Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Oct 23, 2006 erinn
OMG, I loooooove pictures of puppies caught in 'mid-run'. This lil fellow has the best floppy ears and soft muzzle wrinkles!
Oct 23, 2006 samir
seems like a happy and playful little fellow:)
Oct 23, 2006 djb
What an absolute DOLL !!!!
Oct 23, 2006 Heidi
What a LOVELY little face!! He is absolutely ADORABLE.
Oct 23, 2006 Stacey
WOW what a cutie i LOVE his smile it is priceless.
Oct 23, 2006 Gin
Ooohh my lord. What a sweetie pie!
Oct 23, 2006 puppylove
Aww so cute
Oct 23, 2006 Terry C
Ain't nuthin' but a HOUND adorable little hound dog.
Oct 23, 2006 DogMom
cute, cute, cute. Very kissable puppy!!!
Oct 23, 2006 AlbertsMom
He's so cute. I love beagles and they have so much love to give back!
Oct 23, 2006 Ellie....!
Oct 23, 2006 Beaglenan
nothing's cuter than a beagle pup!
Oct 23, 2006 Taiyin
How irresistable!! I just adore beagles, and nothing is sweeter than a beagle puppy.
Oct 23, 2006 cassie
having a...hard....time typing....suffering from......cuteness...overloa
Oct 23, 2006 ElsaF
Oh, my Gawd! That face! Those ears! What a little darling!
Oct 23, 2006 Tonialovespuppies
So cute!! I love the running photos. And that last pic is the cutest! Those puppy eyes.
Oct 23, 2006 TheNetDiva
Beautiful markings! He is adorable.
Oct 23, 2006 Bunnied816
Hey!! Come back here with my heart, you sneaky little devil!! What a face! I love that tail flying like a flag behind him when he runs - and that tongue out!! LOL! AWESOME!
Oct 23, 2006 twinkelbelpeach
These are some great photos. If you're not a professional photographer you should be. I especially love the first one where he's looking up at Mommy. He looks so very happy.
Oct 23, 2006 Bonnie...Chance-s mom
Ohhhhh he is sooooo cute. I just wanna take him and hug him all day. Beagles are such cuties and those are some great photos. Huggs and Kisses to Southwell.
Oct 23, 2006 Always 11 Biscuits!
Southwell deserves 11 biscuits!!
Oct 23, 2006 souscee07
Beagles are super dogs. But Beagle puppies have to be the cutest ever. You have a little treasure.
I love their bark too ! You are lucky to have each other.
Oct 23, 2006 Phil
They need a zillion biskit option for this cute little guy!
Oct 23, 2006 Danielle Bugs Mom
He is SO cute. Makes me want to got out and get another puppy! I lurve the Beagle!
Oct 23, 2006 Julia
SHEER ADORABLENESS!! OH...MY...GOODNESS!!!!! My heart just collapsed into itself.

True Statements:

1) Beagles are adorable.
2) Beagle babies are the cutest things ever.
3) This particular beagle baby is the CUTEST THING TO EVER EXIST ON THIS PLANET!!!!!! I MEAN, GOOD GOD!!!!

No, I don't think you understand the immensity of the cuteness. Listen carefully. This is the single cutest animal to ever exist. Note the "bags" under the eyes. This ALONE could rocket this sweet little puddle of beagle bliss to the top of the charts, but it doesn't stop there. The nosie? Unbearable. That flopsy tail? Not even fair. The sweet feeties? Gut-wrenchingly sweet.

I cannot stand it. This dog is so cute that I can feel it in my teeth! It's all over. Southwell is the pinnacle of cuteness. This is a historical moment, people. Mark my words, this moment will go down in the history books of tomorrow.

