Tuesday, July 29, 2014
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Dec 17, 2011 Jose
Riley you're sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute. I hope that you have a great life with lot's of love. Hugs and kisses to you.
Dec 17, 2011 longislander
What a fluffy cutie. Riley does look like a stuffed animal. Enjoy both your wonderful dogs.
Dec 17, 2011 DebforNow
Riley, you are adorable and your mommy and daddy are correct, you do look just like a stuffed animal. Lots of hugs and kisses for you, angel face.
Dec 17, 2011 princelover
Riley, your sweet face brought a big smile to my face this morning as I looked at your beautiful pictures. Your mommy and daddy are so lucky to have that every day. I envy them. Have a wonderful life and stay very healthy and have a very Merry Christmas with lots of toys and treats.
Dec 17, 2011 Missmilamae
What a pretty baby! Wish I had Riley's beautiful golden, wavy locks! Enjoy this precious bundle for many years to come!
Dec 17, 2011 Happy2Day
Dec 17, 2011 Glenys
This picture made me laugh out loud, and brought some sunshine into a cold, snowy day. Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures of your darling puppy. She is getting so many virtual hugs and belly rubs in hyperspace right now!
Dec 17, 2011 joolie boolie
Riley you are just too cute for words! You definitely look like a little teddy bear! Have a wonderful life you little cutie!
Dec 17, 2011 cinny007
You are soooooo cute Riley. xx
Dec 17, 2011 imissjess
Looks like dreams take flight to me! So very sweet and so cute.
Dec 17, 2011 spunky
Riley, you are one darling little fluffball! All your pictures were sooooo cute! Lots of belly rubs & cookies for you!
Dec 17, 2011 poochies=love
You can see the expressive poodle in her in this sweet picture. What a doll!
Dec 17, 2011 doodlemommy
Doodles rule - how could not not love that face. Adorable!!
Dec 17, 2011 roo91
What a beautiful little dog. They're both gorgeous.
Dec 17, 2011 GSDLVR
That is the CUTEST! Look at those ears!
Dec 17, 2011 pamfontainepeters
I'm in love! Rile is so cute! Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
Dec 17, 2011 Samba1260
Dec 17, 2011 amyliz
Yes, Riley, you could pass for a stuffed animal but with much more personality! 100% adorable! Many happy and healthy years to you and Merry Christmas!
Dec 17, 2011 Shell and Coops
What a fabulous photo your mummy took of you!!! I hope your life is as sweet as you. You'll always be welcome at our place if you want to come to Australia!!!
Dec 17, 2011 phd723
OMG! Riley is the spitting image of my Goldendoodle, Emma, as a puppy! Emma is now two and a wonderful cuddlebug. Riley is just adorable and I am sure she will provide you with much love and affection as well as lots of giggles. Give her a hug for me.
Dec 17, 2011 WATERDOG
Riley looks to be a happy a happy little Munchkin and she certainly has the perfect big brother Good Tidings to all, Cheers!
Dec 17, 2011 cricket92429
I've seen this breed before, and they indeed look like stuffed animals at first glance! Quite cute!
Dec 17, 2011 love dogs too
Riley there are so many great comments about you, I just don't know what to say. Hugs and kisses and long and happy life. You are so cute.
Dec 17, 2011 Nias Mom
Aaawwww Riley is precious and does look like a stuffed animal she is so adorable...and Her big brother Manny looks like a big sweety, himself... much happiness to you all now and always!!!
Dec 17, 2011 ceo
Riley's cuteness is almost more than I can handle. And she really does look like a stuffed animal, which is just beyond adorable. Wishing you both many happy years together!
Dec 17, 2011 chelsearosebud
Pretty much Puppy Perfection! Riley is adorable and I hope you have many happy, cuddly years with her.
Dec 17, 2011 Sibes
Riley. You're one cute little pup.
