Reuben and Cleo's Puppies

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Reuben and Cleo's dad says: Reuben is four years old and a good hunter. He got lonely so I looked out for a mate to complement him. What a mate we got!! Cleo is a rescued dog. I got her at nine months. She had been with two other families and came to me abused and traumatised. She spent two weeks sleeping in my bed for bonding purposes and detraumatising. This worked a dream and she is now the most loving and protective friend I have ever had. She had the eight pups in my bed, where else, as that is where she feels most secure. I moved them to the floor after all was said and done. For the first three weeks it was bliss. Mom fed and cleaned them; Reuben wanted nothing to do with them. Cleo showed him a formidable set of teeth every time he looked at the pups. At three weeks I gave them solid food to supplement. My nightmare had begun. They sought me out for appeasing their hunger and then washed it down with a suckle from mom. Cleo also stopped cleaning up after them. The routine was then: I prepare food, I feed pups, mom supplies after-dinner drinks, I clean up. We go to my brother's wild-game ranch most weekends. The are used to the animals and will only hunt vermin.