Spicey the Aussie Shepherd/Blue Heeler

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Spicey's mom says: This is our puppy Spicey. She was born August 10, 2006. My husband and I got her from my sister. I had always wanted a red merle Aussie or Aussie mix and she told us we could have her. She and her siblings went through the parvo virus at five weeks old. Luckily we had some medicine and they all made it and are doing fine. Spicey loves to play with our cats and our three-year-old son. She loves being inside. She can come and go as she pleases through the doggie door and loves charging in and out of it! She is a sweet puppy and is really smart too. The blue merle puppy in the pictures is her sister Sizzler. My mom, little brother, and sister took her. She comes over almost every day and they love playing with each other. We love Spicey so much and wouldn't trade her for anything!!