Reuben the Saint Bernard

Puppy Breed: Saint Bernard

Reuben's mom says: Reuben Valentine was born December 21, 2006, on a farm in Missouri and came to my St. Louis, USA, home on February 3, 2007. The breeder gave him the name Valentine, and I kept that as his middle name since he came home shortly before Valentine's Day. He was six weeks old and weighed ten pounds; he is four months old now and weighs 55 pounds! He is a splashcoat, which means that he has more white on his coat than most other Saints. He has lots of freckles on his belly. He is extremely bright -- he learned how to sit by seven weeks of age, to walk on a leash by eight weeks, and was housebroken by ten weeks. He loves to play with sticks (branches). His only bad habit is digging. Of course we are still working on some of the finer points of training, but he is absolutely adorable, beautiful, and a joy to have. He truly is a Saint!