Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Mar 5, 2008 djmc
She is soooooooo cute , Enjoy enjoy, there is nothing like having a sweet dog. They add to your life so much. I know you two will have alot of fun together. 11 biscuits
Mar 5, 2008 harlequinguy
Dogs are the most benign and rewarding addiction there is, and Sierra is clearly no exception. Love her to pieces and spoil her to bits -- we regular DP'ers certainly would!
Mar 5, 2008 kool_kat_3
What a real cutie-pie!!! She is just toooooooo beautiful! Many happy times together! Lots of treats and love to her xxxxxx
Mar 5, 2008 Oneandonlyohmicke
Sierra is super sweet :-)! A real cutie beautie :-)
Mar 5, 2008 sarah calvert
WOW - what a gorgeous pup, look at that lovely puppy tum!
She really is a beautiful girl.
Million biscuits for Sierra!
Mar 5, 2008 suelill
Yet another cutie-pie. What a cuddly baby you are Sierra - just gorgeous. Enjoy your life. Hugs and cuddles. xxxxxxxxx
Mar 5, 2008 Mr. Aames
very cute, reminds me of my wheaten, she looks very smart and sweet.
Mar 5, 2008 Mikkimrado
It was very very difficult to choose a fav pic - but i had to choose this! This reminds me of our dog at home who loves to help us clean up the yard after a storm when the yard is littered with leaves and branches!

Sierra is such a darling, such a cuddle ball, such a bag of puppy cuteness - sigh! Many kisses to her a truckloads of her fav biscuits to her too!
Mar 5, 2008 jowaldo
Queen rule with your cuteness!!! :)
Mar 5, 2008 goldenlover
"I'm happy, you're happy. Let's rescue me a pal !"
Mar 5, 2008 doggieaunt
. . . not that Sierra's a happy girl, or anything . . . ;-)

She's just wonderful. (I wish she was bounding over to visit me!)
Mar 5, 2008 Brunomom
Sierra is lovely, once you have had a dog, I can not imagine life without them. A million bisquits and kisses for the very lovely Sierra.
Mar 5, 2008 Maywee
AWW she is gorgeous! Such a happy puppy! She is a smiling dog! ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY! You just want to rub her all over!
Mar 5, 2008 Chloe's Mom
Sierra is sooo cute. Just love the picture of her streched out. Belly rubs to her. Enjoy her, she will put so much joy into your lives.
Mar 5, 2008 pomtzu
Oh come on goldenlover - can't you give it a rest? You've made your point over and over and over - day after day after day! The only thing you are accomplishing now is to annoy the masses.

Sierra - you are a lovely little poochie. Keep up being the sweetie that you are and let Mom know just how much fun pups can be. Wishing you many years of fun and adventures little fluff mutt.
Mar 5, 2008 DogMom
Sierra: you are one precious girl puppy!! No doubt you will be a gorgeous girl dog -- don't grow up too fast though!!!!! What a beauty. Enjoy your lovely girl!!!
Mar 5, 2008 BTLover
I am in love! She is such a cutie and looks like such the sweetheart.
Mar 5, 2008 DaveyDog
Congratulations on adopting your first ever doggie! Someone said they're an "addiction", and I couldn't agree more. Miss Sierra is an adorable little girl. The purity of a dog always puts a big smile on my face regardless of the monkey business they can get up to. The dogs are perfect; it's the humans that need work. All Sierra's photos are lovely, but I'll try to find one that's my personal favourite. I think this one because she looks like such a puppy!!
Regarding those who love to pick on "goldenlover". Please review yesterday's comments. He/she didn't use the "r" word at all and no one commented on that!! Don't you train your puppy with positive reinforcement?
Ontario, Canada
Mar 5, 2008 MUSH51
She is just beautiful and you can tell she knows she is loved very much. May you have a long and healthy life with her by your side.

Mar 5, 2008 savon19
MINE!!! :)

She's a sweetie-pie. Lucky you!!
Mar 5, 2008 rexandbaby
I too am in love! I love the Queen reference!
Mar 5, 2008 cariescarebear
This picture is too cute...looks like she's sunning her belly :)
Mar 5, 2008 Doggymommy
Sierra, you are a beauty. I love puppy stretches.
Mar 5, 2008 sydney's mom
I also have a baby named "Sierra". I hope she brings you as much joy as my Sierra has brought to me.