Dec 17, 2011 daphne's mom
How adorable! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! Much love, many biscuits, and tons of cuddles for Riley (and Manny too)!
Dec 17, 2011 mljgranny
Such a cute dog!!! Love the fluffy dogs!!!
Dec 17, 2011 drakes' granny
Such a wonderful picture of Riley with protector, Manny watching over. Sure hope Santa brings all wonderful things for both.
Dec 17, 2011 The Raven
I am sorry but I have to inform you that Riley is a toy dog, a stuffed dog, not a real dog. She is of very high quality and is the latest model and is digitalized. She can cuddle, play nicely with others, no matter their size and look cute for photos. I am asking Santa for one like her for under my Christmas tree.
Dec 17, 2011 pelligrino
Riley is way cute and cuddly! What a sweet and loving boy you are!
Dec 17, 2011 ssmmtm
Want something sweetheart? It's all yours. That face, those eyes...OMG totally priceless.
Dec 17, 2011 cane corso
Okay, this cute photo got my attention!
Dec 17, 2011 gryt
Nah... Definitely stuffed toy. :)
Dec 17, 2011 Henry 'n' Gem
Awwwwww..... This probaly the sweetest puppy face out there! Riley DOES look like a stuffed animal! Just a lot cuter!
Dec 17, 2011 Erinchocolate984
Omjesus, that doll is my new life!!!!! Ok golden doodles are my new favorite dog!!! Just because of her!!!! I love her in every way!!!! Thank u for showing her off and making her my new love. LOL-lots of love.XOXOXO
Dec 17, 2011 Pupeluv
Who could NOT love this puppy?! Riley is an absolute cutie. You are so-o lucky to have each other..and Manny, too. There is no doubt that santa will be good to this pup. xoxoxo, and lots of love, Riley and Manny...
Dec 17, 2011 Draliongrace
It's so beatifull Riley, it's a very nice puppy...
Dec 17, 2011 cherokeewoman
oh my Riley you are toooooo cute for words...xoxoxoxo
Dec 17, 2011 JanW
Riley, you are definitely one cute little stuffed toy! I could just hold and cuddle with you all day long. Too much sweetness in one puppy! Hope to see more pics of you here soon....
Dec 17, 2011 Buster's Aunt Peaches
Riley, you're a sweetheart.
Dec 17, 2011 curly#1
Aw, tooo cute!
Dec 17, 2011 Mini Anderson Cooper
Hi There Riley, Congratulations on being the Daily Puppy! You are gorgeous and I love fluffy little girl dogs. My Pug would love to join in and play outside with you. Merry Christmas sweetie. Pug Hugs from Pug Mini Anderson Cooper and mom Elizabeth in NY~
Dec 17, 2011 tink'smom
Admittedly, I am a fool for anything oodle, but this precious little too-sweet-to-be-real face takes the cake. Riley is unforgettable. I'm gonna dream about her now. Love you, sweetie. XXXX
Dec 17, 2011 jsntran
nice baby!
Dec 17, 2011 Abiglen
You are scrumptous, Riley! Wishing you many happy play-filled days. oxoxox
Dec 17, 2011 beach dog's mom
Riley, you are one of the cutest puppies I have seen on the Daily Puppy! WAY too cute for words! Love, health, fun, hugs and long life you wonderful angel boy! May you live the life of a pampered, adored pooch as all dogs deserve. Love your pictures!!!
Dec 17, 2011 memberume
What a team this is!!! Love them both and know they sure could not be happier being together. Riley really lucked out by having a big brother like Manny. May this ball of fluff have a long happy and healthy life with her new owners and her best buddy Manny :) Merry Christmas to them both and of course their wonderful human family.
Dec 17, 2011 beach dog's mom
Whoops! You are an angel GIRL! I should have known such a pretty face is not that of a ruff tuff boy. I'm surprised your owner can manage not to keep you wrapped up in their arms at all times. Hugs to you, Miss Charmer!
