Rocky the Mini Schnauzer

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Rocky's mom says: We got Rocky by chance in October, we were just looking at breeds of puppies when we saw him and it was love at first sight. Rocky is full of energy and extremely affectionate, he loves to play catch and loves to give tons of kisses. One of his favorite activities is taking a bath, and he often tries to jump into the tub with mommy!!! Over Christmas Rocky was given many presents from my students, and one happen to be a pillow that was says "the boss"! This is so true, Rocky is the boss of the house, since mommy and daddy's world revolves around him. Rocky's spoiled nature can be seen when it comes time for breakfast or dinner, because unless his kibble contains warm chicken bits with a little warm water he looks at you with the look of "don't you know who I am? You can't expect me to just eat normal dog food!" Rocky is a very unique puppy, because whenever he hears a police siren he imitates the sound and runs to the patio door, as if to say " I am ready for action"!!! Rocky is very helpful when it comes to cleaning the house, he loves to latch on to the broom and help push it around the room. Rocky has completed our lives, and filled an empty space that we didn't know existed until we had him. We are so lucky and blessed to have Rocky in our lives, he has brought so much joy and love that we just couldn't imagine our lives without him!!