Tex the Australian Cattle Dog

Puppy Breed: Australian Cattle Dog

Meet Tex: a 12 week-old Australian Cattle Dog and newest addition to our family. Tex really exemplifies the intelligence of the breed- within one week of having him, he already knew sit, down, shake, roll over, stay, come, and (best of all) already got the hang of house-breaking! His favorite hobbies include following us around, trying to see what he can get away with chewing up while we're not looking, and pestering our other dog, Jake the 3 year-old Black Lab! They tolerate each other, even though Tex really likes to bite and hang on to Jake with his sharp little puppy teeth. We look forward to Tex becoming an Agility champ in the future!

Comments (138)
lkaspin Apr 11, 2008
Look at those two loving doggies!

blazer316 Apr 11, 2008
It's mine, give it back. Tex you are a great...

melissa99 Apr 11, 2008

malachy Apr 11, 2008
what a cutie-love the patch over his eye and the grey coloring he...

gryffindor1971 Apr 11, 2008
AWWWW they are hugging each other... well Jake is hugging Tex while...

nat Apr 11, 2008
He is absolutely beautiful!!! So hard to pick the best photo they are...

kissmiss Apr 11, 2008
love it... no doubt he'll be your best mate for life!

summerday Apr 11, 2008
omg they are so cute together. a million biscuits for both of the boys.

JudithVick Apr 11, 2008
What a great puppy you have! He looks like he is always thinking...

luvypuppies Apr 11, 2008
awww cutie, he is truly precious!!!

jowaldo Apr 11, 2008
This is the life!!!

bigotto51 Apr 11, 2008
Handsome bunch, graeat color on Tex

Gorgeous1 Apr 11, 2008
Gosh, what a handsome lad he is!

Gorgeous1 Apr 11, 2008
I forgot a picture!

sue Apr 11, 2008
they are soooooooooo cute together

janlee03 Apr 11, 2008
One big yawn and I'm off to play!! Beautiful boy you...

rosy Apr 11, 2008
It is so hard to be a really cute pup!!!He is gorgeous!

Satine Apr 11, 2008
sembra proprio un carinissimo peluche !!!

Pelly Apr 11, 2008
So cute! I love the pictures with Jake! We can tell that these are...

firegal Apr 11, 2008
What a big yawwwwwn! Lots of puppy kisses for your cutie!!!

malawi Apr 11, 2008
I love Tex!!! My Australian heeler mix, Malawi, says HI! ...

millie's mom Apr 11, 2008
Love them all, but the two of them sleeping side by side is soooo...

precious Apr 11, 2008
just wanted to say how much I enjoy browsing through the Daily Puppy....

Saundra57 Apr 11, 2008
What sweethearts! Many happy years!

shell242 Apr 11, 2008
I love the look of this pup! The gray is beautiful. Many, many...

mrywbstr Apr 11, 2008
Here-get my good side!! He is picture perfect!! His colorings make...

amyliz Apr 11, 2008
What a striking, handsome boy! Sounds like a bit of a character, too!...

werleybird Apr 11, 2008
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! How do you pick a favorite when Tex and Jake are...

stormdog Apr 11, 2008
What a sweet couple of dogs you have there. And, Tex seems to be...

Chandlersmom Apr 11, 2008
Puppies and the two favourite things! He's gorgeous!

waterlandsky Apr 11, 2008

mscoop51 Apr 11, 2008
Jake looks like he is thinking "why me Lord, why...

maplestreetclocks Apr 11, 2008
lol...that's beautiful!

bordercrazed Apr 11, 2008
I was going to say that it looks like he's saying "Who me? I...

SophieGold Apr 11, 2008
You are sooo lucky to have two animals - the older will teach the...

mummm Apr 11, 2008
What nice friends! Jake is really a cute little guy! I love all of...

mummm Apr 11, 2008
Oops... I meant Tex but they are both cute!

usfour2 Apr 11, 2008
Bliss in the grass! Two beautiful dogs - one big, one...

ginak0915 Apr 11, 2008
"Aww, more pictures?? Can't I just go play now?!" He is...

2dogmom Apr 11, 2008
What a handsome boy! I have a cattle dog mix and she shares Tex's...

quila'smom Apr 11, 2008
This is such a beautiful dog!

