Monday, July 28, 2014
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Sep 15, 2006 Dina
Awww. I assume The Cuteness is a girl? Doesnt say, but Cuteness is very cute! Looks like a stuffed animal! Its so funny to see them wet! They look like a drowned rat! :p Adorable!
Sep 15, 2006 Frantastic!
What a cute site. I hope she is doing much better now than when she was sick! Poor puppy! She looks like a very happy doggie!
Sep 15, 2006 andrea10163
Doesnt look much like a shnauzer to me...when did they start making them white???
Sep 15, 2006 bethany
i think that he is soooooooo cute, i don't thnk that any questions matter to wwhat he looks or is i think that ha is soooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!
Sep 15, 2006 DogMom
very appropriate name -- she defines "cute" -- she is very beautiful as well.....
Sep 15, 2006 LabMom
One of the cutest faces I've ever seen!!!
Sep 15, 2006 I love my schnauzer
Aww so cute, I have a white schnauzer too, I never saw him when he was a baby, so now I know what he would have looked like! 11 bones for white schnauzers!
Sep 15, 2006 Cheryl
With a name like The Cuteness, you'd better be cute - and he definitely is!
Sep 15, 2006 Danielle
The bath looks warm!!! Have fun with that little cutie pie!!
Sep 15, 2006 jenniferlea
I love the cuteness! The blog is hilarious!
Sep 15, 2006 puppyluver
she does look like a drowned rat-lol! but oh look at her ears in the frst picture!!! no doubt about it her name suits her!! ;)
Sep 15, 2006 Sassy-s Mom
What a cutie! Your site is fantastic too, good luck on the competition!!! :)
Sep 15, 2006 alice
Absolutely gorgeous, and obviously knows it.But how would YOU feel if a picture of you wet & bedraggled was posted for all to see? most undignified!
Sep 15, 2006 becky
cuteness is gorgeous!!! I have never seen a white schnauser before.
Sep 15, 2006 Julia
OH MY DEAR HEAVENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in complete shock. That face!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE the burst of fluff emanating from the perfect nose. I can definitely see the different head and body shape--I can see how it's different from a Westie. Aieee!!! I can also see how this animal could cause total brain meltdown. It took me a good 10 minutes before I believed that this dog was even possible.
Sep 15, 2006 Ruth
We love your Cuteness. We have a registered white schnauzer, Bailey, that could be her twin sister.
Sep 15, 2006 Alia
she is so cute!!!!!
Sep 15, 2006 rainingwolf
Sweetie! 11 biscuits is too few!
Sep 16, 2006 Amber-s mom
Cuteness is a very good name for this cutie. Love the last pic. She looks like a stuffed toy in the first and last pic
Sep 16, 2006 Jen
SO CUTE!!! She almost doesn't look real she is so cute - like a stuffed animal or teddy bear. So adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 16, 2006 Jack
Very, very cute. Schnauzers are the best !!!
Color DOESN'T matter, they are the most lovable, loyal, and forgiving companions you could ever wish for!! A puppy with a "take me home LOOK and ATTITUDE"...
Sep 16, 2006 Jack
Very, very cute. Schnauzers are the best !!!
Color DOESN'T matter, they are the most lovable, loyal, and forgiving companions you could ever wish for!! A puppy with a "take me home LOOK and ATTITUDE"...
Sep 16, 2006 andrea10163
I didnt intend to mean that she wasnt cute by any means...just commented that she didnt look like any shnauzer that I have ever seen before. Maybe we dont have white ones in Scotland!!!
Sep 17, 2006 Dee
soooooooo cute, I have a black and silver girl, they are so smart, color don't matter, my girl is due to have pups in one week and the sire is white, and white schnauzers have been around for a long time, a very long time. Its just with some breeds, like the Boxer, when a pup was born and it was the so called wrong color, breeders would kill it, shame on them. this pup is perfect and so adorable
Sep 17, 2006 Nicky
OMG!!! That is such a cute puppy!!! It looks so sad when they give it a bath!!! Who's that guy who says shnauzers r the best?!?! I got a fat yeti/meatball-rolled-in-corn starch maltese and a delicate little poodle (not w/ that ugly fifi cut) who likes to eat bon-bons and watch soap operas....GO GET 'IM, TIGERS!!! (Coco is the maltese, and she's SUPER DUMB!!! Lucy is the poodle, and she's a mini, and she's an apricot color. Those are the smartest!!! Lucy and Coco will team up to eat that guy who said shnauzers are the best!) My dogs r WAY cuter than any shnauzer...and if u disagree, you will end up confused and disorientated in CHINA!!!! (Whoopsie! Forgot 2 take my medication this morning! I don't want to end up in that cushy mental thing again!! Although it DID feel soft!!)I was joking...
Sep 17, 2006 Nicky
Hey, if Lauren, my sister, is c ing this... then rite back!! (By the way...puppy..yada yada yada!!)
