Samson the German Shepherd Mix

Puppy Breed: German Shepherd Dog / Labrador Retriever

Samson's dad says: Samson is a German shepherd dog mix. We are not certain what the other half might be. Some experts say Labrador, others have said beagle. They all agree we'll find out by the time he is fully grown - he'll either be under 50 or over 70 pounds depending on his mix. Samson is a rescue dog from South Carolina who was fostered by the residents of White Oak Manor retirement community. He has traveled to New York where we will be training him to be a canine companion for residents of the Albany County Nursing home where my wife works. Samson is becoming pals with his big brother Buster. They are slowly overcoming the cat-dog rivalry and are finding new ways to play together. I guess running through the house is fun no matter what furry creature you happen to be.