Friday, July 25, 2014
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Feb 9, 2008 Teeru
So cute , look at your brave character. 11 biscuits
Feb 9, 2008 MiniClover
Oh jeez, he's far too cute! It's too powerful!
Feb 9, 2008 PippiMom
I don't think I could have resisted that face either. Schnauzers are the best - enjoy your boy.
Feb 9, 2008 Carina
Such a cutie, how could you not love him! I wish you heaps of wonderfull times together!
Feb 9, 2008 possma
This is one hell of a dog! He's been here before! Love his "personality"! lol
Feb 9, 2008 suelill
Oh baby - what can I say - Rocky is the most gorgeous, fluffy sweetheart that ever there was. What a cutie and what fantastic piccies of him. Enjoy him. All the hugs and cuddles in the world. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Feb 9, 2008 ugatha
Rocky is so cute. Hope you have many happy years with the dear fellow.
Feb 9, 2008 lovemydogs7
how cute is this picture! Rocky makes me smile. Have many years of fun & games with Rocky. If I could I'd give him 100 biscuits.
Feb 9, 2008 kool_kat_3
Rocky I love you. You are just way tooo cute! I hope you get lots and lots of love and treats from your mum! xxxxxxxx
Feb 9, 2008 goldenlover
"You folks read what my Mom said ? Am I lucky or what???"
Feb 9, 2008 Oneandonlyohmicke
Oh, Rocky baby! Be still my heart! I'm having a cuteness-overdose, I think ;-) Lucky me - pics of two mini schnauzers (my favourite dog) within a few days here at Daily Puppy. Hard to pick av fav picture, all are lovely. You go on having a wonderful life with your family, you little cutie-pie :-). All the best to you from your mini schnauzer friends Fax and Micke at http://www.micke-min ischnau...
Feb 9, 2008 lisaivey
Oh Rocky, you are just too cute for words! I know you're going to have lots of fun with your family, and they are going to give you tons of love and snuggles!
Feb 9, 2008 cjsadlier
Too cute for words. Schnauzers rule! I wish you lots of love and giggles with this precious angel.
Feb 9, 2008 Mummm
I can see why Rocky is "The Boss"! Who could resist spoiling *His Cuteness*?
Feb 9, 2008 howiesmom
What a sweetie! Yes, we have a "pampered pooch" too! Rocky is a doll! Lucky You!!
Feb 9, 2008 lizza
I grew up with one when I was younger. It was the best dog I ever had. Her name was Sweet Pea. She is still very loving and very trusting companion. When she was little I used to carry her around like a baby doll and she loved every second. She is about 15 years old and is still going strong. She is now the grandma of a house with a black lab, St. Bernard and a Great Dane...Its amazing! Good luck with your little one they are wonderful dogs.
Feb 9, 2008 DaveyDog
There's no question that your Rocky is a little angel ... every dog is, it's the humans who need work. My comment is regarding YOUR comments! You REALLY get it!! Having a doggie, I mean. I fell just as hard for my first ever doggie in 1971 and have rarely been without a fur fix since then. My doggies have all been pound puppies or rescues of some sort, but the over-the-top feeling is just the same. Rocky will be the wind beneath your wings for his entire life and I believe you will cherish and appreciate what he brings to your life as though it's the reason he was born. Bless 'em all.
Ontario, Canada
Feb 9, 2008 Podday
I can certainly understand him being spoiled, he is adorable.
Feb 9, 2008 jaccikay
Little Rocky is a big heart in a little body. I have had two Min. Schnauzers. I love the breed. They have alot of energy, so walks, or big back yard to run in, is a must. I am happy to see that his ears are not cropped. My two were both cropped, and I would not let the breeder do it again, if I had the choice. It is done at about six weeks old I believe. In some countries it is illegal, which is good. God Bless you with love, health, and happiness. Rocky will help you with your cleaning for years to come!!
Feb 9, 2008 jdsinger
Wow - Rocky sounds like he has quite the personality! You're very lucky - enjoy him! :)
Feb 9, 2008 yujismom
scratches on that puppy tummy wummy! win rocky win!
Feb 9, 2008 bopeep
Little dog, HUGE personality. Dogs know exactly how to wiggle their ways into our hearts. Your Rocky has quite the busy life and is absolutely adorable. You have truly found your little treasure. Hugs, kisses and 11 biscuits from Kansas USA.
Feb 9, 2008 Terry C
So that's what a Schnauzer looks like when it isn't clipped and plucked and groomed to the nines!

