Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Nov 15, 2006 Ben
lots of puppies.. lots of cuteness
Nov 15, 2006 Krysia
I don't know whether to call you lucky or unlucky! You must have the cutest household in the block, but I can imagine the amount of work that goes into caring for 8 puppies! ;) They are absolutely beautiful, though. And Chloe is a very lucky dog to have been rescued by such understanding, caring people.
Nov 15, 2006 Rori
Oh MY! They are so precious!
Nov 15, 2006 Rachelle
These puppies look bloody naughty to me.....
Nov 15, 2006 Leslie
the puppy is so cute I can hug them over and over again again
Nov 15, 2006 Kim
Wow, what gorgeous blue eyes!
Nov 15, 2006 Esther
What are those? Weimaraners?
Nov 15, 2006 adabee
They are so flippin' cute! They look so silky soft! God bless you for taking care of them, it sounds like a lot of work!
Nov 15, 2006 Carynn
Definitely Weimaraners. :)
Nov 15, 2006 Arian
OMGZ look at their blue eyes!

They're absolutely perfect :)
Nov 15, 2006 Sharon - Archdale NC
They have the most beautiful soul searching eyes I have ever seen...
Nov 15, 2006 sue
those puppies are very lucky to have someone love them as much as you do. all animal owners should be so kind and loving! they all are beautiful dogs.
Nov 15, 2006 jair
Absolitely beautiful, all of them. They are so regal and cool!!! Look those eyes... Wonderfull! Down here where I live (in a smal town in Brazil) I know just two of this breed and I like to walk in its street just to see them in the backyard... Great dogs.
Nov 15, 2006 Oaktown Girl
Good on you for getting a rescue dog!
When mom's not guarding puppies, have she and dad turned out to be good friends? (The irresistable instinct of mating doesn't count).
Nov 15, 2006 Terry C
What gorgeous Weimaraners!

And those EYES! OMG.
Nov 15, 2006 Terry C
Now would be a good time to neuter Dad and spay Mom.

It will add years to both their lives, trust me.
Nov 15, 2006 STEPHANIE
Nov 15, 2006 Kristen
Awww, how cute! What a big job, puppies. Don't know if I could handle it...
Nov 15, 2006 Audra
goodness, 10 dogs! well, you shouldn't have any trouble finding homes for those cuties! I'd take one in a heartbeat!
Nov 15, 2006 DogMom
Precious! I love the one with the cowlick blaze on his/her nose! Very beautiful. They are adorable.......
Nov 15, 2006 Kim
OMG *faint* that is too much cuteness to handle this early in the morning. I LOVE Weims, those eyes are captivating... can I have a puppy? Please?
How do I give you guys 100 buscuits??
Nov 15, 2006 jenniferlea
I'm at a loss for words. They are GORGEOUS puppies. I'm sure it's a lot of work for you, but how rewarding! Good luck finding them loving homes!
Nov 15, 2006 Janet
Adorable, I wish I had all of them!! Thank You for rescuing this precious dog! We need more people like you in this world.
Nov 15, 2006 anon
I love Weimaraners -- such gorgeous eyes!

will you be spaying/neutering mom and dad now that they've had a litter?
Nov 15, 2006 sindyloowho
They are so lucky to have you.
Nov 15, 2006 Lela
What a wonderful story, thank you for sharing. The puppies are so sweet. Your family is blessed with these sweet bundles of joy.
Nov 15, 2006 dawn
Nov 15, 2006 yujismom
11 biscuits per puppy and 2 for the parents...that makes .....a whole lotta biscuits!
Nov 15, 2006 beth
oh, did i mention SWEET???!!!
Nov 15, 2006 Julia
SO MANY PUPPIES!!! The third photo is my dream. I want to lie on the floor amongst them and let them flop all over me. AIEEE!! Look at the wrinkled little faces and teeny pink nooooseeeess.....

I LOVE Weim-dogs. The neutral-toned noses kill me every time. So sweeeeet! *gurgle*
Nov 15, 2006 Greg
Good looking dogs but boy oh boy are they a hyper active breed!
Nov 15, 2006 nimikov
No, uh uh! You took a traumatized rescue dog and BRED HER!?! What backwoods 'rescue' organization allowed you to get a dog and not spay her? I dont believe your story for one bit as it is against the law for any rescue group to adopt out a dog that isnt spayed or neutered. Do you realize that the reason your 'precious' baby was abused and traumatized is because of overpopulation?? Then you bring 8 puppies into this world so more dogs can go homeless and suffer? Yeah they are cute, but so are many dogs that are dying today in shelters because there are too many. You should be ashamed. FIX YOUR DOGS REDNECK!!!
Nov 15, 2006 phil
Beautiful pups, I hope all of them get the kind of loving home every dog deserves.

As Bob Barker says spay and neuter.
Nov 15, 2006 puppy lover!and dog lover!
aww so cute!how do people post on here so quick?
Nov 15, 2006 WhippetLover
nimikov, you sure like to lecture!

i think cleo was very lucky to find someone to take her in and give her quality, personal care, which it seems like you clearly have. the puppies are beautiful, so i'm guessing both parents are stunners as well. congratulations on having such a wonderful doggy family; i'm sure they make up for all the trouble they cause with loads of joy. this is one of my favorite breeds and the next kind i want to get (when i have property of my own and lots of space for them to run around). congratulations on your loving little cluster of pups!
Nov 15, 2006 Susan B.
First of all, God bless you for rescuing Cleo and then taking such good care of her and her puppies. While I do agree with nimikov that perhaps now it would be a good idea to spay and neuter (if you do not plan on more puppies), there are other kinder, more diplomatic ways to say it than this Neanderthal chose. Ignore him/her/it.

Now, where do you live so I can come cuddle Mom, Dad, and all the darling puppies? They are way past adorable! I've alway wanted a Weimeraner (I assume this is what they are), and these are perfect. I agree - 11 biscuits per puppy, Mom, and Dad.
Nov 15, 2006 scobig
Nimi can be a bit over zealous and over emotional when posting, its hard for people who work in animal shelters to see this because they see so many happy healthy dogs and even puppies put to sleep because there are simply no homes for them all. He shouldnt have called you names, he doesnt even know you. But one thing is right about what he said. You need to spay her now. A beautiful litter is always fun, but there are consequences and Cleo will be happier and healthier if you do.

