Tank the South African Boerboel

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Tank's mom says: This is Tank who is a South African Boerboel. When we first started investigating the Boerboel we sought after a knowledgeable, caring, and friendly breeder. What we found is Wilby Boerboels. We were are impressed with way she treated her dogs and the time she puts into taking care of all of her animals. Kate was very eager to educate us on the Boerboel breed, as well as have us over to play with her dogs. When we first met Mojo and Macy (Tanks parents) we fell in love with the Boerboel and could not wait until Macy had her puppies. Kate called us the day they were born and soon after we went over to choose our puppy. We visited every other week and the time came for us to take our puppy home with us. With a little help from Kate's daughters we decided to call our puppy 'Tank' (a very fitting name). Tank is now 17 months old and weighs 142 lbs. Although he looks very intimidating, he is just a big ole' Teddy Bear. He is always looking for someone to either snuggle with or to love on him. We have had many dogs, but none like the Boerboel. Tank is the most loving, curious, and loyal dog we have ever owned. I call him our 'Rock Star', because everywhere we go he draws a crowd. Strangers are always commenting on his size, his puppy face, his calmness, and most important, his temperament. We also own a Newfoundland (Zoe), who Tank spends all day with playing and laying with. When our first child (Maddox) was born we were concerned with how Tank would react to having someone else in the house as well as the decrease in attention he was getting. At first he was very curious about Maddox, but now he just enjoys watching him and listening to all of the noises he makes. At night before bed, Tank makes his security walk through the house starting in the nursery and ending in our bedroom. We could not imagine life without Tank. Tank is a friend for life, and a great pet!