What an adorable baby you have there.
Feb 9, 2008 mash18020
Hard day at the office....Rocky you are soooo cute!!! You'd give my dogs a run for their money with all that energy you have :-) I hope you have a long healthy fun life.....and a million doggie treats to you too!!
Feb 9, 2008 mqm501
So Precious! Who could resist him? May you have many fun filled years together. Naturally Rocky can have all the biscuits he wants always. Very Best Wishes from Sunny Spain.
Feb 9, 2008 postiemayer
Can't resist a sleeping puppy, especially one showing puppy tummy. And this one is REALLY a cutie. Many happy years together.
Feb 9, 2008 megg
[color=blue][i][b]I would like to start off with the satisfying fact that I, personally, rated your precious pup Rocky a whopping 11 buscuits, and I'm hoping he doesn't think they are just 'regular dog food'. (: My apologies little boy!

Soo, now that I'm done with that, I can fantasize over how simply adorable, precious, gorgeous, cute, and fluffy your pup Rocky is! His name suits him perfectly; I think his hair is kind of spikey, and then fluffy, sort of like a .... Rock?

Well, I dunno, but I think the name fits him good. Awkward moment.
That's incredibly nice of your students to give Rocky presents! Well, if my teacher (idk if you're a teach or not, ... but....) got a new dog, and it was Christmas, I'd probly get the dog something instead of the regular Candy for Teacher.

I love your whole description of Rocky! I've always seemed to find myself, not knowing a pup will appear, and then BAM... I get the oppurtinity to get that pup (which, my mom forces me not to get it) and I guess thats kinda how you were.

Only, you were expecting a dog... but not THIS Dog.... oh, nevermind.
Haha! I love that part about his 'The Boss' pillow! My dogs don't act like they're the boss (cause they all know I'M the boss (;
but Rocky doesn't seem like the type, well, not rudely but he does LOL!

I picked the picture I picked ^^^^^
because I thought it was extremely cute how Rocky had that look on his face, like where he had just woken up and his face looks like he's saying, "Come on lady.. you got me up to take more pictures!?"

You have wonderful pictures, not to mention a wonderful dog, so the best of luck from me to you (and Rocky of course!)!
Blessings, and like I mentioned before, 11 well earned buscuits!
- Meg [/color][/i][/b]
Feb 9, 2008 denawolves
Love your puppy! Seriously though he's just a tad bit spoiled, don't you think? I mean come on, does he need a bed nicer than mine AND toys??? [ haha---kidding, of course.] I picked this pic 'cuz he looks like he just woke up- soooo cute!
Feb 9, 2008 yoliesf
Oh my Gosh.........Sooooooo adorable!!!!!

I love Schnauzers, I have a female named Caroline. She is my "heart". So affectionate and loyal and fun and sweet.

