Monday, July 28, 2014
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Mar 20, 2008 littleguysmom
What a beautiful HUGE puppy. He looks like a gentle giant. I would feel safe around him. Many many happy years and a zillion biscuits for Tank!
Mar 20, 2008 djmc
Tank is a good name if he grows to those feet. He sure is a sweetie. I have never seen his breed. but wants not to love. Enjoy your new baby 11 biscuits
Mar 20, 2008 beatlesgeek
I've never heard of this breed--he looks very dignified! Congratulations to you and sweet Tank.
Mar 20, 2008 dailypuppyfan
Between this guy and your Newfie Zoe you've got yourself more than 300 lb of loving, gentle dogginess in your house! And my guess would be plenty of drool too. I can just see them both with your little Maddox. Enjoy all three!
Mar 20, 2008 megs
My goodness, what a face on this guy!! He is just precious! I wanna hug him so bad! :P
Mar 20, 2008 whoopiwho
He is gorgeous! I had never heard of this breed and looked it up. They are nothing but gentle giants with lots of love especially with children. What a great breed. Lots of puppy hugs and kisses. 11 biscuits
Mar 20, 2008 sandi
I've never heard of this breed, but he sounds like a 147 lb teddy bear!
I just love how he secures the nursery first to make sure Maddox is safe
and sound and then makes sure the rest of the house is secure.:-) What a great protector and he sound so loving and loyal, not to mention just as handsome as came be ;) may happy years with Tank.
Mar 20, 2008 jowaldo
Wow, Tank you're an awesome dog! :)
Mar 20, 2008 Brunomom
Wow, how can I come here every day and fall in love again and again! This Tank is something else. I would love to see pictures of him at the 142 pounds. What a magnificent animal. A million kisses and biscuits and years of happiness w/him and your entire family.
Mar 20, 2008 Terry C
Oh my - isn't he handsome!
Mar 20, 2008 bullys2mom
This is the cutest dog EVER! I love big dogs & Tank just takes the cake. Wish I could hug that big guy. A million biscuits!
Mar 20, 2008 Mummm
Wow! Tank is just wonderful. I have never seen this breed before.
Mar 20, 2008 Kayra33
This seems to be Tank's favorite position!! He is absolutely adorable! Many wonderful years with Tank and your Newfie.
Mar 20, 2008 esgould99
What a LOVEBUG!!! A truly gorgeous and handsome lad! A megaton of biscuits for this sweetie!!!
Mar 20, 2008 ziggysmom
Mar 20, 2008 boo-bearsmom
I Do Love big, gigantic doggies! Tank is so adorable. And what an apprpriate name!

Thanks for sharing!
Mar 20, 2008 PamFontainePeters
Look at that face! What a cutie! I couldn't refuse him anything looking those sweet eyes. Tank is such a handsome boy. I love his velvet coat! A thousand biscuits and a thousand hugs!
Mar 20, 2008 Monica
Oh My GOD, I just love this little (BIG!) fella, look at those paws, they're HUGE!!!!!! I never heard of this breed before, he looks like he will grow into a big ol lovable giant. Ahhh please post pics of your baby with your other doggy Zoe if you can...I would love to see them play together. Many happy years with all of your adorable family. Hugs and kisses from Monica Ireland.
Mar 20, 2008 llt214
Oh no...another breed I've fallen in love with! Tank, what a handsome, gentle giant!! Look at his sweet face...oh, he's melting my heart!! Huge puppy smooches to you dear Tank!!
Mar 20, 2008 bulldogmom
big dogs are the greatest!!! I am going to research this breed. I have never heard of them...I wonder if you can get on in the United States???
Mar 20, 2008 goldenlover
00000 so cute a million biscuits and a belly rub