Lovin' the puppy belly...........................
Mar 5, 2008 pauz4paws
What an absolute doll Sierra is......I'm in love again too. All the pics were great, hard to pick a fav, but I managed! Take care of your lil sweetheart and hope you have many years of doggy love....dogs are the best friends you'll ever have.
xoxo and 11 biscuits from Florida
Mar 5, 2008 my_stoney_baby
AAAWWWW!!!! I grew up with a Standard Poodle, and this picture reminds me of his tummy when he was a little puppy! What an absolutey adorable sweet little girl you have! :)
Mar 5, 2008 mqm501
Don't you just love it when your dog runs to you like this with such joy in them - always makes me smile even when I've been shouting for them to come for ages! Sierra looks so happy which is how it should be. Have a long and fun filled life together. Also I am not preaching but when Sierra is older consider getting another dog - it will add a whole new dimension to your life and to hers.
Very Best Wishes from Sunny (but today windy) Spain.
Mar 5, 2008 doggieluvr
Sierra is simply gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!! I know she will bring you many years of happiness. There is nothing like the unconditional love of a dog!

To DaveyDog: YOU should probably review Goldenlover's comments again. He/she actually used the "r" word TWICE!!!

There are many, many DP subscribers who wholeheartedly believe in rescues, I being one of them. We have rescued nine dogs so far during my lifetime.....but you don't hear me or anyone else preaching about it. Goldenlover needs to get over it. The love and happiness people get from their dogs is the same, no matter where the puppies came from! Just enjoy the pictures that people want to share with us!!
Mar 5, 2008 shellyrini
lOVE lOVE lOVE her!!! Sierra you are so great! I love your paws, reminds me of the muppet paws. Very hard to pick just one pic of you, they are all gorgeous. I love this one though, it shows off those adorable paws and that face, oh I could kiss it all day long. I would love to snuggle up beside you on a cold winter day. You look like you are laughing and having a great time. God Bless.
Mar 5, 2008 FRITZY
She is so cute!!! I can see why you could not live without her!!! :)
Mar 5, 2008 sam'smom
Sierra , you are a sweetheart !!! 11+ biscuits every day !!!

I agree with doggieluvr - our chocolate lab is a rescue, but our previous dog was a cocker spaniel, from a breeder, and both have been wonderful companions.
Mar 5, 2008 bunnied816
Oh, man - choosing the favorite pic was nearly impossible! Finally had to go with the running picture - she just looks so exuberant! What an incredibly beautiful girl you have there! And what a great way to begin your life as a DogMother! Many happy years to you both! <3

And to just briefly address the "rescue-pushing" issue...well, doggone it! EVERYONE has some agenda, and this is (praise God) still a free country. Speaking as one of "the masses," (and, quite frankly, I don't recall electing a spokesperson, Pomtzu), I suggest that - unless a comment is outright offensive in some way (language, personal attack, etc.) - we just let it go. Remember: This site is about the puppies; let's follow their fine example and romp together happily. :)
Mar 5, 2008 molly's mom
Wow!Your first dog!!!!!!I have had one all my life,well, quite a few!!!!Isn't it the most amazing feeling to feel that love between each other......Sierra is so sweet,smother her with love and just have fun......lots of belly rubs
Mar 5, 2008 lkaspin
Oh! Boy! I'm having such a good time! What a tasty branch!
Mar 5, 2008 LabMommy
Once again, can't pic a favorite because it puts me back to the homepage...but it would be the one with Sierra bounding down the street. She's saying "I SEE YOU MOM...HERE I COME!!"

So, so cute. Give her a big hug from me and my labs.

