Rory the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Puppy Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

My name is Rory (or Lorelai--my mom likes the Gilmore Girls too much). I love to chew on hands, feet, baskets, blankets, and noses. I also love to fall asleep all the time, especially in laundry baskets or your lap. I'm super friendly and give lots of kisses because, let's face it, you need 'em. I'm still scared of my own reflection but hopefully I'll figure out it's me soon. My mommy's in law school so my favorite thing to do is to fall asleep on her textbooks so she can't read! It's fun! My older sister Jackie looks like me but a whole lot bigger and I love to jump on her, especially when she's sleeping. I hate my leash but luckily I love feet and just follow my mom everywhere. Unless there's sticks in the woods. I love sticks. My ancestors may have been lap dogs to royalty, but I'm pretty sure I'm the princess now.