Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Feb 29, 2008 CatahoulaDad
Feb 29, 2008 MusherMaggie
What a darling! She seems to enjoy the snow. Welshies can be so dignified one minute and all play the next. Many years of joy to all of you!
Feb 29, 2008 bookum5762
puppies arent boring that was a rude thing to say!!Puppies are a wonderful thing and this is a sweety-maybe your girlfriend is boring
Feb 29, 2008 Teeru
All pups and dogs have their own styles. I love love love Sophie a lot. Sophie is the same type of pup as seen in a lovely movie called Firehouse Dog, so cute. NOT BORING AT ALL. KISSSSSSSesssssssssssssss and 100000 biscuitsssssssss.
Feb 29, 2008 CelineBeforeSunset
Wow, I'd forgotten how much these dogs look like mini-Airedales! I would love one. I think the moustache and beard look on a dog is unbeatable for cuteness! And like Airedales do, she looks all smiley with a gleam in her eye!
Feb 29, 2008 Oneandonlyohmicke
Lovely, cute Sophie, you're beautiful :-) Love this picture - a bit sleeeeeepy, I think :-) All the best to you ;-)
Feb 29, 2008 Foxie Momma
What a wonderful wonderful little girl <3 .... and Welsh Terrier's are quite rare ... Certain people shouldnt be allowed to post negative comments and they obv dont know the breed at all ... ( I own a wire fox terrier) I can say for sure that terriers simply rock .. and sweet little Sophie is super cute .. **big tummy tickles** for a wonderful little girl.
Feb 29, 2008 howiesmom
Sophie is SOOOO adorable!!! I just LOVE the pictures of terriers that look like they're having a conversation! I always say that Welsh Terriers look like my blue Bedlington but with color! lol She is an absolute sweetheart!! Lucky You!!!
Feb 29, 2008 jowaldo
I love this picture, it looks like she's laughing at a good joke she just heard! :) Great pictures! Many chewies to you Sophie!!!!

As far as the unwelcome comments go....I say we just ignore them. They obviously have issues that we don't need to feed into. We puppy lovers are better than that!
Feb 29, 2008 Caseysky
What a cutie! So glad you had a good trip to our fair state of Tennessee. Live long and happy, sweet Sophie!
Feb 29, 2008 cjsadlier
What a lovely little girl! Terriers have the best smiles. Nothing boring with this little livewire. Have a great life together and a million biskies.
Feb 29, 2008 bongo
Such a cute puppy girl! Love the moustache!
Feb 29, 2008 MUSH51
To the gentleman??? who said Sophie is boring- Get a life. If you have nothing nice to say don't bother posting your rude opinion it hurts people's feelings you don't even know. Sophie is a beautiful puppy. Love just shines in her eyes. May you have many happy and healthy years with this loving baby.

Feb 29, 2008 Terry C
Sophie is a happy girl.

She looks like she is so much fun and a great companion.
Feb 29, 2008 doggieaunt
Hey, lil' snow-baby Sophie -- given how much you seem to enjoy the snow, it's a good thing your people live in a cold climate!! Just ignore those non-dog people -- actually, you probably do -- except when you're winning them over!! (BTW, given terriers' general reputation, "boring" is not a word I think most people owned by one would use! ;-) )
Feb 29, 2008 Terry C
(a) I don't believe the troll HAS a girlfriend;