I agree with doggieluvr - I actually commented on this topic last week when it was Asia's day. It may not be outright offensive, but it is annoying. We all love our puppies no matter where they came from and I am pretty sure all the daily puppies have a special place in our hearts too, otherwise we wouldn't be on here.
Mar 5, 2008 jaccikay
Wow, picking just one picture of Sierra was very difficult! They are all just darling photos and she is a sweetheart. I am so happy for you. You have your first puppy, and are now hooked for life. They bring so much love and joy to your heart and home. God certainly created something truly special when he created dogs. I just love them all....God Bless you all with love, health, and happiness.
Mar 5, 2008 jbroy
Awwww, she is so cute. I love pictures of dogs running. She looks like she is having so much fun.
Mar 5, 2008 stormsamson
It was so hard to pick my favorite picture this time because they are ALL MY FAVORITES, but I'm a sucker for puppy bellies! Sierra looks like she is precious as all get out and you can tell she is getting plenty of lovins'. Many years of blessed health for her and many years of puppy kisses for you!!!!
Mar 5, 2008 Erinnkohn
Sierra is sooo cute! You're family is so lucky to have such a cute goldendoodle! 11 doggy biscuits for sure!
Mar 5, 2008 JulianaN
[color=purple][b]HAPPY DOG! HAPPY DOG! I AM SUCH A HAPPY DOG!!!! Sierra - sooooooo cute!! She will bring you much joy and love - I wish her many years of great health and sunny days to run and play! Congratulations on your first dog - Sierra is a lucky girl indeed.[/color][/b]
Mar 5, 2008 Quila'smom
My friends just got a goldendoodle at Christmas. They are SO cute. They look like little stuffed animals! Enjoy her sweetness and give hugs every day!
Mar 5, 2008 billy
Has there ever been a cuter combination than Golden Retriever and Poodle? I can't imagine one. Adorable! Sierra looks like the Snuggle Bear realized in canine form. 11 biscuits!
Mar 5, 2008 marie
I LOVE golden poos this one is super duper adorable! Such a sweet happy face! I love their shaggy do too... You are so lucky and I wish you and miss Sierra many happy years romping together.
xo m
p.s so many cute photos, it's hard to chose a fav.
Mar 5, 2008 eeyore
she is soooo precious!!! never waste a second with her

12 biscuits
Mar 5, 2008 elrttchr
Ah, those puppy stretches!! Sierra looks like one of the happiest puppies around! She will bring you so much happiness (as you have obviously brought to her). Dogs are beautiful creatures that just warm your heart. I'm glad that you have adorable Sierra in your life. You are both lucky!!
Mar 5, 2008 shortysmom
Beautiful! And congratulations becoming a dog mom! Life will be better than ever
Mar 5, 2008 jaforget
I can see that this a totally happy puppy. He surely must bring joy to your life. My last dog died from parvol in front of me. It was very traumatising but one day when i'm ready I'll get another...Puppy Power!!!
Mar 5, 2008 beth
Mar 5, 2008 mlingram
So cute! A million biscuits for Sierra!
Mar 5, 2008 loverofgoldens
Congratulations!! Sierra is adorable. Enjoy every minute. Best wishes for a happy life together.
Great pictures - it was hard to pick a favorite - the one of her chewing the stick on "her mountain" reminds me of my Golden, but I just love the one of her running to you. :-)
Mar 5, 2008 Owie
Who could resist that little kissie face? 50 biscuits for this little cutie!
Mar 5, 2008 DogyLvr
Oh what fun to be a puppy! And you have the best!
Mar 5, 2008 sue
[color red shes soooo cute]
Mar 5, 2008 kittypup
my first posting for such a gorgeous first puppy - just such wonderful photos, all my favourites
Mar 5, 2008 LindaLee
Who gave this puppy less than 11 biscuits?!?!!? Every puppy deserves 11 biscuits, but I really can't believe this adorable cutie was given less than 11 by enough people to have an average of 10.63! If I could, I'd give this puppy a million (well maybe not that many because she might get fat), but certainly more than 11.
Mar 5, 2008 liltinker
"It's meee! Hi Momma! Hiiiiii! Hi Momma! Here I am!! Did you miss me?"
I love the excitement your dog gives when they can't wait to reach you...
Enjoy this "purdy" one.
Mar 5, 2008 LisaLisa
Great photos!!! Sierra is gorgeous. I'd love to see pictures of her when she "grows up". Lots of love, hugs and biscuits to this pretty girl - she's a prize! ;D
Mar 5, 2008 danacakes
Doodles are the best! I have one and could not imagine my life without him. Enjoy your new best friend! She is beautiful. I want to jump through the screen and scratch that furry belly.
Mar 5, 2008 CBinID
Welcome to the wonderful world of doggie "ownership."

Sounds like you're hooked. You'll never want to be without at least one from now on.

Looks like you have a winner with Sierra.

