Porter the Mixed Breed

Puppy Breed: Havanese / Terrier

Sometimes my people think I am more like a cat than a puppy. I'm quiet and spend most of the day sleeping on the couch--only fools sleep on the floor! Except I really like wrestling and playing with other dogs. Of course, I would also like to do that with cats, but they don't seem to like it as well. I'm not always good at coming when I am called, but hey, I am only 7 months old. Everyone who meets me tells me how cute I am, that I look like a stuffed animal, or a little Chewbacca. I impress them with my loving nature and my one trick: I roll over on command! Who needs any other skills? That one makes people smile and laugh a lot. The people who taught my puppy classes think that I look like a Havanese, but no one knows for sure. It's okay though, because I am unique!