May I make a suggestion? Use this power for good. Carry photographs of this doggie with you at all times, and bring them out whenever you sense hostility between your fellow man. Send photos abroad to war-torn regions. Southwell will be the force of adorable that brings peace to the world.
Oct 23, 2006 Jackie I
A Beautiful dog.
Oct 23, 2006 Flake
What Julia said
Oct 23, 2006 corgimom
Southwell made my day. He is absolutely adorable. I love how he looks when he's smiling. What a happy puppy!
Oct 23, 2006 Shonnie
Ya...what Julia said!
Oct 23, 2006 Marti
Just what Julia, Flake and Shonnie said!!! My son has a female beagle named Macy and she is just a loving little girl that really enjoys people and never met a stranger. They are such sweet dogs.
Oct 23, 2006 Shiz
Yeeaahhh!! Beagles for Peace!!!!!
Oct 23, 2006 Sandra
Oh my gosh!!! What an adorable puppy. There's nothing cuter than a beagle puppy! Reminds me of my first lovely beagle who is now in beagle Heaven running without a care in the world! Beagles rule!
Oct 23, 2006 Leanne
OMG I need to squeeze him and kiss him - he is the cutest EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 23, 2006 The Terrior Terrors
Southwell deserves 50,000 biscuits! That smile alone is worth several hundred. (of course, even though I have Yorkies, I LOVE Beagles!) Y'all are blessed to have him and he's blessed to have y'all.
Oct 23, 2006 Katt
Applegate Southwell Cooper - you are simply AMAZING. A super little pup-pup-pup!!!!xoxoxoxoxoxo wet kisses all around!!!
Oct 23, 2006 ilovedogs
AWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! He is soooooooo adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the photo of him running with his floppy ears!!!!!!!!! He is eyes are just so cute!!!!!!!! What an amazing puppy!!!! I love all the pictures of him!!!!!!
Oct 23, 2006 puppyluver
OH MY WORD! i love this puppy! the second to last picture is so stinkin' cute! how could anyone hate this guy? anyone? i love his little face!
i have one more thing to say...


Oct 23, 2006 doglover123
Southwell is so cute! ADORABLE! Cutie!!!!!!!!
Oct 23, 2006 tink122
oh my goodness! this pup is just too too precious!
Oct 23, 2006 Dustysmom
I agree about how professional those photo's look...and that is just about the cutest puppy I have ever seen (almost)
Oct 23, 2006 Marie
Very good pictures. This little guy is a real cutie. Looks like he will be a lot of fun.
Oct 23, 2006 Z-Lich dot Bomb
Wow. Too cute.
Oct 23, 2006 judyrb
I agree Beagle pups are the best and boy is he a cutie
Oct 23, 2006 Vozny Vozny Vozny
Vozny. Nice looking pup. Vozny.
Oct 23, 2006 robio
I am in a state of shock from the sheer cuteness of this puppy.I don't know where to begin. The tail, the nose, the tongue, the eyes, that smile... Southwell is the cutest puppy ever!
Oct 23, 2006
He's precious!!
Beagles are definitely the best!
Oct 24, 2006 Krysia
How. Cute. I'd give way more than 11 biscuits, if I could.
Oct 24, 2006 txmadre
Southwell is one happy puppy! That means you are great parents. Be good to him and he will give you years of love and devotion. Love the pic of him running with his tounge out! What a love!
Oct 24, 2006 Julia

*takes a deep breath*

Okay. Listen. I know that cuteness is subjective, and that people have different opinions about their favorite breeds, and whatnot. But COME ON!!!! This is CLEARLY the CUTEST THING IN THE WORLD!

Some people just refuse to give A's on principle, I guess.
Oct 24, 2006 mamasobuco
It doesn't get much cuter than a beagles eyes. :)
Oct 24, 2006 Bridget
OOOOOOH he is soooo cute! I love his floppy ears!
Oct 25, 2006 Skwerly
Ay, Dios Mio!!!

