Teddy the Cairn Terrier Mix

Puppy Breed: Cairn Terrier / Lhasa Apso

Teddy is a 12-week-old Cairn Terrier / Lhasa Apso mix and we love her to bits! She looks like all Cairn to us, be we are no experts. She loves her toys but loves our flesh even more. She's such a loving girl; she sleeps like a dream and her cuteness overrides any mischief she gets herself into. She loves to spend time in the yard, sunbathing, sniffing, chewing everything and digging. She is beginning her socialization and can't get enough of people, dogs and pretty much anything that moves. She is also a big fan of TV; the NBA playoffs are really getting her attention. There's nothing like a 42-inch plasma and a 10-inch terrier!