Mar 5, 2008 silverkitty8
I love all poodle mixes, because I have a standard. SHE'S SO CUTE AND FLUFFY! I want her! <3
Mar 5, 2008 piobaire
Oh UNlady like!! But who cares....give us a tummy rub!! I can see how you fell hook line and sinker for this sweetie pea! She's too cute for words! Many long years of love for you both and bucket full of biscuits too!
Mar 5, 2008 i[heart]jasper
Sierra stole my heart. Many mooches for this darling!
Mar 5, 2008 Molly's Mommy
Pretty Pink Puppy Belly!!! Couldn't you just melt?

She's lovely, have a wonderful life together
Mar 5, 2008 iamme
Awww!! What a cutie! Have a great life Sierra!!!
Mar 5, 2008 clemency
So cute!! Sierra is beautiful (such pretty fur!) and she looks so happy and fun-loving.
Mar 5, 2008 pupsrule
This spunky beauty deserves to be queen of her surroundings. Sierra is gorgeous and so happy looking. Have the best life, you little doll. Infinite biscuits to you. How will I choose just one pic?
Mar 5, 2008 Chico'sMom
Beautiful, beautiful puppy!I wish you many happy years together.
11 biscuits form Switzerland x
Mar 5, 2008 eeyore
i know i already posted a comment, but i have another fav pic!!! she is sooooooooooooo adorable!!!!
Mar 5, 2008 cookiebaby
She is beautiful!
Mar 5, 2008 the_illusionist
ohhhhhhhhhh sweet sweet belly meat!!! What a beauty. I love the goldendoodle...actually I like all of the "doodle" types. You look to be a blast baby doggie. ;)
Mar 5, 2008 denawolves
Sierra is adorable, and very happy in all her pictures! We used to have Standards and man can they run fast! Our girl Ellie could ALMOST catch a chipmunk!
Just to put my 2 cents in- dogs get "rescued" from all kinds of situations- overcrowded pet stores, overwhelmed families w/ too many dogs, shelters, the street, OR breeders. Some breeders are awesome- some aren't. Also, some people don't have room for more than one-maybe they live in an apt. Maybe all those adoption fees and vet bills are too much. Everybody's situation is different. In a perfect world.....but I'll stop here.
Mar 5, 2008 Lucymom
Sierra is a total love bug! She reminds me of the mini Labradoodle I encountered on our walk last night.
Mar 5, 2008 DINI-DINI
She is soooo lovely!! She looks smart and tender... I love the way you say she runs and suddenly she just collapses and wathches the world, 'cause that's one of the most baeutiful things about dogs, the way they watch the world, as they could teach us how to live fully... and really joyfully!!! enjoy her!!!
Mar 5, 2008 sadies_mom
BEAUTIFUL pup! She's so cute! I love her eyes! So bright and happy.

And her picture where she's stretching. Puppy stretches are the cutest.

Congratulations on your first dog! They are the BEST friends in the world, truly. They never hurt you, let you down, get mad, etc. You will never want to be without one now that you've had one in your life. They are tangible evidence of True Love!!!!

Mar 5, 2008 nancy814
Sierra is an adorable puppy! Just beautiful & looks like she's having a lot of fun too.
Mar 5, 2008 pfloydnzep86
this is one adorable puppy. i have a cockapoo and she has a very similar face to sierra. very cute, she;ll bring you so much love
Mar 5, 2008 megg
[color=green][i]I would go on and on about how precious your adorable little angel Sierra is, but you already know that. I would also ramble about how lucky you are, when obviously you know that too. So instead I'll make it quick.
11 well earned buscuits, good luck wishes, and blessings!
~ Meg [/i][/color]
Mar 5, 2008 cosmicsnup
She is unbelievably cute!
Mar 5, 2008 yoliesf
O.K. I'm in LOVE. Oh my god - ssssooooooo cccuuuuuteeee!!!!!

