Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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Nov 26, 2012 ebead
If I hide behind this blade of grass, they won't find me, right?
Nov 26, 2012 DaveTheDog
"This is my, 'I'm ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille' pose. Check out these deep, soulful eyes. I expect the romantic lead roles to start roling in; right after I lose my baby teeth."
Nov 26, 2012 RobinSpringer
I'm fixing to nap!!
Nov 26, 2012 The Raven
"Don't you think I look like Cary Grant? Or perhaps a professor scowling at a student who made a stupid comment? Don't you like my under the brow look? I think it makes me look scholarly......." Teddy, you are one in a million, the many faces of Teddy. You are one cute pupster!!!!!
Nov 26, 2012 debnmickey
What a cutie and oh my, those eyes are something else. How could anyone not LOVE this little guy?
Nov 26, 2012 guerrero's grandma
rub my belly ... rub my belly ... RUB MY BELLY!!!!! Teddy, you are 1000% adorable! I love you & all your pics! Long & Happy & Healthy Life to you big guy
Nov 26, 2012 amyliz
Teddy, puppies simply don't come any cuter or more lovable than you! I'm afraid you're in for a full-time job, keeping those squirrels off the bird feeders but I'm sure you're up to it! many happy and healthy years to you!
Nov 26, 2012 spunky
Teddy, you look so innocent and sweet!!! You do have some tenious terrier in you!! Have a happy life!!!
Nov 26, 2012 daphne's mom
Teddy you are so cute! I hope you have a long happy and healthy luife! Much love, may treats, and tons of cuddles sweetheart!
Nov 26, 2012 43smile
Teddy, I think you are a most photogenic beautiful puppy and that your humans have taken some of the best photographs I have ever seen. Have a wonderful life together.
Nov 26, 2012 2rescues
Now that is a sultry looking photo, Teddy. You have stolen everyones heart now. Looks like you have your forever family.
Nov 26, 2012 bluegigi
Billions of belly rubs please and thank you!!!
Nov 26, 2012 Mmmousemaid
Teddy, you are so adorable. Those eyes must hypnotize the squirrels into sumbission, as well as your mom. You look like your mom or dad may have been a terrier.
Nov 26, 2012 veronica
wow, you are so adorable and veru cute x
Nov 26, 2012 GSDLVR
Here's a belly rub for you, Teddy! What a good looking guy you are!
Nov 26, 2012 Frankt
Stay low!!!!
Nov 26, 2012 drakes' granny
Teddy you are adorable. You can cuddle on my couch or on my lap anytime. Great pictures of you here and I love your markings and melt your heart brown eyes.
Nov 26, 2012 luvthempups
Teddy, you are a sweet boy with beautiful coloring. My dogs love squirrels too. Well, they love to chase them! Happy life to you little Teddy and your new family.
Nov 26, 2012 meganbooth
Awww Teddy you sure are a cutie.
Nov 26, 2012 virgilsmama
You are so cute, what a loving and beautiful face. Teddy, your family is lucky to have you! Congratulations on your special day!
Nov 26, 2012 dogylvr
Teddy, you have the most expressive eyes and face. You are a sweetheart of a puppy. I can tell that you just love life. Welcome to the world Teddy. Be a good dog and take care of Mama and the family =]
Nov 26, 2012 poochies=love
Teddy is a perfect puppy! His beautiful eyes say everything and clearly his family thinks he's a special and wonderful addition to their family! You're added to my favorites because I can't wait to see more pictures as you grow!
Nov 26, 2012 amyhebebrand
He is so cute, our dog love squirrels to she see them in our back yard and she tree to climb the tree, she is so funny we took her to the dog park in longview for the first time and she took off up the hill, but the good part is that she was look for squirrels to her name is dejahi.
Nov 26, 2012 bogeyismrsept
Cute doesn't quite cover it, does it Teddy? If your parents get tired of you you can run away to my house.
Nov 26, 2012 gryt
100% adorable! Teddy looks a bit like a wirehaired dachshund here.