On a lighter note, they are very cute! I just love Weimeys, 'the grey ghost' haha. Unlike most breeds, the puppies alot of times get to keep those shocking baby blues! It will be fun to see them as adults. Id like to see Ruben and Cleo's pics, you should post them on the Grown Up Puppy section sometime! Thanks for sharing!
Nov 15, 2006 Always 11 Biscuits!
They all deserve 11 biscuits!
Nov 15, 2006 Morals are important
Normally I don't get involved with commenting, but I feel compelled to STICK UP for nimikov-although I am what you would call a "redneck" myself. I live on a ranch, I hunt and fish, and I have cattle, horses, 6 cats and 14 dogs. I bring in dogs that have no where else to go and give them a better life. Nothing makes me more furious however, is someone that claims to "rescue" a purebred dog and then turn around and create more puppies. I'm SURE that you will have no problem finding homes for the puppies-when they're cute and cuddly and a joy to be around, but for anyone that has ever had the pleasure of raising Weimaraners any longer than a few weeks, you know that they are a VERY hyper, human-interacting dog that cannot be left alone for long periods of time. For "responsible" dog owners that is not a problem, but unfortunately most dog owners don't want the intense commitment that a Weim requires, but don't realize that until the dog is about 6 months old, and by then the dog isn't as "Cute" and is almost impossible to find another home for, so it ends up in a shelter somewhere to repeat this horrible, viscious cycle all over again. So thank you for sharing your pictures of your beautiful puppies, but PLEASE take this opportunity to be RESPONSIBLE and fix your dogs. I can't imagine any reason you would need another litter of dogs-other than to Capatalize and make money off of a poor, mistreated dog that you "Rescued". And please accept my apologies for my negative comments because normally (as I said before) I would NEVER comment on anything but how prescious a puppy is, and I normally HATE people that leave anything but positive comments, but I just couldn't help but remind everyone that there are sooooo many homeless animals out there, and although I'm as puppy-crazed as anyone else we can't forget that puppies DO grow up, and that we CANNOT encourage people to irresponsibly breed litters just because they make for cute pictures.
Nov 15, 2006 Princess Tootsie
Breathtakingly beautiful.
Nov 15, 2006 Jenn
What sweet faces, I agree though please do both the dog population a good deed and spay/neuter both mom & dad.
AND I would suggest requiring that the new puppy owners spay/neuter the pups with no breeding (a simple "promise to spay/neuter" contract can be made up for each new puppy owner to sign)

They are adorable! Hope that the right thing is done :)
Nov 15, 2006 Spikes-s Mom
All puppies are adorable! Saying that I must also add that are already too many "adorable" puppies needing homes. You didn't mention if your were "selling" the puppies or giving them to good homes. If you are doing this for profit shame on you. If you are doing this for the wonder of seeing puppies being born shame on you. I would also be curious about a rescue dog that has not been neutered.
Nov 15, 2006 A responsible breeder
This bitch should only have been bred if shown and proven to be of outstanding conformation, temperament and health. This was an irresponsible breeding and should not be condoned or encouraged.
Please people, leave the breeding to the people who would like to improve the breeds, not breed for supply and demand.
Spay the bitch unless you plan on getting her papers and showing that she is of outstanding quality worthy of breeding. Would love to get the name of the rescue that supplied you with an unaltered bitch.
Nov 15, 2006 Skwerly
Focus on The Cute, people...focus! The adorableness of these 8 bits of floppy eared milk chocolatey goodness is the most important thing. Regardless of the circumstances of their arrival into this world, they are here now, presented for your enjoyment. Play nice.

For the record, Cleo's dad never said he got her from a rescue group. You all assumed he did, and that may not be the case. I have a "rescued" dog as well- I found her in the parking lot at work.
Nov 15, 2006 Doggie Caregiver
I would like first to comment on how adorable the puppies are. And like so many others I am sure that with a puppy as cute as that you will not have a hard time finding homes for them. I would agree that spaying Cleo at this point would be a good idea. I would also wish you much luck and love with your doggy family. I whole-heartedly agree with Skwerly just because a dog is rescued doesn't mean that it was from a rescue group. Lets just focus on the cute puppies.
Nov 15, 2006 getagrip
Nimikov should be spayed or neutered! Your puppies are beautiful. Kudos for rescuing Cleo and taking such good care of her puppies. Nimikov has no right to sit in judgement of you.
Nov 15, 2006 art
Whoa... dudes... hang on a sec. Maybe the dad's keeping them all for hunting. Maybe he wanted to give Cleo one and only one litter before fixing her. (That's very common thinking among many people around the world.) Maybe this family isn't even in the U.S. And anyway, why does a professional breeder have the moral right to make more puppies and profit from them than a normal ordinary person with a dog? (Please don't tell me breeders are keeping the bloodlines pure and healthy. Lots of professional breeders are in it only for the money, not the breed. And many don't know any more about dog health than anyone else.) Anyway... isn't this supposed to be the happy puppy place? Dudes, come on... puppies.... look at those puppies... Thanks to Cleo's dad for the pix. BTW, I DO hope you're not thinking of keeping them all (that would be insanity :-0) and, as a shelter volunteer, personally I WOULD hope that you would have them fixed if you are able. ps: I just read an interview with Salma Hayak. Her dog just had puppies. Y'all gonna talk that smack to Salma Hayak? Ha ha ha!!
Nov 15, 2006 Michael
I thank you all for the comments on both sides of this complicated issue but I do repectfully ask that people refrain from posting personal insults.