Mar 5, 2008 jenpdx21
it amazes me how you all have so much time to gripe and groan over such stupid stuff. why can't we just enjoy the puppies for crying out loud. all of this b*tching makes me want to cancel my account and just stare at pictures of my dog, who deserves one billion biscuits...and she is a purebred, but i adopted her from a family who couldn't keep her and if that had not have happened, hells yes i would have paid $500 for her from a breeder...cuz BOXERS rule.
Mar 5, 2008 petluver
It was so hard to pick a favorite! Sierra is a star in all of them! What a cute nose, she has. And a sweet face! I would love to nuzzle her beautiful coat! Be sure she gets lots of biscuits, and belly rubs!
Mar 5, 2008 Mummm
Cute, cute, cute! Sierra does look like one happy pup!
Mar 5, 2008 Daphne's Mom
What a doll Sierra is! She looks so cuddly I just want to give her lots of hugs! I hope you have very happy and healthy lives together! Lots of love and biscuits to you Sierra!
Mar 5, 2008 littleguysmom
Sierra is absolutely gorgeous! I know a goldendoodle whose name is Daisy and she is the best. Looks just like Sierra with the darker ears. It won't let me pick my favorite picture but the one with Sierra running towards the camera reminds me of when my German Shepherd, Beca (who was my baby), used to run to me like that. The only difference is she was 110lbs. She passed away almost 2 years ago and I still miss her like it was yesterday. Thank God for my little guy Bailey, who is actually more than 110lbs. Hence the nickname little guy.
One more thing. I used to feel guilty if I wanted to get a dog that wasn't a rescue but all dogs need a good home no matter where they come from. Now we will be rescuing and getting puppies. The best of both worlds.
Long and happy life for Sierra!
Mar 5, 2008 bopeep
First puppy, and looks like you picked yourself a winner. She is so bright eyed and looks so full of energy and love. Congratulations. Hug, kisses and 11 biscuits from Kansas

P; S. Bunnied816 - my sentiments exactly!!!.
Mar 5, 2008 LucyB
This sweet baby has got LOVE written all over her and oozing out of every doggie pore.You will have the time of your life with her.Celebrate and enjoy!!!
Mar 5, 2008 lilyj
She's adorable and so obviously happy. May you have many wonderful years together. :)
Mar 5, 2008 honeypie
What a cute little puffball. Give her a belly rub for me! For a first dog you've chosen a wonderful mix! God bless! 11+++++
Mar 5, 2008 Rosebud
You just gotta love her. What a girl. She knows she is special and so loved. You can just tell by her pose and her smile...
Mar 5, 2008 Blackmoons
What a beautiful puppy! And it's clear from these pictures that she's a real sweetheart. Best of luck to you!!!
Mar 5, 2008 soccerlover111
she is such a sweetheart! I could just sink into her fur! she is SUCH a dog!
Mar 5, 2008 kittymom
Ahhh, puppy belly, puppy tail & and puppy toes, doesn't get much better than this . . . . . what a lovely girl Sierra is!!! 11 biscuits ++++ for you young lady, and a very long and happy life with your mom.
Mar 5, 2008 SASSY'S DAD
Sierra, you're a beautiful little girl. Many happy years, tummy rubs, treats and cuddles for you. You are one very happy puppy and it shows. Allthe best.
Mar 5, 2008 lucyny2000
Welcome to the dog sisterhood, dear! I got my first dog 8 years ago, and I thank God every day for having her! She is the love of my life, and as I also refer to her, the best marriage I ever had! So, Hello, from Dutches Lucy to Queen Sierra! Your girl is absolutely beautiful! 11 biscuits and 5 stars! Congratulations! Many happy and healthy years of happy togetherness to both of you!
Mar 5, 2008 extremepuppyluvah
SIERRA, you are obviously a creature of the beautiful and whimsical forest. Never settle for anything less than what fits your unique and graceful psyche. You will go far.
Mar 5, 2008 Anti-PetStores
Congrats on your first puppy. Very cute! Love the running picture!

Denawolves--I had to point out... Although you may think you are "rescuing" a sad looking puppy by buying it from a pet store, you are condemning thousands of others to cruelty and abuse by perpetuating the puppy mill business. I know it is hard to pass by those sad puppy eyes, but think about the sad eyes of that puppy's parents and thousands of others you don't see!!! People need to protect the dogs who never make it to the pet store!

Learn more at http://www.stoppuppy!!!
Mar 6, 2008 dreamcouture375
[color=pink] sierra has such an adorable fluffy coat! she seems to be a very happy pup! being queen of the mountain seems like the perfect job for her! hope you have many happy years with her, and congrats on having her as your first pup! 11 million biscuits![/color]
Mar 6, 2008 animalqn
Gosh, there is nothing quite like an action shot..go girl, go!!
Mar 6, 2008 kwikwitz
Sierra is such a cutie! What a sweet face -- betcha can't ever say "no" to Sierra!
Mar 6, 2008 JackNPeppersMom
Sierra looks like such a sweetie! May you enjoy many, many years together.