PS: Suggest you not leave a baby alone with any large animal.
Mar 20, 2008 opiedog
Love the pup and the name.
Mar 20, 2008 cbnagrl
I want one! He is magnificent, I could stare into those expressive eyes forever! I would squish his big face and squeeze his pretty lips and pull on his soft ears and give him tons of kisses!! I wonder how much dog food you go through.....hahaha. Would love to see more pictures with both of your doggies together.
Mar 20, 2008 megusmaximus
There are two Boerboels that come to our dog park and they are just amazing - a male and a female - just these giant, mellow, beautiful puppies. I've joked with their owner that he should get a sign to hang around his neck, "They're South African Boerboels. No, they are not mastiffs. The female will be about 150 pounds grown and the male will be about 190. Yes, they are friendly" - because everybody is always asking the same questions! Their owner works very hard with them on training and they're very smart. They're quite gentle with our little beagle, who has some fear issues. I'm always happy to see them at the dog park.

If they're any indication, Tank will be a wonderful addition to your family!
Mar 20, 2008 FireworksBaby
You did one of my favorite things by naming him "Tank." I love big names for dogs. I have a 20 pound dog myself but his name is Bazooka. I feel like it gives them a bit of an ego:) I have never heard of Boerbels before but he's really cute!
Mar 20, 2008 roo91
I'm in love!! I love BIG dogs. He's just gorgeous. Many happy years for you and Tank. What a great name for him.
Now I have to research this dog myself.

Mar 20, 2008 FRITZY
i have never heard of this breed. Tank is ADORABLE!!! So sweet!!!:)
Mar 20, 2008 Posh Tater
He really is adorable. That serious face! Great to learn about a new breed too! Thanks and have lots of fun with your little big guy.
Mar 20, 2008 nancy814
Tank is so cute, I love the puppy page, learn a lot about different breeds. 11+ biscuits for this big beautiful boy!
Mar 20, 2008 skeeze_in_belize
I love giant breeds, and I've never seen this one before - he's gorgeous! It sounds like heaven to have this guy AND a Newfoundland - I have one and they're great!
Mar 20, 2008 roscoeroxypepper
what a BEAUTY!!!!
Mar 20, 2008 clemency
Tank looks very sweet and huggable! And it sounds like he has a great personality, too!
Mar 20, 2008 mosbarger
Oh my gosh, Tank is one of the most beautiful puppies I have ever that wrinkled face and his gorgeous color!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!
Mar 20, 2008 johnnielovesherdogs
I have never heard of this breed, but thank you for sharing Tank with us. He looks very handsome and I'll bet he's got a soft coat that just begs to be pet! What a good looking young man!!
Mar 20, 2008 liltinker
Thanks for sharing your big baby with us. Tank is a beauty. I absolutely love big dogs. Especially the big love buns with the wrinkles!!
Mega Biskits for Tank!!!!
Mar 20, 2008 stormsamson
Tank, you're gonna be one big 'ol man! Full of lovins and companionship! How is your pet mom gonna walk you on a leash? Especially, if you weigh more than she does?? Anyways, enjoy a long, healthy life.
Mar 20, 2008 mcopp
What a sweet and handsome boy!!!!
Mar 20, 2008 2LabbieGirls
Those be some BIG paws!!! :) He is darling!
Mar 20, 2008 Pelligirl
I love this baby! You are going to have so much fun with this little guy!! Sharing a home with a huge dog is full of endless joy...I hope you are enjoying every minute of it!!
Mar 20, 2008 luvdapups
What a doll face! Too cute for words. Happy, happy life to you and yours, Tank!
Mar 20, 2008 puppypac
Now that's a dog! :-) I have heard of these dogs - he is just beautiful. Many happy years with him.
Mar 20, 2008 sue
[color=pink] hes soooooooooo cute [/color]
Mar 20, 2008 Judi
How could one not love that sweet face! Never heard of this breed but Tank is wonderful. Many happy, loving years together.
Mar 20, 2008 sam'smom
One of my favorite things about Daily Puppy is the opportunity to learn about different breeds :) Thanks for sharing your boy with us today - he looks like a "Tank-ful" of fun !!!
Mar 20, 2008 weeitsfun
Hah this big little doggy needs 11 biscuits just to keep him fed!
Mar 20, 2008 jaccikay
Tank is a sweetheart...I have never heard of this breed. How lovely Tank has a whole doggy and people family surrounding him. I love your story. God Bless you all with love, health, and happiness.
Mar 20, 2008 LucyBee
It's Power Dog! I also had to look this breed up, they sound like great big huggie bears. And yes,you gotta a LOT of dog in your house.You'll sleep soundly at night. Ain't Nobody gonna bother you!!
Mar 20, 2008 chipsmom
OMG!!! He is ADORABLE!!! Love the name and all the pics!
Mar 20, 2008 LucyBee
I had to look this bred up too,they sound like big huggie bears.You have a lot of dog tonnage in your house,bet you sleep well at night. Ain't Nobody gonna bother you!!
Mar 20, 2008 LucyBee
Oops! I have to learn some patience, I see my first comment came through and then I unwittingly sent it again. Sorry!!
Mar 20, 2008 Tuna's_Mom
what a big doll!
Mar 20, 2008 untbunny
Please submit adult photos for this lovable bear. To have a Newfie and Tank you certainly never have a bad day. Best wishes to your family. And please give Tank and Zoe and extra long belly rub.
Mar 20, 2008 mgsande7
Soooo lovable!
Mar 20, 2008 sputnik
okay, okay!!!! stop the presses... that has got to be THE cutest puppy in the world!!!
Mar 20, 2008 Paco's Mom
I also have never heard of this breed, but am glad I did now! What an AWESOME dog!
Mar 20, 2008 lucyny2000
thank you for posting Tunk on this site, it is very educational! I am going to look up fpr more informatiom about this breed now.