Also, we added a new feature today: if you click on the picture of the 8 puppies in the flower pots you'll get a super-sized version. We're going to use this feature from time to time on photos that just need to be seen in a larger size. You can also see a super-sized version of Jacques in the mountains: m/index...
Nov 15, 2006 Erin
They are soooo cute i especially love those blue eyes
Nov 15, 2006 Dee
Yes, the pups are beautiful, but what rescue group would let an unspayed female go. I thought all animals were altered first. Why are people so quick to judge and be nasty, Please be nice to one and all. Please do the best thing for your doggies, and find them homes where they will be altered. Altered dogs hunt too, it does not destroy their hunting instincts
Nov 15, 2006 Julia

You can ENLARGE the puppies-in-pots photo!!! GOOD GRIEF! I love you.
Nov 15, 2006 Sophie-s Mom
These puppies are beautiful. I agree that mom and dad need to be spayed and neutered. However, if you read the caption on the above pictures, no where does it say that Cleo was rescued from a rescue group, or a humane society, Cleo could have easily been adopted from a family that realized they had taken on too much, so that could be the reason for her not being spayed prior to her rescue. In my opinion whether you adopt a puppy or kitten from a shelter, rescue group, breeder, pet store, etc. that baby is being rescued, cause if someone doesn't adopt him/her regardless of where it is being adopted from, it could very easily end up being destoyed.
Nov 15, 2006 Michael

I'm pretty fond of you too! :-)
Nov 15, 2006 Jeanette
Focusing on the cute is what gets people into trouble. Having one litter pre-spay is actually not healthy for the animal. Its much healthier to spay before they are given the chance to breed. We humans have domesticated dogs, that changes the scope of mother nature a bit. True, if all dogs were spayed and neutered then after about 20 years there would be none at all. But the chances of that even coming close to happening is not possible.

It is a serious issue, and it is only natural for it to come to a forum like this, even if the intent of this site is to enjoy the animals and their cute existence. I enjoy the animals, but sometimes I cant help but get angry at people and their choices. I too see pleas daily from shelters here in West Virginia begging other groups to save their animals because they are put to sleep in mass groups once a week (wednesdays to be exact) Healthy beautiful pure breds, cute mixed breeds, puppies, kittens, no animal is immune. It is very sad.

I love these puppies here, they are so adorable. Its always bittersweet though to see a new litter of them come in to this world knowing that it means that another litter will have to go out. Overpopulation is a severe problem in our country, I dont think people realize how bad it has gotten. We must all be responsible and get it under control.

Thanks for all of your obvious caring and love of animals.

Jeanette Pickering
Bluefield WV
Nov 15, 2006 GoPups
........... 1.Thanks!!!!!!!!!!They are CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2.Julia,how do you ignore all this?I admire you! 3.YOU CAN ENLARGE THE POT PIC!!!!!!!!!!! Thankyou,Michael!!! 4.These puppy's were bred to be loved.It's not like there going to sell them to people who won't love them. 5.Did I mention there CUTE!!!
Nov 15, 2006 carol
There’s been a lot of good discussion here today, about things that are really important. There has been feedback on spaying and neutering pets, the many forms of rescuing animals, the need to look beyond the cuteness to the responsibilities of breeding puppies, and the type of home and owner that does best with this particular breed. So I know there’s been a bit of emotion here today, but it’s good for us to sometimes branch out from the daily biscuit count. Speaking of which, I’m voting 11 biscuits. Loads of adorable puppies deserve loads of biscuits!
Nov 15, 2006 Rachelle
My goodness.... My father rescued Cleo from an old women who couldn't take care of her any more,and he has had her spayed. I have never met anyone who takes better care of his dogs. He also didn't make a cent off the litter and every prospective owner was screened and tested before they were allowed to adopt on of the litter. And just for the record we are from Africa and my Dad is a "dutchman" not a "redneck"
Nov 15, 2006 Renae
Oh my gosh, I love the puppies in pots picture! Too cute! It cracks me up how dogs find places to get in and then when they are discovered they give you a look like "what? I fit."

Rachelle, thanks for the insight, people are so quick to make terrible judgements with out knowing the whole story.

Now, can we all just sit back, relax and enjoy the cute puppies please?
Nov 15, 2006 Flake
OMG!!!!!! They are so cute!!!!! Cheers to Rachelle and her Dad in Africa for taking such good care of these beauties!!!!! Oh, and thanks Michael for the blow up pics! Everyone don't miss the blow up pic of Jacques from last week. IT's the one on the mountain top!!!!! You rmemeber.....
Nov 15, 2006 Flake
Oh and 11 biscuits times 10!!!!!
Nov 15, 2006 jamie
hey rachelle how in the owrld did you get them all to sit htere at those flowerpots? that is so cute i can't stand it. they're just sitting htere calm like no puppy frenzy. can't believe it.... cute!!!!!
Nov 15, 2006 twinkelbelpeach
Hugs to your dad Rachelle, he is a wonderful person. The puppies are beautiful and I'm sure their mom and dad will have a terrific life with your father.
Nov 15, 2006 Animefreak
What sweeties! I have a feeling that the puppy in picture #5 looks like me when I just get up. 'Course, I'm not a dog. Anyway, cute puppies, and good luck with them!
Nov 15, 2006 yummi600
they are sooo cool look at those beautiful blue eyes
Nov 15, 2006 Concerned
I think it is slightly in poor taste for daily puppy to even post a litter(especially one with such controversial aspects)
No need to promote backyard/pet breeders....
Nov 15, 2006 Samantha Gee I-m a puppy Lova!
!!! they r so cute! lots of pups and lots of cuteness
Nov 16, 2006 Anonymous
Good, reputable, quality breeders LOSE money (thousands of dollars) on every litter!!! That is if they do the necessary health tests on both dogs before breeding, devote the necessary time to the puppies, care for them the way that are supposed to be cared for, take them to the vet for regular check-ups, etc. Reputable breeders breed to BETTER the breed. BackYard Breeders breed for money - they don't do health tests or take the pups for regular check-ups.

And you rescued an abused, traumatized dog and bred her?! That is so wrong! There are enough dogs in the world already, no need for BYBs to add to the evergrowing health population. Millions of dogs are put to sleep each year because nobody wants them.

