Scout the Labrador Retriever

Puppy Breed: Labrador Retriever

Hi! My name is Scout. I got my name because I am like my family's little Scout, following them everywhere. I am a very hyper little girl and I have been exploring all around our yard, digging up sticks and chewing on them. I love playing with the neighbor's dog Denali. I may be small now but I am most likely going to be a big girl! I love getting tummy rubs and I roll over on my back and try nibbling on people's fingers. I love to eat even though I'm a little lady and if I could I would eat heaps of food. Sometimes I stick my head in my food bowl and walk around with it on my head! When I drink my water I put my paws in the bowl and then I get them all soaking wet. My family says I could get away with murder with a face like mine, especially when I look at people with those "puppy eyes"! I can be independent though--I march around the backyard and keep on lookout for those squirrels I love to chase! Believe it or not, I can be lazy too. Sometimes I like to just cuddle up and bury myself in my blanket!