(b) if he does, she can't be much; and

(c) they are both in DIRE need of LIVES. They sound like poor excuses for human beings.
Feb 29, 2008 Maywee
Sophie is absolutely beautiful! What a great face and such expressive eyes! Hope you aren't too "bored" with her cause she looks like a BLAST to be around...One hundred bizillion puppy kisses and hugs from me! And I think it is great that you drove all the way to Tennessee to get her! True LOVE...
Feb 29, 2008 yujismom
i love sophie the snow princess1
Feb 29, 2008 bullys2mom
What a great way to start a day - with a huge smile on my face looking at your ADORABLE Sophie. I want one!!!
Feb 29, 2008 rexandbaby
I picked this picture because it very much does look like she is laughing at a great joke! 11 biscuits, wish I could give more! Happy Day Sophie!!!
Feb 29, 2008 DogMom
While I think all puppies are cute, your little Sophie outdoes the cutemeter. She looks like such a fun little girl. And quite a beauty as well. Please give her some extra snuggles from a big fan in Texas!!!! What a lovely girl. Thanks for sharing her with us.
Feb 29, 2008 PamFontainePeters
What a beautiful puppy! Such a pretty girl.
Feb 29, 2008 Mummm
Adorable! I love the laugh!
Feb 29, 2008 goldenlover
" Hey, Mom, thanks for geting me in TN. Could you run over to the Montreal rescue, eh,and get me a mate. "
Feb 29, 2008 rosy
This is a beautiful face!!!! Billions of hugs and biscuits!!
Feb 29, 2008 Stoneyes
I wasn't to familiar with Welsh Terriers until I bought one for my wife this Christmas. They are kind of rare here on the East Coast but I haven't a clue why. What great dogs! Sophie looks so healthy and happy. I pray you have many wonderful years with this great dog! My little Reesie (chocalate and peanut butter) is a great dog and looks exactly like Sophie. Reesie has just a touch more white on the chest. Please feel free to contact me so we can compare notes. God Bless, Jerry
Feb 29, 2008 doriesmom
Sophie is so sweet!!!! We hope you have many years of joy, fun, lots of play time for Sophie and belly rubs, and good health, too!!!! All the best from our critter gang. God bless your family!!
Feb 29, 2008 lab045
Sophie is beautiful. She definitely knows that she's a cutie. I miss having a Welsh puppy around to keep me on my toes. Best wishes from Pittsburgh and my all grown up Welshie Bobbee!
Feb 29, 2008 clemency
Sophie is adorable! It looks like she got used to the Montreal snow without too much trouble. 11 biscuits from a fellow Tennessean! Sophie is a credit to our state! ;o)
Feb 29, 2008 maddie's mom
I love Sophie
She is beautiful and sweet
I have a terrier myself and I can tell you boring is not a word I have ever used
The loser who wrote the comment must be boring himself if this is what he does for fun
Feb 29, 2008 matilda314
What a cutie!!! She looks like she has a wonderful personality and is a wonderful family addition.
Feb 29, 2008 sam'smom
All of Sophie's pics are darling, but I had to pick this one - with all the toys around the room, you can really tell who rules this household - you go, girl !!! Lots biscuits and wishes for a long and happy life :) to kaiguy - time to get a new girlfriend, man -
Feb 29, 2008 molly's mom
she's a keeper,Sophie is so cute!!!!!Have fun!!!!
Feb 29, 2008 bunnied816
Goodness gracious! What a darling! I agree with the poster who said she looks like a mini-Airedale. I'd never actually heard of this breed - and that's one of the main reasons I love this site: getting to discover new breeds (oh, and the incredibly cute puppy pix!).

She looks like quite a charmer! I wish you many happy playful years together! :)
Feb 29, 2008 jimandtrishp
OMG - what a cutie!
Feb 29, 2008 elrttchr
Sophie is adorable!!!!! That face of hers is beyond words. We have a terrier (a Westie), and as terriers go, they are full of energy, fun, and intelligence. Good health to your beautiful pup.
Feb 29, 2008 Yorkie Girl
What a cutie.
Feb 29, 2008 shantismom
When you walk a dog, you usually get a constant view of the other end, so this picture just screams "FUN" to me. She's happy, healthy and a terrier. What more could you ask for?
Feb 29, 2008 LabMommy
Sophie is all smiles! What a sweetheart...I am sure that trip back from Tennessee was interesting!!
Feb 29, 2008 nancy814
Sophie is beautiful...Love all the pictures...
Feb 29, 2008 abbysmom
Yay Sophie! You've made SR so proud! You're a real cutie!!
Feb 29, 2008 RedKitten
A boring terrier? No such thing. Sophie is absolutely adorable -- this site has been sorely lacking in Welsh terriers, so it's lovely to see such a pretty example of one. I love the laughing face on them.
Feb 29, 2008 kataraxia
Salut ma belle Sophie! It's good that you like snow because we sure got enough of it this year. It's too bad that some humans can't be more like you - enjoy life, relish your chewies and LAUGH in the the face of those who find you boring!
Feb 29, 2008 as420310
WHAT A LITTLE CUTIE PIE!!!!! I just want to snuggle up with Sophie and give her tons of kisses! She is truly adorable, many many years of love and oodles of biscuits!!!!!!!
Feb 29, 2008 bopeep
And she sits quite well. Sophie is beautiful. I like Canadian dogs. I am in love with a cutie from Ontario. May Sophie bring you many more wonderful years. Hugs, kisses and 11 biscuits from Kansas USA.