God bless your animals! And your baby!
Mar 20, 2008 NewPup
GOLLY! These decisions we have to make.. picking only one snapshot!:s LOL
Tank looks so loving and delightful! ..A hundered and forty two pounds.. wheeww! That's a lotsa dog! I'd love to think I could handle all that..the Newfoundland is my absolute most favourite dog, but whether I ever actually have one remains a mystery! I'll bet your two mooses are comical poetry in motion to watch!;D
Mar 20, 2008 vorner
He is gorgeous! Just want to kiss that big velvety nose! Long life and lots of love and happiness to "Tank" and his family! XOXOXO
P.S. We better give him a ton of biscuits!
Mar 20, 2008 AngelC
OH MY!!! what a beautiful puppy . . . I have never heard of Tank's breed before, but I am surely going to do some research of this awesome animal.

Much happiness to you and Tank! Love the pics!
Mar 20, 2008 durangosage
Hi Tank!!! You look so cute lying down with your feet stretched out behind you. Your so very cute!!!
Sage and Andy
Mar 20, 2008 mlingram
[color=red] I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! [/color] What a beautiful boy Tank is! Many happy years with your gentle giant, give him a big hug for me!
Mar 20, 2008 LisaLisa
Aw, Tank is adorable! I've never heard of this breed before but he's a real cutie pie! :-) Lots of biscuits to this sweetheart.
Mar 20, 2008 maddie's mom
i saw this breed once and couldnt believe how big he was
his owner was very proud of this gentle giant
tank is gorgeous
Mar 20, 2008 randomearrings
Wow, what an awesome puppy!!!!! Tank is so beautiful, stunning, cute and adorable!! Zillions of hugs, kisses and biscuits xxx
Mar 20, 2008 Jake's_Mum
What an amazing puppy! You've got to love that face! Tank I am so glad you found such a loving home!
Mar 20, 2008 Jake's_Mum
What an amazing puppy! You've got to love that face! Tank I am so glad you found such a loving home!:-) XXXOOO tons of biscuits!
Mar 20, 2008 Daphne's Mom
What a cute puppy! I love the wrinkly skin and cute face! I hope you have many happy and healthy years with Tank! Lots of love, kisses, and biscuits to you Tank! Too cute!!!
Mar 20, 2008 TessiesMum
'TANK' is the perfect name for this gigantic cutie...give him a big hug from all of us downunder....
Mar 20, 2008 buttonsmom
What a handsome, wise-looking dog and Tank is the perfect name. Had never heard of this breed so looked him up. Sounds wonderful. A big hug from North Dakota.
Mar 20, 2008 kukie
Hi Tank, how are ya? You look to be a kind gentle giant...right? I would love to run around and play chase and swim and playwit you, but instead I am sending you snuggles!