Enjoy every minute!
Feb 9, 2008 lucyny2000
Oh, Rocky, you Rock! 11 hundred biscuits to the Boss ( sprinkled with warm chicken, better be organic!) and you keep them all under control, Good Boy!
Feb 9, 2008 usfour
This picture does indeed look like a little boss -- I'll take that chicken now, thank you!! All of these pictures made me laugh. What a precious little tyke. I have 2 dogs who also insist on chicken with their dog food. I also have a cat who will not eat unless I am petting her at her food bowl. Keeps me busy to say the least. I am constantly in motion taking care of these guys and really don't have to work out every day any more. Well, Rocky, don't work your mommy and daddy too hard!! Lots of puppy kisses to you.
Feb 9, 2008 Shady'smom
Ahhh....Rocky is soooo sweet! I have a mni first, my husband's second...and they are awesome dogs! We can't wait to get another one. Enjoy your sweet little boy!
Feb 9, 2008 Zero22
Cute! Many blessings and wishes for you and rocky!
Feb 9, 2008 schnauzerlover
OMG he is soooo cute! I myself have two mini schnauzers and they are a wonderful breed. My two mini Schnauzers also love to lay like Rocky did on our beds. I mean when they stretch out they take up a ton of space so you have no where to sleep! Best wishes to you and Rocky!!!
Feb 9, 2008 Sasafras56
What a cutie! Just want to rub that belly!
Feb 9, 2008 Brunomom
First of all, I love puppy tummies and this little one is too cute. Our dogs do complete our lives. Wonderful years w/this adorable character.
Feb 9, 2008 pupsrule
This cute little rascal stole my heart. What a total doll. Enjoy your handsome little boy. There are not enough biscuits in the world for this guy!
Feb 9, 2008 pomtzu
Thank you Rocky!! You have warmed my heart on a cold and gloomy Saturday here in Delaware. You are oh so precious. Stay as sweet as you are and don't let anyone forget that you're "The Boss".
Feb 9, 2008 iamme sweet! I'd sa you're ready for anything in this picture. hehe :) Have a great life!!! Keep your mom and dad in line. hehe
Feb 9, 2008 simrat101
so cute but ugly at the same time just kidding i would never say that
Feb 9, 2008 dogelove2
[color=pink] Rocky is soooo cute! You must have to hide him from the neighbors to make sure they don't steal him! :D [/color]
Feb 9, 2008 maddie's mom
i can tell rocky is so loved...
what a sweet face
Feb 9, 2008 tmylsett
Such a cutie!!! Mini schnauzers are the best.
Feb 9, 2008 sylvanbliss
Anything you say, Boss!
Feb 9, 2008 petluver
Look at that sweet face! I had a Miniature Schnauzer years ago, and she was the best dog! Many biscuits to Rocky! He looks like he very well taken care of, and spoiled! Which is the way all pets should be! Sweet baby!
Feb 9, 2008 Sydalie3
I love schnauzers and love that they get featured on Daily Puppy so often! Your Rocky is adorable.
Feb 9, 2008 puppy*power
Rocky is soo cute.
Feb 9, 2008 libbylou
what a handsome little guy!! I wish I could play with him. very nice breed and rocky is certainly a prime example
Feb 9, 2008 my pups' mom
Rocky, you are so cute! I know just how your mommy felt the first time she saw you. 11 billion biscuits to you!