kaiguy is getting all the attention he is wanting on this site. Rather than comment to him, go to the Contact and Suggestions in the upper right hand side of the Daily Puppy. Click on that and you can email DP directly and request further comments from kaiguy be blocked. Believe me it works. I have done this several times for obnoxious and vulgar comments.
Feb 29, 2008 cyndersmama
first of all to kaiguy - get rid of that girlfriend and get one with some class!
This puppy is adorable! Such a cute wee face, I bet she brings smiles to the household each and every day. I love this pic of her all tuckered out :-)

a hundred biscuits from my two dogs to Sophie.
Feb 29, 2008 FRITZY
Ohhhh dogs in the snow are so cute!!! Sophie is precious!!!! So thoughtful of you to drive all that way an pick her up. It is amazing what we will do for out furry ones.:) Toronto, Ontario
Feb 29, 2008 chintzgirl
What an adorable baby. I used to have Welshies many years ago.
Wonderful terriers, not quite as hyper as my 'Wires' but just as fun.
Enjoy that beautiful baby for many years! My Layla lived to be 17.
She looks [in my fave picture] to have a good hard coat too.
Feb 29, 2008 lab045
Welshies have a personality all their own. And boy does Sophie have a great one! She's quite adorable. My family loves Welshies, we have two! Have fun, with your beautiful energetic terrier.
Feb 29, 2008 zoesam
Sophie is a sweetie! She has such an expressive face. What a darling puppy, many happy years to you all!
Feb 29, 2008 randomearrings
Sophie is BEAUTIFUL! Absolutely stunning, and what an intelligent expression she has. She also looks like she is a lot of fun, you are very lucky. Wishing her a long, happy and fun-filled life. Enjoy your perfect pup, 11++++ biscuits for pretty Sophie xxx
Feb 29, 2008 jbroy
She looks like she is smiling in this picture. She must be happy!!!!
Feb 29, 2008 LucyBee
Don't get many chances to see a Welsh terrier, she has such character and inquisitiveness in that face! I've never owned a terrier but by reputation I'd say they must keep you on your toes.She's a gorgeous girl,enjoy her for a long lifetime.
Feb 29, 2008 honeygreeneyes
Feb 29, 2008 pitmom
Love Sophie and all Welsh terriers! We lost our Cindy at the age of 14 last year. They have such a great personality. Hope Sophie has a very happy long life! and...bopeep is right. kaiguy will stop posting if we stop commenting.
Feb 29, 2008 lkaspin
It's so hard to decide on the cutest picture...whether to pick the one where Sophie's snooting the camera or the snow picture. But I am a sucker for doggies with snow all over their faces!
Feb 29, 2008 lkaspin
I love this one too...look at that earnest expression!
Feb 29, 2008 lkaspin
OOPS it didn't let me pick a different picture. I meant the first picture on the page.
Feb 29, 2008 liltinker
What a BEAUTY!! Such a bright look in her eyes. She looks sooo sophisticated and yet FUN! My Mini Schnauzer had this look.
Enjoy her classy-silly style.
Good to see a fellow Tennessean in the snow!
Many biskits and puppy lovin's for you little Sophie.
AND may your family enjoy many years with your special little puppiness.
Feb 29, 2008 Foxie Momma
The look of love .... awwwwww ... she's a beaut xxxx
Feb 29, 2008 boo-bearsmom
Lovely lovely young lady. Look at those intense and sincere eyes. She is a beauty and a sweetie. God has truly blessed you.