I think it is in extremely bad taste to promote litters and breedings of "rescued" dogs. The same with purchasing from pet shops, who get their dogs from puppy mills and BYBs! Yes, the puppies are cute, but we need to focus on the larger issues at hand, people. Overbreeding, bad breeding, backyard breeders, puppy mills. We don't want to support these institutions! Please adopt from shelters or find a high quality, reputable breeder that has done health tests and taken the proper steps for having a litter. Don't go for the litter that was bred "just because they would have cute puppies" or "because I felt she deserved to have one litter." Those are the thoughts of backyard breeeders.
Nov 16, 2006 Kim
Why can't we all just enjoy this for what it is.... adorable puppies, instead of lecturing.
Nov 16, 2006 WhippetLover
oh my goodness ... even after rachelle's very logical and completely clear explanation, the ranting continues. can't we just agree that all people who truly love dogs understand that irresponsible breeding can be dangerous for animals of all types? i think it's pretty clear that rachelle's (and these puppies') dad is a true dog lover who is responsible and caring for his darlings. let us please give be respectful, and enjoy this forum that allows us to take pleasure in lovely animals every day.

support no-kill shelters, and if you really want to go the extra mile and get some cute puppy love, go visit a shelter and walk the dogs on a spare saturday afternoon ... they'll appreciate it and it's so much fun. maybe you'll find a companion while doing so. :-)

much love to cleo and ruben, their beautiful family, the puppies' new owners, and rachelle and her pops.
Nov 16, 2006 Bridget
What a wonderful story. They have the most beautiful blue eyes!!!
Nov 16, 2006 renee
Oh so cute!!!!!!! They look happy and well taken care of. I work at a car dealership and people drop off all kinds of pets here. I took home a pregnant cat last May. She had a litter of kittens but only one survived. I would consider her rescued because If I didn't take her home she'd have gotten runover or starved. I buy those two lots of food and my children play with them. But the cost of getting them fixed is high. I have two children of my own. I've called lots of places to ask and personally I can't afford $150. So since you guys are so vocal today, what advise can you give me? She was pregnant when I got her. Only one survived, she hide the one until it was two maybe three monthes old. She miscarried a couple weeks ago. I found them in the flower bed frozen. One moved and I took it inside and tried to warm it up and feed it. So I guess I'm a red neck for helping this animal but not willing to sacrafice my childrens food to fix a pet. I work 80 hours a week.
Nov 16, 2006 weimy lover
How could you rescue a wonderful dog and then produce more puppies! Shame.
Nov 16, 2006 Marley-s Mom
I love them!!!!!!!! HOW CUTE!!!
Nov 16, 2006 Satamama
Thanks Rachelle for the clarification. These puppies are super-adorable; Weims are such gorgeous dogs. The pictures are even more adorable knowing the story - that Cleo will not be having any more pups - and that she was able to give birth and care for her puppies somewhere safe. Clearly the lady who had her before allowed her to become pregnant, even though she couldn't even take care of a single dog - thank goodness your father got Cleo out of there! It's too bad that there are obviously some people who are still looking at the pics and then posting, without reading the other posts which are already there, and which would answer their questions! It's also too bad that "nimikov" is ignorant, overreactive, and not likely to encourage anyone to make responsible decisions about dog care (because as soon as s/he opens her/his mouth, you just want to shut it ASAP).
Nov 16, 2006 Cathy
Do all Weimers have fur that looks like silver velvet? It's just beautiful.

And I think the flower pots may be feeders of some sort. Just like a precious puppy to take over!
Nov 16, 2006 sugarbaby110
just adorable....
Nov 16, 2006 Julia
To Renee--

There are many rescue groups and shelters who spay for reduced rates or for free. I could potentially help you find one, but I don't know where you are. Could you let me know approximately what area of the country you are in?
Nov 16, 2006 Sarah, Jacques- mom
The puppies are very cute. On the other hand...
People who suggest we ignore the "negative" remarks and just enjoy how cute the pups are sounding fairly ignorant. Anyone who owns a dog knows that there's much more to their existance than mere cuteness, despite that often being the first thing people respond to.
Comments that rant and rave and use a gazillion exclamation marks don't constitute interesting dialogue to me. If this site is going to allow for comments to be posted, it should be used as a soundboard for engaged dog/puppy owners. Within limits, of course. I'm sure this nimikov character wouldn't use the term "redneck" so freely if he or she wasn't able to hide behind a user name.
The most interesting comments I read about my puppy last week were from people who had real questions and concerns about his breed, lifestyle, etc. or from people who had suggestions and stories from similar breeds. I would certainly expect to hear people's concerns if I was mistreating my dog.
Nov 16, 2006 Penelope
My neighbors has one of these wonderful dogs and he was my best dog buddy til they moved. I just got a photo of him in the mail. Another neighbor just got a puppy on the strength of how wonderful that dog was. I have always "fixed" my pets but I think that the negative comments about this litter are a mite harsh. My four cats would not agree but they don't get to vote. I live in Kentucky and don't appreciate comments about rednecks either. Please keep the comments light since children read them as well.
Nov 16, 2006 Penelope
Okay, I meant my neighbors HAVE one of these dogs.
Nov 16, 2006 Colleen
These puppies are scrumtrulecent!!!!!
Nov 16, 2006 Michael
This might be a good time to say that we're working on adding discussion boards to the Daily Puppy. We hope to have them up and running soon.
Nov 16, 2006 Jen
I love the beautiful soulful expressions on these adorable pups!
Nov 17, 2006 dramasbabe
I think some people thrive on negativity. "The Daily Puppy" is here for us to enjoy the darling puppies that people share with us. Even though there is a short intro for most of the pictures, we really don't know the whole story.

I think it's in poor taste to lecture a stranger with what one person may deem as "the right thing to do". Yes, there are so many animals out there needing adoption. I for one will adopt from a shelter when the time comes. However, sometimes a person wants a certain type of animal. Maybe it's to make up for something they were denied as a child. Maybe it reminds them of a certain type of animal they had in the past. And maybe it's just to make them happy.