What a lovely boy you are Tank!
Mar 20, 2008 denawolves
Holy Moly! Does the ground shake when Tank comes running? On second thought, judging by the pictures, he'd just as soon lie there!
Mar 20, 2008 DogyLvr
Well I am hooked! How great he is! Congrats on picking the right breed, breeder and pup.
Mar 20, 2008 piobaire
142 lbs at six months?? You don't have a dog, you have a horse!! Man, a gentle giant! He looks wonderful. I would love to meet Tank personally cuz I can fully take him all in by just these pictures. What a hunka hunka burning love puppy though!!
Mar 20, 2008 sambi6969
Tank what a beautiful puppy you are. He looks so regal. many happy years with Tank. Bunches and bunches of doggy biscuits to you.
Mar 20, 2008 JulianaN
[color=coral][b]Tank is amazingly handsome and adorable at the same time! Definitely a large boy - sort of makes a Mastiff look little - ha! Have a wonderful life with this lovely dog and his sidekick, Zoe. Your little boy will have such a great childhood with two amazing playpals to grow up with. Enjoy!![/color][/b]
Mar 20, 2008 RocketDog
What a handsome chunk of love!!
I would love to cuddle up to that every night! Even though he would probably hog the bed!
Mar 20, 2008 mling
I am in love with Tank! He looks like the sweetest dog!
Mar 20, 2008 SASSY'S DAD
Tank, you are incredible. You are the perfect "big brother" for siblings. I almost feel sorry for anyone who would invade your charges space. Many, many happy fun filled years together. All the best.
Mar 20, 2008 bopeep
Read Tank's bio and had to research. You really do have a big teddy bear. What a great combination - a dog who is both protective and gentle. Thank you for handsome Tank's awesome story. Hugs, kisses and 11 biscuits.
Mar 20, 2008 doggieaunt
Ooooh . . . what a fabulous, big handsome boy!! Like everyone else, I'm in love!! Has Maddox attempted to ride him yet (he looks like he'd actually put up with it)?

And like many others, I add my voice to the requests for "grown-up puppy" pix of Zoe!
Mar 21, 2008 doggiedog07
your puppy is soooo CUTE!!!!
Mar 21, 2008 k_cyn
[color=purple]Truly PRECIOUS!!!! Too CUTE!!! :)
Many kisses, hugs and biscuits to you Tank!!!
Best wishes always!!!! [/color]
Mar 21, 2008 possma
He will be a fantastic watch dog for you and very loyal I daresay! All the best!

Poss & Max - Woof!
Mar 21, 2008 malachy
what a cute BIG puppy! never heard of the breed before... good lookin pup! how many bags of dog food does he eat a month?
ha ha! enjoy your baby!
Mar 21, 2008 DogMom
Gorgeous. What a beautiful boy you have. Thanks for sharing him with us. Some extra love to him from a fan in Texas.
Mar 21, 2008 loverofgoldens
Oh my gosh - he is adorable. Tank looks and sounds like an awesome dog. Enjoy!
Mar 21, 2008 paws4thought
[color=red] This is the face of a true guardian and companion.
Big dogs are gentlist of them all and when he grows into those feet, he will be erm... rather large!!!

Many people haven't heard of Boerboels but they are gelte and curious and so gorgeous.
My mum's friend had two of them and they were so sweet and loving and they had fantastic temperment

oh i aslo gave you all 11 biscuits for your gorgeousness!!!