Oh and to Miss "Anti-PetStores": this is not a forum for your soapbox. Just because Sierra was not "rescued" does not mean she does not deserve a loving forever home. All puppies need our love not matter where they come from. God Bless you and all angels everywhere who rescue animals, however, save your comments for another time and place.
Mar 6, 2008 esgould99
What a sweetheart!!! Sierra (love her name!) is a beauty no matter where she came from....poor Sierra's she didn't bargain for all the rescue debate when she posted her little Lass!!! Anyway, love your little girl always!!! She will always be your one "true" love..... a zillion biscuits for Sierra!!!
Mar 6, 2008 lotsadoghair
What a great introduction to life with a dog! She looks like a lot of fun. Enjoy one another every day.
Mar 6, 2008 Anti-PetStores
JacknPeppersMom: My comment was in response to anothers about "rescuing" puppies from petstores. I simply cannot sit by and watch someone put that theory out there without commenting. What a sad thing if people continue "rescuing" from petstores while thousands of other dogs suffer for it.

As far as Miss Sierra goes, I was not being critical of her by any means. For all we know Sierra was a rescue! Maybe she came from a reputable breeder, or maybe from a friend down the street! All great options compared to buying at a petstore!
Mar 6, 2008 juliefulmer
She's sooo cute - much happiness to the both of you. Dogs are so much fun. Enjoy your new baby. My pup LOVES toliet & paper towel cardboard rolls as well. He always runs to the bathroom when I am changing the roll.
Mar 6, 2008 kkbartist
awww she looks so soft!! i would love to cuddle with her!! :) She doesn't even look real, more like a giant stuffed animal.soooo cute
(p.s. I fully agree with you Anti-PetStores)
Mar 6, 2008 Foxie Momma
What a little honey bear, she's cheered me right up thanks for sharing her with us what a sweetie-pie **tummy tickles** x
Mar 6, 2008 pauz4paws
I already posted my comment yesterday on sweet Sierra but felt the need to post again today due to the firestorm of controversy on the "rescuing" puppies from pet stores topic.
I have only purchased ONE puppy in my life from a pet store but that ONE purchase I consider to be one of the greatest rescues I have ever made. My boyfriend used to go into the pet store in our neighborhood to buy aquarium supplies and say hi to all the animals. He would give them a scratch on the nose through the cage and then tell me about them when he returned to the car. I wouldn't go in because I don't like pet stores. Month after month he would come out and tell me about the ONE who was still there and looking sadder & more depressed with every visit. He was a little Sheltie that had been there till he was over 6 months old. I finally went in to see him and my heart was filled with sadness. He was in a small cage and had almost no hair left on his tail and nose from being in such a small cage....he was without a doubt....institutionalized. There was no love of life or happiness in his eyes and I had to do something. I did not have $485.00 but I went home and activated a credit card to buy him. I don't regret it. I already had 4 dogs at home but it didn't matter.....He needed love and needed it right then. That little boy had to learn alot because he knew nothing. He didn't even know how to walk on grass or go in and out of a door. I still have the pictures that I look at occasionally to remind me of our beautiful "Cisco". He only lived 6 short years but I assure you, they were happy ones. Animals can be rescued from many places. There are exceptions to every rule. Thanks for allowing me to tell my story here....I appreciate the site and all the great animal lovers who post. My soapbox is simply this: save an animal whenever & however you can and please....spay & neuter!
Mar 6, 2008 kkbartist
i agree with you too pauz4paws, many times i've gone into a pet store and you can feel the sadness from those animals, all they do is sleep and eat. theres like 4 puppies in one cage! any rescue is a good rescue, but the bottom line is that there shouldn't be this kind of animal cruelty in the first place, you know?
Mar 6, 2008 Anti-PetStores
Like I said before, it is very hard to pass by those sad puppy eyes. Unfortunately, by purchasing the puppy, you only gave further incentive to the puppymill industry to put future puppies in that same sad situation. The ONLY way to end this kind of cruelty is to take on a hard heart and pass by those sad puppies in the store and boycott these stores all together. Whether buying aquarium supplies or puppies from petstores that deal in the puppymill industry, you are perpetuating the cruelty.

