Rigby the Great Pyrenees Mix

Puppy Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog / Great Pyrenees

I am a Bernese Mountain Dog and Great Pyrenees mix and am the fluffiest thing you have ever seen. My hobbies include playing with all of my stuffed duck toys, chasing ice cubes on the tile floor, digging holes in the mulch, and making sure every cardboard box gets shredded. I recently enrolled in obedience school and am at the top of my class. I love meeting all the new puppies, but I haven't quite mastered my big paws and am a bit clumsy. My favorite movie is Balto and one day I want to be just like him. Mommy and Daddy show me lots of love; they keep saying I will get too big to sit in their laps, but they keep letting me so I will keep cuddling.