Risa the Mixed Breed

Puppy Breed: Mixed (unknown)

Risa is my loving and feisty puppy. I am currently living and volunteering in Central America and I'm thrilled to have her in my life here. Risa means laughter in Spanish and I named her that because laughter is exactly what she adds to my life! I have no idea what kind of breeds her parents were or if they were any specifically since mixed dogs are unfortunately abundant here in the streets. Sadly, Risa was taken away from her mother too young (4.5 weeks) and came from a home that did not treat her well. As a result, she has already battled a heavy worm, flea, and tick infestation, severe anemia, a bacterial infection, and kennel cough. However, she is a fighter and is getting healthier by the day. Above all, she is beautiful, smart, silly, and loves to cuddle. Her favorite past times include sleeping on my chest, chewing on her squeaky toys that her aunts sent her from the USA, eating, and video chatting with her brothers (2 Labradors) back home in the USA. Even with the stress of worrying about her health, she really is my laughter and my love. We both foresee many happy and healthy years together in Central America and in the USA.