Tok the Golden Retriever

Puppy Breed: Golden Retriever

Tok (rhymes with poke) is a half English creme golden retriever and half American golden retriever. Tok learns very quickly and is always up for learning a new trick. When he's not going for a walk, eating, or sleeping, he's playing with his brother, Bailey, who lives near him. They love to wrestle until they collapse and then nap with their heads resting on each other. His name, Tok, is the name of the first town you come to when you drive into Alaska from Canada. Tok is an Athabascan Indian name meaning "peaceful crossing," which is very fitting as he is a very gentle, confident, and friendly dog. He approaches strangers with his tail in a full wag and doesn't bark at them. He's probably the world's worst guard dog, but that's okay because he's supposed to be friendly.