Giggles Apr 11, 2008
They make an adorable pair. :)

hannahkatfrench101 Apr 11, 2008
He is a beautiful little puppy. And this picture is so cute. Tons of...

zookeeper Apr 11, 2008
So cute. This looks like a painting because of the texture of his fur...

jbroy Apr 11, 2008
This is a picture that would make anyone smile. Tex is so...

ausongbird Apr 11, 2008
What a gorgeous face. I'm sure you and Tex will enjoy a lot of...

my_stoney_baby Apr 11, 2008
They look like they're scheming! :) Both of them are absolutely...

djmc Apr 11, 2008
Oh mom your soooo funny, HOW CUTE ENJOY ENJOY your new baby 11 biscuits

jkmech Apr 11, 2008
What a cool looking dog!! Have fun!!! 11 biscuits!!!

sams*mom Apr 11, 2008
I know he's yawning but it looks like he's laughing at the...

jkmech Apr 11, 2008
What a cool looking dog!! Have fun!!! 11 biscuits!!! Sorry forgot...

Corgi-Girl Apr 11, 2008
this is ADORABLE! tex is the cutest!

doggielover80 Apr 11, 2008
they're so cute together. i also like the yawning pic. : ) ...

lushpuppy Apr 11, 2008
I smell PUPPY BREATH !!!!!! What a doll, had trouble...

vorner Apr 11, 2008
This little guy is so adorable that he looks like a toy! Lots of...

k9lover Apr 11, 2008
This picture made me laugh out loud! Happy Days!

wellie'smum Apr 11, 2008
LOL! I can't resits this picture!! Finally worn out!...

pamfontainepeters Apr 11, 2008
Sleepy Puppy! Tex is a beauty. Congratulations on the new addition...

pippasmom Apr 11, 2008
I love that Tex has a cowboy boot toy!

sdv in slc Apr 11, 2008
So hard to pick a favorite pic! Tex is totally cute! I love him!

piobaire Apr 11, 2008
Aw heck, do I HAVE to play gentle with the...

terjaq Apr 11, 2008
This is my fave! He's all won't someone come & play with me?...

muttlover Apr 11, 2008
Aw, good friends. Tex is amazing. Full of energy. Have fun with...

denawolves Apr 11, 2008
I cannot choose a favorite picture, it is impossible. Wonderful...

trackerandbones Apr 11, 2008
I love this picture!

rickysmom Apr 11, 2008
Oh My Gosh!!! I love that face!!!! Tex is a sweetie, Jake is a good...

tillyginger Apr 11, 2008
tex is so adorable and so is jake! what a darling little smart puppy!

maddiesmom Apr 11, 2008
th epictures of the two of them are amazing he looks so...

lyndial Apr 11, 2008
Ouch, Mom, little brother's teeth hurt -- I like him best when...

lyndial Apr 11, 2008
Oh gosh!~ What a beautiful stride he has! Good luck, and I'm so...

a-fed Apr 11, 2008
Look at that cute puppy face!!! Tex is so adorable. LOTS of biscuits...

baile's mommy Apr 11, 2008
Cute baby. I love this picture.

doggymama Apr 11, 2008
He is an adorable little one, long life and happiness to ya'll

doggymama Apr 11, 2008
Sorry, my first time, here is the picuture I chose.

puppylover0418 Apr 11, 2008
how can you say no to that face?!?!?

sibslover Apr 11, 2008
Tired Puppy. He is so cute!

ktushinsky Apr 11, 2008

lizanne Apr 11, 2008
Tex, you are beautiful. Tex says, "I know, dahling, but...

pomtzu Apr 11, 2008
Isn't it great to have such a good buddy to hang with? Lucky...

Ace's mom Apr 11, 2008
He is absolutely adorable!! So is Jake. I am sure they will soon be...

caraschotch Apr 11, 2008
He's a sweet boy and very handsome as well. I love the pix of...

doggymommy Apr 11, 2008
been herding all, now i'm tired!!!!!! poor...

jgales Apr 11, 2008
What a handsome boy. Am still waiting to see the picture of him and...

ssorge Apr 11, 2008
He is priceless! Enjoy!

rondog Apr 11, 2008
Such a beautiful doggie. Love him to pieces! ...

oaktown girl Apr 11, 2008
This photo is just too cute!! Jake is so patient. What a...

NewPup Apr 11, 2008
What beautiful dogs.. Jake, so shiny, ..and tolerant! LOL And Tex,...

Hana's Mom Apr 11, 2008
Tex really knows how to work the camera! What a great dog! many...