I say, let's just enjoy these wonderful puppies and save the lectures for another forum.
Nov 17, 2006 Doggie Caregiver
I agree that we shouldn't ignore the negative aspect of the points brought to our attention. But also to accuse someone of a crime before knowing all the facts doesn't make sense either. Yes the puppies are adorable as I stated before. Yes we hope that they find good homes and are loved and well taken care of. Yes we hope that anyone who rescues a dog would spay or neuter so that an already traumatized animal would not be put through the ordeal of puppies. Also we hope that any dog that is not in a breeding program to better the breed of dog and not for profit would be spayed or neutered so that we can decrease the surplus poplulation of unwanted and abandoned pets. Yes also anyone who has a dog knows that the cute puppy stage does end and that they are a great deal of work. Anyone who wants to get a dog should seriously research which breed that they are getting and make sure that it fits their lifestyle and the dogs. Everyone wants to see a dog well taken care of and loved. So unless evidence points otherwise and we have all the facts, let us not condem the owners of this heard of puppies. And remember that they love dogs too.
Nov 17, 2006 SOOOOOOOOO MAD!!!!!!!!![GoPups]
Oh for goodness sake!!!!!!!!!!!HOW can people look at the pics,put on horrible things and walk away without reading the explinations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It makes me SOOOO MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 17, 2006 renee
Hi Julia!!!!!
The cats and I are in Akron, Ohio. I always read the Daily Puppy because I really love the animals. My mother just died and she had rescued a Pug. He was her best friend. My 12 yr old loves to read through these comments all the time. You always have the funniest and sweetest things to say to people about their pets. You should think about writting for a magazine or something. You're really imaginative. I think people should be proud of Micheal and his family for taking in such a big dog and her responsiblities. I'm sure he loves and takes very good care of all the babies. When he sends them to new homes, he will be selective. I think he and his family are angels for this task. who would have expected so many babies? People with all the negative comments are just trying to ruin a good thing. The puppies look happy, healthy and well taken care of. Such cuties!!!!!!
Nov 17, 2006 GoPups
and look at the little puppy faces after reading these comments.It really makes me want to cry.This is'nt a happy site any more.Everybodys forgotten what this site is about.
Nov 17, 2006 unbelieveable
So, you rescue a dog and then let her have puppies???? Hmmm...thanks for contributing to the overpopulation of animals. Whatever.
Nov 17, 2006 renee
My understanding from reading this site for two days was the dog was already pregnant. Do you believe in abortion? I didn't know the had dog abortions. Now that would be even more traumatizing. Not only for Cleo but the pups as well.
Nov 17, 2006 sallysmom
It is quite clear from both the original description of these puppies and from the daughter's follow-up that the owner of these puppies "rescued" the mom and then bred her with his dog. Yes, some people here have not said it with a lot of grace, but what happened here is sad. On the small scale, this dog had obviously already been through a lot of difficulties, and having to go through breeding and having all of these puppies has only made things harder on her. On a larger scale, the idea of having one litter and then getting your dog fixed is one of the main reasons that millions of healthy, loving, adorable dogs do not have homes and are euthanized in shelters, where, even when surrounded by loving, caring people, they can feel nothing but a sense of loneliness and abandonment during their last days. Yes, these puppies are precious, but so are all of the others -- keep in mind, it is NOT just adult dogs who are killed for lack of space and for other reasons -- it is adorable puppies who are fulll of potential and who will never know what it is like to be loved by a family of their own. It is beyond heart breaking for those who work in animal rescue to watch people continue to breed their dogs while we have to watch others die simply because there are not enough homes.

And yes, pregnant females can be spayed. In the case of most dogs who are rescued while they are pregnant, it is the most humane thing to do for both the mother and the puppies.
Nov 17, 2006 Marissa
What breed are these beautiful dogs?
Nov 18, 2006 nimikov
May I remind you all that this is not only a free country, where we can express ourselves as we wish, but also an animal forum. If you dont like what someone is saying, dont read it. Its simple. If you care to know what is really going on, then feel free to respond.. if you dont really care about the issues... then goo-goo gaa-gaa until your heart is content.... dont gripe because someone posted a 'lecture' then LECTURE about it.... that is hypocrisy at its worst.
Nov 18, 2006 nimikov
Michael said: "This might be a good time to say that we're working on adding discussion boards to the Daily Puppy. We hope to have them up and running soon."

Michael, isnt this already a discussion board???
Nov 18, 2006 dramasbabe
The issues? I'm sorry, did I miss the memo saying that this site was designed to discuss the controversy of amature breeding vs. professional breeding vs. shelter adoption? I thought it was a place to post cute puppy pictures to share with others.

I suggest you take your own advice and skip those comments that you don't like. :)
Nov 18, 2006 licki
SO glad Cleo and pups get all this attention. They deserve it. They are so adorable and well looked after. Cleo got a chance in life after lots of abuse and neglect and if having some puppies rocked her world (and ours) what is so wrong in that. All the pups went to good homes, were never neglected AND are of excellent stock. (The pictures speak for themselves if papers are not available!!!!!!!!!!!) No money was made in these transactions. All was done in love and good will.
The owner is very well known to me as well as these dogs.
Cleo, pups and owner I think you made a lot of people happy (check out the good and positive and intellegent response!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and those you "offended", well you even made their day as they had someting to talk about...............
Cleo and family (dog and human) I love you...
Nov 18, 2006 Susan S

While I agree with you 100% about spaying and neutering and the irresponsibilities of "backyard breeding", there are ways of giving your opinion and ways not to give it. Free country that it is, deeply personal insults are not only unacceptible
they will also get you nowhere fast in your fight for animal welfare. Wisdom, decency, intelligence and a kind heart speak the loudest.

No this really is not a forum, It is an open comment section common to many photo sites. Michael has said that there is a forum coming soon...a better place to discuss important issues and to keep this area for what it is simply intended to be.

Thanks Michael for your wonderful work. I love this site.

Susan S.

May I remind you all that this is not only a free country, where we can express ourselves as we wish, but also an animal forum.

Michael said: "This might be a good time to say that we're working on adding discussion boards to the Daily Puppy. We hope to have them up and running soon."

Michael, isnt this already a discussion board???

~ by nimikov on 11/18/06 00:54:46
Nov 18, 2006 Michael
Yes, thank you, Susan. By discussion boards I mean forums off the main page where members can start and participate in discussion threads on various topics of their choosing. There will be folders such as breeds and breeding, adoption and rescue, health care, training and obedience, laws and activism, traveling with pets, etc. The forums are one of several features we plan to add soon to enhance the viewing pleasure and educational discourse for our readers. Please bear with us!
Nov 19, 2006 kiki
i loove the grey color:)
Nov 19, 2006 So mad I could spit
Am I the only one who has noticed that the story differs from father to daughter?
Father: Cleo is a rescued dog. I got her at nine months. She had been with two other families and came to me abused and traumatised. She spent two weeks sleeping in my bed for bonding purposes and detraumatising.
Daughter: My goodness.... My father rescued Cleo from an old women who couldn't take care of her any more

