Tashi the Shih Tzu

Puppy Breed: Shih Tzu

Tashi's mom says: I received Tashi for my birthday. After several months of research and an exhaustive search for just the right little girl, we found Tashi with a great local breeder. I knew she was mine the moment I met her and looked into her eyes. The wait to bring her home seemed to last forever. Although I have owned lots of dogs in my life -- a beagle, cocker spaniels, and lots of mixed breed dogs -- Tashi is the most amazing dog I have ever shared my life with. She takes her job of being a lap dog very seriously and will insist that I provide the lap when she thinks it's been too long. Health issues often limit my activity, and she provides me with immeasurable comfort at those times. She is truly the love of my life. She brings me great joy again and again every day.