The Adoptable Schnauzer Mix Puppies

Puppy Breed: Miniature Schnauzer / Mixed

Meet the three adoptable Schnauzer mix puppies! A man was giving them away in a pick-up at a parking lot on a day of 105 degrees and there was no shade. I stopped and took them to the rescue. Their father was a schnauzer and their mom was part Lab. The boy, Domino, is black with a white spot on his chest. Ginger is the lighter girl and Mocha is the smallest one and a bit darker coat than Ginger. They are very lovable and will have their first shots and wormer before going to new homes at 8 weeks. They love running around and playing with one another. They seem pretty small--they may get up to 25 pounds but they might stay Schnauzer size. Please visit for more information.