Now's the time to tell the truth. Stop and think here! This is ridiculous. Not only are you condoning irresponsible breeding, but you have done so on a board where many will see it.
I seriously wonder now if the bitch has been spayed. My thoughts to the real story are, you had a male, you wanted puppies, you went and got a bitch and now have produced more puppies that would probably not meet breed standard or make it in the ring. These puppies will most likely be bred themselves and produce more. For heavens sake,
SPAY/NEUTER pets............. Unless you plan on taking the leap and expense and want to breed responsibly and show your dogs to prove their ability, then for heavens can breed. DO NOT BREED PETS!!!!!!! My suggestion is for all of you who are planning on breeding your "pets" please go to a shelter on a kill day, then see how you feel when you see pups being put down because of the lack of homes.
I get the impression that "Michael" is an admin on this site, this is so completely irresponsible of you it's ridiculous. If there was an open forum I would post there, but there is not. I want others to know that this is not the thing to do. You don't breed just to make "cute" puppies.
Come on, grow up people. Please see the light! If you can't afford to spay/neuter then talk to the humane society, they offer discounts.
I'm sorry to bring this to an open comments section, however, I think the general public could learn a thing or two from this.
No I am not one of those people who spend all of their time posting crud like this. I happened to come upon this and had to make right a grievous wrong. I believe in responsible breeding, by knowledgeable breeders who spend their free time at dog shows, showing their dogs to PROVE that they are worthy of carrying on the lines of that breed, not to mention the health testing that should/needs to be done before even considering it.
Nov 19, 2006 Its rude to spit
Michael has said that he is installing forums.

He is Not repeat NOT irresponsible. He is simply posting puppy photographs for us to enjoy. This place is not political. This place is not the right place to start blasting. While these puppies may have been bred irresponsibly. They are here. They are beautiful and they now have homes.
You are not alone in your grievences. It may be hard for you to believe, but you MUST understand that most people, myself included are all too painfully aware of the tragedies that go on every single day in kill shelters. I rescued my own puppy at 11 weeks from a high kill shelter. I also volunteer as so many other people do. It obviously isn't anywhere near enough, but I can see for myself that awareness is on the increase.

Think about starting your own forum debating this issue and take action every single way you know how to "make right a grievous wrong". Contact local governement. Campaign...etc...etc..

Again, a huge percentage of the general public understand and care far more than you had led yourself to believe. Your fellow humans are not mindless airheads.
Nov 19, 2006 Anonymous
First of all, these puppy are unbelievable cute!! Secondly of all, this "post a comment" are just use as a postive thoughts on these puppy intead of negative. Someone said "children can read these". If you have negative thoughts toward unwanted puppies or things like that. Hold these thoughts until Micheal add up that discussion forum, then you're welcome to put all of that negative comments of yours up there.

Come people, light up and enjoy these puppy pictures! This is NOT a "debate" forum, the comment posts are FOR these dog/cat lovers to enjoy and post their POSTIVE thoughts up here!!
Nov 19, 2006 Susan
I'm with you Anon. People definately need to lighted up and enjoy this place for what it is. Just sheer enjoyment. Michael has done a brilliant job and I for one give him all my thanks. Although I don't know him I will be the first to defend him from this "hot air".

There's something afoot here. I've been coming to this site for many months even though I made my first post yesterday. I'm seriously doubting the sincerity of some of these negative postings. I think some people just like to stir things up, hiding behind the posts that say someone's precious dog is ugly... I also suspect that some of these posters are maybe only one or two people, getting their kicks by causing disruption.

Just keep enjoying it Anon and thanks again Michael!
Nov 19, 2006 Gerry-the-spat-on-redneck
I am the owner of Reuben and Cleo. I have been away in the African bush on my brother's game farm with my Weims. (I retained one of the pups.) I stand in awe at the positive and negative comments my Weim family evoked.

The following may clear up some of the issues:

1 I am a South African and live in South Africa.

2 We are nowhere NEAR as organised as the USA and other 1st world countries when it comes to pet shelters, rescue setups etc. We have our SPCA spread thinly and only handeling strays and abused animals in the main. There is no state funding, so they run on donations from a very small portion of our community.

3 As for registered breeders....... the less said the better.

4 Weims are a rarity in South Africa and the wellbeing of the breed is well looked after by the few of us.

5 I have a diploma in Agriculture with animal husbandry as a major. I am qualified to select animals for breeding purposes. I am fully conversant with concepts such as line-breeding, in-breeding, animal constitution in line with breed char. and norms. etc.

6 I submitted the pups' photos with a South African mindset. Not bearing in mind the American organisation iro pets. For this I apologise.

7 In my country all rescued dogs are got by word of mouth or advertising in newspapers. This is done by animal lovers and caring people. Breeding of purebred dogs is done by caring people (there are exceptions)

8 Now to clear up the "Cleo" story.

Her first owners got her from a "breeder" and found her too lively for their small property. They were going to have her "put down". An elderly lady that knew about this took the dog from them out of pity (misguided ? maybe..) Her resident dogs took a dislike to Cleo and inflicted some bad bites on her. They also deprived her of food as she was only a pup then.
This was in a city some 60 miles from where I live. She advertised her plight in the national newspaper. I fetched Cleo the same day.

Both Cleo and Reuben are excellent specimens of the breed. Reuben was at that stage a allround hunting dog and very good at it. I use him on vermin like baboons that ruin an entire food crop in a day.(This is Africa) He is not capable of killing a baboon, they are formidable fighters. He tracks them, trees them and leaves the honours to me. (Baboons are not on any endangered list.)

When I got Cleo I was going to have her spayed but a lot of my friends and neighbors wanted Weims. So I bred her once with Reuben, the result you saw, she was spayed as soon as the vet said it was OK post partition.

ALL the pups are with beautiful, caring animal lovers. I retained one. He had an operation at 3 weeks of age (internal benign growth in his abdominal cavity) He recovered in my bed and bonded so well that he refuses to let me out of his sight. My vet bill for the pups and Cleo was in excess of $3000. I charged nothing for them as I wanted the say so in where they went.

My dogs have their own SUV of which I am the driver. It smells like a vets' reception in there, but hell I love them.

I support everything that was said in the comments about irisponsible breeding. We just do it different out here due to logistical and other restraints.

