Teddy the Brussels Griffon

Puppy Breed: Brussels Griffon

Teddy's foster mom says: This is Teddy. He is actually not my puppy; Teddy is my foster puppy! Sadly Teddy was abandoned at our local kill shelter. Luckily for Teddy our town has a volunteer rescue group, which I belong to, that keeps the animals from being euthanized and finds them loving homes. Teddy is very smart, and very courageous! I find him in the strangest places. He is 12 weeks old and is just getting his big-boy teeth on the bottom, hence the adorable underbite! He loves to play with his foster brother Scotty (who was featured on 9/9 as the grown-up puppy). Teddy has a new family who are eager to love him but he will be with me for a little while longer until he is old enough to be neutered and get all of his vaccinations, etc. While Teddy has found his forever home, so many like him are in shelters all over the country and still waiting for someone to love.