Scout the German Shorthaired Pointer

Puppy Breed: German Shorthaired Pointer

Hi, I'm Scout! I'm a rough and tough little boy that loves to play! I will never pass up a chance to rough house. I can destroy a new toy in no time and if it's in my reach, I will pick it up! I am also really smart; I know sit, shake, down and play dead. My best friend is a 5 month old English Mastiff; he's a lot bigger but always lets me win. I love walks--I go on two a day and always pick up the biggest stick I can find and take it with me. My mom works at a vet and I get to go to work with her every day and meet lots of new friends. She keeps telling me when I get big I'll get to play in doggie day care! I can't wait for that, and neither can my parents.