I have a newfoundland called Ozzie....just thought you'd like to know.... ***awkward silence***

well, i hope you all have such fun
have many happy memories together.
all my love

Gracie xx[/color]
Mar 21, 2008 Lizanne
What an absolutely stunningly beautiful dog. He is a guard through and through. He looks amazingly like a Bullmastif that I had many years ago. Practically that same beautiful big head
and wrinkled forehead and massive paws. I see such softness, kindness, beauty in those eyes, and this dog is LOYAL and very loving and trustworthy. Just beautiful...
Tank, I love you...
Elizabeth & Miss Katie =O)
Mar 21, 2008 MH
He is gorgeous. He just looks wonderful for hugging and smooshing. Beautiful. I would think he would be great with kids. Does not look like the jealous type
Mar 21, 2008 Labby_lover
[colour=red]Tank is so gorguz! He looks like he has an awesome character, and gorguz puppy-dog eyes! =P
Mar 22, 2008 mm
Tank is adorable. Our boerboel is almost 6 years old. He sounded the same as Tank (temperment wise) until he turned 2-2.5 years when he became overly protective. By this time he had been through puppy preschool, well socialized and even AKC good citizen certified. We have been through many trainers, behavorists etc and our boerboel is extremely caution/aggressive with strangers. We would not reccommend the breed to anyone and we are experienced big dog owners. We love our boerboel but will not be getting another boerboel ever again. We caution anyone that is interested in the breed to do their homework-- this is no lab. We did our homework and still ended up with an extremely overprotective dog.
Mar 22, 2008 Sasafras56
Tank is adorable and I love to hear he plays with your Newfoundland also. These are both special breeds that have their own quirks but with a lot of love will give you lots of joy. I hope your Boerboel Tank remains gentle. LOL
Mar 22, 2008 vandalsmom
What a big beautiful baby. My shih tzu would love him. For some reason, he always prefers to make friends with huge dogs. The picture I would like to see is of the face of a door-to-door salesman being greeted by Tank.
Aww, what a chubby cherub he is! I've never heard of this breed, but he looks like he's got a heart as big as he is! Best wishes for a long life! And extra biscuits!
Mar 22, 2008 taiman12000
Very serious looking puppy...he looks like he is a sweetheart! Many happy years to you and Tank!
Mar 23, 2008 DaneDays
Possibly the sweetest creature I've ever seen. I've never heard of this breed beforehand, so thank you for introducing me!
Mar 23, 2008 SorryCharlie_17
I've never heard of that breed before, but seeing the pics of Tank makes me want one really badly! How sweet! :)
Mar 24, 2008 face121
Oh MY!!! What a big boy! I just love, LOVE, LOVE him!!! I've never heard of this breed, but now I'm interested. He is just to sweet. I love his name too! We have a Burmese mix called Roadblock, because that is what she is.
Mar 24, 2008 gryffindor1971
wow he is huge... and oh so pretty... he looks like my "TONKS" only about 75lbs bigger!!! sept my Tonks is a Bull Mastiff... you have one big beautiful bpy there... keep a towel handy casue he's going to be a drool machine.... those jowles... oh i just wanna love all over him... I love giant breeds like this... they are my favorite kinds of dogs... I jsut wished they lived longer =(
Mar 24, 2008 LaneyD
I've never heard of this breed of dog before and I have to say I'm in love! Tank is just gorgeous, big dogs really are the best! Now I just have to convince my boyfriend to let me get a Tank of my own...! :-)
Mar 24, 2008 brockchoy
Oh my goodness, what a fitting name for such a beautiful big boy, larger than life ! He is like a giant teddy bear that I simply must hug to bits ! When can he come over for a visit ? :-) I have never heard of this breed before, and I wasn't sure exactly what he weighed in metric terms, so I went to a website and sure enough I wasn't mistaken in thinking he was a very very big pup ! He is 64kgs which is a VERY big boy, that is almost as much as I weigh !! He sounds like a great guard dog too, whereas my pup doesn't even bark and just licks any strangers to death when they come to the front door! LOL. So when will Tank be fully grown ? Is he related to the Bull Mastiff breed ? Lots of pats and kisses to you Tank, and may you live a long and happy life with your family ! xx
Mar 25, 2008 abbysdad
What a gem of a dog. I've never heard of the breed before but I'm in love with Tank! Looks and sounds like you have a wonderful family. Blessings to all of you!!!!
Mar 25, 2008 Pixee027
awww he's sooo cute
Mar 26, 2008 lorijean
I was happy and surprised to see a Boerboel on the site. I have a seven year old Boerboel named Odin. Not many people have heard of this breed and it's nice to see the word getting out. They are the best dogs ever and very smart. Tank is a real doll and will bring you many years of happiness. Big dogs definitely rule.
Mar 26, 2008 doglover525
Glad to see a boerboel on the site! I own several boerboels & they are great dogs. They fit into my family nicely and do get along well with my small breed dogs. However, they are not for everybody. I've seen several people comment that they looked them up and they seem like big teddy bears. While boerboels can be loving toward their family, I wouldn't describe them as teddy bears. Full grown boerboels weigh between 100-160 lbs and these dogs are pure muscle. Their strength is mesmerizing. Boerboels are a protection/guardian breed and should be owned by someone experienced with such. They can range in temperament but are MEANT to be suspicious of strangers. Because of their size and power, they need to be cared for and properly trained for their lifetime. That being said, boerboels are amazing dogs and I cannot ever see my life without one.