As far as the trolls. Sigh, I guess no site is safe from the creeps. (3 days in a row, some schmuck has had to post a negative comment.) Is it the same idiot, different name... Or have the jerks decided to decend upon this sweet little slice of heaven?
Feb 29, 2008 stormsamson
What a sweetie you are Sophie!!!! I'm glad your pet parents drove to pick you up to keep you safe. Many years of blessed life and puppy kisses!
Feb 29, 2008 puppylove23
I love pictures of puppies it the snow... Beautiful!
Feb 29, 2008 usfour
It it difficult to imagine what kind of boring people would miss the beauty of this darling little creature and type such a comment. Her colors and proportions are really beautiful. And she looks so good-natured. These pictures are wonderful. Enjoy your beautiful little gentle-looking Sophie.
Feb 29, 2008 Dolores & Aibo

p.s. why people lose their time leaving silly messages??
Feb 29, 2008 sue
shes cute
Feb 29, 2008 sue
my colour text shes cute
Feb 29, 2008 sue
colur red shes cute
Feb 29, 2008 amber4803
aww she loves the snow like my dog... so cute. puppies are fun:)
Feb 29, 2008 Beach Dog's Mom
Sophie is an adorable, sweet little girl!!!! It was hard to pick one picture. She has such a sweet expression and she looks so energetic and inquisitive. I can just see her making you laugh all day with her antics.
You have a real treasure. Give her hugs and kisses for me!!!
Feb 29, 2008 diane4pups
Kaiguy is rude and should not be here! No doubt HE IS BORING!!

Sophie is one cute puppy......very lovable indeed.....enjoy!
Feb 29, 2008 Rickysmom
What an adorable baby you are!! I love your precious smile in your photos. Lots of puppy kisses and 11+ biscuits for you.

Kaiguy is at it again. It sure would be nice if we could ban him from this site. He has such a miserable little life that the highlight of his day is sigining on to post rude comments.
Feb 29, 2008 mlingram
[i] What an absolute doll! [/i] Sophie- I would drive a million miles for a cutie like you!!
Feb 29, 2008 PapaJoe
You lucky dogs! I mean you guys, not Sophie. Sophie is incredible! What a face!

I drove from Long Island to Kentucky to pick out my Basset Hound, Norm, as a puppy, but I flew back to pick him up when he was 9 weeks old.
Feb 29, 2008 epa317
terriers are the best! so mischievious and fun loving. she's a cutieand i know there will never be a dull or boring moment.
Feb 29, 2008 piobaire
Holy moly! Hard, super hard to pick just one!! Well Sophie is too darn cute for words and I just know you all are in for years of love and fun. She's a dollface. I love the last picture where's she's all tuckered out.
Feb 29, 2008 detroitdaisy
Kaiguy's message was NOT offensive, and he shouldn't be banned for it. So we should only post the same kind of message over and over? Last time I checked, there was this thing called the 1st Amendment that we all should be grateful exists.

And Sophie is very cute, indeed.
Feb 29, 2008 kukie
What a cutie pie! I love that face...
Feb 29, 2008 Glorybe
Look at that loving smile! What a sweet, pretty little girl.

Sophie, you can sure tell your parents love you sweetheart. May you have years of good health, love and fun.

God bless you dear.
Feb 29, 2008 KimmySue
Hi Everyone,

We have removed the rude remark, thank you for all the emails and your concerns.


Daily Puppy Staff
Feb 29, 2008 jaccikay
Sophie is a darling girl. I just love all the pictures!! She is a lucky girl to have family that drove all that way to get her. I'm glad she didn't have to fly on the plane. It probably would have been quite traumatic for her. God Bless you all with love, health, and happiness.
Feb 29, 2008 Rita
What a cutie!! I live in Tennessee and have been to Montreal. Glad you could visit our beautiful state. I love Montreal, too. Enjoy your baby!

Feb 29, 2008 Wellie'sMum
This girl just screams personality!
You folks got a real sweetheart, and she obviously got some loving "parents"!
Feb 29, 2008 yoliesf
Sooooo cute! I love the black nose.

