maltese x...

Pandas Nov 27, 2006
Wow, nice puppy

Jenn the crazy one Nov 27, 2006
This is heart melting!
i love him!
I want...

Griffin-s mom Nov 27, 2006
Yes indeed a cutie patootie. I don't understand the casting. Doesn't...

toniaisinlove Nov 27, 2006
It's love at first sight! He's such a little sweetie pie! Just want...

Julia Nov 28, 2006
This site is supposed to be family-friendly. Please refrain from...

Jass Nov 28, 2006
he got the most innocent & beautiful expressing eyes I've ever...

alice Nov 28, 2006
I've already commented, but can I add: PLEASE will people NOT RESPOND...

Missy Nov 28, 2006
You puppy is the cutest I have ever seen (excluding my own!).

Skwerly Nov 28, 2006
Ay, Dios mio...the wee mohawk! The white face/dark eyes combo! The...

KatKirk Nov 28, 2006
Absolutely adorable!!! What a cuddly fluffy little tiny bundle of joy!

lala and panesita Nov 28, 2006
yup this little cutie is just to adorable love the hair

Bunnied816 Nov 28, 2006
"They like reading RESPONSES to them- playground...

PUP Nov 28, 2006

puppyluver Nov 28, 2006
I love Patches!Hes so cute.Hope his leg gets better.I love all of his...

Zoe-s mommy:) Nov 29, 2006
This puppy is adorable!

shaun Perry Nov 29, 2006
how would these pups go in Australia with tops of 48'c in summer and...

shaun Perry Nov 29, 2006

maggie Nov 29, 2006
Adored It!!!!!!!
Puppy Hair Power!!!!!!!!!
So very...

Taylor Williams Nov 29, 2006
This little bundle of joy is the cutest puppy I've ever seen. Give...

Catalina Quevedo Nov 29, 2006
i wish i culd just hug that innocent cute puppy, and u please give it...

sorry, i happen to not like patches Nov 29, 2006
i dont like this dog, i think he is sort of ugly.
this is my...

Carrie Nov 29, 2006
this is such a cute puppy!
what happen to his poor leg?

renee Nov 29, 2006
Hi Shaun!!!!
It's good to see you are interested in this breed...

Greggy Nov 29, 2006
I suppose mao mao would be very familiar with what it looks like to...

rebecca Nov 30, 2006
your cute

rebecca Nov 30, 2006
he's cute

shanequa gordon Nov 30, 2006
but i thank the dog is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...

Ravyn Nov 30, 2006
This puppy is supernova cute!! Cute doesnt even begin to describe its...

kiki Nov 30, 2006
elsuper cute:)

zigg on the 1/12/06 Nov 30, 2006
sweet and cute

PINKPOLO531 PUP LOVER!!! : ) Nov 30, 2006

just crazy Dec 1, 2006
ratio & proportion --- when positive comments overweigh those of...

lee Dec 1, 2006
hope that leg's ok now. so you can now take a bath.. seems like u...

Alice Dec 1, 2006
K just love the mohawk hair style in one picture. Very adorable puppy.

sinester_puppy Dec 1, 2006

Happy Feet Dec 1, 2006
Aww... I luv the pic where Patches is with his stuffed duckie. (:

NINA Dec 5, 2006

poo lover Dec 6, 2006
patches is so cute that he haunts me

angelrider101 Dec 6, 2006
Aww Whut a cute pup, some advice for him.. Next time a dog bites u, u...

Jordyn Dec 6, 2006

princessfaints_atQTdogz Jan 7, 2007
i fainted as soon as i saw that adorable qt pie!!!! i want that...

Mary Rael Jan 12, 2007
oh my goodness, too cute, I wouldn't be able to go to work in the...

sugarplum Jan 16, 2007
I. love. this. puppers.

cikoge Jan 22, 2007
The existence for and of innocence!

Bitsyluver101 Jan 22, 2007
OMG, he's such a cute baby, how old is he????Love the...

Bitsyluver101 Jan 22, 2007
Who the heck is MeiMei?????/And what did she say about that bundle of...

oldenglishsheepdog Feb 10, 2007
must... not.. give.. in.. to.. the.. cuteness... I CAN"T!!

PorchPuppy Feb 14, 2007
So preciouse! Wif its wittle black ear! And poor little leg! Bless...

samster.puppy.lover Feb 19, 2007
cutest dog i have seen. hands down

riley5747 Apr 4, 2007
i think he is the cutestand sweetest thing in the whole wide...

Sinnamon1 May 3, 2007
AWW! I love this dog. Truly adorable. I think it must have fallen...

doggieaunt May 8, 2007
I find it odd that people take the time to blog negative comments on...

SaMMy12 May 16, 2007
everytime i see this pups picture i just melt...I would love to see...

sandi May 26, 2007
what an absolute adorable doll baby!!

bopeep Jun 5, 2007
Patches, you are adorable. My Maltipoo, Missy, has a very white...

Delilah_Carroll Jul 15, 2007
what happened to his wittle leg? HE'S SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Delilah_Carroll Jul 15, 2007
what happened to his wittle leg? HE'S SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wolfewolfe Jul 28, 2007
where can i find a puppy like this? i have been looking to buy/adopt...

JayNizzy Aug 7, 2007
LOL LOVE the spikey hair! He looks like a mischievous little fellow.

Grandma Helen of CT Aug 27, 2007
Please no foul language allowed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love the one on his...

Mummm Sep 11, 2007
My goodness Patches is SO adorable! He's a heartbreaker.

LoveMySchnoodle Sep 25, 2007
I have Patches bookmarked and every now and then I come visit him...

mbolan20 Oct 4, 2007
I can't believe that a pic could make my heart flutter. I wanna hold...

Monip Oct 24, 2007
11+ biscuits from me! Would have loved to had a story about Patches...

rnrollgirl Nov 6, 2007
that is by far, the most precious face i've seen in a long time...

Tuskist Dec 7, 2007
I have to say...really fashion hair style hahahaha....

pomtzu Dec 24, 2007
Precious little Patches.
That says it all!

Sophiedots Jan 6, 2008
ohhhhh hes sooo cute!!! :)

Mybabyboy Jan 31, 2008
What a beautiful little baby... all dogs are angels full of love, and...

megg Feb 7, 2008
[color=darkred]If there was a book called, "Cutest dogs of All...

goldfarblauren Feb 8, 2008
he's adorable

lourdus53 Jun 16, 2008
awwwwwww thats so cuteeee i would die to death if this dog died

rlim Aug 19, 2008
Sooo adorable!!

fairuzo May 5, 2009
Awww. Patches is tooo cute. He is absolutley...

pelligrino Jul 9, 2010
Pot Luck puppy is always so cute, but patches is outstands and cute...

FoxyJess Nov 17, 2010
Now THAT is cute!!! I want one...