Tank the Cane Corso

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Tank's mom says: I had been on the computer looking at rescue dogs for weeks, making appointments, looking for the dog that could fill my heart. Newly divorced and with both of my children leaving for college, I figured a shelter-dog rescue would be good for the dog and maybe good karma would come and I would be happy again. I called a number offering a dog that seemed to match my needs only to find that it had been promised to someone else. I tearfully tried to persuade him to let me have the dog. After hearing my story, he said, "I have just the dog for you. You could get him in two weeks if you are interested." No way did I want a puppy, but he started telling me about the breed. I did some research and found that these dogs are great to sense depression, anxiety, and seizures in people. Depressed? That fit me. So I went to look and I fell in love. Tank was not about to let me leave without the promise to come back to get him. I did, and he has been a blessing ever since. Tank is at my side constantly. He is my buddy, and when I am down, even at only eight weeks now, he senses it and will come and lay as close as he can get to me. If I say, "I'm not in the mood, Tank," he drops his head and looks so pitiful I cannot refuse him a moment, and in that moment he lifts my heart, and before I realize it, the depression is gone. He sleeps by me, he goes to the beach, he rides in the car, and he already barks and growls when the UPS man comes to the door. He is amazingly protective and loyal. He keeps his mommy in close eye and plays as long as he can see me, but when I get out of eyes view, play is over and the hunt begins.