I've been a fan of this website for a long time,and had to register when I saw Rocky's picture. We rescued our Harley last July and were uncertain of his breed. Now we know what he is. He looks just like Rocky. And he fits Rocky's description. Harley lost one of his legs (trauma) before we adopted him, but he doesn't know it's missing. We named him "Harley" because he has such an attitude he needed a "tough guy" name.
I'm sure you give your family much joy and love, and we wish you many long and happy years.
God bless you all.
Feb 9, 2008 cheleon
What is it about sleeping puppy? - What a wee treasue! I can vouch for the fact that they are very kissy dogs as I am lucky enough to have 2 min schnauzers next door and I get lots of kisses through the fence (makes my three furkids quite jealous, but I cannot resist those hairy little faces)!! Many long happy years, Rocky, for you and your special humans. :)
Feb 9, 2008 2macks
This is possibly the cutest schauzer I have ever seen.
Who is the lucky one here? I think both you and your
little Rocky! We have two,( double fun!) and we can't imagine life without them. They truly make me laugh every day! Enjoy!
Feb 9, 2008 kennystbird
My mini schnauzer looks exactly like Rocky! You get 11 bisquits.:)
Feb 9, 2008 dogelove2
[color=magenta] *Rocky is sooooo cute!!!* [/color]
Feb 9, 2008 Puppyluver59
[color=blue] Awwww Rocky! He's so cute! I just want to scoop him up, give him a hug, and never ever put him back down! Who knew a puppy could be this cute? Definitely 11 biscuits for this little guy. [/color]
Feb 9, 2008 Judi
Rocky is too cute for words!!
Feb 9, 2008 Max's2leggedSister
"I'm ready for my belly-rub!" :)
I'm glad to see that you've let the humans know who's The Boss, Rocky! Don't let them forget! :P
Soooo cuddly and cute. It made my day to see a cutie Mini Schnauzer on my page (and two in just a few days!) - my tail was wagging, too! :P
Feb 9, 2008 k_cyn
[color=purple]Oh Rocky you are too CUTE!!! :) You are ADORABLE!!!!! :) I've fallen under your spell...I'm in LOOOOOVE!! :)
You are a PRECIOUS little baby!
Many kisses, hugs and biscuits to you beautiful Rocky!!!
Best wishes always!!![/color]
Feb 9, 2008 FRITZY
Oh my....the photos are so cute and this one screams "King"!!! Very cute! I am loving it that he is in control of his mommy and daddy.....the way every puppy/dog should be! :)
Feb 9, 2008 Luvthempups
What a sweet boy! He has such a cute, fuzzy face! Many happy years to Rocky and his family.
Feb 10, 2008 thetopazsmurf
Rocky you are adorable and much loved!!
Feb 10, 2008 LucyBee
No way you can resist that face!!
Feb 10, 2008 djmc
Soooooooo sweet , love the pictures while they are sleeping . Have lots of fun with your new baby. Give him a puppy kiss for me. 11 biscits
Feb 10, 2008 DogyLvr
"Son of Mein Schotzie" was my first thought when I saw your beautiful, innocent and perfectly adorable Rocky. He looks so much like our own mini that I just swooned with delight. You have the best doggie in the world... right next to my own doggie of course
Feb 10, 2008 looploop321
ohhhhhhhhh he is adorable i had a hard time picking my favorite picture they are all so cute many happy days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 10, 2008 Yorkie Girl
What a sweetheart.
Feb 10, 2008 leahkids
Your beautiful words about your baby, and your obvious love for your pup is wonderful to hear. All our dogs in the world need to be smothered with love and attention and kindness. Enjoy your life with Rocky. :-)
Feb 10, 2008 cskreitzer