Apr 2, 2008 puppyluv08
"WOW" he seems ike a lazii pup but hes beautiful!!!...goodluck
May 16, 2008 puppydog
Tank is so cute and big 4 a puppy! but hes all around cute!
May 24, 2008 Rach5208
I LOVE THE EYES! you can't see them but they are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooocute and his little ears!
May 27, 2008 wolfgirl66
Tank is simply beautiful....smiles to ya'll!
May 27, 2008 limegreen411
cute dog and braclet
Sep 4, 2008 roo91
I love this dog!!! Please send some grown up pictures of Tank. Regards, Ro o's mom
Oct 28, 2008 stephi_babe2010
That is a huge pup! He is featured on my birthday!!!
Dec 6, 2008 cutiepants26
WOW! Never heard of that breed. tank is just wonderful. He looks a bit like a Mastiff. Super Cute, love his chubby face. I want to cuddle him. And please check out my dog, his name is Pants. He will love you! So please search Pants, and please add a comment, or add as friends. Bye
Jan 13, 2009 Rider4ever
He looks like a mastiff! I want to learn more about this breed! He looks so sweet! So you have two dogs and your son Maddox? Wow, that must be a handful!
May 5, 2009 Boerboel-lover
Check out to learn more about the history of this uniquely South African breed, and the SA Boerboel Breeders Association.
Jun 16, 2009 rgreen
nice looking buck
Jul 24, 2009 Sladesmaid
Tank is just the cutest BIG guy! Please post more pictures of him as he gets bigger & BIGGER lol,,,, Best of luck with your whole crew :}
Sep 8, 2009 pamfontainepeters
Tank is gorgeous! What a sweetheart! Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
Jul 26, 2010 PooPoo
Hi,I'm looking for lg. breed good w/kids-(my son is 3). I like the Mastiff but a friend recommended the Boerboel (little smaller,less drool but still protective & good w/kids) then I found out about the Newf; since you have both I'm wondering which is better w/the children? What's your take? Thx in advance for your help.
Sep 30, 2010 OLUWASEGUN
I currently av two relatives of tank with me and beliv me if i say they are the most wonderfull breed in the whole wide world. And the rate at which tank is going i think he will surpass you expectattion, keep me posted on Him, cos i like his profile-MBJ
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