Nov 26, 2012 bebe
You're so very, very cute!!! What's not to love? Be happy, precious Teddy.
Nov 26, 2012 chelsearosebud
Note to Teddy: I think we need to change your name to "Mr. Heart Stealer". You couldn't be any more adorable, Teddy. Keep up the excellent job keeping those pesky squirrels from your Mom's bird feeder. Love you, darling boy. xoxo
Nov 26, 2012 BeautyLover
I must kiss this belly!!!!
Nov 26, 2012 LCE
"I save this look for the lady pups."
Nov 26, 2012 lucybee
Those eyes really are irresistible!
Nov 26, 2012 allyw1231
What a sweet face.
Nov 26, 2012 frankies_mom
Those eyes!! That face--what a charmer! No wonder there are so many squirrels in your yard. Teddy, you're such a handsome boy. Long, happy, healthy life to you. xo
Nov 26, 2012 LaurelG
Teddy you are just a yummy puppy that I want to sqeeze and watch you chase squirrels. That is an ever-ending career path you've choose. Do you have a bit of Airedale or other terrier? Many happy and healthy years ahead. I belly rub a day keeps the vet away. At least that's what Penny my half GSD says.
Nov 26, 2012 Jakesmum53
Tedddy what a cutie you are! I know you bring great joy to your family and friends. Have a long and wonderful life. Loads of love and biscuits to you and your family! :-)
Nov 26, 2012 ebuzz
You look like a little rascal just waiting to happen. Best to you and your family, who will most likely not experience a dull moment for the next 15 years.
Nov 26, 2012 mollyG
You made my afternoon with this one! You are killing me you are so cute! What a pose! Have fun pup!!! xoxoxo
Nov 26, 2012 race27mom
I didn't do it, I promise!
Nov 26, 2012 Critter Crazy
Teddy has a scruffy cuteness factor that is out of sight! What a little darling. May you have many years of happiness, love, and laughter together.
Nov 26, 2012 michelepat60
A belly rub - please!!! For you Teddy - anything! You are a little gem! Love, belly rubs and biscuits from New Zealand.
Nov 26, 2012 waterwriter
Teddy's quite the cute pup. It's in his face, eyes and great colors, he's surely a handsome pup! You can't beat a funloving puppy. He sounds like he has a wonderful, loving spirit. Can't beat a boy like that, he's a winner. Glad you found each other!
Nov 26, 2012 pupfanatic
Teddy, you are doing the "camel" dang cute!!!
Nov 26, 2012 iluvk9s
Teddy is such a precious little baby!!
Nov 26, 2012 Abiglen
You are so, so cute little, Teddy. :) oxoxox
Nov 26, 2012 JanW
Teddy, this looks like you're laying low in the grass... to make that squirrel think you're not interested in chasing him right now! Have a wonderful life, little cutie... with your family and that "other dog" in the house!!
Nov 26, 2012 kgpayne13
Nov 26, 2012 kathan
Teddy, you are just beautiful and your eyes melt me. You are a lovely puppy and I loved hearing about your days' activities. With I could cuddle with you too! You are so sweet.
Nov 26, 2012 PUPEELVR
Look at this precious little angel, I could just pick Teddy up , like a real baby and put him, on my shoulder.
Nov 26, 2012 longislander
Such an adorable face. I bet he can get away with just about anything, so innocent. Glad to hear he's keeping the squirrels on their toes too. He's a doll.
Nov 26, 2012 little_v
Teddy Bear!!!
Nov 27, 2012 piobaire
Teddy, I think I could be in love with you!
Dec 1, 2012 WATERDOG
Yaa, the grass is pretty wet. But when you're a hot potato like me, it helps keep you from overheating! Teddy, you are smokin' hot, Cheers!
Dec 2, 2012 Scamp's Grammy
Teddy, you are such an adorable puppy. I would love to see you all grown up. May you have a happy & healthy life with lots of cuddles & treats from Scamp's Grammy.
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