Theo the Labrador Retriever

Puppy Breed: Labrador Retriever

Hi, My name is Theo. My parents named me after their favorite chocolate company, Seattle's Theo Chocolate. I moved to Seattle in September and have already made friends all over the city. Each Saturday I get to meet other puppies and play at a class called Puppy Kindergarten. Also, I love to travel because Mom sits in the backseat with me and gives me toys, treats, and lots of hugs. My first road trip was to Idaho, where I met my cousins, grandma, and great grandma. I loved this trip because my family gave me all kinds of new toys and I got to play with Uncle and Grandma's dogs. My parents say I'll get to travel even more when I'm older to places like the mountains. I will focus hard in Puppy Kindergarten to prove I'm ready for all adventures. Don't let my cute face fool you; I'm smart and sneaky. I explore the world one bite at a time. Sometimes that bite is on your favorite shoe or book.