Saturday, July 26, 2014
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Sep 6, 2006 Odie
Daww, what a little darling!
Sep 6, 2006 Nadine
Oh Syllie is just beautiful....lots of biscuits.
Sep 6, 2006 the kissing lady
Sep 6, 2006 japanese spitz luver
Sep 6, 2006 DogMom
Sep 6, 2006 becky
what a face!!!! he is absolutely beautiful.
Sep 6, 2006 Cheryl
What a nifty little guy!
Sep 6, 2006 Chihuahualuver
What a cute puppy!!!
Sep 6, 2006 Heather
aww how cute si your dog!! its adorable i want it!
Sep 6, 2006 Katherine
This is the cutest puppy ever! Looks little a little stuffed animal :)
Sep 6, 2006 Scott
Soooooooooo Adorable!
Sep 6, 2006 donna
spectacular cutest puppy ever
Sep 6, 2006 Michelle V. (Remy-s Mom)
Adorable. I have a ruby King Charles Spaniel. I Would love to get another one.... They are so cuddley. There is nothing like coming home, to a dog who is always happy, tail wagging and so excited to see you. I love this BREED!!!!
Sep 6, 2006 Tori
Sep 6, 2006 Jim
How gorgeous. Reminds me of my little guy when he was young. These may well be the best people dogs in the world.
Sep 6, 2006 Blupaws9
Are you sure he's real and not a perfectly made stuffed toy?!?!?! He is just too cute!!! I LOVE his "liddie" round head!!!
Sep 6, 2006 Tampa Mom and Dad
Almost a pretty as both his moms. His hair is the same color as his second Mom (beautiful!). Give Syllie as big hug for both of us. Love, Tampa Mom and Dad
Sep 6, 2006 Charlie O
Yep, he looks like he could be full of mischief. Glad he has a loving home. Sooooo cute.
Sep 6, 2006 anonymous
Pet store puppies very often come from puppy mills. By buying a puppy at a pet store, you are supporting the horrible puppy mill industry that breeds unhealthy dogs in terrible conditions. Often puppy mills puppies have serious health problems and termperment issues. Next time, please consider buying from a responsible breeder that does health testing and follows the breeding guidelines. The amount that a puppy will cost from a responsible breeder is often less than the atrocious amounts that pet stores charge.
Sep 6, 2006 d.
geez anonymous, i'm sure there are actual forums regarding purchasing puppies where you could air this information. this lady is just trying to show photos of her adorable little puppy, and you jump on a small detail in her description. personally, i'd love to adopt a dog from a shelter, but i wouldn't look down on anyone if they didn't choose to do that.

syllie looks beautiful, and i'm sure that he has a wonderful mom that gives him nothing but love and good care.
Sep 6, 2006 puppies!puppies!puppies!
I pooh pooh puppy stores too, but he is a doll baby! Some responsible pet stores do not purchase their animals from mass breeders such as the Amish, but do deal directly with local small quantity breeders. It IS important to know where your pet store gets its animals from.
1 in 5 dogs that are in shelters are purebred. We just recently had 5 purebred Cav. King puppys rescued from a hoarder here...
The Daily Puppy should be about warm and fuzzy puppy pictures, not debates on puppymills. It is an important topic, so I see nothing wrong with mentioning it here, but not arguing about it open forum.
Sep 6, 2006 yummi600
cute little stinker!!!!!
Sep 6, 2006 txmadre
What a face!!! How could anyone not love that face? Those eyes capture the hearts of everyone!
Sep 6, 2006 DB
aWWW! Sylvester is soooo cute!
Sep 6, 2006 jess_hanson
What a sweet lil guy! He really does look like a stuffed animal toy. :)
Sep 6, 2006 Dancer-s Mommy
OHH! You are so cute!!!!!!!!
Sep 6, 2006 Danielle
Why did you name him Sylvester?
Sep 6, 2006 puppies!puppies!puppies!
Oh, and they AUCTION off the lame and over bred dogs and puppies for profit as if they were nothing. These animals almost always go for animal testing and more over breeding and abuse. Purchasing from puppy stores who are getting their animals from anyone other than a documented local breeder is supporting this insanity and keeping them in business! Demand to see the breeder info on your puppy first! Contact the breeder, ASK QUESTIONS!
Sep 7, 2006 Amber-s mom
Sylvester your are so cute. Love your little face. You are going to grow into a very handsome doggy. I am glad your Mom found you and gave you a forever home.
Sep 7, 2006 doggy DOG
Sep 7, 2006 anonymous in Holmes County, Ohio
What's done is done. Sylvester is a beautiful puppy and I wish he and his mom all the best for a wonderful, healthy life together.

For lurkers, please do your homework before purchasing from a puppy store. If you do, you'll understand why animal rights advocates get so upset when they see someone perpetuating the cycle by purchasing from a pet store. Even the notion that you are "rescuing" the puppy continues the cycle.
Sep 7, 2006 Lin
What a little darling says it all for me too.
Sep 8, 2006 Lover and Expert of Dogs
I agree with a few other comments regarding the Pet Stores. I have a rescued American Pit Bull Terrier, and 2 rescued Dobermanns, and it makes you feel like you have made a difference in the dogs' lives.