Miniature Schnauzers are the best puppies in the world. I wish you many wonderful years with this little guy. We cannot imagine our life without our little black schnauzer Moxie (12 lbs of fluff'n'love), and it sounds like you feel the same about Rocky.

He's so precious!!!
Feb 11, 2008 Mikkimrado
The "bossy" look again! :D Tooooo cute! He's absolutely cuddly!
Feb 11, 2008 dholzworth
Rocky is adorable. Pets do have a way of filling empty spots that we didn't know were empty. Enjoy your time with Rocky and remember who is boss!
Feb 11, 2008 Mikala01
Oh he's absolutely irresistable! Congrats on such an adorable little guy - he really does seem to have some personality to him too!

I love him!!!
Feb 11, 2008 shellyrini
I am typically a fan of bigger dogs, but I have to say you are adorable. I love your face, it is just soo cute. I am so glad you came in to your parents lives when you did. May be be blessed as much as you have blessed your parents.
Feb 11, 2008 aja
Rocky is so cute! My mini schnauzer just turned one and also does the howling at sirens thing. He seems so concerned it's just the cutest thing ever! Enjoy your boy, they're the best!
Feb 11, 2008 Doggymommy
Rocky you are too cute, I love this picture, it made me laugh, silly doggie!
Feb 11, 2008 LisaLisa
Rocky. you are too cute to be real! You look like an adorable little doll! Lots of love and hugs and biscuits to you, cutie pie!
Feb 11, 2008 Tuna's_Mom
VERY cute. Rocky seems to be a better fitting name for a tougher-looking dog, but still, it DOES fit this little guy!
Feb 12, 2008 BTLabs
I am sure Rocky feels just as blessed to have you and your husband for a mommy and daddy!
Feb 12, 2008 stormsamson
Mom and Dad, please don't wake me! Can't you see I'm trying to get my "busy" sleep!! What cute bundle of joy! Many years of blessed health and lovins!
Feb 12, 2008 tambore
Who needs a dull dog? Go Rocky! Tell Mom and Dad to be on the lookout for your Adrienne. I can tell you're a little devil and that's wonderful. Long and happy life to all.
Feb 12, 2008 Doglover4ever
Could a dog of this kind be any more adorable? He has melted my heart like chocolate!I pray he as adorable after he gets up from bed as he is right now! Keep going Rocky!
Feb 12, 2008 Doglover4ever
Could a dog of this kind be any more adorable? He has melted my heart like chocolate!I pray he as adorable after he gets up from bed as he is right now!
Feb 12, 2008 nickrocksbigtime93
rocky is really cute i am getting a pure black mini Schnauzer too. Cant decide the name though?
Feb 12, 2008 nickrocksbigtime93
rocky is really cute i am getting a pure black mini Schnauzer too. Cant decide the name though?
Feb 16, 2008 gizmo77rules
I love this little guy, he is so cute. My brother has a Mini Schnauser named Sunnie, but his ears and tail are cropped. I like the Rocky look.
All the pictures of Rocky are great, it was hard picking my favorite.
Lots of tummy rubs and biscuits for Rocky. I hope you all have lots of fun together.
Feb 24, 2008 paws4thought
[color=red] Well, i would just like to say that, you named Rocky very well and it suits him so perfectly.
I'd also just like to point out that i gave Rocky 11 top quality biscuits with containin warm chicken bits with a little warm water!

I also love your description of Rocky and that is so sweet thatone of your students gave him a pressie.......
Such a nice boy/girl!!!
And i am amazed that he loves baths so much. i can't get my dogs anywhere near the bathroom without a fight, and yet Rocky is basically volunteering for one!!!
QUite a character!!

I love it when you are just moseing around looking at pups when suddenly.......... There you have it.....the pup of your dreams......
That happened to me once...... ***sigh***

Anyway, i really did have trouble trying to pick a picture but I felt that this one was just irresistable and very well done
(whoever took it, congratulate yourself)
He looks so sleepy and contented. AWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!

He really is a very special and precious dog. He is so utterly, adorably, gorgeously cute and you are so lucky to have him......
Love at first sight..........***sigh***
that is always the best way

Well, i hope you have wonderful times together
many happy memories
loads of fun
enjoy it![/color]

[b][color=pink]X[/color][color= red]O[/color][color=pink]X[/color][ color=red]O[/color][/b]
Mar 27, 2008 alexis_2008
[color=pink]He is a cuteie
Mar 27, 2008 alexis_2008
[color=red and pink]XoXoXoXo[/color]
Aug 11, 2008 Thumper
your dog is so cute i like the way his ears sty up like that!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 11, 2008 Thumper
your dog is so cute i like the way his ears stay up like that!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 6, 2009 puppymad17
WOW i know my comment is late but he looks just like my mini schnauzer!! HE is adorable! 20 biscuits!! ^_^
Oct 21, 2009 joiedevivre
I would love to kiss that fat little belly! Rocky you sure are adorable!
Jan 1, 2010 monkeyfriends99
she is family we do not even think of her a a pet.she is always happy and a lot of energy!and so so so helpful, loving, sweet. and she knows when your sad so then she sit by you,gives you kisses and make you feel better!
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