Feb 29, 2008 vorner
What a beautiful little snow puppy you are! You are just bursting with personality and love. May you and your family be blessed with a long life, lots of love and puppy kisses! A million biscuits for you!

As for the character who said you are boring, she is very, very strange indeed! The boyfriend is also weird to post something so dumb!
Feb 29, 2008 mymalt914
A very sweet looking pup! Many happy years with Sophie and lots of hugs, love and biscuits!
Feb 29, 2008 arthur'smom
Lovely Sophie
Maybe we'll run into you in Montr?al
Feb 29, 2008 Alf
My dog freak if it is raining, but Sophie looks very happy playing in the snow. Years of happiness & biscuits.
Feb 29, 2008 Cheryl Howard
Congrats on your new baby and my you have many years of happiness. She is a beauty,give her lots of hugs and pats.
11 biscuits to you Miss Sophie
Feb 29, 2008 flutterina
What a cutie. I joined just to tell you how gorgeous she is. You're going to have so much fun with her.
Feb 29, 2008 flutterina
What a cutie. I joined just to tell you how gorgeous she is. You're going to have so much fun with her.
Feb 29, 2008 pauz4paws
Good afternoon Miss're just a little doll. I love your button eyes and nose. So happy to know you have a great home and we wish you a long and happy life from our critter camp here in Fl.
11 biscuits & lots of xoxo
I know there is freedom of expression, but honestly, if you have negative thoughts about a pup, shouldn't you just NOT POST AT ALL? The negative remark is gone from the site as I post, but I have seen comments here that just are rude and thoughtless. I actually prefer animals to humans most of the time myself. Thanks for having this site, it's the place I feel most at home because 95% of the users are animal lovers as I am.
Feb 29, 2008 westiemom
Terriers just love the snow and cold weather. Sophie you are just the cutest! Many happy years to you and your family
Feb 29, 2008 wgc2465
Sophie is beautiful...she has the most expressive little face. It's wonderful that you found Sophie and that she has someone to take such good care of her. May you and Sophie always have these blessings.... A soft breeze when summer comes- A warm fireside in winter- And always- the warm, soft smile of a friend.
Feb 29, 2008 olgadabest
Sophie is b e a u t i f u l . She looks soooo happy. Have a joyful life with her!
Feb 29, 2008 sucker_for_pups
sophie is so cute! she makes my heart twirl when i see her!
Feb 29, 2008 LisaLisa
Sophie, what a pretty girl you are!!! Such a sweet face. Lots of love, hugs and biscuits to this adorable girl. :-)
Feb 29, 2008 sylvanbliss
Hello, bright eyes! Ask your people to get you a wee Mac for when it's nippy out. Something tweed would be natty.

All the biscuits (or chewies) Sophie wants!
Feb 29, 2008 reenieado
What can I say that hasn't already been covered? You can't beat a happy terrier attitude with a gorgeous beard and mustache. They're adorable!!!
Feb 29, 2008 BarneysMom
What an adorable little scruffy puss! Hugs and kisses and fun in the snow!
Feb 29, 2008 paws4thought
[color=red]firstly (because i always forget) the reason i decided to pick this picture is because i love sleepy pups.
this is such a good picture and she has a slight problem with facial hair!!!
No, no i didn't mean that!!!!
i love her one of a kind beard and mustache!
Also a car journey is the best place bond with a puppy,
nothing to do
new puppy on your lap
miles of road behind and in front of you
what else are you to do?
SHe has a typical terrier attitude and nothing beats that.
you are just so lucky to have her
she is clearly a happy little pup who just enjoys having fun.
all pups are different and you can't blame them for being who they are.
you either deal with it or leave them alone
she is certainly one of a kind
and she is a beauty.
you must certainly love her so much (well who wouldn't) to drive all the way to Tennesee to get her!!!
and you are so lucky to have her
have such fun together
many happy memories
1 Biscuits and blessings
good luck
enjoy it![/color]