Hana's Mom Apr 11, 2008
what a couple of cuties! they look so comfortable and happy! Rex...

kittymom Apr 11, 2008
Say, "Yahooligans!", Tex!!!! What a wonderful puppy you are!!

gibbypie Apr 11, 2008
I cannot pick a favorite! Tex is so very lovable and his new buddy...

rustysmom1 Apr 11, 2008
This picture is awesome..You should have this one very much enlarged...

jlenski Apr 11, 2008
These are absolutely the best photographs I've seen on Daily...

cut3y Apr 11, 2008
lol... tex says best friends forever

binkybink Apr 11, 2008
tooo it! Tex and buddy!!!

jomar Apr 11, 2008
typical a c d....we have three...and no two look alike!

libbysmom Apr 11, 2008
can't pick a fav, they look like they were meant to be together

onewombat Apr 12, 2008
Fabulous photos. I love Jake's expression.

jaccikay Apr 12, 2008
Tex and Jake are both the handsome two! What darling pictures. They...

jcusano0 Apr 12, 2008
The best! You will absolutely love your ACD! Be ready for a wild...

Beaglemama Apr 12, 2008
What a doll! You can just tell he has personality plus from all of...

paradelover Apr 12, 2008
he is s cute. I hope you two have a happy and fun life. A thousand...

tamijohansen Apr 12, 2008
What a cutie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

bassettblueheelermom Apr 12, 2008
BIIIIIG YAWN!!! What a sweet baby! Much love and biscuits for you Tex

BaxtersMama Apr 12, 2008
I'm soooooooooooooo tired from my photo shoot!!! A...

Bananagirl123456 Apr 12, 2008
He's so cute with his pal!!

pupsrule Apr 12, 2008
How do you expect anyone to choose just one pic. These 2 boys are...

jkyungsonya Apr 12, 2008
what a beautiful dog! tex, you are adorable! have fun chewing on a...

brunomom Apr 12, 2008
Love this picture and these two very beautiful dogs.

kaysholis Apr 12, 2008
This puppy is just adorable. We lost our 16-year-old cattle dog mix...

lrk7806 Apr 13, 2008
AWWW!!! BFFs forever!! Love you, Tex!!!

maddiesmom Apr 13, 2008
this is the cutest picture i have ever seen. these are 2...

doggyfreak16 Apr 13, 2008
what cute dogd. there so adorable , youre luky to have em!!!

puppyphanphorever Apr 13, 2008
CALENDAR SHOT! I'm thinking June or July!!!

kellykoala Apr 13, 2008
Wow - he truly is a beautiful dog! I love the way his colors stand...

olgadabest Apr 14, 2008
Tex is adorable. Definitely 11 biscuits!

dplenert Apr 14, 2008
I've never seen a dog like Tex! He's adorbs!

aarlia Apr 14, 2008
the two it's a puppy klien advertisement! very...

lovemypom Apr 14, 2008
What a great looking guy! I'm sure he'll be a great Agility...

Oscars_mom Apr 14, 2008
I love the colors in him.And how can you resist those adorable eyes!

Oscars_mom Apr 14, 2008
Tex must really love that bone he's running around with!

Oscars_mom Apr 14, 2008

tambore Apr 14, 2008
"Either he goes or I go!"

tambore Apr 14, 2008
"Okay, I guess he's not all that bad." Signed/Jake

Me&Harley Apr 16, 2008
OMG this looks just like my dog!!!!:)

mjzke4 Apr 16, 2008
Nom nom nom nom - "I'm just giving him a kiss on the cheek,...

puppyfixation Apr 16, 2008
All worn out after a hard day of play!!!!

carfey145 Apr 17, 2008
BIG WIDE MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sonicbloom Apr 18, 2008
Adorable little chap, can I have him please?!!!

bedsleeper123 Apr 19, 2008
oh baby

veronica Apr 21, 2008
Beautiful baby!

feltlabbit Apr 23, 2008
what a handsome, handsome face!!!

Southpaw Apr 23, 2008
Ever the expression of dutiful service. Looks like a little man!...

Apr 26, 2008
So cute!! The color looks blue-green!

puppydog May 16, 2008
AWWWWWW Tex is so cute there with his buddy, lots of biscuits 4 u!

Dog_Mom Jun 15, 2008
I'd steal this babe in 2 seconds. What an ADORABLE pup! His name...

ercypay Jul 1, 2008
I would love to hug that pup!!!!!!!!! Look at me, sitting pretty in...

slevinsmom Sep 23, 2009