It is so horrible to see dogs, especially King Charles Spaniels, being left in shelters, living out their entire lives through a small kennel, because people decide to spend thousands of dollars on puppy mills, and backyard breeders. What is so difficult about going to your local shelter, seeing a poor, sad dogs face, and adopting him/her, instead of seeing a straggly sick, overpopulated breed of a dog in a plexi-glass cage? I think it is irresponsible, and although this dog is precious, I don't support it at all. I am 100% for rescuing.
Sep 9, 2006 Tawny
Selvester is SSSSOOOO cute!And his big brown eyes is somthing that catches your eye! cute!
Sep 10, 2006 Libby-s mom
He is adorable. Look at those EYES!!!
Sep 10, 2006 puppy luver
AHH HOW CUTE!!! You are so lucky!
Sep 12, 2006 puppymiller
aww this puppy is soooooo cute its perfect!
Sep 15, 2006 helena ell
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww youre dogs so cute
Sep 17, 2006 who dosent like cavaliers?
soooo cute! i have 2 tricolor cavalier king charles spaniels! ADORABLE!!! love him:P!
Sep 21, 2006 tina
could this puppy get any cuter?
Sep 24, 2006 pup lovers
can i have your puppy plz!!!
its so cute !!!:)
Sep 27, 2006 Tricia
My puppy also came from a pet store. I have a rare Japanese Chin that you cannot get on this side of the country. Where was I supposed to get one from? She is happy and healthy. You also need to be careful of breeders as many are bad. Just because someone is a breeder doesn't mean that the dogs are healthy. If you get a puppy shipped to you, are you going to see the conditions it lived in? I am a long time animal lover and animal rights advocate and see nothing wrong with getting a pet from a pet store if you cannot find one elsewhere.
Oct 13, 2006 Erica Anne
This is absolutely the most adorable/beautiful/precious puppy I have ever seen. I am so jealous. She makes my heart melt!!!
Oct 13, 2006 Ramona
My daughter is Erica Anne and I am sad she doesnt think my puppy is the most adorable. Your puppy reminds me a lot of how my chocolate cocker spaniel looked when we first got her. I just love the photos.
Nov 5, 2006 ELISSA
Nov 13, 2006 it is a secret
omg this dog is so adorable is it for sale? just kiddin these are the best dogs int eh world king charles the 2nd said that and these dogs are the only dogs alloud to roam in the houses of parliment the white house ans castles in england these dogs are terrific lucky duck be so happy u have him/her.
Nov 13, 2006 it is a secret
lucky duck
Nov 21, 2006 Kelly D-ontenza
Hi your dog is adorable i have a cavapoo looks a lot like syllvester anyway very cute :)
Nov 24, 2006 Janet
I am from the UK and have a tri-colour Cavalier.
He is a beaut too. Yours is lovely. They are all lovely. here's too Cavaliers - and they can be very naughty as well!
Nov 24, 2006 Janet
PS - NO, he is not stuffed - they do really look like this - and they are so kissable and adorable!
Dec 2, 2006 jayzee
that's about the cutest blenheim cavalier puppy i've ever seen, he seems to enjoy the camera. very precious, irresistable. i'm glad i didn't walk into that pet store, i would've probably got him, which would be against my principles. i would need someone to drag me out and lock me up and drive me away, and cut up my credit cards. he's precious.
Dec 28, 2006 ilovepoppy
aww what a sweetheart i too have a cavalier king charles spaniel there such a lovely dog i bet u spoil him soo much hes so cute .
Jan 19, 2007 sthrnanni
what a handsome little king!
Mar 20, 2007 Fran
Sweetest, handsome little guy! Best of luck with your puppy...many years of love ahead!!
Apr 1, 2007 merjam
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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Apr 6, 2007 mxdbreedsrule
This puppy is ADORABLE! It is what I originally wanted but and looked for but found my current baby first....
Despite the debate above this comment which I agree is not necessary to have on this website.... I do believe that every puppy is rescued whether from an actual rescue shelter or breeder or yes..even a puppy store. The fact is that anyone can rescue a puppy - some places dont even do a whole lot of back ground checks which is sad because they may be going from one situation to a much worse one... so, I think Sylvester's mom is due for some praise and should be applauded for loving and welcoming this precious face into her home regardless of where it came from.
11 biscuits Sylvester!
Apr 12, 2007 karousellteacher
Who could ever resist those eyes!
May 20, 2007 mling
What a sweetie!!
Dec 6, 2007 tambore
Sylvester, you are a "Tweety Pie!" I want to reach in and stroke that silky hair of yours, but will leave that for your family. Sweet dreams, you little doll.
Aug 3, 2008 cookierox
you little ball of cute stuff! u look like cookie, my puppy.
Oct 10, 2008 Sakura_Haruno
Sylvester is just the cutest little puppy i have ever seen i luv him my favorite breed of dog is a cavalier and this is by far the cutest cavliewr i have ever seen :3 11 biscuits
Feb 10, 2009 nickjfan4ever123
aww how cute!!!1
Jan 23, 2010 CAVACHONluvers!!!!
Jul 13, 2010 ebead
There is nothing more beautiful than a Cavalier!
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