And hey!!! thanks to all the people who rooted for me in my absence, not even knowing me nor the details. I love you for it (another trait that puts you guys ahead of the pack)

Apologies again for those I offended - it was not intended that way.
Nov 19, 2006 sam
they are so gray so cute!
Nov 20, 2006 kayla
Nov 22, 2006 puppyluv
Do Weimeraners have their tails docked? I hope not, but can't tell from these pics.
Nov 24, 2006 Christine Weber (UK)
Nowhere has it been mentiojned whether the sire or dam were x-rayed for elbow dysplasia or hip dysplasia - these schemes do exist in South Africa. To breed from animals when there are relevant health testing schemes available is a bit like an ostrich with it's head in the sand.

Wei's suffer from a big rescue problem worldwide. Ok so these pups may well have been long pre-booked but this site is accessed worldwide and there will be some ignorants who look at this, see cute puppies and think it's easy money to breed from untested animals.

In my own breed, all rescued bitches & dogs are neutered before they are placed in homes SO nothing like this will ever occur. I also have a 'Continental' gundog breed - also German - Weimaraners aren't for everyone. In Germany they are bred for their hunting abilities and to be 'sharp' too as they hunt all sorts of vermin including wild cat, boar, fox etc. Not everyone can understand the nature of the beast and with it's eye catching coat colour unfortunately many have fallen into the wrong hands - hence the huge rescue problem.
Nov 24, 2006 Christine Weber
Sorry I should have edited:

To breed from animals when there are relevant health testing schemes available is a bit like an ostrich with it's head in the sand.

should read

To breed from untested animals when there are relevant health testing schemes available is a bit like an ostrich with it's head in the sand.

Yes Wei's are docked & long may it continue. Have you seen a tail spilt & bloodied from a dog catching it when hunting? Docking is done for a reason in gundog breeds not just to be aesthetically pleasing.
Nov 26, 2006 GoPups
The story is cleared,and Thank god for that!!!This was getting a mess!!!I hope nobody finds anything else wrong with Gerrys loving care for the pups!!!Thanks Gerry!!!!!!!!!!!Love the pups!!!Give them a hug from me!!!!
Nov 28, 2006 Gerry-the-spat-on-redneck
To Christene Weber (UK)
I did not go into all the detail as I did not want to write a too long a story.
I refer you to paragraph (5) of my previous comment. I did have them X-rayed, this is part of the breeding selection criteria.
Nov 30, 2006 Ravyn
Those puppies are absolutly adorable and I'm glad they have a caring owner and a good home. You go puppies!!
Nov 30, 2006 Denise
He is your friend .your partner ,your defender,your dog.
You are his life , his love , his leader.
He will be yours , faithful and the last beat of his heart.
You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion"Unknown
Dec 4, 2006 nc weim lover
I wonder how many of these wonderful little pups will end up being passed around because they, too, are too lively....weims are not for everyone...a puppy mill was just busted here in nc and there are many many adult dogs and numerous puppies all up for adoption....This breeding does seem to be irresponsible to me. Too many of these beautiful dogs live miserable lives here in US on the end of chains in the furthermost corner of the yard.
Dec 23, 2006 omega's & bugz's pare
These pups are soooo adorable!!! I love the color and the eyes. My weim looked just like the puppy in the 6th picture when she was little... they are so precious!!!
Jan 18, 2007 SheltieLuver2
What a dazzling group! I'll bet they're a handfull! Such sweet faces!
Jan 24, 2007 PuppyCrazie
Wow, what an amazing man Gerry is! I bet he didn't bargain on such a controversial post. Good on you Gerry for handling it in such a humble and open way. You were judged, convicted and nearly hung, by merely just posting your precious puppy pictures. It kinda makes one nervous to put their little loved-one's pictures up!!
Well done on these beautiful dogs, they are a credit to you! If only people would be more concerned for the abortion, abuse and neglect of human life as they are for these dogs... the world we be far more pleasant! God bless, and kisses to Cleo and Reuben and the baby :o)
Feb 5, 2007 gerri21
Thanks Puppycrazie, you're right - i did not expect such controvercy.
Anyway, all the pups are now dogs and doing well in good homes.
Feb 10, 2007 PuppyCrazie
Im glad the dogs are doing well and are in good homes. :o)
Feb 14, 2007 PorchPuppy
Ooooooohhhh dey wook sooooo velvety and softy! And the blue eyes are so beautiful!!!!
Mar 30, 2007 hetzlerl
OMG!! I fell in love with weimereiners when I was doing a report on William Wegman for a high school photography class. They are so stunning with their blue eyes. Oh man, sooooo beautiful!! 11 biscuits for these fuzzy beauties!!!
Apr 18, 2007 Weimlady
Gerry, you probably don't even read new comments on this site at this late date, but I'll put my 2 cents in anyway. I've lived with Weimaraners since 1978--six at one time, at one point. When I got my first, my mentors all had the mindset of the individual above who wrote that if you didn't show your dogs, you had no business breeding them. I dutifully showed for years and learned the ins and outs of the dog game. Now? I believe that if you take responsibility for each life you bring into the world, you're a responsible breeder. And from what you've posted, I believe you do and will. That's all that's required. Thanks for sharing your beautiful blue-eyed babies. I know my dogs would LOVE to visit South Africa and chase baboons--and whatever else would run. How exciting would that be for dogs who are used to squirrels and rabbits and birds and the occasional deer? "WOW! What was THAT?!?!?" I can just see them now, ears flying and eyes bugged out!
Apr 25, 2007 gerry
Thanks for the thought - I concur.
You are more than welcome to visit, much fun on the farm. I retained one pup and you should see him trying to "catch up" with mom & dad, all eagerness and speed but no brakes yet. When he get it right he comes charging back to me for recognition and accolades. It is a treat to witness the interaction in the wiem family.
The rest of the pups are doing mavellously in real caring homes.

