Southwell the Beagle

Puppy Breed: Beagle

Southwell's dad says: Southwell's full name is Applegate's Southwell Cooper, named after two noted authors in our family tree, Robert Southwell from my wife's side, and James F. Cooper from mine. Southwell is a purebred beagle. Our family (six of us) visited him every two weeks almost from the day he was born, so he knew all of us well before he came to live with us. He's a real people puppy, loves meeting new people and kids. He also loves getting into mischief (or so it seems). At eight weeks when he came home, he was so small I actually had to lower the mower and re-cut the lawn shorter so he could walk in the grass! At ten weeks he got to go to camping in Canada for a few days and had a great time. Now at 16 weeks he is full of pepper. Runs up and down the stairs, goes on walks, loves everything about life! Well, maybe not the rain.