What a happy ending for your little baby. But what about his parents? What about the other puppies that are being mass produced for similar lives? What a terrible thing, but in this case, saving one means condemning thousands of others to lives of cruelty.
Mar 6, 2008 kkbartist
But if we boycott, many more puppies will continue to suffer with no clear idea of for how long. We need to come up with a more concrete answer, like trying to improve the living conditions of the animals in pet stores at least.
P.S. Sorry Sierra and parents for having this discussion on your page, she really is adorable and I love the story about her being queen of the mountain-so cute!! Sounds like my puppy heehee :)
Mar 6, 2008 sophiesmom
I'm a goldendoodle mom, too. It's like living with a clown who's wearing a dog suit! You'll love each other more every day.
Mar 6, 2008 malachy
Sierra you are one adorable and cuddly puppy!-gorgeous color, a basketful of doggie treats to you sweetie!
Sierra's mom,please "eat the hay and leave the sticks" regarding the negativity/feuding and bickering going on between posters on this site.I look forward to visiting this site and feeling uplifted, "warm and fuzzy inside" when I read the POSITIVE delightful stories and see cute pictures of these beautiful little beings like your Sierra.That is what this site is all about. Loads of wet sloppy puppy kisses and a life filled with joy to you and your puppy!
Mar 6, 2008 thetopazsmurf
So glad your first dog is a good experience..She is a real cutie..
Many many years of fun to ya..
Mar 6, 2008 guanaca69
Sierra, what a gorgeous little baby girl you are! 11 biscuits and lots of tummy rubs for you.
Mar 7, 2008 three-yorkie-babies
Well, now that you've gotten Sierra, you've already improved your quality of life!!! She looks like a very sweet loving cutie boo!! Many years of happy memories to you and your new found freind!!!
Mar 7, 2008 Lizanne
Mom, Did you just say "DINNER"? Here I come. Sierra, you are absolutely beautiful. You are so huggable and have such a sweet face. Enjoy life with Sierra.

Hugs from Elizabeth and Miss Katie =O)
XOXOXOX to Sierra! :) Give her lots of love from me, little teddy bear fluff ball of cuteness...
Mar 8, 2008 Sasafras56
I love this picture as she is so relaxed waiting for someone to notice her beauty and give her a tummy rub. Sierra is a great breed -these dogs are really popular in Illinois.
To me it doesn't matter where you adopt as long as this baby doesn't end up in a shelter/pound. All doggie lovers will give their choice of puppy the best home possible.
Mar 10, 2008 paws4thought
[color=red] sierra!
well, firstly, i would just like to say that i love her name, reall, really , really love it!
I mean, come on,
who else has a pup called Sierra???!!!!

any way, i picked this picture because it clearly states what a fun loving and bouncy pup she is, and how unique her personaltiy is......
and i love the innocent "who me?" look!

she is a gorgeous dog and should have an amazing temperament.
any dog that is a "oodle" dog is fantastic...
i have a Labradoodle called Chino and he is so friendly and he loves kids

you are so so so lucky to have such a fabulously beautiful dog..... but i'm sure you knew that already
and she is going to leave you with many wonderful and laughable memories i can tell........ but i'm sure you knew that as well........

what is there left to say, just gazing at these magnificent pictures makes my heart swell with love for you and your family.

She is so adorable and you are sooooooo lucky to have her
many happy memories
11 biscuits!!! woop woop
have fun
good luck
enjoy it!!!![/color]

[b][color=pink]X[/color][color= red]O[/color][color=pink]X[/color][ color=red]O[/color][/b]
Mar 15, 2008 snickersandme
Sierra is so cute. Goldendoodles are special dogs. My doodle is named Snickers (as in Snickerdoodle) and she's the best dog I've ever owned. I also can't imagine life without this little critter. For anyone desiring to have a lovable, loyal, happy, smart pet, I recommend getting a Goldendoodle, from a reputable breeder. You won't be sorry! No, I'm not a breeder--just happened to use a great one, and would recommend her. Pet Sierra for me.
Mar 27, 2008 alexis_2008
[color=blue]She is so adorable!!~:)[/color]
Apr 12, 2008 babygirl445
[color=red] she is soooooooo cute [/color]
May 4, 2008 Tara_Lee
Sierra is the cutest goldendoodle i have ever seen!!!!!
May 20, 2008 puppydog
It looks like she is having so much fun playing. tons & tons of biscuits!
Aug 31, 2008 pupfan
this pup is just puptastic!!!!!:)
Nov 1, 2008 georgia04
Sierra is a beautiful, special girl. I hope you have wonderful, happy years with her. Give her hugs and kisses for me.
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