Dec 17, 2011 meganbooth
Riley what gorgeous golden wavy hair you have. You are adorable.
Dec 17, 2011 molly's mom
Oh! What a cutie you are!!!!!!!
Dec 17, 2011 tzumom
What a cutie you are little girl. So happy that you have found your very lucky forever mom. Lots of love and tummy rubs to you.
Dec 17, 2011 pupfanatic
Yoi! Ready for take off, Riley!!
Dec 17, 2011 Mollywoggs sweet little baby!
Dec 17, 2011 westiefan99
Go on with your story - I'm all ears!!! Oh, Riley, you are sooooo adorable! I couldn't decide which picture to choose. I wish you and your family endless cuddles, treats and games for many, many years.
Dec 17, 2011 virgilsmama
So cute, so very very cute. Love your creamy color and your beautiful ears! You look like a very sweet puppy and your big brother is handsome too. Merry Christmas to you and best of life to all of you.
Dec 17, 2011 mychiensr1
Riley is not a real dog. That is a stuffed it:-)? Manny is such a handsome boy, but Riley is tooo cute to be a real dog:-). I wish Riley and Manny have A Wonderful Christmas with your humans family!
Dec 17, 2011 wolfgirl66
Dec 17, 2011 sheila
Riley, I love this picture of you and Manny. The size difference is so cute. Scritches and hugs for both of you.
Dec 17, 2011 biff
Spoil them both rotten!
Dec 17, 2011 sheila
Oh Riley you are waaay too cute!! That face - those eyes - aaahhhh!! You can come and play with my Daisy girl any time you want. You are just an adorable little bundle of fluff!! Long and happy, happy life to you Riley, your big brother Manny and to your humans.
Dec 18, 2011 stinkerbelle1969
Airplane ears!! So cute!!
Dec 18, 2011 maroula
Amazing little puppy !
Dec 18, 2011 Scamp's Grammy
Riley,you are an adorable little, golden, curly haired, puppy. With that sweet face I bet you don't get scolded too many times. Wishes for you & Manny to have a long, happy & healthy life with lots of cuddles from Scamp's Grammy.
Dec 18, 2011 phoenix2b
Wow, this little baby is a picture ham! Every single picture is adorable.
Dec 18, 2011 Rozbscoob
What a face!!! Too cute
Dec 18, 2011 misterpiko
I bet your breed just makes the perfect puppy and grown-up dog. All the best with your new family!
Dec 19, 2011 veronica
so cute. x
Dec 19, 2011 Simon123
Oh my Riley, you are sooooo adorable. I just want to kiss your nose.
Dec 19, 2011 MaeDeLena
I love love the poodle look of curiosity! Just can't help but giggle! You are a sweet and beatiful pup! Many biscuits to you!
Dec 19, 2011 vorner
Nah....don't believe it...Riley is just too adorable to not be a stuffed toy... But she IS real! OMG, how could anything in this world be so precious?! Long, happy, healthy life to you and your bro, Manny too! How lucky your family is to have such great pups in their lives! XOXOXO
Dec 20, 2011 piobaire
My goodness what an adorable face.
Dec 21, 2011 guerrero's grandma
OMG! Riley... each picture is cuter than the next one! you are such a gorgeous girl! I'd love to run my fingers through that soft looking fur... Long & Happy & Healthy Life to you sweetie pie
Holy cow your dog is a mix of our dogs pu together!!!!!! Are dogs are golden doodles too! Ben is golden like Rily but bens also huge! Mountineer is medium sized but curly haired like riley! I have pictures of them on my page if you'd like to see them! just click on my name!!!!
Jan 4, 2012 woofiewabbler
Riley you look like something I passed in toys R us last week..In fact I think I did..In fact, I think you are my daughters favorite little fluff muff. GIVER HER BACK. we've been on a search forever and I'm absolutely positive that is her. p.s. your older brother is cute and I'm sure your owners are good looking. WOOF WOOF
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