[b][color=pink]X[/color][color= red]O[/color][color=pink]X[/color][ color=red]O[/color][/b]
Feb 29, 2008 schnoodlelover
I love Sophie..... is she as wise as she looks in this picture!?!? I bet she is. Don't worry - i'm sure before you know it you'll be running out of tricks to teach her!
Feb 29, 2008 bondschnauzerbond
I joined to post this comment, Sophie is one super adorable little puppy, who have the sweetest and kindest pawrents.
You are a sweetheart and bring a lot of joy to your family and your friends like me

Bond, Schnauzer Bond
Feb 29, 2008 Luvthempups
Sophie is soooo cute and has such a sweet face! I bet she's a lot of fun. Have a great time with her.
Feb 29, 2008 mrscujones
Miss Sophie is absolutely beautiful! She looks like so much fun! I chose the picture I did because it looks like she is laughing.

I'm sure that you will have many, happy and fun years together!
Feb 29, 2008 DaveyDog
Terriers are just the best, whether they're mixed breed or purebred. I've loved a couple of 'em for their forever lives and admired their determination. Sophie is one beauty and, I'll bet, a delight to have around. Who wouldn't want to come home to that little honey!
Many thanks to bopeep for pointing out how to rid ourselves of those who can only feel happy by trying to make others feel bad. I'm sorry they missed out on the love and training that all of the Daily Puppies have; they certainly missed the boat on personal dignity. It confirms my belief that the doggies are perfect; it's the humans who need work. Thanks, bopeep.
Appreciate your angel, Sophie. OK, folks!!! I've attached this photo because, currently, that's what a Canadian girl looks like!!
Ontario, Canada
Feb 29, 2008 melinda cox
what a beautiful girl you have i had a huge smile on my face when i saw her. my wire fox terrier thought the girl dakota and i give her ten bisquits!!
Feb 29, 2008 animalqn
"Hi! I'm very happy! See how happy I am with my chewie!"

Well worth the long trip for this lovely little lady! I drove my Penny from New Jersey to Atlanta and what a trip it was :)