May 19, 2007 goldenlove87
awwwwwwwwwwwwww so cute<3
Gerry, your response to all the amazingly insulting, ignorant rants spat out in various postings truly demonstrates your integrity. You've refrained from responding with venomous retorts and simply told your wonderful story. Your Weimies are stunning! Your love and care for them obvious. Thank you for sharing. :-)

And, of course,yes, give those little snugglebunnies big smoochie-smooches for me and rub their bellies! (and, if they're like my dogs, they would LOVE a good chase around the yard and a romp in some dirt, right before sitting on your lap.) Many years of happiness for Reuben and Cleo!!!
Aug 25, 2007 RockStarFrenchy
OMG, I am so touched by your story! I love that you let her sleep with you to make her feel loved and secure. You have a beautiful family--you're all very lucky to have each other!!! You're a wonderful person to rescue a dog and change her life for the better!!!!!!
Aug 28, 2007 Mom to 4 Furry Babies
It still amazes me when I come her and see all the beautiful comments peppered down with hateful and judgemental strike attacks. I too was ostersized when I bred my BEAUTIFUL toy poodle with another equally handsome toy poodle and the end result was two of the most precious toy poodles, I have ever seen. I kept one (Archer) and the other is with my very good friend. We see Archer's sister, Lola most every other Sunday for "visitation". We love her dearly. Imagine my elation when after I submitted Archer's photo to Daily Puppy, I was informed that he'd be the puppy of the day on Nov 26, 2006. We eagerly awaited the day of his "debut". I logged on only to find mixed in the pleasant comments were comments telling me how ugly and pathetic my little baby was and someone went so far at to say that he should be made to be a meal for some larger breed dog. My feelings were hurt. I consider my dogs to be my children and I love them very much. I too also got the lecture about being an irresponsible breeder. Those people didn't even know me. Growing up, the only animals that I had ever had was what someone gave me or what wondered up to the house and my mother always allowed them to stay. I loved them too very much. Some could say that we loved them until there was nothing left of them to love. My parents still to this day keep up our little pet memorials in the back yard of there home even though all my brothers and I are grown and gone. I have adopted dogs from the humane society and have been devestated on one occassion when my "pound puppy" died of parvo after living with me for only 3 weeks. I loved him too and was heart broken when he passed. It was because of this that I decided to research each breed carefully and decided I wanted a toy poodle. I then searched for about 2 years and finally found the right dog for me. I have now had him for 11 years. When I got my female poodle, I took the same time and consideration. It was my choice to breed her and I again researched everything I could find on the matter. I didn't take it lightly. She got the best care while pregnant. She loved getting her vitamins everyday. It was like and extra treat. The day Archer and Lola were born, my daughter and I watched in amazement and actually cried. It was such a beautiful experience. Watching them grow and change everyday was miraculous. I thank God every day for allowing me to experience that. Anyone who knows me knows that when I go buy my dogs a bag of food, I always buy one for the humane society too. Over the last 3 years I have lived in Florida, I have paid numerous adoption fees on animals at the Bay County Humane Society so that the animals could have a home even when someone couldn't afford the fee. I have volunteered countless hours to the Humane Society Thrift Shop as well as donating merchandise to be sold to fund the "no kill" shelter. My point being that I CARE tremendously about the worlds overpopulation of animals but I also love my purebred dogs and bless there hearts, they love me. I submitted my dogs photos on here for the same reason people show off pictures of their human children....because I love them and I am proud of them. I'm sorry Gerry got hate spewed at him for raising a litter of healthy and beautiful babies.....and now what I really came here for......

Those Weims are sooooooooooo precious. I would have loved to have been the one who got to snuggle next to those sweet velvety babies but don't feel bad for me as my bed is full of poodles to snuggle with.
Oct 9, 2007 JaviersMom
Good grief. Can't we just enjoy the beautiful dogs? Good on you, Gerry, for loving and taking care of them and for sharing them with us. When love gets too technical, it's not love anymore. Anyone can see your heart is in it. Thank God for you. Millions of bones to the pups, and to Reuben and Cleo.
Oct 13, 2007 gerry
Thanks for all the kind cmments
Nov 16, 2007 Jeckle
Wow! Nobody probably looks at this anymore, but I had to comment.

First of all, Gerry your babies are darling! I can't imagine having 10 weims at once, but I'm sure your life was a wonderful blur of silvery fur for a while. :) Their pretty blue eyes, cute little noses, and pretty coats are adorable! I think it was great of you to take in poor Cleo and show her such love, as is obvious from your story and all of your posts.

Second, you have much more class than I do! Especially since you have a degree that allows you to judge breeding stock! I can't believe the things people were saying. People need to stop jumping to conclusions so quickly.

I grew up with an amazing purebred chocolate labrador retriever, complete with an 11 page pedigree! He was a working hunting dog and the best buddy/protector anyone could ask for. He turned out to be a rare pointing lab, so we looked into breeding him but decided against it in the end. But there would have been nothing wrong with breeding him if we did! We were responsible pet owners, and the prospective female's owner was actually a vet. We were prepared to do all necessary to ensure happy and healthy puppies and parents. Breeders don't hold a right that the rest of us don't have access to! Many pets are amazing animals whose owners would rather spend their time playing with their animals than parading them around in a show ring. My dog out-hunted the show winning dog of the pheasant range's owner every time! He ended up living an amazing life, including the vet saying he had the body/heart/everything of an 8 year old when he was 15! He even helped reintroduce a dog HATER (who had been attacked by a dog as a child) to the wonderful world of doggy love. No "reputable" breeder can tell me that their show winners deserve to "preserve and improve the breed" if my amazing dog wasn't good enough to do so.
Dec 7, 2007 mollyface
I would like to dive into those puppies and kiss my way out.
Dec 19, 2007 lopez n chi
Wow! Gerry - your pups are absolutely beautiful! I would have loved to just feel their silky fur! How many dogs do you have sleeping in your bed now?! All three? I bet you have a HUGE bed. LOL. Thanks for sharing the pictures!
Dec 30, 2007 cjc
They look like velvet angels. Just beautiful.
Jan 13, 2008 mling
I'm glad this mess was sorted out. Gerry's story sounds amazing. There should be more breeders out there like him! Cleo and Reuben's babies are beautiful (politics or not)!
Feb 15, 2008 aden1994
these dogs are very cute! i would love to have such a cute dog like them! they have such beautiful blue eyes. i don't know how you do it, i would never be able to take care of all of those dogs!
Jan 18, 2009 georgia04
Thank you for rescuing Cleo and giving her a good life, and playing nanny to a mess of puppies. I am sure the holding part was fun, at least! Look at this face? I think that would make all the work worth it. :)
Mar 12, 2009 navci
Apr 25, 2009 kendra blackie 08
Lots of puppies. These are blue wegimers i dont how 2 spell it. All of them r cute. Hopefully all puppies are living a happy and healthy life=] Grats Ruben and Cleo=]
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