I can just see the naughtiness in your sweet brown eyes, Southie!!!
Oct 25, 2006 Ellie
Julia's comment is so perfectly and appropriately over the top it just defines the term. (And I mean that in a GOOD way.) I LOVE it and agree with everything she said!
Oct 25, 2006 iluvalldogs
You are really good at taking pictures!!! I guess Southwell is very photogenic so that helps!!!
He is soooo cute.
Oct 26, 2006 by lala and panesita
adorable puppy
Oct 27, 2006 puppy-lover
you look like my my puppy bambam. you are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 27, 2006 zizi
Beagles super duper rock!!
Oct 27, 2006 I miss Dusty, Tiger, and Ellie LOTS!!
Can I have him? Just Kidding! I do whant him though.
Oct 27, 2006 I miss Dusty, Tiger, and Ellie LOTS!!
So cute!!!!!!!!!
Oct 28, 2006 chris frost
definitely 20 biscuits
Oct 28, 2006 Deanna Starnes
I give you 1000000 biskets!!! you are so cute!!!
Nov 5, 2006 LINDY
Nov 5, 2006 Kady
aaaawwwww hes gunna b a medel when he gets older lol
Nov 6, 2006 Jessica
I just want to kiss southwell's noisey
Nov 12, 2006 Lizzy18
ohhh, beagles are my favourite, i justr love them to much, the face, and the ears, and everything about them, ohhhh hess just too cute
Nov 13, 2006 Patricia Rousseau
It's just too beautiful, his floppy ears, his nose and the mischief of his face. I had a beutiful one called Raisa but unfortunately had to put her to sleep. How I miss her and I am always looking for beagles I just love them.
Nov 17, 2006 nichole
aw these pictures are so good
Nov 27, 2006 Shannon
OMG! Southwell is one of the cutest beagles I have ever seen! Especially the third and sixth pictures!
Nov 30, 2006 Ravyn
You know Julia...You pretty much sum up everything there is to say about that adorable dog. Except maybe more exclaimation points. There are can never be enough of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well ok I'm sure there is a limit...but not for this dog!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry people, just trying to deal with cuteness overload!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 30, 2006 siberian_husky_lover13
this puppy is so CUTE.
Dec 2, 2006 golden and westie lover
aww i want a beagle. soo bad for christmas. man id tap that. twice. hahaaha. jk but he is soo fricken cute. i want him.
Apr 30, 2007 vllybllstar
oh. my. gosh.
the most adorable beagle in the WORLD!!
i love his stubby legs!
so cute
May 4, 2007 mags4evr
He is soooooo gorgeous and looks like he's posing in the top pic!
May 21, 2007 keechee
So sweet! I miss my dogs so much since they died, but seeing little Southwell brings a big smile back as I remember my little pupperdooskies. Thank you!
Jun 10, 2007 vllybllstar
i <3 the pics of him grown! ;D
and he is very cute as a puppy 2 :D
i think its on 6-8-07 but im not sure
Jun 10, 2007 susannajon
Southwell is a beautiful boy, and just as cute grown up! Thanks for coming back and sharig him with us!!!
Jul 5, 2007 gill
Southwell is a gorgeous dog. Love the running shots. Beagles look full of beans. Have fun with him. Lots of love to him.
Jul 5, 2007 gill
Southwell is a gorgeous dog. Love the running shots. Beagles look full of beans. Have fun with him. Lots of love to him.
Sep 6, 2007 doxielvr
i agree with every word julia said. words cannot express how cute this puppy is~
Sep 25, 2007 Mummm
Southwell looks like such fun! He sure has a friendly little face. Enjoy!
Nov 2, 2007 Grandma Helen of CT
l love every picture! especially the one running with his tounge sticking out...............
Dec 16, 2007 DogMom
THis is a perfect beagle baby! Lovely.
Jan 8, 2008 wittletutty
oh my heavens! what an adorable puppy
have fun with her, she's a real treat!
May 9, 2008 puppy lover831
thiz dog is so cute i wish i had it so cute omg
May 9, 2008 puppy lover831
thiz dog is so cute i wish i had it so cute omg
Jun 3, 2008 teeru
So much cute.
Dec 2, 2008 jbroy
Absolutely adorable! I love it when puppies run!
May 17, 2009 kendra blackie 08
Very pretty. LOOKS like cinnamon!
Aug 8, 2009 preciouspuppylove
you are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo o cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 2, 2009 lucky&babesmom
so adorable!
Oct 7, 2010 pelligrino
Beautiful breed, adorable puppy. I wish all dogs had a life like Southwell!
Dec 8, 2010 Cindylu001
This is just the sweetest picture!
Oct 7, 2011 Roxy29
I sooooo want to take you home with me !!!! Absolutely ADORABLE !!!
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