Soph-ala, you are a blessing!
Feb 29, 2008 lotsadoghair
All worn out from a happy life!! Yeay
Feb 29, 2008 honeypie
Sophie is just adorable. I pray you have many years of love and fun with your new bundle of energy! So glad they erase negative posts. Free speech has nothing to do with being crude, which appears too easy to be in an anonymous setting. 11+++ for your Sophie girl!
Feb 29, 2008 tambore
Twenty-two thousand miles to get Sophie! Wow, Mom and Dad couldn't wait to get you and after seeing your dear little face, I totally understand. What a great way to start your life........... I see a Fergus in your future...... flutter those eyes, Sophie, and they'll be off to a Canadian rescue to get you company.
Feb 29, 2008 Lizanne
Sophie, You are perfect:) What a precious baby. Your face and stature are perfect, and you ARE a beautiful little Welsh Terrier. Hugs and leans from Elizabeth & Miss Katie=O)
Feb 29, 2008 tambore
Oops, I meant twenty-five hundred miles, but that's a lot too.
Feb 29, 2008 debrahky
Wow, it's a Airedale!!!!! Sophie is laughing just like my Airedale!!! I bet she is going to be ENERGETIC!!!!!! So adorable and I just want to kiss that nose and love her up really good!!!! I am sure you are going to enjoy this sweet puppy IMMENSELY :)))))))))))))))))))))
Feb 29, 2008 willysmom
What a cutie-pie! A little snow bunny...
Feb 29, 2008 babydollp80
Loved all the picturs of your babygirl but this one I could not but have to totally smile all day. All passed out for too much play. I also loved the one with the snow all over her face. Enjoy, Enjoy & remember to get plenty of kisses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 29, 2008 denawolves
That Face!!! She's a happy girl it's plain to see, you have a great little family there. I'm glad Sophie didn't have to fly, it doesn't always go well even if it's warm enough. One time we couldn't fly w/ our 3 pugs but had to meet them a day later, so we paid big $$$ for this company to meet our dogs after a long flight and pamper and take care of them- but they didn't. My dogs were traumitized and left in their crates for too long- scary. So glad you were able to take the road trip! what fun!
Feb 29, 2008 Max's2leggedSister
Sophie is a CUTIE!!! =) She's very very lucky to have a family willing to drive so far to take her home! (And she seems to know it...look at the happy faces she makes!) I wish you many happy years with her and lots of love and biscuits for Sophie!! :)
Feb 29, 2008 SASSY'S DAD
Feb 29, 2008 JulianaN
[color=purple][b]Sophie is beautiful!!! What a little doll. Kudos to you for driving all that way to get her. I love this photo of her - snow on her nose - way too cute!! Terriers do love to burrow and dig from what I hear. She has loving sparkles in her eyes and a very inquisitive look in her photos. Congratulations!! Enjoy life with Sophie.[/color][/b]
Feb 29, 2008 YVONNE1
Feb 29, 2008 lotsapets
A gracious good evening, Miss Sophie !!
You look like SUCH a happy, happy girl, who is well-loved !!
Enjoy the snow, look like you have a white beard in this picture !!
Feb 29, 2008 kittymom
Little Miss Sophie knows she's "all that", and certainly well loved! What a darling puppy she is - I wish Sophie many happy years with her "very well bonded" family in Montreal.
Feb 29, 2008 Teeru
I forgot to pick a photo. Cute little girl. Kiss Kiss. Look at that legs, ha ha ha, kiss kiss.
Feb 29, 2008 thetopazsmurf
She says "I am so glad to be Home"
Much love to your new girl..Great roadtrip..
Feb 29, 2008 durangosage
I love this picture of Sophie chillin' I could see it on a coffee mug!
Feb 29, 2008 Puppyluver59
[b] [color= purple] Look at this precious little girl! That road trip sounds like it was wonderful. Sophie looks like she is a joy to have-- and adorable too![/color] [/b] ;D
Feb 29, 2008 Puppyluver59
[b] [color=purple] whoops! ha ha. my smiley got all messed up. i think i ruined the comment :( Oh well........ heres the one i meant to put in: [/b] [/color] ;)
Feb 29, 2008 bayley's mom
What a cutie!!
Mar 1, 2008 littleguysmom
So bright and perky. She looks like a lot of fun. Adorable!!!
Mar 1, 2008 Foxie Momma
Okay one last comment bcos i just cant get enuff of Sophie ...... My foxie says anytime she wants to come play ragga she's more than welcome .... i just couldnt resist another look at sweet Sophie's pics she's a doll <3
Mar 1, 2008 Paco's Mom
I am in love!!!
Mar 1, 2008 coyne12
Loved all the pics, and the story of how far you drove to get her.

Wishing you many happy times together!!
Mar 1, 2008 djmc
love the picture , what a happy baby . Enjoy Enjoy 11 biscuits
Mar 1, 2008 pupsrule
There are not enough biscuits in the world for this gorgeous girl. I am in love - that sweet face. I love her name and it fits her perfectly. Great pics, I have no idea how I will choose just one. Happy life to your lovely girl.
Mar 1, 2008 lkaspin
Awww, just look at that earnest expression! What could she be thinking?
Mar 1, 2008 ecalos
What a cutie, looks much like my Airedale!
Mar 1, 2008 mash18020
Sophie, you are so cute!!!!!!! And you sure look like you have a great personality! And of course lotsa energy :-) I hope you have a long fun healthy life....and a million doggie treats to you too!!!
Mar 2, 2008 BTLabs
What an adorable girl! Looks like she has adapted well to the snow!
Mar 18, 2008 reginaldrossy
Sophie is so adorable, I love her. I want to give her big kisses
Mar 25, 2008 dawgsfurever
You just gotta love that face!!
May 20, 2008 puppydog
Wat a little fuzzball, but she is all around cute!
Jun 30, 2008 lucyluv
ahh!! look at that smile!!! adorable Sophie. We have a pup called Sophie too!
Jan 28, 2009 clementinem
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! Somebody should have warned me I was at risk for a Cuteness Overdose (COD)! She should come with a warning label, she's so precious!! Sophie Is SOOOO Cute In All Her Photos!! She Looks Like A Real Softie!!! And A Real Cuddly One!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have Many Happy Healthy Years WIth This Sweet Little Pup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My friend Doris has a Welsh Terrier named Maggie!! And I just LOVE HER Enjoy!!
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