Sep 17, 2006 usada
She is sooooo cute!!!!!!!!
Sep 18, 2006 puppy
she looks like a muppet. i love it.
Sep 19, 2006 Willster
What an awesome name for a dog!
Sep 24, 2006 The Terrier Terrors
We know The Cuteness from and she's a really sweet, adorable little puppy girl. If we could give her 25 biscuits, we would. (it's us, Shadow Handsome Man and PJ Pasquale and Auntie El!)
Sep 24, 2006 puppyluv
I've never seen a white Schnauzer - how cuuuute!
Sep 27, 2006 Amy
Cuteness is absolutely adorable. What a perfect, sweet pup, especially when he/she is sleeping!! How sweet!
Sep 30, 2006 puppy lover
its a very cute puppy like mine
Sep 30, 2006 puppy lover
diana they dont look like a drowned rat!!!
Sep 30, 2006 puppy lover
i mean dina not diana
Oct 6, 2006 Marge Naab
I have a white schnauzer they are so loveable,you are just so cute, you do look like a westie, I have one of those too
Oct 6, 2006 gryt
She looks a bit like Milou, TinTin's (the cartoon) dog!
Nov 9, 2006 schmuleyschnauzers
Adorable. NOW that breeders &buyers have seen multiple cute results of their dog science experiments can they please STOP MESSING WITH the already not healthiest of breeds and give the dogs theire best chance of health and properlly breed them in color they should be? Would you rather have a WHITE dog that ends up with 10 premature diseases and is blind or a salt and pepper dog properly bred and maybe not so sick. Get a good bred westie if you want a white terrier. I have 2 badly bred(apparent now) mini schnauzers with genetic illnesses and its heart breaking to see them suffer, very expensive, and I wish the breeders would be held accountable. Please DO NOT support ignorant breeding or petshops or puppy mills. It is not fair to the puppies or biological parents. It's sll insane, immoral and inhumane, regardless of how cute their pups may appear. Bless this sweet puppy.
Nov 14, 2006 Savannah
OMG.....your dog is so cute i love him...her.....take it for alot of walks ok.....heep it very strong....give it alot of treats ...avoid giving it candy cuz if you do it can get diabetes and die really fast ok......just giving you some info on schnauzers cuz i have one to.....well luv you and your dog....well G2G...Bye....Bye....
Nov 22, 2006 laure
that is such a cute schnauzer,it looks just like my 8 month year old white schnauzer and it kind of looks like my regular looking schnauzer too.
Dec 1, 2006 lauriejean.1
the comments from schmuleyschnauzers about breeding only the salt and pepper or whatever schnauzer is wrong, the white is an original color from Germany, look it up, just because the AKC doesn't recognize it for showing here in the US or Canada --ok in Europe and it does recognize them here for registeration purposes, doesn't mean it will be unhealthy or have genetic problems. Do your research before rambling on. This puppy is adorable and looks extremely healthy. But about the puppy mills--this is correct, never buy from pet stores or someone who has multiple females, breeds them more frequently than once a year or keeps them in outside or garage kennels! This only keeps them in operation!
Dec 4, 2006 Knate and Charlene
My wife has white hair, is German , has this thing about shoes, and has been known to nibble my toes- so they have a lot in common. Not to mention that they're both adorable and loving. I'd love to hug Cuteness- so how about if I just hug my wife twice? Fabulous puppy!!
Dec 14, 2006 missy
Oh he or she looks like christmas, Now I am going to have to find me a white Schnauzer .
Feb 25, 2007 sundance
too cute! just voted 11 bones! How do you keep her beard so white? I am considering a white baby from a local breeder and am wondering if there are any genetic problems? other than the standard problems that a schnauzer faces. My salt & pepper 16 year old "Tristyanna" is at the Rainbow Bridge after a long bout with Cushings.
Apr 11, 2007 BeckyAdams
"I don't like that one."
May 14, 2007 sandi
a regualr cutie pie-- enjoyed the web site - veary cute and funny.
Jun 4, 2007 joanna_w25
The cutness is a great name for this puppy! Totally adorable!
Jun 4, 2007 joanna_w25
The cutness is a great name for this puppy! Totally adorable!
Jun 28, 2007 carcar
11 biscuites just for you!
Jul 4, 2007 bopeep
The Cuteness is the first white Schnauzer I've see, but she really is Cuteness. Apparently, according to this site, there are quite a few around. Hugs and kisses to her sweetness.
Dec 28, 2007 Minkiesmum
She's lovely !! What a very pretty wee dog.
Aug 19, 2008 puppy luvr :P
Awwww!!! Cutie pie!! 11 bones for you!
Nov 15, 2008 bubbaismybaby27
ahhh!!! so cute!! ur right so many shnauzers look like westies, i have one. luv ur dog! :)
Apr 27, 2009 sharon2266
i also have a white one they are the best schatzie is 6 years young she looks like she could have been your dog mother. she is a sweety.
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